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05-30 10pm Scoot, Republican Makeover

May 31, 2014|

Does the Republican party need a makeover in terms of views and policies? How about the Democrats and/or the Moderates?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On our show tonight we have been reviewing the big topics of the week and there have been some some some big topics the Republican leadership conference is in New Orleans for the next couple days. And we have sent out a message to the Republican Party it's our blog tonight it's -- we're excited to -- -- you don't icon -- message to the Republican Party and it's what I believe the -- party needs to do to win. The White House in 2016. And here is a tax that says instead of the Republican Party trying to figure out how to win the White House why don't they just get back to work on the economy. And get people back to work. -- that would do the trick no BS just straight to the point also we have been talking about so they came -- this week with archbishop Gregory aim your New Orleans. And that is the the conversation about the priests and celibacy. Should priests be -- Should priests be allowed to get married and I had sexually from somebody who asked the question -- with -- get married. Should not be able to get there. I have to be consistent and say yeah I think a pre should be able to be merit in the can and should be able to be merry. And the script like this week wars and titled why priest should be allowed to get Marion missed my point of view about why the Catholic Church should allow priests to get married. And it's still law on the -- page of our website at W that confidence of -- we have been talking about. And having some of these conversations this week the question of how this country -- which counted upon what values which this country found. And it has come up -- nets are divvied up you'll pretty -- opinion poll tonight was America founded on Christian values for. Freedom from religious persecution. Right now 54% say America was founded on Christian values. 46% say freedom from religious persecution. It is your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com did you feel -- coming up into -- and it's also we have talked this week about Joe The Plumber. Saying in an open like -- ago got attention during the campaign he's running for congress. During the campaign he said it an intricate paper during during his campaign this was this week just days after the beat the killing spree. Santa Barbara California. Joe The Plumber said in an open letter to the families of the shooting victims. You're dead kids don't -- -- constitutional rights. Now. I don't think a tragedy. To trample on anybody's constitutional rights. But the fact that somebody running for office. Said it that way. Goes to show you how people are still trying to -- steel. Hate. They're they're they're using. Hateful things. Vicious things. To get attention. And unfortunately some voters actually. Pay attention Afghanistan. Also this week we talked about what I think is a big mistake by the Republican Party to Republican gay rights groups. That's right two Republican gay rights groups. Denounced their own party in Texas. Because the Republican Party is not allowing them to set up booths at the Republican Convention in Fort Worth in early -- The Log Cabin Republicans and the metro -- Republicans held a press conference condemning the party's decision. A represented for the GOP convention said the GO plea deal to GOP platform. Does not agree with gay rights. Again he got a gay rights group that might help. Win over especially some younger voters and you can deny them the right to have a Booth at your convention. This is the myopic thinking that continues to hurt the Republican Party. If you wanna -- a site with your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a text -- is a 7870. From Houston Ulysses or W but you'll be needing. I'm concerned platforms. It. Follow with the Republicans. We're camera again would you want imprisoned need a UT advice. -- I'll call. You in his -- It and it would understand more and -- about -- Crow for just the people. Even now are -- When did you call the democratic polity is is really sustained that. What we now is. Sport which -- the good people won't support. Mean. But he. Too much problem. So. You deal. -- -- -- -- Call. Was old -- -- Just. You can. And and that -- moment. -- -- -- -- -- would you be referring to Nancy Pelosi. Eighty. Back to -- -- I mean -- the culprit was. Actually President Bush. -- -- It's gonna -- a meat. Industry. -- -- -- I. Would. Because time and what -- -- didn't. -- week ago. -- -- -- I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so. That actually. Are. -- -- And yet what will be. The year and that he'd be tried. -- public school that. But. I cannot pay our. I would -- it took it. -- Each. Course and -- -- -- -- So. Are prohibited under. Par. -- -- Is that you and conclude. That. We. Are to be able. Electric co. Industry. And -- and look at. -- -- Yeah Clinton Clinton who were. Oh -- on the he -- -- and -- -- and propagandist. For the and limit what. -- you say how would you describe Fox News. