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The Garden Show 5-31 7am, Gardening

May 31, 2014|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and thanks for joining partnership this morning it'll be talked about what's going on in. Your your your art culture. Surely. There a couple of so if you have. What may be going on that you and in sacred as these are we should ditch you've got problems -- I'd be happy to help you trying to diagnose I know what you're dealing with as well as possible and then. I can't cope with the best conceptual ideas or techniques for dealing with the sometimes. It may be -- you can ignore that which has been elections or when I'm new tools like. There's not a big beauty just ignore that or you mean eighties and just tried Georgie do you -- yet. Our safest structure as the tribe have a life -- -- -- Appellate in the of those here also get questions on getting questioned long cold image and -- -- lingering cold image issue with. Our citrus citrus is still reacting absolutely gardez paktia and a rule in the freezes it in January. And certainly in February and march -- -- looking at recovering and everything. People were like OK I've actually been much too much it histories and yet -- or for that particular I was pregnant and -- to Asia but. Appear urges. A little colder. Certainly out there and much as felt people we can't actually called out -- in but a lot of damage registries that there is of course was actually true that he's. Obviously killed back branches and I kept on saying well sometimes men in June general that we we can do that or latter part of the end of June. I have real vocal coaching -- -- and we're long on the way to runoffs. A cold image the citrus are still expressing and that's why. Which only wait until all the middle part of the summer actually -- them because they can continue to extras cold image. Are into the that are -- regulation -- come popping out all excited original script in the medical -- All the -- the cocaine ministership and want to leave is at the EOs in the tree tries to send out new growth. In the stressed just gets to -- so if you -- summation is that also something. That that would maybe dealing with a stronger it will hold damaged homes. We're still waiting patiently. For certain -- the -- all come. How -- he broke again trial again urgently question a cold in which order we have things going on about. I came here for the next two hours angels questions for -- accurately and who in the great a couple of great Russia or Andre. Our jails and show that the portrait that society. In New Orleans as having their annual show and they'll always a wonderful opportunity does she gorgeous orchid on display. They've got judging this morning around about new angle to that. -- gorgeous display area where were a different groups and clubs and distances -- put in lavish displays. -- or -- beautiful. Problems. And an arrangement which also allowed for a lot of cylinders they're a great option to -- -- kids in the about buying -- are pretty orchid society shall try to appeal to try to leader who would argue. I in the in the -- vendors -- to -- -- as well I'll provide you with great information on on the congratulations for chemical division you can provide. I want you credentialed by organization that particular -- Up properly so wonderful opportunity this year to alert level were agenda purchase -- it's. Are going on today to be lakeside shopping center. I and it will the -- little going on today from 2 central line. I will be open from neutral for -- tomorrow so if you're out of that. Other -- area up -- tried chomping sugar a wonderful visual treat BI even if you don't do anything else wander around. And look at the gorgeous orchid territory you know -- and train. At a fairly conventional exquisitely beautiful complex four hours. In the plant for the world also -- river -- ultimately society has there anymore show in -- going on. Today and tomorrow in October and you malls along veterans boulevard in. Metairie and there are open that today is that the shadow -- -- but just. Explain all the beautiful flowers and everything I will be going on today from 1 until 9 o'clock. -- tomorrow full control -- clock. Other trail all the vendors as selling everything. I'm thankful this morning at 10 o'clock tomorrow Oman tonight. And -- -- tomorrow at runs from twelve to three. So -- if you head over to via a clear view -- make sure that you -- style I'm tickled for Richard. Our bridge permit society annual short sale. A wonderful opportunity here are the regarding Chris rich should -- shut them being the number to call -- take a quick break. -- -- liberal and -- and visual style we come back legitimate to question line. And ready to go tradition so 187 B is and number call. Be back with more cars show right there good morning entered a partnership at the program go why. Without giving -- information you need to make