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05-31 2:10pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

May 31, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- community room -- ABBA -- welcome back to the third course. Of the food show on thirteen who is almost slipped there. On the the -- have any WW LWWO. 105 point three FM this is Tom Fitzmorris a yet passing as a cultured person. Still shaking in my shorts after about an hour and a half ago. A lightening strike very close to cool water ranches and effect there were three of them. One of them really close. Not the power but the powers spectrum so is the show when your week -- 260187. -- use our telephone number loved to hear from you about. Or really anything you know when he went about food is fine you don't have to wait till somebody else brings up and you wanna talk about you can. Completely ignore what everybody else brings up and go with you on top that's what it's about you know I'm here to serve you. 260187. That's locally if you're far away that the far enough that you would have to use long distance go ahead -- 866889087. We'd love to hear from me and lots -- talk with you. And Tony is joining us to get though this hour. Off to at least a panting start hello Tony welcome to the food show. All right -- survive the lightning. -- them all right. My question. -- Out there. -- what's. The name of the restaurant is gold rose. Yeah -- her name one where it. It's on. Sony yet street about a half a block off -- -- street. And it is you'd in kind of deepest darkness. -- It was awhile it opened in 1982 I remember what it did and it has been going on ever since it's had a few changes of ownership but not really ever change in direction it's always been -- the brick thick restaurant. And to me it's always. Right on the verge of being a five star. I've I've never pushed it over the edge quite yet but I I think if you told me you thought it was a five story wouldn't argue with -- it's it's consistently great for a long long. And she really goes -- -- out -- right. All yeah well you know the all the main thing you need to know about halibut -- way to get it because this is not something. It's not a local physicians who have the best of it comes from Alaska waters it's a big big -- -- And she just personally. Sues a manic -- and I've just learned that was pronouncing your name a little bit wrong examine. Sues them and she is. She's won a lot of awards nationwide really. Greatly be really knows what she's doing. But that is just terrific that that fish is wonderful and I've never seen anybody -- better. It. Coach rose GA UC RE PAU. -- you must have a reservation to go there it's very popular and very good. And once she'd get there. You could actually walked directly in front of the restaurant and not. Notice where it is it's it's a somewhat hidden but that's a much you'll. If you wait long enough you'll see somebody else going in and they -- Uga figured out but it's it's really good it's blow a class. All right -- you go call me and tell me what you thought. What the UC. The food show rolls on who is our next victim I mean no nukes that connects visitors. -- welcome to the future. Right out here. Q how. About under. An acre crash. All right so that's a good one to pick for that. -- At. An. All out war. -- -- -- -- Are they changing the name of the one on magazine street. And -- goodies okay. My thought is going to be that kind of harassment. Would. Our mind. -- have. And be -- -- the like -- a little bit. Well I mean -- news abilities has always been well certainly in the neighborhood in and there is a lot in common between that part of magazine street and in the -- they are the same kind of lives sort. All local local. -- -- -- -- You very much for telling me -- It's the food show you see the deal is in case you're wondering what that's all about. The restaurant that has been known for a long long time as. -- in the each 24 hour restaurant for a long time. In the Marty closed due to a 34 months ago. And it turns out that the people who won't slim goodies are taking it over and I imagine that -- gonna turn in into -- into a neighborhood restaurant although who knows and who really cares until they've been open a little while and you go after the problems at the beginning which affect every rest. Work -- Leo some people don't mind that I do. So I don't know bill welcome to the food show. Thank you thank you. -- looked -- it was a program recently aired it was my first see it may have been a few times on media. About that you -- restaurant and -- -- history Antoine and got applause and so on. And you you you were one of the -- on the program. And at some commune -- it was a very mixed race is different restaurants. It better and it buried buried in their scrutiny music center. That's actually see if you were not that the man in narrator. Overall pick the the overall program if you only will be meeting notes the unrest on the new law -- Well. Two things