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05-30 8pm Scoot, Republican Party/ Rights and Freedoms

May 30, 2014|

Does the republican party need a makeover? Are we abusing some of our Constitutional rights?

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It's not specifically doing what he said. But he's thinking about doing those things that the create challenges for you. We've really got some great advice this week on the show will continue with that I've -- somebody and I thought this was really profound somebody in the show we're talking about that this week. Said it's not whether or not you can live. With the person. It's whether or not you can live without. An academic at times in in my relationships. What I have been faced with the question waited in a camp I'm having a problem now I don't -- this person anymore but maybe the question really is can I live without this person. And sometimes that released the test of where the used to work through things. Somebody else brought us something interesting here you always hear what we always similar arguments before we go to bed. Every kiss and and and everything's fine when we go to -- sometimes that's not the best thing to do. As -- suggested that some ninety just kissing I love you and wake up in the morning. Talk about it. Because quite often arguments the result of alcohol. And that's not the best time to settle. A major conflict. So maybe just agreed that day we love each other but we're gonna wait until the morning to discuss. If you wanna give a sense any any argued there are a lot of bachelor bachelorette parties in town this weekend. And I talked about this offering and the young brides and and very young men are getting married. I see and arise. This and the excitement for the party. Known as a wedding. But do they really know what they're getting into. So -- young people and not just young people but for those older people as well we're thinking about getting married for the first time or a second or or third time for that matter. What really works for your marriage. And was there ever a time before you got married when you. We're not sure you should've buried that person and and again what advice would you give young people today or -- anybody who's getting married we'll talk about this on the showed tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening. And a text number is 877. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- there was Memorial Day 2014 the emotional unofficial beginning of summertime. What they have to show we talked about. How many of our rights are are misunderstood. A freedom of speech and the Second Amendment are two rights that had been in the news recently that seemed to be very misunderstood. The -- blog that I wrote was titled Memorial Day and understanding our rights. And as we've remembered those who died giving us the freedoms we have. I just feel like it was our responsibility to understand. What our rights mean. And a couple things to come up recently that I think if caused us to believe that there are a lot of people who don't really understand. A first amendment rights the racist -- bio Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Led to many saying well I guess he's lost his right to freedom of speech don't agree with what he said but he has the freedom to say. And then there have been comments made about -- dynasty still Robertson making harsh anti gay comments. First in a magazine article and and divisive video that -- surfers from an Easter sermon in Louisiana church on on Easter Sunday. And people said well I guess we don't have our right to freedom of speech anymore because he's criticized. Criticism of words and thoughts expressed. Does not affect freedom of religion and freedom of a speech. But that his with a lot of questions about it. We always judge what people say we always have. And if you say something inappropriate. At a time and it's no longer accepted. You have lost your right to freedom of speech. You have the right to say what you want but there's always going to be the freedom to. Judge what you say in its all in the context of the world in which we live at the time. And also I think that the Second Amendment Rights. Somehow -- get confused with what people should and should not do with guns and this week we talked about another restaurant. That was facing a group of gun rights advocates. This which this was Chile's. -- rights advocates. Who came in and -- they were they were all carrying what was described as heavy weapons so I guess these -- shotguns and rifles I guess they were holding him on their shoulders. There seems to have been an outbreak of of a few pro gun activist groups around the country. That have. Going into public family type restaurants. And last year was Starbucks. And openly displayed there there weapons on the table. And so some restaurants have said hey you know you can't do that anymore effects sonic and chili's I just read this today. I've made a decision that customers are not allowed to bring their guns it. And I took holding recently made that decision and last year Starbucks made the decision you can't bring you guys in here. So many people like -- well so we don't have a right to and keep and bear arms we don't have a Second Amendment right in this country of course -- do. But the Second Amendment is. For owning a gun. For protection. It's not only begun to show it off. It's not for the purpose of thwarting. The fact that you that you have a garden. And I was really happy to see that there were a lot of gun groups. Reacting to this saying these people should not be doing this this is not the right thing to do and do not judge all gun owners. By what some gun owners to. If you would join Russia might read your comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number is 878 cents and number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Placing blame on who or what was responsible for the tragic killing spree in Santa Barbara California. Last Friday night -- one week ago. Was a big topic this week in the media and on the -- show. The father of one of the victims who was shot. Claimed that it was the idiots in