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that didn't. Get Cold. War. Administration. Should. Have been. I mean they go about it and -- and the and open and. -- And at and would have been. In Italy and sport to -- come and and and -- a I mean. -- -- -- knew about it and troops and -- domestic and and -- would be. I believe Richard Nixon resigned to Clinton -- -- go now Ulysses before I get to break it -- and I've really enjoyed our conversation has been very enlightening. Do you think that Democratic Party is basically the Communist Party. That would be. -- Well -- they follow the two Obama can company actually. -- go. In the school. System that. Is it. -- -- And so it took him about -- your. -- -- Are definitely. -- -- Oh. And now back. Extra and our and -- get. From. Them. Com and -- it. Advocate. And yeah. You -- do you think do you think President Obama is a Muslim. And that is -- when they go. Out and think man. That would help. My Ulysses I've god bless America and it gave you the upper Terry added to speak your mind and I appreciate you listening to our show. But. Them guys you are going to listing. Our rights. Got a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late Saturday a -- Amber's -- 7870. On hold as somebody who is gonna give us a young voters view. -- the baby boomer establishments is having a hard time. Dealing with the idea that there are younger generations that are now starting to have power. In terms of national elections this is the -- Schiller will be back on WL. This is really a great song that the Republican Party should pay very close attention to actually both parties should pay attention to a -- colors. This country's changing. And in many ways for the better. Sometimes that changes is neutral it's not good or bad it's just it's just change. And failure to recognize. Change. And trends. He's gonna lead to failure in life so we'll send this out to the Republican Party. Here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight was America founded on Christian values or freedom from religious persecution. It's a very close poll tonight 52%. Say the country was founded on Christian values. 48% say was founded on freedom from religious persecution. Division opinion by going to our web site to -- a cumulative count Matthew welcome dispute your good evening. How to -- that your young voter. I am among 21 year old college student right now and I've I'm. And that -- -- -- Republican -- Which you. You kind of break it about using YouTube user has certainly were register as a republic. -- -- In that what you're what you're saying earlier. In that in other Republican party's said that they are in the party or government they're already toward Haitian government and small beer and all that. It is -- -- Karadzic -- ideas however what you -- saying what you're saying earlier. You know just. The -- in politics as just completely warped what the two parties that stood for and it is cooler suggest carrying two other partners change. So -- USA as a young voters. And you say a year registered Republicans. Do you agree with many young conservatives. Who don't shared effusive. The establishment conservatives who believe it. Same sex marriage is wrong and legalization of pot is wrong. Immigration reform should not take place do you agree with those issues. -- think. I mean look at them on personal opinion but I think on the opposite mystical portal with Republican party's -- what has what has been monstrous. For an effort decade it's always been -- small -- why is it. Federalist like the national government need to make -- Go go to the Republican Party is done assembly issues at least -- -- -- demolition of the states give it let the states decide. Statements state. You know government and the people who know stay informed and believe that make those decisions why -- that that we need to make. -- nationalistic stance on even time. The sister lives that we need to make a nationalist stance on abortion and why the anemic nationalistic stance -- one. We're going to manners means that I feel but again it misses the point what the Republican Party. Had been preaching or used to preach for decades. Have met the I agree with you and all these all these peripheral issues. It had become such big issues attached to the Republican ideology. Are distracting from what the Republicans could be promoting which is smaller government. Less taxes and get the government out of the lives of of business and and individuals as much as possible I think that's something that would play with young voters like yourself. You're talking about talent it is going to be racked up an iron but I live in Louisiana I have -- and then the whole or hammer out. Hi Angela come in actually the sitcom with -- -- an excellent. High school reprimand them walking out of college and -- will be would have at least 3040000 dollar in debt and I literally. I live in state. So and then definitely. Play young -- and and who to call by. I think that what you are saying that the Republicans would take for them that they need to win was -- bottle packet they've they've become. Com and attempting to be more police rather then rather stick -- to. You know is it it to court things of that social issues and an economic issues it's. We artists we had a party for small business and socialist views. Those are. The desert non dogmatic than you know in the same rate it taxes end. And that is that policy that is the case you've seen numbers and they want and the the other activists in Republicans and Democrats economically. Certainly there are dogmatic we cancel -- -- why why is. Why art talk radio talkers not you. But but other -- lines are in the right wing