first -- -- They've Peggy -- board who is a producer at channel twelve and and also a very good friend of mine going back to college days. She has a series of these them the first of which was called the lost restaurants in New Orleans. That is. Was made like ten or twelve years ago and they are still showing it all the time over there every time it comes on people call me or hear from -- -- -- friends detail I saw you on TV again last night -- did you. Managed to take ten years off your agents it's the miracle -- videotape what that is. But this one you're talking about feel old line. Grand down restaurants in the French Quarter and to tell you the truth have never seen. I don't I don't like the way I look on TV that's why am on radio. I don't know if they -- radio. If people tell me that all the time and Peggy is just nothing but a good producer -- and she's a real New Orleans person she is she digs New Orleans like it's almost impossible today. Well enjoy additionally immensely I don't wanna look. I appreciate. A teller C it's the food show you see the problem -- not that I am ignoring it on purpose or anything I just never watched now. I really don't and I it's a shame you're telling me why is that a shame what am I missing until. Television is very enlightening. Dave says. All right. Our program is sponsored today by Paul Ryan's horrible ways. Not a lot of things you can get a brand for boys starting with four boys against. And without a doubt the number one item on their menu is that slow long cooked and they do -- it from scratch roast beef pork boy with a homemade gravy and local French bread and the whole thing. It's always been a great -- and the fact that they sell so many of them I think speaks volumes on that subject so let's move on to something else. And not speak volumes would speak paragraphs perhaps. I have always been a fan of the Italian -- boy idea. And it seems to be catching on little by little -- you make when those. You slice of some meatballs. And you slice up some Italian sausage. And you put some red sauce and they stick when that's cook for a long time. On some of French bread and then you put the meat balls in the sausage on top of that and then you put some mozzarella cheese or some trouble on if you prefer or whatever you like on top of that. And then he puts more red sauce on the other side of the French written -- U married all of together and you stick the whole thing in the oven until the blue cheese stores bubbling up the sides. And then you eat it and then you love and I love it and it's there all the time. And if you'd rather not get a sandwich and expand upon the theme. They have Italian plate specials every day to. All of this is -- a -- for -- 3939 veterans highway just as clear view they are open until about 8830 tonight. Closed tomorrow and Sunday but Lou but weekdays for lunch every day Wednesday through Saturday for dinner at -- four points. Welcome back -- more the food -- in a moment now would be a perfect time for you to call in because you'll be first when we get back from -- this. About another up and up and upbeat but I'll put up a low it's the food show it's thirteen fifty. 30. Cool see I'm I'm sorry. Sometimes my brain does -- a goes on. Auto pilot and I don't even realize it. That's the station I'm on all week along. Noon to three has a different phone number different name and different everything else although while we're studios are adjacent to one another. The three WL station and this one WWL. Where I'm pleased to be every Saturday that there's room for me. 2601872601. Point 70 call right now you get right Ian. And would also have to add only a few going to the oyster festival. On today or tomorrow it's going until 7 o'clock tonight. And all day tomorrow starting at 1030. Here's what happens most of the scene. Works kind of like the French Quarter festival in that the admission is zero it's free you can show up listen to music. They have continuous bans all day long. And you listen to music and hang out and play on the two on. -- Oldenburg park right there are on the riverfront. And enjoy yourself and you just pay for the food as you get food drink there is lots more than oysters here they they I'd say only about 5060%. Of the dishes are oysters but that leaves a lot of other things. Including things that kids will like. This even the snowball stand and before you say. Oysters snowballs no no no no regulars Noble's. I have put together a list of all the food that can be found at the French -- and at the at the oyster festival today and tomorrow. And I even firm almost all of them -- of the places I haven't been too. I gave the -- one to three star ratings on them. So you can if you want to take a look at it and see what might be best is no way you can do you at all so we -- A little bit of information is better than none I guess. But that's all at no menu dot com that's my personal website and no. W -- And though and the and you dot com. No menu there's no. And the very first article on the -- so you don't even have to click configure. 