your plans grow as usual won't continue to 6017. B is that a McCall. But that the phone. Call from springs -- good morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An academic question not every year -- I have any effect kinda grow wild in my yard and I noticed that. After that law or it seems like the lead in the damn ball term Browning and he did all right up. And I'd been sure at what might be caught in that. Couple things Burke. Personal opinions or manuals. Ally and that is. A growth in the patient sheet and then made. So. Opinions are always gonna die in -- season. So the question is not. Been turning brown and in getting ugly in the near full amount that they're no longer pretty at their. That's meant for -- questions -- And so if so -- long productive flowering trees in the new plant them and you know may hear a balloon until August or -- been a long wonderful season. And you've enjoyed choosing as a that they are playing on August or September. We would we expect that -- -- -- visitor in their pride and June -- July. They're blooming. They're not declining. They're they're in their -- -- and precipitously. And all but certain. Within a matter of a weaker -- days -- -- -- all the full image should spot from flowers shall we start getting ugly looking. And the places collector they're going down quickly -- -- disease issues and the common gardens and yet here in the gulf coastal south it's highly susceptible to a variety. -- uncle Bob de Jesus and cereals are losing -- that are real -- on the soul of their very -- -- grow. Calm overall. A great challenger growing ring is Arby's. Serious diseases urges all -- on the couldn't get rainy weather we get wearing a little which. These last few days. In June July. Or early August agent -- diseases explode on this thing so again as a coach Byrd has been -- off early. You know all certainly died in their time. You're looking at that bacterial -- least -- disease -- to control those units that the atomic protect this great program. I'll probably the -- based on just like liquid pop group called personal or corporate shield. Or a copper fungicides. And -- about once every week. From the time you implement -- you know you're finished with him at the end of the season. And a weekly story application is a lot of effort trouble go to action squaring. And in the stopped operating the equipment back opinion but that's something to do to minimize dry weather is the best thing when it requires. With less strain is in his formal better forcefully -- workers. I would find it -- Appreciate every. Other thing Burke to. Like those big. Garden thing is better disease resistant. But the plant breeders bread garden losing it with disease resistance and it species. And produced -- proposing is that our beautiful. A low growing bushy trees flowers and don't get these diseases. I think you wanna do those in the not a tall large shortcomings and is that you maybe use -- pretty garden in his but these are saying is that -- are quite disease resistant. Look for the -- fusion. Serious profusion of under one party of ours and also as a hero -- -- here Alexi here Tuesday. The better so if you want to do is attempting to -- can be used as animal -- out on probably the gardens in his -- in the late summer when you're training. Then you wanna do profusion yours power they bloom all summer they look -- different that apartment -- -- if you -- I think you might controller planting doubts. Our. Our neighbor as much for the call moving. Along now we have a polite calling from -- to lead the likable and. C'mon you're a -- and broker a light project -- I have an Arab country that now scores that are well it was like a double stopped tree you know to. -- in it's like Atlanta. About the trees guilt so the bottom that -- out of work. I didn't shoot its commonality I have about self rule as she would not around the problems so -- -- all that may just -- Outlook and its history is gonna put two what's gonna happen with history with that looks like abortion. Well well. Well over a lot of them make an entry. We don't know the tree with. Seven wrong I'll mostly polite and so I at some point you get along with windows shop but I do it looked at. Grows this summer all all seven of them I've grown over the summer let him go through next winter. -- -- -- And I hope they don't get frozen again the challenger growing up here -- our culture -- Life Party. We know we're gonna have interest that severely damage -- kill them. I'm anxious to challenge -- growing chemistry of mild winters we get on the problems that we have. You know while cold freezes every few years. Dynamic -- on the other question I was -- Colin Powell plays golf mature tree it survives a sprouting backed out polite but gesture run about late march or people. I would be in the head down to you do tree trunks. Or just want -- -- well despite except for three. And you might want those -- kind of evenly