congress. They are to blame for son's death because they didn't do more following the man shooting at the sandy -- elementary school. So who do you blame what do you blame sometimes it's just the individual is and it. And the -- blog which which. Trending very very hot this week which title to Santa Barbara killing spree. The blame game and will be talking about this. There were so many chances to stop this guy -- Roger. And yet. He wasn't stopped. And his parents. Where they're not together but the mother and the ex husband. I got a phone call about him planning this this killing spree. And they immediately jumped in the car in Los Angeles who were driving up to us Jim barber. And on the way they heard on the radio that somebody was involved in the shooting spree. And they had to know that at that moment. That was their son. But we're so quick to were so quick to play the blame game. And sometimes. You know you can't blame the gun into effect that what was really interesting about this discussion. Was that they are. There were people who were stamped. And yet nobody brought up the issue of the -- It's never the knight's fault. But if it is so ridiculously with a gun then it's the gun's fault ports the presence of the -- It's not the weapon. It's the person who uses the weapon. Again we're gonna review the top topics on our show this week it if you would join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- receipts of the gates have ever for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Joe The Plumber said in an an open letter to families. That the shooting victims in -- a barber. The dead kids don't -- his constitutional rights. Was that the right thing to sing -- Joe The Plumber got some attention during the presidential campaign. And he's running for for congress. So. Here's this guy who is saying that. You're dead to an open letter to the shooting victims families. You're dead tunes don't -- by constitutional rights. I understand what he's saying. But there were so many other ways. To say that so many ways does -- -- that he said it this way reflects the hate. It leaves in the hearts and minds of many Americans. Sending your dead kids don't try my constitutional rights. To the families of anyone out of his way to say this is not to those who. Who died because they were stabbed. Bludgeoned does this is did the shooting yes. And what he's trying to do is attract attention. From right wing extremists. From the gun fanatics not responsible gun owners gun fanatics. This is so harsh it's it's intolerable. And yet there are people who actually. Depend on. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. To forty people were shot in New Orleans over the Memorial Day weekend and top defense attorney in New Orleans Robert Jenkins. Said that parent should be held accountable for the crimes their children commit. And Robert Jacobs talked about withholding public assistance housing assistance welfare things like that. To those parents -- kids. Commit crimes. Now. That's an interesting thought. But they what do you do if a family is. Brother wealthy. Worries and on public assistance you have to figure out -- people and proportionate way to punish that family as well but this does just bring up this this bigger issue of do parents bear responsibility for the crimes at their kids connect. To join our children -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas 87870. Number -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Ford -- priests were welcomed into the Catholic Church in the New Orleans archdiocese and the topic of priests and celibacy. That was talked about actress -- Gregory game it was talking to Tommy Tucker 1 morning on WWL first news. And that the topic came up and he was in expressing his personal opinion but he was talking about. The studies that have been done that indicate that yes there would probably be more people attracted to the priesthood if the vow of celibacy. Which dropped. And many Catholics. Totally believe that -- have to be celebrate. Is that something that's important to use a Catholic. It was a big topic this week -- -- this week about priest was why should why we should be allowed to marry out as a Catholic. In my opinion they should be allowed to -- And and the big loophole is the Catholic Church -- he has married priests. You could be I'm married priests from the episcopal or maybe the Lutheran Church from another denomination. And if you're married. And a priest into the episcopal church you can convert to catholicism. And be accepted as a Catholic priest. So that tells me that there are no issues actually. With welcoming increased to a married. And sometimes traditions are art maintained just because they're traditions. Not because they're right. And I I I realize that there are a lot of people who don't like change. It changes the basis. Of everything. And there's nothing wrong with changing the rule that hasn't been the right rule for the right reason. And finally tonight's number one. On tonight's list. Of the top eight at eight. The Republican leadership conference opened beatings in New Orleans yesterday in the -- blog last night still trending at WW dot com is titled a message to the Republican Party. And I if I think this really. Accurately addresses what the Republican Party needs to do to win the White House and in 2016. And yet those who were released strongly battling for the control of the Republican Party seemed to be the Tea Party. And also the extreme right and they're not necessarily the same by the way. There are people like Glenn Beck radio and talk show host. Glenn Beck -- have ruined the image of of the Tea Party because they're the ones who abroad in all the social issues. The Tea Party originally wears. A movement. About lower taxes there was a movement. About smaller government and fiscal responsibility. -- didn't involve all the social issues but there are some of whom. Really tainted the image of the Tea Party by bringing in all these social issues. And in my opinion that's the big problem with the Republican Party as much as some people want to cling to these social issues the morality the morality police within the Republican Party. I