260187. Me here it is job John welcome. Page on how -- -- the wind -- One dimension nuclear north sort it. -- It called on him but eatery. That it's an interesting idea. The owners of -- have decided. That it's going to be a nonprofit. Operation and that any excess money that they bring in they're gonna give to a different charity each month. And the first thing I thought of was something that Ella Brennan told me years ago which which was that it takes three years the breakeven and a restaurant five years to start making money. And ten years to know what you're doing. It and Seoul. I hope it's not five years before they -- giving things to charities in maverick facing very earnest about it I have no doubt that it's. Totally on the level and very. Very admirable thing for them to do. Yeah and -- all about that all about while -- -- you know or that oil out there we make everything bigger. Had there been due -- have been there based on armor and -- -- -- the best book ever that we. -- -- -- -- -- I have not been myself yet it just opened I mean it's so it has been opened more than about three months. I would say about five weeks out there that we are -- and there was 48 bit ago. And it everything was perfect in every -- -- it was on on the way there is hackable it was a really impressive shot in unpopular point you know. And it seemed like red carpet. It was a great spirit and a wallet boot. And down every everything we are now I think we ordered to react prizes and even ordered extra days ago. While it pretty good. It's trying to place exactly where they are their -- Lee lane just off Boston street RD as you're heading into Covington is it on the U turn right. This is it so it's it is in the building that used to be Walt Disney the Calipso is it in. It's. You know. That's a nice looking list. There and they'll do pretty well I hope. We'll do that with thank you very much for the report but now there -- short. -- can. -- Seat three steak house and the idea is that they are going to give way. Two charities. All the profits. That's that's way I read it anyway -- website you can get it from them which will be more accurate. Like well thank you very much -- -- you see three steak house in Covington old code. Monica welcome. I had a question and my back coming from Manhattan. And the ball and as a patient for -- Saturday can't accept a life. Left and I'm not immediately so I'm I'm really trying to get. I'm happy. Always it's terrific it's. It's all it's a very good restaurant it's in -- Ole Ole building that they have that nest with too much they've pretty much let it be old. You might remember. This is a long time ago but I remember so well as you do to it used to be the old. -- knows that seafood house. Patrols -- patrols he seafood house and on. On camera. And why I'm -- Louisiana and that's where and but terrific food the chef. Was the executive chef and morals. For quite a few years of this guy really knows what he's doing and the guy who's. It's a guy and girl alone it they've. -- were boyfriend and girlfriend when they started now they've gotten married. And very brought it hands on you know all the time and they do a great job nice people great list. Model locals almost entirely. Oh really okay a little bit. Dayton barely even -- and I decided what that at all. There I think I'm very pleased with. Q. So that's chapel line yeah and now that I've managed keys back in my mind -- and what used to be. In Louisiana avenue just off topic to corner of -- to be and theories BC is that right. That's correct. It's. My first time ago. That I listen -- your -- that. About them and ordered. The because these kids are yeah. -- Don't feel. -- -- -- -- -- broker you're. Audio and say they currently came around it has been it's been a rough year but soft shells that they were very late getting going but now they are definitely here. Here -- -- -- Ever right there all. What's the name of the about me grow. By noble the name of the -- it is we'll. All all well it's not -- -- you do -- yourself. Well that record -- -- law. Yeah -- met. Him. Yeah and then there. -- Yeah. Loans channels you fry your amateur when -- -- you call the Erica. And -- thank you for the report. These are good. So yeah by. Social cramps yes indeed they are out there. There are a little expensive but not too too bad the -- Eric welcome. It's come to adopt been tinker with trying different things and I. -- -- there are a couple of weeks ago and grew out pretty good. In fact I think any ground. At that well me. You know that it is a little bit. The break -- -- I don't like it would add that Dexter who moved it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't. -- we started. With what we'll go with an. Injured you know and and and -- so we feel we started to achieve greater. Angering. Sound kind of goofy. Well. Particularly at. One of the one of the most memorable moments