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05-30 9pm Scoot/ Crime Accountability

May 30, 2014|

Who is ultimately responsible for all the crmes being committed?

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It's a Friday night beginning of the weekend are right you might -- the -- and showers tomorrow and Sunday but it's the oyster fest in whatever is going on in your neighborhood or your part of the the state this weekend get out and enjoy it. I wanna point out an example of liberal bias. In the media. Notices and economists shocking news to many people's congress actually bring this up. Liberal bias. On the -- the website Huffington Post dot com. The headline read. Boehner. -- -- But the article was about John Boehner speaker of the house saying I'm not qualified to debate the science over climate change. And the headline was Boehner plays down. And I thought that was just total liberal bias. Because I I respected him for saying that as so often the the politicians act like they know things and they really don't. And there are a lot of people who are not qualified. To debate the science over climate change I I certainly know that. And I'm not. And I'd still have questions about how real it is I mean I see the -- I don't have questions about how real is as much as I still have questions about. How much man has contributed. To that -- how much man has actually a caustic but that'll be a topic for the show a tonight on the Scotia we're reviewing the big topics of this week. -- one of the big topics this week was on the message to the Republican Party. And that's the scoop -- tonight and it's what the Republican Party needs to do to win the White House in 2016. The question is. Will they do it I you can read the blog and share with others it's on our website at WW well. Dot com also a Memorial Day was Monday and I did -- -- -- for Tommy Tucker on Monday and we talked about how many of our rights are misunderstood in particular freedom of speech. And the Second Amendment. Some people. Not only abuse these rights for some people don't seem to clearly understand these rights. And is we were remembering those who died for the freedoms that we have I think it's our responsibility really tried to better understand. To better understand the the rights that we have and the meanings behind him. And Donald Sterling writes and in Miami safeties they're right Star Jones. Who tweeted out that he was discuss -- -- I don't remember exactly what his words were pretty tweet it out to some expression discussed. When Michael Sanchez is boyfriend after. Being drafted by the at St. Louis Rams this version openly gay football player to be drafted into the NFL. And people like well I guess we've lost our right to freedom of speech -- eyes just another example being judged. For. The freedom to speak. Today freedom of speech really protects us from prosecution when it comes to speaking out against our government. But within the human society. Were always judged by what we say. We're also talking about the Catholic church and the topic of priestly celibacy came up this week should Catholic priests. Be allowed to be married. If you and enjoy our show the comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260170. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text number 677. We've got -- a switch from the the majority in -- -- BW a pretty general opinion poll tonight the question is. Was America founded on Christian values. Or freedom from religious persecution. And the majority has shifted 58% a majority now say this country was founded on Christian values. And 42% say. On freedom for religious persecution. Now a lot of -- the -- it's always been my impression that to this country was -- on the freedom. From religious persecution not specifically on Christian values again to join our show with your comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy and a text Amber's late 77 under to abort you text coming up just a moment from Baton Rouge -- -- -- on -- -- to be WL. He noticed that to -- the good. Yet apart table for it and you know in the art history in children registered independent. In an open court and your question -- And Cingular and at the site there and city. Jim -- stay at world social. And legal issue. And I -- a Republican Party stance or also. In legal issue. -- and you -- example. I don't know. At what independent stance is also -- -- in they should I don't want him here. I like some of the Democrat Asia summit that Republican issues. I don't hear what you -- -- -- not that 200 Democrat sort of what you airport. Haven't flown. And it. You are legal and social issues what are you import cheap. -- -- -- -- Well first of all bill. There really is an independent party percent. So I mean I registering as I register register as an independent but -- -- depend -- their independent candidates but there's an independent party. Let me actual question you group now go back on his story in. Oh well it'll it and that that -- that they support. Well apparently in the end of forty presently. You know I don't know. Andrew Johnson I get the last you know what we've had Ross Perot we've had some third party can. And it and you