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WWL>Topics>>05-31 12:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

05-31 12:10 pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

May 31, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the boom -- an opponent this is the smothered voice of your local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And this is the big gates seventy. WWL. And WWL 105 point three FM. Stein now for the food show here we are. Full three our show today. Courtesy of the LSU tigers. Who by winning their game gave us three hours to talk about eating. Instead of just one. Thank you thank you tigers get out of here. Pilots it would it. What have you been eating lately where have you been dining out what are you cooking at home what would you like to cook at -- what's going well what's going badly in your eating life. It's a miserable. Rainy day at least it is over here at the -- arrangements that we have been getting more rain -- South Shore as. Today sometimes it's the other way around what would you say -- It's very nasty their -- in big black clouds. But you know that's OK it's Saturday you you have a lot of things to do you know what I've been spending the last. Let's see about 45 minutes the last 45 minutes while waiting to go in the Arab in my little office over here at via -- ranch on the North Shore. And it. Idea decided -- I was looking for a cable. I wonder how much time the average American wastes looking for cables. To connect -- iPhone. -- with your computer or the content that code to connect the speakers with Europe computer you know all of that I've got. A very large drawer full of them and have been going through this thing. And I made a resolution -- two weeks ago that I was gonna throw something away. Every day. I would throw something. Of mine away every -- had some value which is I would give it to somebody who would. Might be interested in -- somebody who makes money from it but most of this is -- complete joke. A adapters how many adapters the youth as the average American home -- -- bitch yeah it's at least twenty. Or so anyway. That's what I've been fooling around with since -- can't go -- and cut the grass which is what I'd really like to do and what I really need to do but you can't do it in the rain. Our number is 260. 1872601870. With a little free number two if you're calling from they -- somewhere. It's. What is at 866889087. And all of that works and though all you need. Is absolutely anything on the subject of eating or drinking. And if you're not sure whether it's good enough to go 12 way of very widely cast radio show. Don't worry about it just call me because. I have found this is strange but it it is absolutely true I've I've seen it long enough and were coming up on 26 years of doing the show so we know we've seen about everything now. I've I've seen that when people call me up with what they think or trivial. Or silly or stupid. Or dumb questions. Or comments. In the same categories. They have the best calls. That we will have that day. It's it's funny but it does seem to be true so don't let that stop you go ahead and call because then you'll be contributing a lot. More in fact if you have something really good and intelligent may be on a dumbed down a little bit the affect it that because look what station where on -- I didn't say that plus. And it. I went to a restaurant Don Mecca named its name because this is the kind of thing that you know it happens. I had breakfast. And I got. A glass of Orange juices I do just about every day. Drink orange juice and I've -- actually gotten down to eating oranges instead of juicy oranges and then drinking the juice and just eat the whole thing. Anyway. In this case the the -- came out a Bible Jews I'm pretty sure. And it took one taste in the tangled on my home. I've gotten. And I kept drinking it. And it kept tingling. And after a few sips -- this. I was pretty sure I knew what was going on. And about an. Half an hour to an hour later about a half an hour I was absolutely positive. I knew what was going on but we had there was a fermenting. Bottle of Orange Jews. Now if you were to take orange shoes and open the bottle and take about or you're like half of that out of there. The more you take out the the more likely this is to happen. It's exposed the -- they are always east's floating around in the air strange as it may seem but there and it's absolutely true infect you can. Harvest these -- contests from the eight year. And use them to make bread rise. And I'm not joking -- you really can do that but this isn't quite that far gone. But they are who -- yeast in the air and especially with all this rain we've had you know -- us and then moved along dry spell to help that out. So what did happen is that this orange juice had gotten some those yeast in it and when -- -- start breaking down the sugars in a Jews. -- they produce alcohol. And the most famous example this is wine that is exactly. How wind as many yeast are introduced integrate choose. The -- -- in the sugars in the Jews in two alcohol. And also release carbon dioxide. And and this is wind this is why wind has alcohol and what this didn't have much alcohol limit but it had enough. To make me feel a