believe this is. The -- issue. This is what's holding Republican Party back and I honestly believe that's. Somebody should yet this blog message of the Republican Party to the Republican leadership conference in New Orleans is going on right now. They need to read this. And there are there are times when you do hear Republicans. Say exactly when I talked about on the show. But this this call for change never seems to last for long. And and then the other voices seem to see the takeover and get all the attention. And there does seem to be a tremendous. Not so civil war within the Republican Party. About whether the party should go further to the right. Will be more marked. If you wanna join our show the comet tonight our number is 2601. A seventy toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. At a -- -- 778 and disturbed like turning on our website tonight is a message to the Republican Party agree disagree. Re share it. It's attributed -- dot com and we'll be right back. I am getting some text right now about traffic on the -- Carrey spill way heading west of Baton Rouge it is described as a parking lot. It might resemble that movie the day the earth stood still. Because nobody's going anywhere multi car accidents on the spillway if we get anymore information we'll pass it on -- and -- if you can give us that information press if you -- a traveling eastbound. And you pass that area -- give us some information on numbers 26018. -- If you have a designated texture and the car. A text and breezy 77. It to a -- you're text here just a moment -- -- -- we're doing a review of the top top eight topics of this week of the show it's of really great things to talk about. And I wanted to continue the conversation with some of these topics tonight. If you need to an update on all that we're talking about to go to our website WW real dot com and up at the top there's -- shows in schedules the banner. Click on that go to the -- pace and topic to date is listed there from violent -- -- on the -- show good evening. Yes certainly true. Hello how are you and you aren't very well. -- But there are -- about delicacy the Cuban government. -- You know there are pretty. -- at all. But you were kind of break it up that you the question Joseph about celibacy is life. Shouldn't it become -- minister and instead of. There. Well. In other words if you wanna be married and don't become a Catholic priest. -- -- -- but but the bigger question is what about those who wanna serve in the Catholic Church but don't wanna serve because of the vow of celibacy which was a man instilled rule. Hundreds hundreds of years ago but that's not like it's in the Bible. And there are a lot of people who I think. And you know sex is a natural function of the human body and if you've done. In in the right context of the right relationship it's -- agreed expression of love when two people become one. And that's. That's an important part of many many relationships if not all relationships. And so there are a lot of people who might be really great spiritual leaders might do a great job inspiring congregations. But they don't consider the priesthood because of the vow of celibacy. Although it well. I mean I I don't think I could do it. It. -- William and that's -- what you would occur from everybody. Figured. That would. It's. -- if -- a law retreat to individuals. Oh you mean sexist not on sex is not a horrible thing. I I I agree with you right now and that's why I have this this position on this site -- victory should be allowed to to get married and is now at the bottom. Above is a big problems -- in the priesthood. And that's what they need Oprah. -- keep that between. And I mean who. -- -- And and William do you think more. You think more priest wouldn't would be become part of the Catholic Church if they dropped about celibacy. -- -- It targets or you know you do you do what you want to do you do want to. You want see yourself. Where it's really difficult to get so people understand that basic thoughts William on political show you have a great weekend. I here's a taxable to back toward dividend you'll pretty general opinion poll question tonight -- -- America founded. On Christian values. Or freedom from religious persecution. Go to our website to be -- a kind of issue opinion here's a text every Skoda and historian who studies eighteenth century intellectual history. And in my opinion. It is undeniable that Judeo Christian principles. Played a significant role in the formation of our laws that's because early American society reflected. And reflected about 15100 years of European philosophy. It was intertwined with christianity. However. It is also clear that the founding fathers did not intend. -- we should treat the Bible as a source of law. To limit the rights of people who were not Christians. And I agree with that it's in in my opinion it's always been my interpretation. At the founding of this country and you're there and I wasn't there so nobody absolutely knows for sure. But it's always been my interpretation that supersede. The Christian beliefs of some of our founding fathers. Was the idea of freedom from religious persecution. That's why they came here I mean they weren't a recordable cruise. Coming over from England that was a rough trip. Not everybody made it but that's how much they wanted to get away from a place where their government was persecuting them for their religious beliefs. And to me that supersedes. Christianity. And going back to what this says Texas. About our law is based on a Christian Bristol Judea Christian bristles. If you look at if you look at the basic rules of any. Any solid which. Not just christianity. But those basic rules. Are all part of in one way or another that it's all the ten commandments. Is it's set in different ways percent in different ways but any religion. Has the same basic. Common denominator. In terms of what's right. And what's wrong. And soul I would I would think that's. That being the case. We can we can try to project. That our laws are based on christianity but again if you look at any. Good organized solid religion. I think you'll find basically the same rules which are essentially like the ten commandments. All right Betty is on the spill when he's got a traffic update forced Danny welcome to the -- and I tell me what you say. Good it felt -- out about one minute and a great -- Tactical all right so you're you're flying to you know yeah block -- what that Hubble picture nineteen. And now an -- in the plot. It all cleared out everything back at all. All right Danny I appreciate that you have a great weekend and it's a reminder that if you're in the car if you're out and if something's going over traffickers is -- radio show you could call our show we would try to get -- one immediately. -- any kind of a traffic update or weather update if it's if it's whether. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 87870. Here's a text that reads they should make it illegal to shoot people oh wait it is if someone is gonna kill someone. They're gonna do it making guns illegal takes guns out of the hands. Of people who follow the rules criminals. We'll have them have either way. I agree with that. Somebody's gonna commit a crime with a gun. Is -- not gonna pay attention to whether or not he should legally have begun. He's gonna commit the crime that he wants to commit a slight -- Chris you're -- VW well. -- -- -- -- I have a problem -- thank you for being structured beacon of rationality. I think you know every nightly every night we had this battle against stupidity and their political hypocrisy. -- that the world football award partly. Think just like Hewitt or Opel. -- religion and other -- responded everything that -- -- -- -- -- for a long time public or the work that amount but I want that car Cuba. The number one. Topic you -- about all socialists use with the Republican Party. And and I have a little bit of a situation with that. It. -- -- -- Days ago and Yahoo! ran an article explaining the same exact thing. Young Republicans. Will be disenfranchised. Because the social -- Although what what -- the Republican Party. Which has increasingly. Had more of the day emphasis on the social issues. Over the last one a year urged. And you know your school abound that the comment and I need to comment and are basically then and -- on the -- I've always been a Republican actually it was the Rand atlas shrugged. Republican splash with a pair. And I explained my view. And the response. Was in -- I had the people were agreeing with me but the ones that were on the way. Where were constantly. Saying -- I'm logging. I'm a livable. I'm awful. And and I are trying to prove -- kept under pushed that moment that. Whether we're there. Flying equipment changed the that the that the problem. And I kept you know medically speaking I think what the problem is is pretty confident in the primary the hamburger. Due to social -- -- -- the majority in the primary Internet. Tarnishes Benoit while debt -- is there image for the general election. And so it to the presidential election but the majority in the primary you know they huge. Minority. Want to get the presidential election well like a -- that he -- So much like what strike that kind of hammer home. Is that every day should the Democrats public and won an election that -- model. Because every time Romney would change something about the social issues he would like it 100. -- -- all. People -- -- Kind of -- confident that they ought to fix the economy but everybody is an expert with the incas were wrong and the point of view and people as well below. Some of these social issues and everything that goes on. -- -- -- -- that have become more and more minority of people as well not well and when you -- and you look at it. When you look at younger voters are talking about orders they under under forty fine. I'm there are conservative Republicans under 45 who do not agree with the Republican conservative establishment's view a something like same sex marriage or legalizing pot. Andy and they're chasing those voters away and we also this week talked about the Fox News Channel ratings hitting an all time low. Over twelve years they still dominate over MSNBC and CNN but in the key category of 25 to 54 under say a million million and half viewers. The we have 267000. Viewers in that he category meaning that the great majority of the Fox News audience is 55 and older. So that the mob vote that that word is getting is and everything that shatter. Every single public revenue per cent you know not enough anymore because -- franchise. But moderate and everything left open the moderate Republicans. And every move them and it. Well and and Chris. I'm I'm accused of being a liberal I'm not a registered Democrat I register as independent most of my life I have been registered Republican or independent. -- the first time -- registered to vote on my dad told me when I was eighteen. In the state of Louisiana. Since the Republican Party is basically nonexistent on the gubernatorial level. I've register to via a Democrat so you can vote in the democratic primary and I -- it was a staunch Republican but that's the only time I've ever registered -- -- as a Democrat. But if you say -- for same sex marriage that immediately people assume your liberal and I don't think that's I don't think that's a litmus test for whether you're liberal or conservative. There and then. I think -- extra vote. And you know among them some whack -- bullet and how is it extreme right. And they -- some conspiracy. Everybody's against them along to working against them I mean approaching. It that card you know. Chris I'm glad you called the show got to get to break here you have a great weekend here's attacks that raids -- you are such a kindred spirit to me I totally have enjoyed your show is. As well as your blogs that you would like most people in the media speak your mind. And that is what we should all appreciate about this great country I appreciate that says text. Here's a text that reads. What is the number of kids that came from wealthy families that commit murder compared to those on welfare. We'll talk about that text after this break under the W well. This weekend as they oyster fest it's going to be tomorrow and Sunday at -- Bert Parks so it's a good excuse to my head downtown. This