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May 31, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Every Saturday morning we get together and give you an opportunity to ask questions about your homes something going on you're not exactly sure why something has started to happen. You don't go to call to get the job done. Maybe you're thinking about repairing something or renovating something maybe it's a job you should do you shouldn't do even if you're not gonna do it yourself it's always great to have information. Somebody can tell you if you don't know everything about the jobs -- -- can tell you anything and maybe take advantage of -- if financially and in a lot of different ways. If you have questions about. Repairs -- renovations job you're gonna do or job you gonna have done. Well you're buying a house -- you have questions about one it would take because all a lot of a lot of times the the price of the house. Depends whether it's a good price or not depends on what has to be done to the house. And if you have questions about assessing house that you're thinking about buying our numbers 2601878. To all free 8668890. Activity. And a text numbers dates of these separate poll here's attacks and ask the question what is normal humidity levels inside your house in what is too -- Well for humidity. Took that people really humidity to comfort. And most people also between you know 45 -- 65%. Relative humidity. -- -- acceptable range would be sporty in 60% of course are you get less culpable here rule home and you feel so. My home. And so between. We'll write it what do you do to 47% level to get to are you -- -- that it's it's a new homes twelve years old. This is designed specifically for high performance. And controlling little immunity from me was was Paramount. Because now that I wanna be multiple home nobody can control of the more content inside your house. And have good control layers on the outside the air from coming in from all our dust outside. Coming in and also more extra because -- a year ago so. Then you can make sure can we feel certain. -- -- building durable in your home could be very good because there's no question deteriorated. It also indoor air all he -- but he actually when you have -- relatively control. And you get -- when -- called in his. Respiratory problems like that -- -- realities. Or in asthma day in -- better quality is a huge improvement. All -- -- If you have a question about home improvement are numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven your -- a -- 7870. From Metairie Dan -- on with Paul LaGrange and every WL. -- -- job done Anita. Romo -- 1212 -- pain and think about try and Indies that leisure opinion in his. Well I look that -- never Iranian utilitarian. However. You know our you know some folks -- do it you know majority. One win. Folks are looking for subcontractors. And talk with certain members are talk with their neighbors. You know if there. You know bill coats that keep their member of the association. With the Better Business Bureau. It it -- arrest you. You brought up -- because we're actually in the process of putting together it was a vote. A trade in the new loans region and this is a -- and work out quite some common. Potent unveiled -- rather quickly that's correct and it could be free you know folks come to work like -- chip charge. They don't -- a little on the assault -- -- battery. And I'm looking for dinner on -- -- there and have -- that. Trade name the number. And email or a World Cup exhibition website they want on that list. So you can doldrums -- -- I'd you know this is person that on also list of illegal after him in recent interview that process. So you know most -- becomes more as it is and that's probably the most successful. And and built on the use of these new models built homes would -- the work out more tomorrow. And you know that is precious to us all those. I don't as deep as -- a similar thing when they recommend the contractor he of the CNET on the I thank them on the computer down and ammonia but he call out this list but yet. I had in -- on the justice. Contractors. And direct them in the most. Sure enough -- that it. I don't look at the looked at a -- it. I do -- that hold people in place like close. The products they sell in there -- -- windows are siding insulation. I knew that he won't work contract to a solid I'm on the do. Thank you so much that -- I did have a great weekend. A -- here's a text that asked the question how difficult is it to cut brick. -- -- in you know it really depends because there somewhere saw. They're -- the part or in oracle. If he needs to be exactly precise you can actually give these ball. Designed specifically for pork or warring. I will -- -- fairly easily in fact that you would do really. Nancy there's someone bought out there that actually walk abrasive blazes circulating that cut the -- Yeah even admiral Eric sites. As it sounds like it's not easy to collaborate. -- a hit. -- it's like -- -- stay with us -- come right back -- -- of your questions this is the home improvement show every Saturday morning our construction consultant Paula -- answers your questions about. About your home something going on not exactly sure what it is. Caller -- I'm -- and we'll be right back and WL welcome back to home improvement Joseph let's