treatments condemning Republicans to. Credit from wrong I think it's the Ohio senator whose son came out a decade he sent a lot more on. And I now have a new perspective on the issue I'm gonna be worn to court. -- the quiet well I believe it was Rob Portman. Tickets and and and and even even Vice President Cheney. Who only daughter even he has said he favors. His daughter he's he accepts his daughter's lifestyle and I believe even -- of pharmacy exits a marriage. Cheney Cheney to. You know you know 2000 was the ringleader of what the Democrats. Just lambasted. For years and president Bush Administration. The Republican. We said early and you know at least the perception of -- -- with a party common sense. And -- individual -- said earlier that the individual should trump. And the and the the power of individual should be more focused on this national government and I think that there's into the issued irony between that the weeks. And then stand -- lately on issues like you sent a letter to merit with the weather immigration which. In Apple's new -- not mine after issues like that we're -- so close minded. And and we wonder why. We -- -- -- people -- it Democrats are young voters and keynote everything. -- -- offensive -- -- -- condemning. Their way of life you're condemning Barrett's hands. At a quality you're condemning -- -- or in the American way that we you know we love to put on. Beautiful posters and classroom we -- can get a reality. I think there's there's an irony with that and and that irony is caused at least younger actors. Goliath you know my circle of young people. It created very cynical use both sides both parties which is you know which which then. -- honestly it prevents. To discourse that prevents. Participation in politics from my from my generation. Nancy I've I attend the following trends. And I have always done this throughout my career and and and I I think a lot of things or are intertwined. Entertainment is a reflection of votes society. And when I say that I think about a lot of the music itself today I'm hearing a lot of very positive stuff a lot of music sounds pretty much like they're happy music from the eighties. And I know younger generations have adopted the music of the eighties as their own. And that has inspired a lot of new groups. Imagine dragons for example Exxon John -- -- me a list goes on a real T. Advance from Louisiana. These bands are doing I'm. Music now that is very reminiscent of the eighties it reflects the attitude of the young generation. And I'm hearing a lot of positive music American authors for example and go back to imagine drug is under an acting dragons is a song called America. Which. Seems to reflect the idea that there is a very positive patriotic attitude in young America about this country do you feel that way. Out. -- and and -- -- right -- I think it touches on there's there's -- cynical yet and idealistic. But there's a dichotomy. I think in young people -- that. There's there's absolutely. Deal idealism. Like America can be what America can be national and what America can be with the right direction leadership. There's definitely an idealist -- towards an inclusive. And it compassionate. For rich poor black YE a gay straight whatever it is. The between idealistic opera on her own and hope that. Think that there's honestly anti semitism arises when you look at the current. Actually look at the current state parties. And that. You know both sides but it's rather irregular part for small and then sit down and work at. A long lasting deal on immigration want to fall. That will fix the broken that's from the corner immigration programs and. It is -- is more important to. To maintain. The image of the party and the party's agenda than it is to do what's best for America. I -- I couldn't remorse that I feel like that. That is why the current that politics and that's what Kirk that the nation in the latest and -- would you had a lot. When EE ST senator. You can't -- an old dog tracks it's all these all amount -- the cleaning agents the issue not -- here border saying it is. The fact that these elder Republicans these elder Democrat this establishment. These baby boomers they deny -- -- many ways I think that the same kind of in the very desperate to change and very -- to get the -- But my point is. Dare say that there -- ways that they are missing the point they're missing the issue. And bad news McCormack has of their parties and that competent and. Matthew I agree and I I quite often describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation glad you called enjoy our conversation. And I like that and and just wanna. -- Freddie jaguar opinion poll. And it's and what that your off I don't necessarily think that that the Q were mutually explicitly sent out a Christian values and the again. Only camera religious oppression opt -- to necessarily mutually exclusive yeah I. I agree I did mention that early in the show it in some ways are kinda connected but. There's there is this debate over what the intent was. Where and when the the early settlers came to this country for England again they were not on a carnival cruise ship it was a it was a tough tougher line. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. I was the that was the intent more. Two. To create a nation based on Christian values or to create a nation that was free where people were free for religious persecution. And again -- -- you. I mean yes I think it. What it what it. I think the original intent was to escape -- -- depression like everyone needs neither history of news and issued a lot but when they got here. Think that day not so much when they stepped right for stepped off the boats and OK -- -- and Christian. Eyes ears and not okay. Common sense. Let's think about what he is. They eat -- passed away in respects individual respect sanctity of life and -- that we're gonna a government court. And almost in -- -- cents. -- Christian that you can't. Right -- an -- Matthew what would you agree that that every. Every main religion it it doesn't matter what the religion is stripped out there all the main religions are essentially based on. Aren't the ideas of the ten commandments said the that the ideas that are set forth in the ten commandments is the is the basis for establishing right and -- of out of any religion. And so. I would I would venture to say I would well I'm lucky this year I would venture to say it that -- and Jesus and and and it's quick disclaimer I'm a Republican but I'm not I'm not on the Bible bashing -- that's the thing is that the kernel churches. When she's just take the ten commandments and combines them into that the golden -- -- love your neighbor. You know love your neighbor as yourself and -- and. Whatever you do -- sort of paraphrase Parker biscuit Portis. Put others' feelings before your love and there's -- well every individual which respect. And if that is the court that the intent to ever met Don and we -- have -- nearly as many issues. Matthew I really enjoyed our conversation and stuff I do agree that Netflix like the listing in particular time to call. If your -- stay with us -- we take a break I'll come right back with them more of your calls him and more pure text. That was it was an interesting call and I love hearing from our our younger listeners. And we we do have many and it's it's great to hear. Their view of politics today and I realize that for the baby boomer establishment which has defined every area it is occupied throughout its evolution through time. It's difficult to understand that they might not still be in total control of everything. But you might be in control in terms of being in the establishment. But you're not in control of some of the trends in this country this is -- show and we'll be back on every bureau. It. -- where the sun is set Friday night this weekend is the oyster festival which is it walls and are part the Atlantic did dodge a few showers -- Ted you know -- down there anyway. From -- mark you on this crucial in WW don't be doing. It's hit every night it -- He four units and Margaret that last -- -- yeah a very refreshing yes and being there on the side of things and so. I see them some analysts are essential to an open mind. And and that that that -- acted describes a lot of younger conservatives. It's actually yet but it's we're normal launch you know I eat some comments were made errors and then vs fox. You know and outs in an Obama network test of people watch that maybe like the last sixty days. Obama was definitely dimension as Ollie didn't -- airplane. Crash where you -- on fox and every single story about Obama. -- in and then turn around and you look at. I'm campaign and -- today steady below people and campaigns they put out -- this is what I stand for. Now do you have apple commercials. Just saying I promise you that I will -- and two will Parse everything and Obama. I mean county vote on something like that and you know talk about religion -- religion taking religion our schools. And I want I don't want. And -- school teaching my children religion. I want them to learn in the Sunday school or church or maturities. I wanna do it by showing them our family praised what we do I don't think it is after police coordination. To teach my exit at a price. And if we -- want religion in schools award for word what it's a backlash would be yes we're OK you know what we're gonna put out. All of the -- assignment analogy. And were also put the court and we're not gonna put -- christianity would not to implement cutie isn't and that is what we think it's import. This is a really good point I talk about this often on the shoulders this hysteria. That his speed and -- perpetrated this country that it was the removal of prayer from public schools that led this country to where it is. And I've written a blog about it I've talked about it on the show. They were so much going on in America -- and prayers are removed from public schools and it was really it was just school led prayer because the the government runs the the public schools. That that was the Supreme Court ruling kits can pray. I just don't think it's saying a prayer at school is gonna turn bad people -- to good people if it's not backed up and really taught at home. Or at church but there is this hysteria around the removal of prayer for public schools as the flash point in time when this country sort of going to hell if you look back at history. Because is around 1962. Would this report made this rule late fifties early sixties it was a lot going on in this country. It has led us to we we art today and it wasn't just the removal of prayer from public schools and ended up and mark were more. One more thought on that. If you allow prayers in public schools what happens when it is that time for the the the Muslims to pray and YouTube. This is America and you have to you