little. You'll just a little off you know just a little bit off. And henin -- -- tellem consists places. You've been pretty good for awhile but I think they know who I am in May be one of them is listening in knew it was in near this morning. And we'll check. That almost empty bottle of Orange juice and throw it away but I think they ought to ticket paced first he won't her Q. It's pretty. Unless you know there's like green slime floating on top or something else -- really awful. But fermenting juice is not all that data used to happen a lot more than it does now wire. If I spent my teens working at the time savers stores and we would have. Court. Canisters. No there actually were in the paper cardboard kind of things with that with the pours out on him and they would get -- all the time they would ferment. 260. 187 here is dated. And welcome PayPal or -- people -- -- -- -- you don't -- quickly do you have a couple of Japanese solution rational thought. That. May be open tomorrow at -- that would speed or lack Edwards navy collateral at a upscale about it as the first name so that might. Tomorrow tomorrow afternoon used to. Yeah when you win when you talking about two. Five follow it. All case so in the in the evening. Alright. I would say. On the place to go that I'll give you a couple of I I'm gonna give you a couple of them. I think that the maybe the best sushi bar in talent is ninja. It's on oak street uptown. This is downstairs bar and then Adam main -- and so don't. What you see when you walk in it's basically with the whole building up and they have kind of went almost looks like a basement underneath. But that's just the bar go upstairs and it's a very nice space. And those people do the best sushi I know I mean they they they re lead to a beautifully so that's one. Another one I I think it's really nice is the sushi bar. The little Tokyo which there are several. Some -- or franchises that some of them are owned by the original guy who started the whole thing. The one I think is the most atmosphere. Is the one on the court review until street endorse Carol that's where the old. Russia to reinstate used to be before -- That's a real nice looking -- 21 a couple of times -- you I don't know if it's. Still they have caused colossal post -- yeah. Well we don't. It's still there yes and no the the original location which had been their long long time that was one of the old sushi bars in the city. They sold it and another guy came in and -- another sushi boy there but they opened up a new one right at the crossover. With west Napoleon. And that's a nice looking place and they have. A separate bar afterwards. Four karaoke does your girlfriend like karaoke. And it just sounds -- -- -- -- to -- people old boy if you don't mind I'm sure. I don't know I got it there have been requesting -- the best people aboard -- you know everybody is everybody. Wants. You know very subjective but no accurately. Analyze them out objectively if you could possibly do that well I'm -- I had. I'd been thirty different ones in the period in -- and I've made sure they all law. Don equally and say that they won't trust me everything you know that we can actually compare and how accurately. It's some big surprises so big -- only -- and and all one but as never really thought about it. But them. You know no matter what -- would -- weary as the best in the overall I -- -- it is actually a bit. Good yeah yeah and -- trauma or knows it -- but I am worried about the brand. The brand. And unlike the bread -- agree. Sort of but -- so at the -- it's important. And three there -- actually like orbit should narrow. It. Three. Hour -- Oreo. But it was -- go to one Slidell one and one slot in the just one and about on the fence. Audit notice it what -- do believe do yeah discredit the memory. And then there's one in in Covington owned by the brother of the guy that owns all the system. Yeah which Israel and that's the oldest one ball actually. So why did your number give me your number one as a result of. All the laps that I -- -- states say walkway you know on. Two. And I could say -- -- quick for him a little bit. We're no maybe design up here believe that and is always had a good speed. Yet and you know and Japanese. I'll always I really what they would be expectation that the parent trap or what is sent to spare. But -- -- maybe embassy tomorrow and I was surprised that that's not. Instead I know many we have to be honest -- is a good thing and listen. Thank you for all of this stuff called me more often with with less stuff than that way we'll have to do -- say goodbye to get a commercial. -- will return with more of the food show in a moment but first please. Do. That. Well there is the food show on WW would -- -- -- WO 15 point three FM. The competent Taurus. The sorry if it sounds like I -- just a few phone. But the reason for that is that I am talking -- -- loan and the reason for that. Is that. We had that you settle. Under. And lightning. Opened here at the cold water ranch one was real close to real but they're the one right before that which we -- here. He -- actually not our power over here so I can't. You give good sound. With that without power open becomes a little bit later. -- really in my fingers crossed that we can help. Our numbers to excel. 