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May 31, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning it's rainy Saturday I know they'll still be people at the -- oyster -- on ten and you know the support of the country can be. This is -- -- -- -- show where we answer your questions about. Home improvements repairs renovations that job you can do -- job gonna have done. Maybe there's something going over the house and you're not exactly sure. Why it's happening or you're not exactly sure who to call. To get take care of which it's all of those questions and home improvement show with the construction consultant called LaGrange who was with the greens consulting and also the sister companies energy. And comfort solutions. I'm -- in Paula good morning. -- We all we often talk about what somebody might do wanna. But Saturday -- particular based on the time of year and and the weather. And yet you haven't gotten back up in the attic I know it seems like we're a graduate of the attic. And maybe we art but it if you if you haven't gotten up in the attic in this of the need to Indiana if this might be a better date this time of -- to be in the attic. You don't think so because with the -- -- -- having with a cloudy days in the -- I addicts are cooler this week in -- with the work last week last week they had. So bluebird days -- you know some upper eighties and temperature in the reading equally assembly of the heated up yet squad that submitted. Couldn't bear -- -- you know -- this -- -- because look mild weather this morning. And you can always pretend that there's a job to do out there if you wanna get away from the wife and kids or if you're a wife and you wanna get away from the husband and kids. If it's honey I'm just gonna go arrange some things in the attic just go hang out of the attic for the afternoon. Exactly and -- that Kate and you know -- it will be. Struck the -- And also sometimes sometimes you'll have a problem and -- like to see the best thing to do is just make a cold drink. And just sit and pretend it doesn't exist are numbers 2601870. At least it's honest. -- told free 8668870. -- -- receipts have VA seven dot a year on the whole crew which show with Paula great. Patent audiences that he meant it. Well. On the attic and -- you're talking about this. I opened up -- -- events and I talked to that guy -- and -- are afraid in hand he does installation and he says no. They should all be close because if you pullen and head area it's not an out if it of course is is old home and it's not airtight. He's -- but it's gonna suck out your condition there. And it's gonna go through the -- -- the ridge vent and stuff. He's gonna come and look at it. Maybe that's what happens that the installed the foam insulation all of our. MI wrong I'm totally confused now because I thought like taken off the covers. On the eve vents that I would allow more fair to go through the attic. And have less of -- higher temperature but he says no -- human hole from the indoors. -- -- And so forth adamantly and the work done I mean he. Fresh air force out but there and and below are actually around Europe this it's been all -- they saw. At the -- to the peak of the group right in your age you have reached that. So it looked -- respected draw the warfare -- you need to have incumbent mayor. BP don't have that in the stock options. I'll I'll give them an analogy that. Or wanted beta like today it you know maybe -- would be -- what have one home you'll have windows you'll see a lot of they're going you know if you want. In the same room. War or an open space on the -- -- you the window. Also that it should have wage of their company and an airborne. Feel like the paper so that so that now you can envision what happened -- -- -- it. Now his statement that it brought hole there on your home. He is from Bentley changes at the Bentley should. It's really not a big deal. If we had eight did not sensible we have accidentally like what -- our panel later in a power saw the end. Then -- exhausted or how about the draw hair on your home. Indeed the equal yet but you've been toward that you're going -- -- -- you -- war how hot air -- the difference. Got -- so that you're actually remove the temperature. Of the attic which compressing down. On the temperature in the house so it's a win win situation by and events. On pot and mild mannered flowed through to make a path. And you lose -- -- here and talk about audio -- is called it drops. Yes but also high pressure -- low pressure so your attic. Is -- suffered a close ball in the reading teacher at a strike threat in the increases and after it also increases the pressure -- -- -- the anecdotally and clippers could go to a low it's gonna start up and down on. Condition -- house. Correct it got. Are instantly becomes when looked at it that he wants display counties. That happy does that you'll keep events open right. -- -- -- -- when you start spurring you to vote of installed absolutely sincere remorse grateful. On the the -- On the raptors right. Particularly any revelations you want could be your heart out and you have to. You -- -- -- up the ridge and in the opening you to make an -- airtight but there becomes elected suspects. Well all also. -- room here existing fuel inflation you don't look at pebble area there. How can make sure -- wrap of the action against. Armed -- with the outside but I you could you want to -- from the attic that you want to make sure you have guessed what the current yes. There's some complexities that go along with that the requirement. That gas -- against what this. Boston there it is you like they are. You know -- -- accomplished. Look at box at your you Russia and now supplement more about thanks appreciate it make it that. I didn't have a great afternoon to join a show with your comment your question about home improvement repairs or motivations -- -- to an earlier house you know exactly sure by -- Here's number 2601870. Told 3866890. Point seven. A -- a -- 7870 advice is -- free