is -- shook ledger witness. I'd next week and the week after for the next two weeks I'll be doing Garland show interview to be real for ten to one and Bob Mitchell will be India's crucial but we will be back this crucial. After that a tonight on the show we're talking about. The that the top topics that we had this week and topics that attracted a lot of attention giving your chance to respond to supplement if you have a chance to responded during the week with a a call -- or text one of the things that came out this week -- put twenty people were shot in New Orleans over the Memorial Day weekend and -- was a topic Tuesday night -- A top defense attorney Robert Jenkins said that parents should be held accountable for the crimes their children commit. And -- suggestion is to two takeaways there. Take a waiter at a public assistance take away welfare public house take that away from them if their kids. Commit murder. -- -- it's not that easy to figure out exactly how much parents should be held accountable but if we don't start holding parents accountable. Then I don't think anything's gonna change because that seems to be the root of so many of our car crime problems. And and and of course you don't have control for you fifteen Euro. But you need to get control over the fifteen year old went fifteen year was born. With a fifteen year was 123 that's when you need to get control of of course you can't get the controls of my 1415. I hate to say put in in many cases it's too late at that point. So don't -- to society because you can't control your fifteen year old if you didn't control you fifteen year old. When you were a lot younger and when you're fifteen Euro was like don't. Now this is not to say that there are not really good parents. They can't deal with bad kids that does happen but we get to this says this -- it brings up an interesting. Question. The text says what do the number of kids. That come from wealthy families that commit murder compared to those on welfare. I don't know I don't have that statistic. But to me it doesn't matter because if you if you take -- public assistance. For those who. Commit murder for the parents of of the kids who commit murder. Did you would have to find something equally and something. Proportionate. To take away from a family that was in our public assistance. And I'm not exactly sure what that economic equation would be but that would have to be figured out. And they are are there are parents. Who don't discipline their kids their parents' generation -- -- who or who were wealthy and maybe not really rich rich. But that money. And me. I know this first payment. Just just because you're not in the inner city just because you're on public assistance doesn't make you a good parent. And their parents who were too distracted with their lives their businesses. Country club things social things but they're really not -- their kids. In a classic example of this was that a sixteen year old in the Fort Worth, Texas Syria from a very wealthy family. Whose attorney argued in court that he was not responsible. For getting drunk and killing four people. Is pick up truck. Because he suffered full affluence. A condition. It's the result of being raised in a wealthy family. And somehow. The judge bought it. Or something went on and the judge bought it I don't know if anything went on but it's just it's amazing it is. The sixteen year old only guide a probation. And any Stanley paying for him to be you know I think the rehab center in California were something like 450000. Dollars a year if this was a relief which family. So there are. There are wealthy people. We're not raising their kids either so this is not just about one socio economic group if you wanna -- Russia with a -- tonight numbers 260. 187. Toll free 866889070. And a -- over is 87870. -- -- coming up next. -- alive and forty nights on every WL. Tonight was -- show we are reviewing the atop topics have been this week on the show and if you wanna join us with a comment about any were talking about our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- Texas a 7070. One of the really controversial topics was Monday I was seeing them Monday morning for a tummy tuck and a in the morning sugar into the bureau. As was a really controversial topic that got a lot of attention. On the WTO -- opinion poll wise do you put ketchup. When your hot talk. And it was a very very heated debate it is amazing how passionate people can be about something like that he ended up with 64% said no they don't only 36% say. Yes they do. We were talking this week about whether or not Catholic priest should be allowed to -- this is something comes up occasionally an archbishop Gregory -- was talking about it this week so. We were talking about it is well on this could show here's our W bureau pretty -- people because -- there was also -- a conversation came up this week about. How this country was founded. And here's our WW project -- -- was America's founded on Christian values. Or freedom from religious persecution. Now since you were there and I wasn't there we don't really know exactly what was in the hearts and minds. Of our founding fathers those who first came to this country. We don't know exactly what they were thinking. But it's always been my interpretation that it was more about freedom from religious persecution that it was about. -- specific Christian beliefs which was for the most part christianity. 43%. Say this country was founded on Christian values. 57% say. It was founded on freedom from religious persecution. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and we'll -- that -- throughout our show tonight also we're talking about. The Republican leadership conference in New Orleans and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal who is. Appearing to. Be positioning himself to run for the White House in 2016. Was a speaker last night. And the -- like tonight is it it's the scoop like the last night which is still turning on our website on message to the Republican Party. Basically manifesto about what the Republican Party needs to do to win the White House in 2016. And we're coming right back after the news.