know that's right this right and I remember John. Ahead. And the party and back in the decade. -- that sentiment that was like important state bank is still the report. Come so you got. The Republicans and Democrats don't matter you know it's a Democrat on the -- tended to pull. Mop up in the -- -- and something within -- couple issues it will actually something better. And the other 240 and I could be and you would welcome. -- absolutely. Absolutely -- there another port involved in this issue between you know. What's going on the you know we need support and -- -- it's important that we actually need a party. Which you have issues and ancient so the last big issue in the legal issues. -- -- and that it's an opinion that they've come out there but yet it's reported that. Bill I agree with you that we need a third party and maybe it's totally independent party babies' skulls and the party but I do whatever the parties use call they would beat -- It would be really it would be really great if there was something that would break this. -- gridlock between the two parties and this power this this power structure between the two party because as we all though there really isn't that much of a difference between the Republicans. Our -- don't change that much. Regardless of regardless of who gets in the White House. You actually Rite -- Edgar ray -- -- -- Jeanne -- that you know we still need another party. To. You know. We reported it once and then -- -- -- -- partner in the in -- -- story -- you know what it -- -- Eight Republicans and it didn't look where it started -- a little bit just some form an independent state that route map apps account whether the tape I don't know. And don't we all missed the Whig Party. The Whig Party. -- it goes great and I don't want you. Yeah yeah I'm glad you called the human. Still can't get over that you -- the -- controversy of so much controversy over men dressing like women today and yet they were wearing wigs for a long time. Out and out. -- -- -- -- You have a nice weekend if you and enjoying our show with your thoughts in your coming tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Protects -- a 7070. Here's a -- racecar at the key word on your topic is freedom. We live in a we live for it to this day. The whole world wants to be here for the same reason god bless the USA. And -- Here's a -- I am a Republican however probably more of a centrist leaning right I agree we do need to change the middle of the road. Already as this country has gone either. For the right for for the left or for the right and I do not think it appeals to ended the majority of citizens. I agree I mean the political math is they year. The Republican Party is still shocked. That they did not beat President Obama in the reelection campaign. In 2012. Stunned. Especially Fox News absolutely were actually start. But then when it was over there were some Republican leaders who were saying what I was saying about the Republican Party before the election. And among those was a Bobby Jindal or governor -- that we got to stop being the stupid party. But now that he's positioning himself. To be a presidential candidate. He might really be positioning itself for vice presidential. Selection. But in this in this process. It doesn't seem like he's. Back to the idea that the Republican Party has to stop being the stupid party. If you gonna join our -- and numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. On steroids every tax receipts -- -- every item -- have your project about people and ideas was America founded on Christian values. Or freedom from religious persecution. Give us your opinion by going to WW -- outcome would give an update on that in just units for shell met Charlie euros cute show. -- -- -- -- So you know should be able. To hold the ones that. -- Should -- and it's got there. An. -- ago. Get. Back out there. In the streets. App at 8 o'clock in. The -- Where -- where you're told to go inside when the street lights come on. And and if you get out on the street when the street like what. Apparently -- about hotly -- you. C and and that's part of the philosophy which you know when Hillary Clinton for said he takes a village to raise a child that was really misunderstood. Because it does take a village to raise a child because we were held accountable. By our neighbors parents we were an end and our neighbors -- which -- over to our parents we were held accountable by the entire village. Right. We -- you know and -- -- you now reject. Well no that's not true and and we are you know we need to set the record straight goodness it is legal to spank your children. You can't beat jackets. But he it is legal to spank your children. My conspiring -- at what kids don't construe well you know in Japan -- Japan -- it yeah. -- Well and that the message needs to be consistent with the schools as well you can spank your children that is not against the law -- what a lot of people have been led to believe. But if you don't wanna take that chance and then do something else do timeout do something that works but just manifest some kind of consequence. For negative behavior and stick to it and make it work it it almost doesn't