1872601870. And there was no chants. That you will be hit by lightning by talking to be on the phone. A much in the middle -- lightning storm itself so. Look at your fuel but whatever it is you've been talking about thinking about it. -- currently is on the phone I'm led to understand is that right and over either component. -- well first bring. It out ball and be able to. Well that's what happens when you go to those national chain. Anything really restaurant source -- markets. Some of the local stores I'm sure you'll find it it's -- all over the place. The wrote this story certainly would have it organics. Frankenstein's. Does support goes that -- places like that that's Wal-Mart. Or any of them. And another place to -- is that farmers markets. That we have for those weakened -- to their -- that. This one at a town square Tuesday around it today is what on Saturday morning. That's over for the day but it. You'd just means that they they -- -- And it is it is a couple more but that's -- -- So on the north shortly but you know there is over on the north short too -- also oh that fresh marketplace. Over a 22 just off causeway boulevard and the I it's called the French market. It's something rather. French market seafood of French market as -- -- It's on the -- causeway approach. I'm right where it its. Floor the street and the -- along and they have a pretty good collection of vegetables to get a lot of that forms. So there's some places -- be able find it. -- -- thank you. -- it's the big gates seventy WWL WWO 15 point three FM. I don't know why is that whatever something like this happens where -- forced to offer our usual. Studio quality connection and on to a phone the reason for that is that we just had to. -- by storm over here to be -- that it took. Knocked out the packed up the light. I'm sitting in the dark you're communicating with a guy sitting in a dark room is in that romantic. Pop up or is that DP is can be. 2601870. Where you've been -- -- last night. IE. This was trying to figure out what to do for dinner. And I wound up. And the -- -- that I've been working up to writing a review of but it's been open about two years maybe even a little more than that. And I've gone and generally like it pretty well but they've had a lot of rotation -- And a lot of changes in the menu in the original concept. Of the food. Woods a lot different from what it is now although it's a -- -- traditional wallets food all all along. And what makes the place stand out is that it is a full pledge by any. Stretch of the imagination. Music. A location. It's called the little -- was -- -- think it's actually -- It's on the quarter. Rampart and portraits. The building it's him. Is -- historic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where all the early -- guys would go and play in this is where -- was born literally mean this is all very well documented. Most of that was worn down back in the fifties. But that building survive. And it's been for the most part just sitting there rotting away for years. But that the people that own it now. When Indians and did very serious renovation and they went down to the -- down to the DNA -- down to the bedrock. To make that happen and it's a great looking space and they always civilized means. Which I really enjoyed mostly jazz -- you know little edgy pop to two. To try once again together enough information to write a review. Because the ones -- -- into it just felt like this is changing too much they can't really say anything that is gonna -- Last night. It was the best -- ever there and a place that would definitely recommend the way I would not. -- -- With oysters they have an oyster bar that voices on the have -- They also go do a variety of flavors. If you will or. Toppings will be to call that. It's hard to say it's not exactly sought it's a garbage would be our report. Of oysters -- but instead of making them in the cabinet has been traditionally you -- you do you likely to be until forces Rockefeller. What they did instead. Once they they char -- -- put on the -- Is this is the big change. You know we're local eating habits the drug has -- that's where that came from -- goes -- and did that he would know everybody is doing it. And it lasts. Into that it just copying exactly would -- -- those -- which is basically. The countries in. Bread crumbs one -- Pepper garlic and -- These guys. For example they were doing kind of a -- on what should begin with some. With a little bit trees and it's a mushroom. Shrimp in it on top but all of this with a pretty good sized child what did. Broken down into him almost like a cure rate which is the way you'd find it at the old time place. Are they at Rockefeller and he beat it had visible in the in that did not use well he grieved for which Rockefeller but it was real -- case. And that they had a double that they just named after the bell saw all of -- -- like this they have BM building Rockefeller that they have their own. And indeed that totally different place the place to. -- each of the three different kinds. And then I had a hub of a bull really is legally work force of assume that they were making. Which. Sweet potatoes. And console I think. I think there was something