spaced around the -- or just senate -- one big dominant on the kind of dominate the rest of them. As it turned out in going there and trying to reinstall to leave it out of that one on the trunk. And again given mild winters and all our trees and Lending Tree -- developed it will eventually produce solve problems for. 100. People and I'm assuming Israel accomplished -- from its. Right correct OK sometimes to provide helicopters in there are trees in the a couple of that they purchase our ground. -- there with the grafted. I'll book club though if you're kind of freezes back to the ground in the stocks -- the question party -- to remain or why is goal. But stalking you an article in -- fruit can be as good or fruit as the -- Apart would have but it will still makes some fruit in your install lights insurers ward grant -- no -- OK in the garage that I have another tree program and offer pollinate each. That's in the department. It would produce better when there's more tree in the area of produce male and female flowers all this intrigue. That they can open -- meal hours and then when they're all finished. Fail all their female horse or vice Versa the content purge cross pollination will Kirk so all the European Parliament shall shall arsenal herbal. All of culture is better when there's more them entry in the area to ensure false on the range. Appreciate -- thank you very much are -- -- -- -- -- appreciate that Ali that we -- from Slidell lately that morning. It. It can't per month she -- they really treat that was about treat the treatment he. And she can't landscape -- 20. Oh wait it out. It and it looks like -- look at it before yesterday he put -- at the time. Right up against the tree and it looked like he planet -- Ryan. And now remained. On the -- look like they can split and then I mean -- -- in post put on by the intensity of the trio. You may. Article. That cause I don't know what in the in this process. Wouldn't call the branch is to split. Down at the if you understand vicious vicious things about. What was done. That would caused -- anxious to split open and rock directly. And then all of a sudden move -- most of them. But the branch is split open and -- that I'd love this shot maybe you can get -- -- -- pictures that to mean. But here here's what I would say if Google does -- being around a tree -- issue removed. It about it is. Remove that. And recruit. In that it -- -- -- -- -- problems aren't OK no problem and probably implant in (%expletive) like beach and get duplicate content like reversing course there always. Probably called his word peace. Material and the debt financing deal homes or formal they're full of nutrients we all Barton. In a small children without -- stream material and garden -- in the war so the fact that they need that and settled down. And talk to the tree and so the major issue either. About Islam -- on the entry auto what away from the tree. A mulch here that works just fine -- on the main issue right now to treat -- equal engines and transplant shock. Because that -- a lot of entry system so it's going to be touch and go. With -- -- because it lost most of the -- twenty dug out. I'll -- but -- the -- and survived the move then it will be OK with that of spilled material. And the verbal shot was not a major issue that -- to treated like that frog backwards country. OK well thank you so much enjoy it you know. We think too much for call and folks fortunate to catch up on the latest breaking news. We have dominating. She brought around the area around the world and and after all week you'll wish we needed some boring at all we've worked on the -- I'd. -- -- Ten days about rain is in the eighty's and ninety's I think it'll on the draw I wish. For the situation and we can. You ala I don't think in the dark quite this much -- -- regarding questions operator that you answer questions about the strength all I met a few things -- Later on the program about what happened what it is not trying to. Are around the area but what a question about whether it's a question as much -- law you're sure sure Roger structuring. Your financial culture or our future well reassure her -- -- in Portland took a -- growing. And I'll always stereo -- it may she get inflation need. To make those plans at all -- you want continued to 60187. -- is the number that you need to call in Europe follow the local -- in calling area. Cole pulled free and that number is 866. 