matter what the punishment is as long as there is punishment and a consequence. The apartment or you know -- look. At age. You. You you well know Charlie tell me why the look worked. Because that was he would network. Because he would back it up. It would it would it -- you know -- used. Don't say they don't -- out. Of one of the church -- bring about them and we used to go to some of these. And acute and and you know not gonna come and make you know sit around -- table smoke and we. We re not them because we are wearing you know. -- -- -- -- Charlie higher -- I agree you know if you're an adult you can do adult things but you just have to be very aware of the message it's sending to your kids and you know effect if you know if a teenager. Says you can't spank me I'll call the police. That teenager got to that point without respecting you and that's how that teenager got to that point. Because if there's respect for US apparent no kid is gonna think I can just pick up and call the police on my parents. Right and it and it's a shame electrically. You know. And the well. You know. And you think about it you know. Held accountable you know yeah -- they all countries or restraint he'd like temporary you know I take in. So taken. Desolate but he -- you know there. It did not approach is to do it. The played video game Coco on the computer. Industry because they're not there now to get. It's like I. -- -- to go to. Well you know we used to hang out at the ball I mean I remember when I was Syria -- a young -- would get on the bus and go from my neighborhood in -- and we did go hang out at lakeside. But but when kids hang out at the mall today. It doesn't turn out to be such a good singing. Right. And -- Who doesn't -- -- ago. -- I think that you know. You know. Well how it down you know -- yeah. I Charlie let's start talking about this what do kids do today a political show Charlie thanks for listening you have a great weekend so what do kids do today. Do you have teenagers. You have kids and what would they do. -- go outside and play when my son's grown sole hi this is not something that I deal with that my son was an avid says and it's skate boarder. And was always out on his bike to and screen stuff on his bike or skateboarding and then we lived in areas where he could snowboard we were snowboarding. What is it that you do with your kids are what are you what can your kids do. And here's something else its interest -- talked about. We can kits -- -- out. Your place for its economy reachable except. It was almost like. A done deal you had a date you into the movie. You -- to like -- And you made out. Well if young people are making out in their bedrooms. In homes where there's no parental guidance. Then wouldn't that. Almost invite them to do more than just make out. And I know that there were I know that there were people who did more than just make out at the -- I wasn't one of them I just made out at the Lakefront. But if if if kids were in a place like that I'm not saying they should be but this is just something that's changed. We're kids we're -- kids go express their. Their love for each other I don't mean in terms of sex but in terms of again just making. And the -- -- that was one car after another to lake front and then you can go watch the point. And and part they're. It was brutal during the summertime because Steve is we get in your car and you you know do you quiet with your date and you this'll -- -- And it landed and you got smacked. Now how do you remember those days and I gotta tell you I don't really listen if you were to join our show the comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy and a text -- were -- 77. If you have teenagers or if you had teenagers but in the last few years. No you don't -- think they make out -- it was so weird kids make out today and if they're making out in bedrooms and parents are home. Doesn't that just invites. More sexual activity. You know Charlie talked about going in this ministry lights come on. I guess that's a problem in New Orleans because somebody in the street lights are out. This is the -- she'll. On a Friday night and we'll be back into the WL. So what are teenagers do today were where they go. What do they do -- we should go outside and play. Preteens in -- we planned out what what do kids do today. And -- teenagers make out. I mean that sounds like a silly question but teenagers are gonna make -- so I can't help but think that if they're making -- home. It is and at the home. And go to bed right there eyes that would. Apparently. Invite even more activity than just making out like we used to do at the -- If you and enjoy our show the comic tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688907. Text numbers -- -- seven. I want to -- special good evening to look to somewhere I got a very touching email today from a woman named Jan in home. And her mother. -- again effort was just to the show every night and on if you're listening I wish you a very very happy nights and have a great weekend. And thank you very much for hosting the show but I gentle -- that her mother Donna. Is conservative. But steel. Once the show so I just once every am pretty happy good