have to recognize all religions you can't just push christianity down everybody's so that's not the -- to this country. That's politically expedient it would need to its you know its core a link in the evangelical. Well portion. Other Republican Party came to our real power it was just so expedient so easy to them it's. Well this is this and this is why you have more decline. And -- that's what he should listen to me and that's slightly slightly east control. And all that you know he's so you look at you know -- wanna talk about gay marriage everybody at their opinions. A moral or otherwise but you know -- look at the decline in the same look at the debt and heterosexual marriages. That -- league record numbers where. It was on poverty supporters and so many issues. So what's more important. It is the most family and in. Absolutely. Absurd. To blame. The desire for homosexuals to get married on destroying the family unit in America because heterosexuals have already destroyed the family unit. Absolutely and then -- a incite public transportation. You know it's somebody lived in Birmingham Alabama out on the -- ST trying to than thirty minutes beaten Atlanta and I have twice as much -- job. In I mean we have no political will to build to build bridges. To do anything to make our schools -- an -- the world. You know no not no -- skilled immigration jail I mean it's. I just can't believe that you know anybody to this day and age should be -- the Democrat. -- just Republicans but I think that the level the match what his role in this. Mark I would agree with you are going to color shooting have a great weekend every night on the show we we fight in nightly battle against stupidity. And political hypocrisy. And the issue was not beholden to the right or to the left. And we were never going to be. We focus on with an opinion and conviction we focus on the issues based on the merits of that issue not right or left ideology. Let me share this this text you before -- -- to this break concerning the denial of the GOP to allow the Log Cabin Republicans to set up booths at the Republican National Convention. My sister at the Republican National Convention it's a Republican Convention in Texas forward. This concerns me and I'm not the fact about losing voters but the fact that the GOP. Is showing a side that is ugly and hateful the sooner we learn to love the sooner we will learn to do away with an irrational phobias. The sooner we will be able to pull together as a nation and move on to topics. That are actually of greater concern to our political community. Love -- love. Know what can change this what we can change is our future which will hopefully. Be a positive point. That is from -- If you wanna join our show with a comments are numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 866889078. -- -- -- Here's a text that reads Islam views extremists. Like we view the west Borough Baptist Church. Amen I'm scoop coming right back -- going to be going on. -- Devin have you all pretty -- opinion poll tonight has been close all night now it's dead even. 5050. The question is was America founded on Christian values or freedom from religion. It is your opinion by going to our web site W if you don't count from the end they'll perish -- thanks for holed it on your analysis to show. Obvious suspect. I'll bet serious step it okay I'm more or less agree that young man -- -- -- -- oh. Think now. Like I said the one thing that was sort of and correct them dinner at an independent party to have an article in the newspaper awhile back. What can -- luckily got out of the Republican Party party's number of years ago when I think it was running. Outweighed by a black party wish that they don't wanna be at a party -- is that no party and other kinds of people that are now are. There's times I don't know how many parties we got there I even staying power party. -- check that out thank you thank you a lot of a lot of a lot of -- a lot of parties can live in a little fun. Ya I guess I meant in terms. Viable party that is challenging the major two party back together. Allah Christ the -- I would agree and there are a lot of announcers so no you don't sound senile to me. I'm currently in Alabama like that about therapy. And happy now look at -- that -- You sound great to me now I'm glad -- color shot that. Republicans it just turned and Abacha Ali fighting deputies and if you don't agree that they come in on -- bad person they're they're Democrats like that it's not quite as Republicans. Do everything that I cited by pipelines awarded. Thought that it. I got handed a bottle like that it probably felt like she mildly very important to make. I'm not gonna slap in the fight that mapping a drive not not as a. No I'm going to color -- -- -- -- up. Thanks for listening. Process to get to a news that they look if you're on hold I I apologize for not getting to you yet we've had. A couple of calls that -- went long tonight that doesn't often happen on our show but it's happened a little bit tonight. It's a Friday night we're heading into the weekend but if your hold dislikes of the news and I will try to get your calls right away after editors. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight about anything were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. A text -- -- 7870. Is a Texan and he's more Americans should practice open mindedness a fundamental Baptist principle. Amen to that.