8890870. On the phone now Jerry calling from Folsom majoring -- morning thanks for calling and eight and I'm Greg thanks -- that your ankle and -- -- oak tree. And armed. -- -- -- -- Well what you what you -- describing is. A bleeding -- That is that there's sort of a cracker seizure -- -- hole. Or -- kind of ballooned. In the -- of that tree that goes down into the trees circulatory system. And -- wounded bleeding strapped government calls. Dark -- now waiting area on the trunk punditry. MI am I describing it properly jury. Could write an article like -- are computed. Merrill quite different views -- Well that's after the fact that's that's losing out of the world and -- flesh out the sample we'll plant or are trapped over treat. Is basically each sugar water essentially. I guess we take advantage of that we tapped into sugar maples and we we we trying to -- -- -- sugar maple and one of them actually sure resource on that. Well -- -- sugar maples is -- church as a -- most street and when that sample is now. Nigeria that sugary liquid is colonized by. A microorganisms that are always around everywhere you for instance or -- there. And men can gimmick actually called the chew a bubble and -- well produce carbon dioxide and the smell of fermentation. -- Bob ball Rodney -- peaceful and to kind of smell. And that's not the -- the natural smell of the fact that that's trichet smell. Want to start -- that the director upon by. -- bacteria fungi east and other black organisms. So the issue is that there is there anything you can do about it is the main thing Jerry and shall I complexities specific duties of the name of the particular disease. -- this as a symptom but many many other issues involved and shall call you shall. Our situations and appearances contribute nothing more. That it's as simple wrong here or media canker. That's in effect it was some kind of an organism keeping the -- and healing over the world and leaving it open. I -- bleeding all the time. I guess after all that long explanation -- lecture which are looking you're looking at a bleeding wound. Outlook called the world has happened a year under the tree can shield -- -- is up in the year where the locals probably eating. Those are all in the year but to the problem -- you know influential all that. There's nothing you can spray on that there's nothing you can tree to tree with. Is nothing can fertilize the -- it. There's really nothing can do to help treat deal with the situation -- some of the trees to deal with whatever is causing risk a limited damage. Our stop the progress of the disease and disabilities in there and finally you'll over the world and should that ever happened other -- How will people stop bleeding. Are you talking to feel bleed more in the spring and early merger because a man trapped this slowing in the tree when the tree -- -- -- -- out in the spring and early in the early summer. That's on the fly trap is moving the most likely that you the most leading. You like what -- the least amount of bleeding in the fall lecture. When the tree is is is -- metro. Jerry -- -- -- bleeding open world is looking diplomatic Jeter and -- come out take a look at it checked out. They immediately give you more -- -- over what exactly is going on but again they would probably be able to do anything about situation neither. Oh I can't. Our that you're sort of administering can live for a long time with the this is actually going to be a life threatening -- -- -- able. Although they can be organic just watched a tree which pocket my fingers crossed or you that your oaks state. You're reasonably healthy despite that -- Are ready -- thanks so much here right. We're gonna take a quick break we got pitcher hall. -- injury thing you'll be personal point elementary -- calling feature question answered on the Garden Show this morning. That on the article to fictional one page seventy I'll let the local New Orleans calling here at all sure sure. 889. 0870. Will be back right after -- good -- and we're talking gardening and that GO regarding question. The answer or be shot a lot wrong and come out what to do about it -- pixel. 187 B is the number to call -- -- the ultra got Cherie call from home any jury you're born and. Good morning Dan -- -- told by that are treated. We might. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it pretty much worn blow crop in picture wanna plant and everything was going on line on global oil and oil. -- that killed -- opener it was won't bind in the starting in the league might again. And a story couldn't believe. I got to a point where I could. Too much what they don't have any lead slip now the plan or totally set in. I'll try to EU loosen. True problem than the local their regularly but nothing. Seemed to stop. So well when did you start or -- And from the from the very began. So you started storing your tomato transplants from the time you plant them you know it's there all right we explainable. Remember what that the treatment of this stuff what the local tree. Are -- going -- very important for you understand what you got you're doing or to make sure that that you know you've got a white single ball. So no lectures spray and always a good third. And -- makers maybe. -- the wrong thing. And so -- -- -- seeing them like Jerry. Well you're seeing on the bench that -- shrink has diagnosed as might. What is does is -- -- -- -- and you know all the week -- you know are able Jerry -- At least liners. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now -- we do a good contract signed release -- damage. Call -- And it's spelled as -- on -- Com and receiving in getting something or players from the pocket and the -- until now well. And your answer -- -- be liners. -- you know whether you're using it wasn't. It's as well and effective. So like you use something else. And again with these problems like this you need to apply directly in Houston applying once a week. We also used to be rectified power -- on line shortly liners to kill people pretty well. -- -- an alternate outline on and spent most -- in dealing with these. There's a systemic insecticide called amid the trip. And that's. You can find that in a -- public good -- Unbelievable like hippies in the right order it. Interest vegetable and fruit trees story by -- base year. Citrus vegetables fruit trees premise of the war maybe. Citrus fruit tree and vegetables -- that -- as a medical treatment after a systemic Q that is entrenched here to make Clinton alleged breach. Give inside the -- -- -- -- believes and it protects plant leaf miners in trouble make by putting the insecticides inside. The planned to sell -- and that also effectively -- all those are more of course. If you begin. In the situation rather than late and if you are looking at play incident which spot might by minors at this point cherry. Then -- now it's going to be a little bit prosecution can't take away all the huge amount of game to sort occurred. So that -- some options open entry you. If not for this year for next year. And if you use those products are beginning early on that are properly regularly the and hope that applied as one application. At the beginning of the season and it protects plants through the growing trees and -- medical printed. Is done early on all along that you -- so. In the ground. And it keeps -- protect and so in this information. Unfortunately Jerry may be more -- in the future that is ultra light now to issue long on from loading. No she mentioned. About he'd being in the shuttle is. Now. They're. Very dear Jerry your mature struggle are. Miners every year. I'd just like we can expect the cold everywhere I'm just go to Kolb went before. There -- market -- anymore well -- slow -- miners will be that will guard every single year. -- something you're not as usual and here shall we usually see them at -- going to be back at all. The law are the world but league -- in the ground -- -- -- -- -- -- The handle on that change on the -- in the year. So the adults are little flight one -- laying on the some of -- is and then all those hours that social treatment which would do. Correct all right thank you very much -- think his -- appreciate it. Are usually if you Google quickly. And you in your punch bowl tomatoes cucumbers squash bell peppers -- you're almost anything. What -- just talk about applies Qiyue. -- minor issues actually ethnic record breaking. To excel. And he is all will be back right after this morning -- an additional game deal with the college sooner. -- can call. -- or break. They just want to lecture the Saudi you know you've bitten. That -- -- that resource. I have two. Room. -- -- trees planted about a year ago. -- one of them is as surprise and truck the other one is having trouble and it actually died at the small. Well coming out of the original trunk. And I just want nobody to cut off the -- and leave group that knew in order jerks. You know -- -- -- it. Okay appeared at first first mixture that is -- coming out from a boat grafting it should treasure -- an essential part of the root system. Is one thing I usually truck full orange. Eagles -- -- but optional apple orange never intended to be allowed to grow its role is to provide the -- strong in the prime merely the root systems plant. And then about the grafting and in Asia or come ought if you. Although the grafting and the consequences all adult collectors the portfolio and interest -- inseparable from police for thousands more shuttle. -- if that's the case they get out and get rid of come on replace it. Other grand union is usually about extensions are so I may need to -- a couple of inches problem ground level. -- dish in the two Croker swollen and but some long -- she should be looked at their inaugural tree and that it's it's a trial fumble there and if -- from -- there Kyra back to match -- alcohol in the new and in the -- Autry will match. I figured they're recruited. I am and I'm straight and look for the grass union which is an opera swelling and that to shoot it from the base of the you've lost a couple of big country replace them. Try to -- in Canada are now. Against. I'm up against that particular. Question chimney at photographed and in the mail. And I'll take a look at certain and we can make sure we get that term and we're like archer.

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