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05-31 1:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

May 31, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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That the purpose of the -- -- look on page. 870. Cycles medium wave. Five. You know what I got on the radio. That the that would the only way I can hear is the that we have. With fifty million people -- to part time etc. it's saudis see what's going on is that over your cool what -- race where do -- every Saturday. We have had as some of the year. A lightning. -- as I've ever seen. And they who's got an hour ago and not a power right near the beginning of the program. And because of that I'm sitting here in the dark. And I played a brigade which was into the review to know what to come back. And I'd never use that radio very much except during emergencies in Africa where the on off -- Which is something you always know where the on -- this is one of the things you need to learn early in -- where is the on off switch. I'm going to climb to the top of the mountain and visited -- and find out. I'm good at point blank page. -- -- the on off switch. The board is clear. But despite the fact that you're hearing mile telephones the little we usually we have a really nice sound studio studio. But. Like being not all the power and whoever else about the normal. We look to your view about where you've been eating lately 260. When he -- Our. -- 8668890. Activity. The -- right now you'll get right in where you eating. What have you been cooking would be practical what is coming out quite right. What's coming on. You know you can click if you want to leave you'll welcome it because what comes -- -- that is that we learn something we might have never. So let's -- -- -- what they said the and is I'll tell you. If you think the question or comment or report that you have on your mind. Might be too trivial eagle on the radio talk about it. Forget. The fact that you're even thinking that is almost certainly cause for being the best. All -- -- I think it's. Whatever people tell me you know why and that's silly question that that's always that's. So let's hear that or anything else that you might and we have outward to. Go to. Questions if you wanna call but that noise you called -- tell me what is your favorite restaurant. Not what about structure and tell them not that I'm asking you know. What is you'll war. Favorite rest when you look to go to the most what you think about whatever anybody says let's go -- Would you pick -- body the more if you know you're going in the next couple days to get ready for it. That's what I mean -- when I go to buy paper restaurants but -- maybe I'm thinking about it day at a time and enjoy it even more. -- With what you're favorite restaurants order. Depicted in another direction the company the other what we talk about here what's your favorite. One sure thing for the -- cook at -- that you really love to cook because you love. To six though. What date set to zero point 870. And we would love to -- -- new bottle that are in your mind. Oh by the way. All that lightning. It was scary you know that but it's that the storm has passed. But it left though all the power out here. And also the you're not gonna be hit by lightning. If you call -- and -- immediately of course you yourself available lightning storm which case. You already know don't pick up the phone when it like being blown out by outside. A kidnapper ago. I mean that is that Syria. When you use -- cordless phone what you. Lindsey -- look at Lindsay went into the food trio. Thank you and I don't. Suggesting that we go to the restaurant catch on magazine street you tell me about him what it's a predominant. We seafood that's -- it's run by -- Donald Link who's on the -- doctor herb saint Kosher and torture. Although this guy you know has a reputation for running very very good restaurants. And he certainly gets a lot of credit for them. He just won for that -- the James Beard award will follow whatever that is worth. But I'll tell you one effect it will have you if you decide to go there reservations have become very hard to come by. It's the casual place it is very law -- restaurant because it's made out of pretty much all concrete. And the it's an old it's the old. What's being planned for French market coffee that's that's the building they took over historic buildings there over a hundred years. But the food's very good especially if you like hole -- that something -- really do a nice job with but they do you know hopefully finish two and a lot of other stuff. What's going to would get a reservation while. All right thank you. So -- DCH. The it's on the corner of magazine. And Jerod. That note that I -- magazine. And and Julia street. That's what our Jim welcome to the food show. Yeah stumble at you right in an area well violence it's a little cheap museum. In the I know -- but John Cheney -- I didn't hear actually not from now are trying to get somebody who talk to me about it. But I I heard it's gonna happen at that he -- moving out of there. Right now we're just asking you. Which intimate knowledge. Kind of suggestions would you kids. -- What new salute. So social over stroked. -- -- you mean. In the World War II museum. Yet they that it is so