get right back to your calls from the West Bank salad -- on with Paula grange on WWL. You don't. -- -- One ankle problem on the block out what he in or care about what it and it's taken a pop in the mortgage market near field is in the kitchen in the what is that it's. In the -- And though not want to look at it seems far it is -- who like pop in the points. Okay can you pinpoint the populace to become from the bottom the war in your partner or in the I think. Gently and from the top. -- in the top. Okay and do you think -- -- it. It's like it -- -- sometimes you can -- air rumbling in and it compounds talks. Yeah it definitely. -- you know like oh this'll -- opt out. Though is that content. Well I don't think so I think it's only -- insulin uses war and then in the capable quality in the stock. Says that's worthwhile to. I'm wondering your picture you're Parker we've got you -- off well. You don't talk elders. That -- -- And it's in the works and in the in the states. In this week and came out some. -- today. He has been released -- -- -- like that extra pop off the lead and create epic changes that. That trip -- -- poll that. But -- but it. -- -- it was me to release some water and it means that you're giving we probably should and that water heater with a cool off completely. Our turn off -- you know you want to support Europe again obviously and I would change -- -- ball well and you make on that it's related. You get a true that took part in your area. Okay sensed that I called Aqua America. OK thank you. -- have agreed to. A for -- Janice you're on the public through which show with Paula Granger and WWL. Paul. I have a couple of questions Madonna get ready to build knew -- and it off the ground about Tracy. Would be at bat insulation new should -- four under. On the floor. Well well. Here's the first in in a note and you almost think that every contractor was a census -- to most constitute some -- it. You wanna make sure -- beat elevation the third rock of footprint the old. It's hired it was finished grade of the landscape in the ground is going to be. So we need and what you need there stay here there's an assortment of all there it actually gives the verdict from an old. So I had prop children and you know very very important but -- inflation you -- let you know improper current. How could you wouldn't -- true that you closed card -- an extra Walt it's also been outside of the pollsters. There's two things that beat -- big problems. Are legal woes -- houses are also make sure. Why are you said the -- -- I got a long. It would -- is an up Walt typically depicted goes directly on wall. Near fort Sutter home sometimes card balances. It on the outs. At the APEC document -- you to be extended studio -- in the hole. We get that little moist air on the deck crawl space raised area outs. -- Well the -- that -- utility. Outside wall by at saint without trying to admire most about -- walk off the ball. Laughter. They don't get that. To your original questions Genesis. There there. Most common folks or installing and we talked about you you need to -- air from one for war. You have pictured you know the problem properties and a whole winter. The meeting like insulation -- with a picture that you'll allow. The paper more strict as guests political group. War -- damaged wood flooring or the that that you know the -- poignant under house that more should certainly damage. So typically don't -- controllers the air control. The detection control in the -- control all achieved. With these -- -- product. He closed cell scored on product. Blow out. You explain to the bottom side of the wouldn't -- war and depending on the other barrels -- crawl space meaning the outside walls are well and related. Or not penalties as a verbal. They achieve like -- very coal. When are they very cold you know. Seven degrees and -- is very cold. That's a terrible and sometimes we need -- to the special conditions. You would want to also straight toward -- With a close to counsel. So it's mostly closed in what you liked and really coal or -- -- it doesn't a lot of revelation. That they have great drainage and I would also comfortable fortunately. The two inches of course so well as well war. Can't. Cold so hold on underneath out. Well you between them. All we'll do it themselves so good clean at least in the bottom of the -- -- -- And also it -- Okay. And the walls. I mean I I. Personally think and I -- a -- which you see. Sorry underneath route because the -- should I wasn't sure it was close though it. -- -- -- And the walls. And the ceiling. Across purposes. I'm. At. Least expensive is the back. Black. I'm thinking the -- and try. It would be an extra -- it right. That is correct you were you more crap about it and that might think about stepped up well back to -- loan product. Agree that typically doesn't sit very well why are you funding and -- boxes. And me. Where Whitney and so product that spree in the states it -- a couple of those spots and -- But you know traditions that doesn't doesn't cover so that is -- -- -- -- production. You know if she wants disgraceful. In another key spot I would concede he would Wall Street -- in the room floor. -- on that -- in that way. You look at ones but the cops when you do when -- -- old. You know she doesn't have has been in the walls which should