we do have a tip jar outside our studio. Here and sidewalk talent pointers and you can drops of -- if you feel like him but -- the you know he -- on Bryant's. It's a free advice. This is only prove -- show I'm stupid construction consultant LaGrange who will be right back with your questions -- -- well welcome back to the home improvement show in this -- Saturday -- two -- -- construction consultant all the great. As for Harvey doctor with Paula -- WL. -- -- -- You'd want. It. Home and I'll let you know anyone in the local areas served as emphatic. Police say attic and you troubled couple calls in -- -- I don't get them all I'll. Look at -- -- always -- market open. You know fuel window you're trying to frame on it pulled in the lot of who. Air you know open and -- -- solve the problem pushing area out of the cooling attic well look the same time. Yes sir it's are so that that's -- we would describe as well as a whole I'll buy and -- end -- problems. If you -- pulling all the bells. Were compiled the -- that that -- get -- look what happened at this article. It's really abuse from Katrina and the one com. Have a -- -- that Bakken term automation and if -- -- don't have any damage to like. -- -- -- -- -- So called either your your recognition person's service users from unit. Okay I'll call lectures and you don't want them to do it more likely you're you're -- dealers or equipment. -- be the better choice. But it keeps it alive. Or not or -- or that the -- -- like lectures which are currently the law school war in the motors. Okay the that -- -- works well. -- -- -- -- which cut out on the call but actually he called out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good beyond -- cult like. Don't have a great weekend now what's your question about home improvement repairs renovations are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Irons nearly seven. At a text -- -- 77. Also you have a question about a job that you're not sure if you should tackle the job even if you know a lot about home improvement and houses and things like that. Maybe you're not sure whether you should tackle job or have somebody else do it and we can -- questions as well from -- -- Patrick here on the home improvement show with Paul LaGrange. Good morning guys. All my question about BO. That the -- on it and right. Greta I Greta willow -- miner on here. Yeah yeah. I've got to uh oh a won't -- Are -- arm gotta get the troll and a better group -- of the nailed on two for two. Does she -- army ago would. And under the bureau. But for all and what -- troops do come through it like it they become very well. Is it that he he leak that. Well let me be very specific. Some leaks news leaks so. And the one did -- like the -- of water will -- through an open shelves right on raw. It won't come to a close so critical so we're -- -- Contra and keep it open sells well. We all await what he called through there are however is that the small little trip. -- local likely not to be happy about the content as well. But the political water -- you know whether in the valley or report flat more you know what he should walk the storm. That I have personally seen -- come through ripped through you reluctantly. -- that route from prayer in your home draw right. With music you go to our our natural heat. And that's flawed however it's just small little drip every -- -- -- it -- the content old. Now in music will open on what was their and a -- of them want and so please explain. Excellent open so product. That the cell structure of the home. Is it -- the walls of water comptroller and salt and flexible. And that's a lot. To be. Eight. Close -- -- And it's -- -- And so -- -- missiles like alone won't come through at all and not as they left or or it will move as much but it's -- Like an open -- product. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the most on in the -- most folks seasonal so I don't recommend it opens a product under public 98% in the -- There's 2% -- so will bird rarely Wear out and go ahead and recommend a -- -- at the -- want. The reason I like the and so product is pick in the event. That you'd you'd. You know behavior examples. Announcing some houses and do so moving and shifting toward the wood painting contracts that the root for an extra traction COLT. And that. -- soap -- and meaningful contact. And -- -- you. Make sure that it's complete or other it site -- the bottom of the building the movement would. Proposal product is not galactic status saw that giving. Some that's where actually breaks away from the front. And in the also suspected. Your your questions. Are handled it's helpful in my house to buy it correctly. I wouldn't know about it I wanted to come to the fold -- you know. -- you Wear it pretty close so product and I'm not be aware of it in I could potentially. Has all the problems you know with -- not knowing. -- -- Where you want when you normally would like. When you go in -- if you put your hand to you'll fall and you open it does call and call it soft. -- that are you know open because you is why it is -- -- abducted -- move colder abroad as it. That's correct Alter our beat Agassi and look at it and -- another question on all the different Omar. Where do this at Patrick we're about to get to the news 010 hold on for just a moment. All right it will get to your second question after the news break if you graduated with a comment a question about home improvement repairs. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text a -- 77 aggregate to a couple of text of after the news break is well here's one about him living in Slidell talking about a steel door. And which is better steel or fiberglass and external doers will get to that and more of your comments coming up. I'm -- with our construction consultant Paul Le -- John WWL and here's another news update with earnings every Saturday -- the home improvement show we help answer your questions about home improvements for a repair renovation -- -- regularly your house -- not exactly sure why it's happening. In fact if you're buying a house or you're selling a house -- you have questions about -- gonna buy now or have questions about announcements held to answer those questions as well. I'm good to get to abort your calls and more protection just a moment but Patrick from rural -- -- follow up question Patrick you're back on with -- range. That you guys by the -- I am pretty sure these he problem the problem ever barter. I have a two story house in which -- -- -- water heater air 10 look I'm awarded is our prayers the second one particular Al. To a need a new outlook he goes on in the line. Well it's not thinking in the long it is he truly did distance between the war it is in the lot like being. That makes a big impact Patrick. So I'm presuming they want to Vietnam War group net debt of about six while Egypt are in state. Earlier in the -- So what their -- that's been on the market for retrofit our vacations for quite some that really works well in -- the -- treatments that. You know pat has probably very well. What it does is actually he gets installed it like and in the city that event it -- the laws hot water. I will fight and pushed it into the Cold War. Until sentences but they'll walk company and become hot. So it doesn't work for you -- since that you -- in the audit. The waiting and waiting -- towards -- surprised she -- -- that ought to nail the hot waters party -- Because it's -- going on -- -- to that spot. And it pushes the water that was regionally in net. I don't hold. In typical. You know losing water. But you -- in hot water or sooner it it's simple like house these circling all. That's constantly circling hot water -- that. In the what -- all of your most of them written and keep American edit in what she used device like as well. So that it's a -- device. I bobbled the put that devised a marvel -- 101. Likely armor because I don't needed to have wanted to go -- If you are scheduled predictable like I -- -- that -- Currently more than ready to go to work or play night very nervously at the compound that popular draws couldn't part with. Recently I don't know and I can do. Yet something you can this year actually. -- compound of garden company -- and and just let alone real quick. Are two separate unit one -- one will and one on the -- school works fine but one record lows in Toronto. Almost every year Grotrian on an electric crimes you're building in the term -- I don't know on the new -- while motoring. Whether doubles. You know in -- war. People who Israel -- leak somewhere. Most prompted the text alone come quickly -- Michael year -- what you're describing. It most halted its -- separate coal India in or equipment. Some problems and prepared most comes to. As somebody did you -- replace -- indoor pepper ball. In the car license they expect to do that -- in need Apache called -- -- and former Jesus -- circling. Hopefully your award punitive. Me to keep that order that but coming dirt easy directions. With these product -- you insult so if you the tools. -- skill set of course on the dollar. Pocket -- it's -- to great show and home Google you know he's been on Greta. And I Patrick they're going to -- -- to over here every Saturday morning have a good weekend but here's the text that Jessica Russia -- Slidell currently. And has a -- reared its deal rear door. This is -- -- years old and showing signs of rust what is your opinion regarding steel vs fiberglass external doors which is better in this region. Looking to follow that story is a normal the result like -- extreme it was just like the extra Little Rock. It you can and you don't -- if you -- some actually you can like you can stay in them and make him look like would. So it looks like the greens -- looking into protectionism would. If you sustained person saying that a little walk then checks -- cracks. In that I'll look to replace the door like they are describing noble would like -- probably as -- but I would do it. -- -- -- Synthetic wood frame by edging him in the in the purple chasing around it and the Tressel that when he got to be very low maintenance store. That would last for many decades ago. This is the home improvement show we're coming right back with your calls and another text if you have a question about home improvement are numbers 26 ago. 1870. Toll free 86688908. Stephanie. And a -- receipts have VH seventy -- WWL pretty general opinion poll this morning as a carry over from the -- show last night. Question is was America founded on Christian values or freedom from religious persecution. Give us your opinion by going to our website WW -- don't count. I was there with Paula greens were coming right back and deputy bureau congratulations to the LSU tigers they get beat the south eastern lines C eight to four yesterday in a regional NCAA game. In Baton Rouge but hey congratulations to Salvation -- they did a great job getting there and -- had to come back twice. Two in the game LSU plays Houston tonight to -- game begins at 630 here on -- VW real first pitch tonight 7 o'clock right here into the WL the big 8753. If you analysts and we've got all the information about different scenarios if she wins or loses. All of that is on our website here's a quick update on -- W -- project opinion poll was America's founded on Christian values or freedom from religious persecution. 46% -- Christian values 54% say freedom from religious persecution. -- -- opinion by going to WW held to account for New Orleans Jacqui you're on the home improvement show with all the drinks and to -- WL. I'm Paul writes that are you this morning popping up in the stampede my son has constructed its first bowl -- and battery. And did he walked through the contractor last Tuesday. Over dark and be -- apartment. Well we had one bone of contention we taught people to call attention to give us his take on it was in regard to the installation of the windows. -- -- no call it. Between the wind it would it would -- They asked the contractor about that because now that doesn't need to happen and so much let's -- can't let let. Ray didn't go to helped -- get it step by IBM these polls at the bottom so no need to worry about that. So comfortable with the target that we that your opinion. OK so futures on the execute to dished it to. An insincere. And that'll give you the first annuity here first if you feel an issue. They call. -- here's the truth you don't need to be -- okay. Now I've seen that where it was it was a presumption. That those ones that aren't desperate for -- here are properly slashed and connected to be ultra. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that in the event that when -- -- -- -- -- correct. You -- could go around that would do to wallets we the bottle. Brick and -- are not war. -- -- -- Org board. Siding bottles starting wood siding on the east regional war -- They're here is our design city's green -- the purpose of them is to protect the ultra. The weather resistant -- as well on the and that -- the spot that each drink playing with a walk and committed to prevent air from continent. And also there's some very important piece there too. So. Caught between the brick in the and we do is a personal preference. Is that stepped. Some people wanna because it looks prettier than either have to think if you walk the migrant windows and more California. They're not they're not call. Because -- argued is that if you tremendous problem could potentially. -- call Paula -- bold -- could grow and it is a look ugly and mount a comeback in. And kind of you know -- the -- I I have more popular abroad -- kids on Japan and the armed. I got. But let's talk some seniors on the side note because he can't all that important in the com. It is in final. Bucket -- Actually that it would be we hope one. -- at me and my best friend is like -- -- okay and so prepared. That. I thought. I'd be ready. The great. -- -- you know you definitely. Listening to and I think. You have a good day. We'll get to abort your calls and also got a text to get to this is about. A -- a few weeks ago talking about the envelope of his home and how energy efficient his home is. Electing -- homeowners do to improve the envelope and make their home more energy efficient. We'll get to that more of your calls coming up. The holy for the show continues here on stupid -- construction consultant Paul Le grange on Debbie WL this is the home improvement show and every WL let's get right back to your calls sent from Gonzales Alex you're on with Paula grange. You go on this small little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the that there's other persons talk about it Juan Pablo thing in my column about old full years now. What is it. It is basically independent. One in the whole lot cheaper than like. One person like a hundred dollars and problems like on it now. And one and. -- in the -- you do now. Then again the one in advance about a year now and does not it is toxic when you plutonium. And with the and it it there and war in Iraq and a bounty. But the thing about the. And Ottawa is that it's quiet ticket partly due went through it and that there are. You ought to put on -- that's got to -- god that you could put it. Whatever you'd walk out war eagle and fortunate and now. In the -- sort circulate. Minutes and get out more right let exit at four. So quiet. Thing affected here. That would be on the company and the the inexpensive operator you can put on there. That that you've got a little light on now right mr. button. You can do that little light on pat on the -- War. Yes bouncing back and back are seeing where someone actually have a little remote. It's a little you know LaRoche -- values trust but Monday or with a split on that. Idea some of activated or motion sensor walking -- -- Pixel motion and it automatically turns on that opportunity talk walk there you know we -- -- locked away you can control. Yeah two on the water and again. 281. That would -- Alex thanks for sharing your story Lewis. A -- here's a text that says talks are a couple weeks ago you talked about the envelope of your home. And how energy efficient your home is what condemn people do with their current home to improve the envelope and to make it or energy efficient. This Texas at Michael has or three she thing. Instead of plywood on the external walls and vinyl siding with vinyl siding. Can I take down the sighting and remove the sheeting instead in -- plywood. In house and the house for a product. -- on the change is questionable will be welcome doctor's questions so that the -- they're asking how can we improve. In the existing houses energy efficiency and yet susceptible walls. However the part that I would stop on first would not be the -- will be the improvement. To the ceiling. So all of victory you could at a totally shook -- the -- the -- on -- saw. I would want to make sure that. Almost feel -- penetration. And top plate foreign penetration airtight. So any old you have in -- -- worsened in recent candlelight air conditioned redstone whatever that penetration is that feeling. Plaster -- it's got to be airtight. And they want it done this problem at least -- or thirty inflation at the ceiling -- you'd stick -- traditionally insulated attic. An expert bomb in the -- that would improve the condition -- -- I had not on -- -- Asia that the national accord did leak. Into the -- would. He gave me a lot of the top third of the year. That education produces leaking and darkly so that that's not how he should acquire all that so apparently Buckley. Will be a huge impact would -- -- mother -- a year conditions as. After he's done those. Top priority then if you would about few walls it -- boost deciding -- improved it there then you can certainly do it that would not be my first. Well first of war in yet first. And policy of energy and comfort solutions that website is EC has died GS the phone numbers and on main. 855. Cents or forty went 67 homer for a show will continue right after this news science to our construction consultants only grange.