my tactics though I heard now her neck and my inside -- -- nation that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I know that. I don't go to the superdome much but my past experience at the superdome -- very good. So but I really could speak to that I don't review restaurant has been into. Let alone one that hasn't opened yet -- it. So. That's what it. -- and that is something that. What went guys. The reviews of American sector which is the rest were talking about. I've accepted and that is that they. The idea of the place ways to bring back. A lot of the issues that used to be very commonly eaten around not just the wallets -- around America but he is the in the -- Which I thought it was a great idea because there's no that's a lot of food. From that -- that really is to eat at all in his piece of dishes that is completely disappeared. And John went in there and he did his homework. But it should have all been on the young side which is normal for these ships coming up. And the not only do that of the forties -- not merely -- They don't remember the restaurant that kept on -- with the same kind of food for like 3040 years after the forties were over. And so they had no idea what they -- -- about it and seen his style has been to do. Issues that. A connection. With some cultural aspect in the world which its historical. And all at the same -- use modern cooking ingredient. Modern cooking methods modern ingredients. And give it a little more a debate dial. And I thought what came out of that was it went in. Either one it wasn't like the forty's and it wasn't like normal you know aren't food either. On May be back a little bit in and do this a little more like they're actually quite. That that. And I've heard that from a lot of people. In the forties and they say you know it was not like that's what you ordered. And dumplings for example is absolutely nothing like a factor. And I think that may be if they can stick with that means they ought to give it a little more at. -- No that's right state yeah yeah. I stay well Kate thank you to see. The that when -- -- this is just a rumor as far as I'm concerned. That Americans sector which John bench. Put together in the World War II museum. He's getting out of that and there gonna bring in somebody to do it. But they can keep that the mile actually do the food you know suggest the food which is the video which we're doing. But that was the least interesting John this -- All right we will come back with more of the particular moment but first please the. It is due to -- but but Paula does that sound better. My power came back on I'm astonished. Usually when the power goes off or something like what we just had here about an hour ago its offer awhile -- -- gone. Thank you Washington saint -- Power co -- 260187. Back to normal we go here's Ashley. Ashley. -- You as -- -- -- -- -- Do you do in the quarter certainly there -- ago. Where were you. -- You do this for a -- you do this for a living. -- -- record -- the queen of suburban street yeah. OK well -- you know. Anywhere else in America that would make you scratch your head -- wonder what the heck is he talking about -- it being on Bourbon Street in New Orleans we all know exactly what you're talking. The epidemic that Clinton didn't have that extra okay. And consequences of -- terrific comeback. I've heard -- ideas. Will be available I said I've heard worse ideas. So what I'm glad to have you here. Go ahead -- -- But -- Like as you know you've got let slots are about a quarter of rural. And -- and which is called it one way street. You know and they've been open -- for many years now. I would recommend that people would try to. Oh yeah. What what do they have I haven't been here I've seen it but I haven't been there. -- It great -- strategy. The cryptic -- It's ultimately it did that the -- is ritual. So what. Is at the world people in the quarter using goes. Well -- Having having lived in the quarter myself back in the seventies and handle lot of friends there it's changed a lot. But there were only certain places here in the -- around the French Quarter. Where people who lived in the quarter we get together and have drinks and have dinners and you know once you've -- breakfast you know. The one I went to more than anything was the coffee pot. Oh yeah. But that that's who told me the name of this one again. Eight. Tree -- one royals -- -- 801 royal street UC is the name. It so yeah. Hey that you actually nice talking you -- It's the food show. -- who are we going to now. Ron welcome welcome come -- you win wearers it's -- hi there come on in. -- imagine -- -- it struck it one oil that's at 1247. Oil. -- they'll be able confused and a lot. It wouldn't be the first time a municipal street cafe for example one of the many ways in Michigan is in West End -- go figure that. And it sure I had an adult there is question about if you're you're favored -- -- in and into different budget problem with beta and claims he's our favorite. The -- and -- me into my. My second favorite. In -- which I think Estonian pillows. But it's. I haven't been and should I mean an old ball and trying to remember in his apartment but ten years -- put out on but the place was fabulous and it just. Drop off my mind haven't been heard about partly due to. I means has a very