evening to John I hear us a -- -- the problem is the Liberal Party will not hold anyone accountable. If kids are truant take away their entitlements if parents or kids are convicted of a crime take away their entitlements. If they fall if they fail a drug test take away their entitlements we need to hold people accountable. I agree. And we don't hold people accountable at every level of society. Not just those who have a certain entitlements. Here's a text about. About a village raising a child and and I I I do know that a lot of people reacted very adversely wouldn't when Hillary said that because it seemed like she was suggesting that the government raise your children that's the way the right wanted to paint it. And this is not because I'm a Hillary fan. Because -- I'm not a Hillary fan and now -- -- -- talked about being a big Hillary fan on the show. But which he which you wrote the book it takes a village just to get groceries child. Because in the neighborhood you were in even if your parents were the year you were still held accountable for your actions. Here's a text that addresses this when I was young growing up. A neighbor could spank you. And you hope your parents didn't find out. Not because they would sue the neighbor like now the because your parents would -- you again. Here is a text I would I will be thirty in July and growing up in river ridge that was my -- to get home and I'd better. I'd be walking in the door and get ready for bed when the lights came on. Or else I knew it wasn't going to be good. If you and join us over the coming tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Dines there were seven at -- Amber's -- 77. From every Brian you're on this future of needing. Good. I call when he talked about video games I don't understand a negative connotation of me now they're competitive gaming. Actually at the sports. People do make a lot of money playing video games and people that when the tournament make up the about a million dollars hardest puts TP gamer can stream their nose and -- that make around -- now. One picture it's insanely lucrative if you -- look at it. You can go to an assistant streaming service called twit just TV and it's he couldn't and it's grow. -- YouTube just purchases. Something you can have a pretty decent living according video game -- believe it and. Well -- I'm glad you brought that out I don't ever playing video games for negative behavior. Yeah it to me it's it's never -- question of the contents of the gain as much as it is. The problem of kids sitting there involved in a passive activity. That the the passive activity of playing game. To meet for hours and hours and hours is much more significant. Than the content of -- of a video game. A huge pressure right on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 tech's number is 87870. I here's attacks that half the problem is I it's. Too easy to run as a liberal. Their entire platform. Is a scare tactic. Stating if you vote for a Republican. All your freedoms will be taken away. I -- I disagree with that because I think one of the tactics the Wright uses is if the left its elected your rights are gonna be taken away. In particular a lot of people like to invoke this idea that your Second Amendment Rights will be taken away. Top Republican leaders are in New Orleans attending the Republican leadership conference of Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. Who is positioning himself to run for the White House in 2016 or at least it appears that. -- he was a speaker last night. The information the Republican Party needs. Two in the White House in 2016 is in the -- blog which is on our website at W appealed to outcome it's simply titled a message to the Republican Party. The last couple of weeks. I've written several blogs about the Republican Party. And during the presidential campaign 2012. I was talking about mistakes the Republican Party was making -- they were. And forming the image for for Mitt Romney. Which was a different image from who Mitt Romney really is as a as a person and who he was as governor of Massachusetts. Sold. It's interesting that that after the election there had been prominent Republicans who -- said when I was saying before the election. But they don't seem to stick with it it always kind of goes back. That's the way it to the way it once a wrote a blog last week titled another new direction for Republicans. And it focused on the newly released 121 page policy manifesto written by a group described as reform Republicans. And it establishes a new direction for the Republican Party in hopes of attracting more middle class voters. In January. I wrote a blog for a website which which titled should the Republican Party change. And that dealt with the Republican National Committee winter meeting in Washington DC where new strategy titled growth and opportunity project which revealed the Republicans. That's strategy was designed to expand the party's reach to include more women. Minorities gays and younger voters so this war that continues within the Republican Party. It doesn't seem to be easy and the Tea Party in the ultra -- are two groups trying to fight for control of the party. The Tea Party which originally -- for smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Has been hijacked by a white wing extremist like Glenn Beck to a broad social issues into the Tea Party agenda. Which as far as I know is not the original agenda of the Tea Party. Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity and the countless local conservative personalities. That have you know very sheepish manner followed their lead. Continued to cause an axis of voters from the Republican Party even the power of the Fox News Channel has been challenged. The newest ratings show that Fox News -- a new low point in the ratings in over twelve years in the key -- five to 54 demographic. Now Fox News still dominates. MSNBC. And CNN in a key demo and in in in total audience. MSNBC now is number two -- and is number three. But if if Fox News has. Let's say between a million million enhance. I think around a million and half as what they're they're a total daily viewer she appears. In the category -- key category of 25 to 54. Fox News only shows 267000. In that key category. So. What the ratings Telus is that the Fox News audience is 55 and older. And polls continue to show the younger voters even younger Republicans. Under 45 do not support. The same opinions that many in the conservative Republican ranks have on same sex marriage and legalizing pot and immigration. America's changing. And today's baby boomers stab Richmond which is to find every area hit is occupied. Is losing some ground to younger generations. Younger generations don't share the same same views -- the establishment conservatives do when many of these social issues. And and yet the Republican Party continues to use these issues. To to continue to. Percent this image of we must beat the moral police. For America it's up to the Republican Party to be the moral police. And this is alienating a lot of voters. Supporting. A government ban on same sex marriage for example I think defies the foundation of conservative ideology. Which promotes the power of the individual over government. There's no way to escape the fact. That opposition to same sex marriage is based on moral and religious beliefs. Therefore directly endorse his government. Dictating morality. The initial government support additional a conservative support. But people like and Clive and Bundy then Nevada rancher in the dispute with the government over his scandal raising on government property. The -- the way unity conservative right has. -- fallen in love with conservative rocker Ted Nugent who has expressed hateful ugly contempt for the president not criticism of policies. But just hateful ugly contempt. Now both of these people had been denounced by conservatives after they went too far but the the instinct to embrace. These extremists. Have hurt the image of the Republican Party the parties also been damaged by the birthers. The -- -- and now those who were following the conservative pied piper Karl Rove who is now questioning the stability of Hillary Clinton's brain. Republicans have turned condemning President Obama into a spectator sport. And the focus on condemning the Obama administration I think is distracting from the core Republican issues of fiscal responsibility. -- smaller government. That's what the Republican Party should be promoting and that is the direction that will attract younger voters right now. Republicans were factually wrong about people signing up for obamacare. And I don't know where the -- -- in the -- scandal investigations -- ago but so far these have not been found to be the scandals that. Fox News and others are still trying to make them up to date may be there will be something we'll bring down the Obama administration. But rather than just trying to take younger competition. -- it better to try to present an image of what you will do. What you stand for not what you're against but what you stand for what you will do. I do realize. That it's the Electoral College. -- terms as president. But there's something very significant about the Republican Party losing the popular vote in five out of the last six presidential elections. And in January Gallup poll showed the Republican party's favorability rating. Had fallen to 32%. Down from 43%. After the election of Obama in 2012. And candidates like Rick Santorum. Sarah Palin Michelle Bachmann they openly suggested that their specific religious beliefs will be part of their campaigns and part of their brain in office. That hurts the Republican Party. America's been down this road before. During the presidential campaign in 1960 John F. Kennedy a Catholic. Active on the campaign trail convince voters that he would not. Allow his religious beliefs to dictate the decisions that he made as president. Kennedy won the election and became the first Catholic to occupy the White House lesson learned apparently not. The message of the Republican Party is simple. Be bold enough to divorce the far right. And have the courage to be more centrist and promotes smaller government and government getting out of the way of business. And individuals. And stop trying to beat the moral police of America. It's not gonna work in the world we live in today. One