on this program about twenty years ago was when and a a guy gave me a recipe. In which you put a whole pound of -- dog in to a food processor puree and then spirited to a pot pot red beans and rice and he says it comes just like -- -- and believe it. Yeah that's that started on this program twenty years ago. Well animals gonna tell you gonna tell you more on -- Jerricho -- is a moron. -- -- -- -- It a -- did you do you tell me you're gonna have to give some more on -- -- -- did nevermind it's it. No -- stupid about that it's stupid to keep going. OK simple if you don't. As far as it goes I tried it's -- everybody thinks I'm crazy or pregnant either way and that we. I actually put on some buttermilk waffles and put a bullet output -- -- -- -- -- across the top -- it and it was phenomenal. -- -- everybody he dared try it but it but that I needed in. And I think it's amazing. Well my my I have to unions but it's not that you asked me but I -- given to yet. Number one news if it's a school that it is good so if you like it god bullish. And I keep on doing it and keep on experimenting. But my second comment is better you than me. Well I'm just saying don't not at the trial date on. That's true but what you know them again. Have you every eaten. Hamburger filled with screws. Well -- don't know that you drive it. By the way ladies and gentlemen do not try that. But also it. If you like -- like a really good burn marks. All -- sorry mark food via the pinnacle sports -- -- and that -- any sport for Guerrero. Go there and and it true that cooking. Young it is burgers phenomenal when you're in right there are two cruises on Belichick telling. You do between that and they're very very close look how did you want to actually degrade exactly towards you don't -- our building out now all knew that you don't notice that. It's called it's called beneath -- you know total local you know embargo we come here all the time. You know come on in an alternate -- here cooked in. There are awesome. But it wouldn't let -- cook. That's it barker you know it. Barton and our -- a bar food under under par is nothing wrong bar food they doing thank you for all that and they enjoy. Yeah so new can pick up all my slack by. I'm here it is Gary Gary welcome. Thank you -- That area can be restaurant on Bourbon Street block to iron gate and there were courtyard -- Rex Crumm back here so let go -- I do not recall the. The I think you're talking about Louis the sixteenth. And I and I know I know that's what you're talking about it was just off urban street on BN -- And they they started out originally on -- lucid -- being but they moved it exactly where you're talking about. It's not the the restaurant is still there and they use it for private parties and I think for -- for breakfast for the hotel it's actually part of a hotel. But that was in its prime Louie the sixteenth which was one of the most. Elegant. Beautiful. And best restaurants in town if you like. Dining on a grand scale because they would do everything table side that would flame everything and they -- the chateau bringing on right in front -- you. That was really some I'm pretty sure that's where you think enough. Yes it here and got bottled watt would -- PP. We're having it but the -- On all that's not true that you that's it was -- -- probably head winds that expensive but it was. Woods it was always expensive but it was never ridiculous I never anyway. But they're very memorable you when you went there you'd walk unhappy. -- yeah. Well thanks for bringing that up at that restaurant has come up in a while over on our program. And Jerry Garcia Louie the sixteenth. Louie the sixteenth was the husband. All of Marie Antoinette. And he was also the last king of France until they had kings again at that time of the French revolution. And they they hanged him. Don't know they they put him on the guillotine and that's what happened. And here is Daniel and strangely enough Daniel was the name of the show off. Who originally opened Louie the sixteenth Daniel Bono was his name French guy young guys at the time brilliant chef he's still out there. Not locally but. Two and harassment but he's still out there and run into every. OK Daniel. -- -- -- -- -- I told you good to hear from you. You which phone in my -- All you're on the move phone -- -- -- more via. That my voice on clear enough this apparent -- Orleans following -- -- a little distorted the green and helped -- clarity. It doesn't seem to make that much difference -- -- do you use sound approximately like you did say yesterday. Well. Yeah it's. -- Yet to I would walk -- in the fourth quarter -- rehearsal of the cathedral for the big got quite a moral laden is going to be. At the Saint Louis cathedral. You've done that before. It would into the chamber music concert with principle player from the philharmonic orchestra from Leo Leo. Called the -- of the world and that's with terrific go broke ground. Group then we're doing you know loan of