spending in the war suspended. But -- so product at the Islamic about it. -- -- could be will still. Product. Like spider so you know what -- called spider. You know that were true what you can use that he it was school. A charge that you used against you -- in the another correction you can -- -- -- product that commitment in the face of it. And it's cold -- and an acronym from alone in going to trust that. We have all. Been the idea has -- -- -- blanket system. So you know there's there's a lot of twists and it comes to installation. Want to -- one thing in that three controllers. Wore the air patrol or control in the paper which water. Applies global war the walls in the feeling in the middle of the matter which direction note that the Wall Street. -- opera element which the soaring society. He's got to have those controllers that continues. And on the erupted it was good all these high performance. -- -- -- Okay it would bury it thinking about Colin. Welfare on on that and nugget and the price and I'll talk with -- -- thank you. Hi -- have a great weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know nobody likes rain on the weekends but we really needed this rain that we can't recently. The oyster festival is going on and right now downton -- -- -- this much rain. But just be prepared to to deal with that but unique -- of the spirit of this part of the country a day like today it -- who cares gravity or -- finished. Anyway. I Ellie she was gonna play the Houston cougars and the game's going to be assist in the NCAA regionals. Game -- and ideally she beat south eastern eight to four yesterday. And congratulations SE they did a great job getting there and -- should come back twice to two win that game. But the LSU Houston game on WWL first pitch is at 7 o'clock at the pregame starts at 630. On the big 870 WWL AM. And went 53 WL SN we get all the latest information on our web site -- via google.com. Also we call him mr. food. Juan new orleans' famous Tom Fitzmorris on their freedom to real. He's got to show the food show Saturday edition coming up at noon today three full hours of Tom Fitzmorris right after the show. Beginning at noon if you wanna join us with a question about a recruitment repairs renovations or. You know sometimes stuff starts to happen with your house and not exactly sure why it's happening in your not exactly sure who to call if something is happening -- numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. Point 78. And a text amber is 87870. A -- -- recently bought a house and there were things that are going over the house and it it affected the price. Like OK -- you don't wanna get this fixed and I'll fix it but that the price cut down. If you have questions about a house that year that you're looking. And you wanna make sure is that their job is exactly what you think it should be. But it's not two series. Sometimes those those you could maybe get a better deal house if you say now while to have that taken care of don't bother taking care of yourself. So we can answer those questions as well to a 601870. Toll free 866889070. And -- some victories -- -- here's a -- it reads we're having and we're buying in 1960s. Vintage house. It has two -- electric outlets they converted the kitchen and the bathroom only 23 -- How difficult is it to convert other rooms -- house to three prone for computers televisions. And surge protectors. Well let's look a little -- cold air -- -- the reason why you need to -- -- lights -- in the comparable home. To look specifically at war that symbol. And I'll I'll I'll be service animal is ground. Because the three all -- Paul has been grounding the outlet. And -- talk about computers and electronics and and even some new appliances. How that product is the crowded very very important. Two you know overall success in your ability that erupted in that part -- So. It's on its heart -- in without physically being here looking at what those -- paddling we'll keep our war in there that you know yes. Taking out people who point out that they're putting in the frequently without taking into account underground. It is useless you waste your money. Into protecting your electronics and appliances and they're you know what it and so this is something. Spend money. Did that light is the interest from look at you your. Good advice. Now from New Orleans this curry Euro with Paula grange a debit WL. I am not black and white and black call him. Very very. Well -- are things. And I can't form found -- Quote him. Apart like that lol you know and and I. Why is it dead people. Vote. I'm apparently. Could create. Right. -- So good at. But -- equipment. I wanted to go to upper. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That would may. -- -- year. Right understand the job. Like to do is. -- -- -- -- Here -- out. And different is. Concerned about. It and it. A mystery -- Paul what she didn't call his office talked about ninety either number. Okay you ready. 98 side. And he's fourth lines. 