regular customer base and it's made up not just of locals but of a lot of -- a lot of people come to new worlds. Like 23 times a year and who really love the city. And I love them too that's my favorite kind of -- the guys that know more about New Orleans in the world. Anyway. They. They are still packing that place every single night and Irene is still back here run in the same showed that she has run all these years. And it always has been great and I can't expect I can't imagine that it would be anything less than that unless he Ty decides to retire which I don't think she does any time soon. Yeah a majority of -- back there real and in my favorite dish you know -- -- -- -- support for you all's well for awhile. You know I'm. -- -- -- What is your favorite meal on -- -- mile whatever that spot that not. And in my but if you don't played well but yet. -- Well there you go it I I warn you if you ever go to Italy may be gallery but if you ever go to Italy. Do not waste even -- second trying to find out. We are the best in the us and spaghetti is in Italy. Because you won't find it at all it or not eat that fish in Italy unless it's in the tourist restaurant tour has -- since beginning meatballs. The real restaurants where the Italians go you'll never see that -- Yeah yeah yeah. All right well thank you can you buy the food show didn't QPDQ. Who do do do do do. You can call right now and you get right in 260. 1872601870. On the food show I have not mentioned this but they've done -- hands. That the big event today. Is the oyster festival. It's along the riverfront in. Oldenburg park. They are determined to go on rain or shine that's that's their program it's going to be all day tomorrow all day today if you're worried about the rain maybe go to moral because his last chance of rain tomorrow. But he will be clearing up after that and it's a great event isn't there about -- -- 20/20 five restaurants doing it. -- made a list of all of the issues that are being served which comes up to about maybe sixty years have any issues. And I have raided every one of and they are you can see this by going online to know menu dot com and click on. Just actually don't you click on anything it's the top story at the beginning of the page so it's rate here is click on that no way you go. And now I'm gonna find out from -- -- on. Whether the little pond he got there a couple of hours ago but this being shelled accurately know what we won't end. And he was a good line good. I -- that's -- -- I had forgotten now. But I think it's time for -- to get here and do some news in. You know failure oil oil oil. That hello there it is the food show on the big 870 WW -- WWL 105 point three FM. This is Tom Fitzmorris it's lovely to be here with you everyday talking -- food and you hear -- read you know. I'm on the same radio. The others show always noon to three Monday through Friday on thirteen fifty same band you don't have to move up the AM and we're also on FM that though in HD two on 105 point three FM. A populism is the same show is this except you know different people different time different Dave Roberts is here Robert welcome. They top -- you know in this sort rainy afternoon. Oh well you know and I'm glad my power came back and we had a huge lightning storm about an hour ago. My right I'm over here and not Mississippi Mississippi Gulf Coast not -- pretty -- -- actually and I looked. You know had a question. I don't try to come into the that the that the -- -- tomorrow and I was wondered what. She thought about so our approach that could launch were in that area. It's -- Sunday. Well it did you have there were a lot of restaurants around there more than you might imagine trying to finger and think of who is open on Sunday there was this lunchtime recent. I think I'll give you two places. Both of them are about a four or five -- one -- too much. OK on both are on pointers street you have drug nose at the plea at the Hilton. And same menu that they do a drug goes in Metairie same people same recipe same everything the food is identical. But they do it all the -- right there. And it's terrifically and a free parking in the hotel and so it's and at the foot of boisterous and that's it. And they were open all day from 11 in the morning -- I think and it night. And then over in the Loews hotel which is on the corner of -- Peters. And and pointers it's not but again I tell you about four blocks from the media from the museum. The Brennan's of commander's palace -- -- local cafe Adelaide that I think. Day in day out serve the best breakfast in the warm ones but they get into the brunch. Pretty darn good. And they have all sorts of things going on this is one that if you show up for brunch where at this is the lady's not for guys. You get a drink a free drink and I think I'm still going but their food is terrific it's a nice looking place and it's -- one of the best places for brunch at its. All of circus -- called -- aren't you know aren't kept saying. -- -- by -- block away from. Concord I know what that is so yeah. An easy enough bladed. It's it's another one that's very easy to get too because they have forty validated. Valley parking right -- front story just pull -- you go we net cafe all Adelaide -- they validate your parking to zero. -- are like that. Brought him to