like that in there I didn't see it right on right tasted it. And a couple of different herbs and I thought that was very good but then. Gala at the end for the country. Divers -- very nice good size very fresh no chemical state to it is sometimes you get from. Cheap oil and sitting on top of it very very well may risotto and I find it without investment in. Do very good job with so -- for the most part. But this was terrific -- -- whole meal. From one thing to another was wonderful including the waiter. Who which he. I'm just trying and sit in on and remember that for tomorrow and Africa. Anyway he was sort of had a little bit of of Blake -- this is a struck. And I said you know you look like I looked about three years ago when I broke my ankle. What what what exactly is your problem. And he rolled up his pants. And he showed me that he was actually an EPP. And had a prosthetic leg I'd tell the he saw a little hitch in his day. But not much -- couldn't believe what I was looking at this guy god bless him I don't know how that happened again. Nobody's. Got a great attitude he's a terrific waiter and that interest -- that taught that we gave me good advice from the meal. And oh wonderful judgment if you haven't been there before this is it's not exactly which -- about two years now but. Blow me away last night as did the musicians like state for two acts and look. Are we this is the little jam it's on rampart street at the -- report. We'll come back with more of the Coachella moment but first please stop but I haven't even -- pop pop pop pop pop up. Look there it is the food over the hump that more is coming to live from the cold -- ranch where we just -- Several major lightning strikes and our powers and that's why am talking to -- -- phone instead of on our. Studio sorry. Apologize that I can hear you just as well as any -- time to -- and call which it would. Let's see somebody's uncle I think and did -- -- I'm sorry if I would lightning in the art when you gave me that night but the -- -- -- every day but Dana. -- -- -- I -- -- -- traffic right chat. Each poor. I would like to start a conversation. What are the escalation eat the twenty or any edict that this could be a lot. Like that as you and -- -- we're back. Stop small. Yeah -- along the way you're going to which could mean. -- -- -- Yes. Yes well you know once you're past that rouge. And then that you're you're into Lafayette and there's -- -- is all of -- -- some ground there in Lafayette -- all -- the -- I don't get there enough to really yeah we give you a good guy on it but. But places like. The -- that -- billion bill. That -- has opened up arrest front. In Lafayette lately. And then there's a there's a place whose name eludes me at the moment that's almost did the Karen Crowe who come to -- the second. And there's a lot of Rust Belt around Lafayette one chip pass Lafayette though. India real slim Pickens. All the way to use them -- we have never found anything except change change that more change. You don't lose especially in the western and that we see and a withdrawal to be in for a city its size really does have a whole lot of terrific restaurants. Yeah. Children. And supply. Breached the walls where attack. It -- The outlet. And it. What's the name but again. Speed. Boat bill. Well that sounds logical. -- -- -- and food yeah -- edited some exert you don't hear very. -- -- -- You all yeah. And I remember the -- that we went to that. -- That's because the name of it he in Scott Louisiana looking for whether everybody's been telling me for a long time about -- And we say yeah that's right off by ten you know right off and five -- You know it's it's not exaggerating but it's much for that it that it looks like. Yes that's what you know that is forming. -- these days they are right they grow propositions in a few other things and sweet potatoes. But it's it's. You don't find great restaurants in in rural parts of the country that -- I'll romantic -- you know there are supposed to be you know. But. You know if you will bubble up out there and if anybody who makes that same trip often as anything else. All right. Thank you see the food show -- I don't want it they will come back with more of the -- -- the first pleased that. You need it it -- ebony. It's the Tokyo. It's. The delegates seventy WWL. WWO five point three FM the thought the toys on a fallen myself. Because he we just had a huge lightning storm did knock me off the air and turned the power off and reading now. But that we keep going anywhere you could still call it solved a thing. Welcome mat you score a gone a gay couple welcomed the money and. Yes. -- A restaurant between England Charles. Yet -- call adults who have an -- post. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah as you. It's. That is -- the promotion. Conform to them. And but again this time it's -- And -- short it's. A country you can walk or else. -- flew to boot to. Pork sausages. And Julia. -- -- care and -- It's about thirty holes. Thank you very much. -- feature calling W. It WL radio New Orleans WWL FM HD 110. Orleans with the news is next over most of these same frequencies. From the CPSC. Columbia broadcasting system. At 1 o'clock.

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