definition defines conservative as holding two traditional attitudes values. And cautious about change organization typically in relation to politics or religion. As long as the Republican Party rejects the changing America. The influence of voters that are not older white males. Make it difficult for the Republicans to win the White House. There's a great line and on a whole notes on what to their very early hits. And a line is. The strong. Give up and move all in the week. Give up and stay. Soul. Clinging to being the moral police of America. It's time to give that up and move on. A message to the Republican Party scoop like -- it's on our website at WWL dot com read it shared huge -- feel like. We'll be right back with more your comments on -- -- you well. That the next two weeks I'll be doing our girl ratio from two to one here in WL on Monday on the show we'll talk about the national September 11 memorial museum. It opened up to the public. Very recently. There was a celebration opening the museum and a -- cocktail party. And there's been criticism of the cocktail party because. That is basically on. A sacred sites and their bodies still buried there as some people think it's very inappropriate to have a big cocktail party -- also there's been a lot of criticism of some of the pricey souvenir items that they're selling T shirts and key chains and things for your pants. At the the national 9/11 memorial museum. Is it wrong to hold parties and sell T shirts and teachings of the gift shop. At a site that was it site of the terrorist attack on America or is that what we do in America. To commemorate something. Authorities have -- on Monday. On Deco show -- VW oil and about Mitchell begins to show for the next couple weeks out from New Orleans Raymond welcome to the stewardship. Yes you feel good. And well you know and a -- right back. And a candidate we had been go. Out there yet. But. Democrats. Now what Democrat. Have been doing it. The black community. -- deal -- a critical Republican. True. Report out America Ditka. The Democrat. Patent. Property. In the black community. -- The army the Democrat that the image. And restricted it looked -- to -- it. They should play. Well -- A really let me ask you this. Does the Democratic Party take the black vote for granite feeling as if they're gonna get it anyway so they don't need to cater to the point -- -- you break up not. Until we tell me that again you're breaking up badly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In just a moment here if you wanna join our children might -- your comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven. And a text number is 87870. L issue on the game today in the NCAA regional league beat the southeast airlines awesome game eight to four you heard it right here on WW -- next up. The winner of tonight's game between Houston cougars and the Bryant bulldogs. And the pre game for LSU wouldn't over the plate tomorrow is gonna start at 630 tomorrow night's first pitch is at 7 o'clock. On -- -- will -- seventy. And 153. -- and you can go to our website WW dot com for all the information you'll need about all the different scenarios of what happens if -- she wins. Or they lose tigers are playing amazing baseball right now. This is the script -- and we'll be right back into the W well. And welcome back to a show and is set Friday night help Europe planning on a very nice weekend a possibility you're gonna have to dodge some showers and 60% chance of rain tomorrow it's going to be a kind of like it was today. But that shouldn't change your plans just be prepared to deal with that if that happens. I asked to call arraignment to to hold on we lost contact with -- he was separating every -- but essentially. He was sick complaining that's. The Democrats. Has not really done very much for blacks in this country. And therefore the Democrats -- guess he was trying to say should -- take for granted the black vote in. Should not assume that they're gonna just get the black vote and may be black should be very. Very particular about who they go for a from -- David your WW well. It. You know what you think about -- minute to carry. Eight Portland -- opinion about -- argued that -- -- for a little bit by the or let them. Study of far left as almost the same problem as far right. But -- -- And I'll do it better job at all. People talk. About -- that you don't get out. -- rail -- David both sides line. The law. That both -- -- Able. To do. -- At all but it. -- -- -- -- a little. Bit about. Him. And and David so is the Republican Party please gone. Guy is a criminal which. -- Democratic Party. Like people. Did it. What do you think they've done what if the what do you think they've done. Before and it. And how they look. Get into the -- billion dollar. Pretty equal is that the black population. So you think that have blacks today are basically slaves. -- -- -- -- And and and -- -- in that deal. Out. But right. Now. Should chicken in the -- She went she in the hope aren't they screaming -- -- actually. Now I understand the I understand the mental and David David. David. Yeah I've got. To get. -- all right got to get to a news break I'm really glad you called.