0821. -- eight. You one more minutes. Appreciate. It. But he. I remembered a story of foreign caller I appreciate you listening. And. Are you taking you Paul and call Paul on Monday if your -- stay -- this if you got a question about home improvements some Garvey house and -- -- sure why it's happening. Maybe somebody has -- talked about something and it made you think about something that's going on your house are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- embassy Seve Seve more calls more -- coming up next. On the home improvement show on this Saturday morning on WWL it's Saturday morning and this is the home improvement show your -- are coming up from -- to -- Pete you're on WWL with Paul LaGrange. -- -- Hey Paul. Every time it rains tonight will -- at about it being your aunts and refrigerated in the garage. And every family -- in this new view vote and it comes from the area of the refrigerator. Open it out there. There right down. -- Went into your rhetoric be it on the major -- that such as water that may be. You know got some. Symbol -- -- and missed the mold growing on it and that's -- used now you have. I didn't I didn't see -- -- and then there it. There's a little. There's a little thing in the front well actually it is a little filter date goes in -- the that little dog. And it and that relative water running into an adult if you know -- -- -- -- -- -- Iran in this it did at one time but it's not connect. Typically this -- will be condensation coming off the air conditioning equipment the you know Mercury. -- -- You know it would collect more or some commentary in and it's been some problems when it rains particularly in the Rogers. Or even mostly close call ports is that what that high level moisture buildup and that brought to their carport. Because of the ring and you start smelling mills you'll probably mill -- -- it will require. Okay and that's why it went straight animal -- straight in or maybe and in Mexico moisture. And when that didn't I relatives immunity in -- garage brokering struggles Malibu. And -- -- Lou roll adjusters those are the war and where. That yeah I would definitely check into that and I was thinking along those lines. Don't let me also owes a debt maturities of windows in the scene where. And -- in some in the net server but there are sometimes it rains shortly. War into the wall. In the when he gets at least equal to all these very similar worsening older you know -- you must he's not talking about. Would would would sign it on it that all -- When you look at. Yes sir I would look at the -- -- -- mobile wallet -- -- and you see where that you move the ball in court it will salt because parts of the finger. And I saw her there on the spot that than double the war. Appreciate. He'd have a good weekend -- here's a text that read semi upstairs toilet flooded clean water. And missing best at the ceiling now there's a musty smell is there any way that I can remove the -- Well there. -- a mature a wall and insists at all what it no float but I would get -- in -- -- and some there all the go rent. It is humidifier or purchase a human aren't in the bathroom. And -- all that space. And you know eternal patrol and that is what the bullet that would drive space as quickly as I possibly can with. Was a -- and move in the year -- with redeeming apart -- -- -- other. And try and trying to that much or some of the people -- is that you know the techsters battling that disease because it's more wet. You know bit. You can get a Detroit soon enough and work or -- group going. You know biological wrote lol but if it'd been too long -- you know -- may be some things where you just need to remove moisture. More of the -- and -- and more of the home approve -- ship coming up next. WW well welcome back to the home improvement show from -- Steve I've got time for a quick question -- -- L. Could have been a -- and accurate at all when I had new -- And I'm wondering you know churned. This fall I get open who stopped coming in through the remove them from the trees that are little. One cents on the what he -- and so I just wondered. What you do to keep stuff from coming -- through. A rich. You know multi multi. It is not as good as promised would you describe me Kate Olsen -- and -- leaves you your defense budget problem much water problem with the insects. Of. So in next to the other if he can get believe Google's stock from the a little single oak trees little worm and going to come down quickly -- the -- which -- our tree. But at some brilliant and I'm just does not up -- this is the strip. In the -- In the rich. I would make sure that the though about that -- has -- screening their enrichment and it's going apparent that Armenian. You may be at that point you can remove and replace. But he better richer as the screening in the end perhaps and perhaps are also very important. You put something went green card -- like that it is on the Italian according to do is be collecting right parents. It's predictable that thought I would suggest. Our subject of news that it took a group that Republicans are viewers some movement reports were -- with all the scoring. Steve were on time -- an open option on him and have a great weekend. They're quite often people wait till the very end of the show dissent in text messages or to call we're on from ten to noon every Saturday call earlier in the show. If we don't get your question it's just because we ran at a time. I think John -- studio producer Paul we'll talk to you next week. Writes Paul is with LaGrange consulting the website is the greens consulting dot com sister company energy and comfort solutions website ACC has died she yes. -- --