thank you nice hearing from. The food show here is Michael. Yeah afternoon of their money this what does. -- -- my favorites for so called great. Been there about. Two dozen times in the past two years. It's pretty good errand. That qualifies as a regular. I guess so -- don't -- interpret it ever been there oh yeah. It's very well liked every time someone calls me about it I know before they even start talking that they love it. He is the the appealed to me and call me food snob if you want to Britain that's probably explains everything. But I think it's -- big portions and low prices more than anything. And but -- are they doing one thing on the menu there what's the -- it's that seafood sauce it -- -- -- -- -- -- That's pretty good. That -- he can't take that away from that is that is really quite -- And this other thing now for the life of me I cannot imagine why actually I can't imagine one and I'm not gonna say. Restaurants do not take me that that's these days that's just a slap in the face your customers as far as I'm concerned just me. But it doesn't seem to hurt their business as you know they're packed all the time I mean the big problem with the eating there is is getting a table and so obviously a lot of people -- it. My wife -- actually -- the problem and the first time I went there I had -- deal -- Yeah well there's so much that are coming OPEC which did also not try something else that force myself that everything that they're best -- which. Yeah yeah well again I tell you the the the people who love that really. I agree thank you thank you very much the name of it as adult -- it's on Frenchman street the bottom. And say between charters in royal I think that's right around there anywhere close here is John John welcome to the coach. Popular. The godfather of food the power of cuisine. Power the. And information. -- -- -- A couple of portrait or not there in order one -- peculiar. Ban. When call off the leash. Which would. -- it by more air. And I mom anymore. In -- that's. The closest -- there in case you have more to say unless you're driving and you can't if you're driving -- you can't stay on the phone and go. It. All right. Petunias closed about three years ago. All of a sudden no explanation. Gone. You -- -- gave a notice to their employees like the day off practically. So and why they closed I just don't know like I guess if you are making huge tons of money that we would still be there. Or it could be who knows that the people that owned it decided well we've had enough of this -- let's do something also but I I've never heard a good answers to why they close. Except that they get I same story of -- and -- ship was there a long time it was one of the very few 24 hour restaurants and the event that was more recent that's only a few months ago that they closed. And -- and why they did again I I don't know. I haven't heard an explanation from orbit when contact anybody. Yes I am getting information. Are all some of the web site and block yet. I -- not to be believed unless they spoke to the people who actually know. There's more also it on the web that you -- anywhere in the history of mankind. And I think that they like partly true. When asked you what I read it from Richard bop -- and rec park and turning in writing their -- But at that. Actually now. Oh it's too good I would be surprised if nobody did because that's a great location I mean it because the -- he section. Has become a very hip part of town and it's it's like the French Quarter but for a younger crowd which is a great place to be in this so much going on around there I know you know that and it's a great too so. I'm sure something's gonna move there. I would I was. My pleasure thank you. I heard about speaking the rest sensitive gone away I heard about one yesterday. That really amazed me tell you about it than a minute here is bill. -- Bill Clinton pushed the button and there we are. Bill welcome. Hi there c'mon have a seat. Bill turn your radio down and and you and I can hear you perfectly. Okay fine. I'm calling article ten which placed it. Ultimately somebody we go to. I don't know -- a -- I bet I know what it is. Ready -- Virginia kitchen. It because whenever anybody starts off the way you did that's what they're calling. -- And I hear about it once every 67 months. Yeah a -- -- -- madame Blanche for some time. Free throw its support that you wrote states that a sixty cents. No it was it was a group held a deal like her and I never went there. But I think I don't remember it. And but. Yeah the Yucatan. -- -- It -- it and you are in the situation something and is that an issue say. A and yeah -- technical sense he got up and say states. Police that about 21 cents down. And it played so. I've -- that a lot of them have. A couple of people on one side the people on the other. And it had nothing but. Shelves or a law -- stand there and feature chat which. -- glory go outside should not occur. Opening would probably about what we watch them. But I. As this is the place that evolves into with -- it was a respond to a five year or something like that and it was also run by Greek people -- right on the corner of dot FEMA and improve. It's my router technically yeah I don't remember that. I've -- about 1940. On -- I'm telling -- it's the same location same exact same location. This hey listen thanks for bringing that up we will be back -- more of the food chilling moment but first please -- the Virginia kitchen. Hello hello it is the food show on. The -- WW WWW. Of one of five point three of them. -- joy. Or a George probably. George. Hello I'm here. -- thanks Tom. Hillary the nation's at commanders to treat me a little while. And to hear about your recommendations. Well. Of the kind of restaurant that he has is and it's working at the top level of the restaurant business in America maybe even the world today. And that kind of restaurant is where you go to watch a shelf. With a great staff of people who go out and buy food for the rest and they actually half of such people there. And they bring in the best fish they can get their hands on the best produced the best meets and they've they've really of work at this and a lot of this is not just. You know picking the nicest looking one off the shelf but actually finding somebody who -- it. And then once they have an in house. The ships go to work and they create new dishes that you know basically every night and certain easily but there's always new things coming. And that's in my opinion what you go to a restaurant like that to do so you order. But not the same thing you had last time unless you want to court. But you you order what the chef is is working on today. And they put this together two different ways one of them is -- a I think it's a three course it might be a four course but I think it's a three course dinner runs between forty and fifty dollars. And for the whole thing. And this will be what is happening in the kitchen that they they also have another menu that they called the chefs playground menu that runs actually about seven courses. I think it's 75 dollars last time -- That is an even more of an exploration. And an exciting kind of a thing. They still have the things that they're famous for off the one side you can still go there and get their turtle soup the -- with the currency. Shrimp Henican. All of these are great -- by the way -- -- real Chop Shop but tool is the stake is always great they do really nice things with -- efficient local regular fish. But burial I mean that's it I never get the same thing twice at commanders. -- probably wrong. Well you can probably go wrong it's it's happened before but. And likely. This is apparently not very well run restaurant. Currently enjoying -- -- -- -- FT go you know on Monday your. On oh excellent. The future he's going to commanders which is a good place to go in here is yet. You get out. There. I am and I. My comment is you need. In. Our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's news to the will wind in the open. Well that explains everything. OK well you like -- again as I said I can't imagine a location that good. Going on use solar and like the time it's is it 24 hour restaurant the way that that that companies used to be a little -- I'm not certain that. Any party marketers and maybe it would be calendar and that we in its. Opening. You know. Well let's -- -- no thanks for sharing that info with me yeah. -- -- Sure it out earlier are moderate or what or anything on it ain't that right recommend -- architecture. I. As we had we had just talked about it about five minutes earlier. Apparently John. Apparently John bash is pulling out of it and they will be -- G agreeing to the menu here it's a new management team. The rumor on the street I have not had this confirmed yet is that it's the superdome catering. We weren't errors and I I don't I don't I don't review restaurants I haven't been to yet little embarrassment to him even know Padilla. So the you know I'm sure it's going to be a big change so -- rednecks -- -- A good year. But thank you -- The food show that's the American sector at the World War II museum which if you have never been to -- it's really really great show is sponsored by and one's. And ones. Is. I'm still doing those lunches that have been so successful. Mostly for diners it's one of those things where if you stop and think. What's the upside of this for and once. I don't know if you come up with a good answer for it it seems to be overly balanced in favor of viewing me. For a change which is nice. The deal is and it's going on right now in fact lunch. Monday through Saturday. And he did you want. Twenty dollars and fourteen cents three courses and they give you three choices in each course. And it's there real food like oysters Rockefeller oysters BN deal. And you know they always have a salad among the countries they always have a -- among the and that the countries -- Pia. But the appetizers and a -- -- to -- and they. The three entrees is usually fish that usually a meat fish and sometimes is something else in between this sort classify at a budget a budget the -- to choose from. And as if that weren't good enough deal they also have 25 cents specialty cocktails every day. Every day Monday through Saturday anyway this is -- and once the oldest freshman in America may be the most famous restaurant in New Orleans history. On Saint Louis at royal street. 713 Saint Louis it's and ones and all the world there is only one and a break you say okay we'll be back with more in a moment but first please that's.

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