Albion handled it played out but it's going to be at the creek creek pocketed. -- really well yeah my wife if she were not. How to talent would love to go to that because rock music is her favorite news. Wow well you know -- I protection about it. And -- that he would just. Period that cute animated but -- and the team you've -- -- tell -- mr. Endo maybe you can go. It's conceivable. If you look at you know agreement that that adequate and the -- morning walking around 1230. And looking good 109 happen financial on the 700 block of the street. And the what it is there anything like. That I -- the look long and hard. But I would go on to -- for the main I walked into the Bartlett thought what altitude you're at the -- Get them out so well I got all thank you gonna think it's crazy critic actually cheaper per. Ultimate end Antwan Barnes and its call Pete could it be room. It could be it's ridiculous to use Kobe beef for hamburger. Four reasons that I -- too lengthy to go into it this time. But or -- anyway I bet I could understand that they would do that advocates say it's about. It was great I mean it was really. -- a -- -- that a block and it's a look at this crazy. You know and keep sent from the midwest and a good Hamburg this 12 -- -- best bet in old south. It would -- Your idols -- great. So what we're gonna serve -- accurate they they they cut it much that certain big critic of the thing happened but he cap. Unhappy group or board of. Beautiful idea so happy to hear that they did that that makes tremendous -- It was great and who's got addressed in the server with. -- underground so. -- -- -- Now looking hot dead beat dad now you've got a I mean that. -- it would worry at least it's an and a lot of hostility did you like the well being to. Program can and so. I'm. The next and you're gonna tell me is that instead of French Fries they gave you soup plate but it. Part so -- in order to. You're thinking like I. It would and they were great you know I think I -- and what Daniel. I'm being ordered to love to take a break. And early it can hang on -- minute you have heard to say. -- -- and you can. Park while willow good luck with concert. Thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doug joins us over here on the food show on the big 87 UWW -- hi dog. -- Talk caught a couple of times -- a cashier not local Irish gonna -- in our church and slush or an old brick Wall Street alone. -- -- -- So they they've moved instead of they're not gonna go back to the old place. OK grab your what did you know that the exact address. No I don't they've got a pretty sorry -- were -- -- -- on me run my own story. -- -- -- -- -- And it's great a year this I I get a call about that place about once every two or three weeks wondering. What is gonna happen whether they -- to come back and all of that so that's good to know I know a lot of happy about that. Yeah no weak -- help unemployment and nugget apparently caused by 1130. Or. Yeah. Good thank you for a telling. Us singing -- tie SI NG HA. And it was in. What had been the court house of an office building -- and I suspect. Maybe earlier than its office use it might have been a store or it might have been somebody's house is that part of the news CBD was residential a lot of it -- me now. At one time. But they had you know it's something happened to the building and they just couldn't operate there anymore so -- I guess they just moved. But I know a lot of people love it and it will be very happy here inspect opening cocoa welcome to the food show. You're going to push this down and Coke no -- there. So I'm feeling -- 82 weeks ago Angela you know or Bryant and I used to create it rational -- -- -- well. Yeah you gotta -- morning. Shine excite -- this shot that we us. All I know assigned yeah yeah. This is this -- is this the one that is. That used to be. Uptown or the one in Metairie. There would vote we wouldn't gently -- steady weight bulky so you just look at it and and. What would get a rowdy on Broadway line EA. I would go -- it and you scripted. You know. So you want this. You've got them it'll give me a call and Gingrich are. But thank you nice here and it's the food show it's but ATN's restaurant which you may or may not remember it was on maple street I wanna say the seven. 67700. Block of maple street. French restaurant French creole restaurant for a long time that it moved out to a brand new building that they built for themselves. Which is where Andre is his now that same building and that was originally at TN news cuisine falsity. And it was delicious. And for some reason the thing I most remember about it is that no matter what you have is in the country. You're certain to get some creamed spinach on the side it just came. -- -- -- -- And our program is sponsored by. -- -- -- He likes seafood on a poor boy I sure do. That you do to. Oysters shrimp catfish you can get any of those or all of those. On not just a poor boy. But on a muffled little wolf believe that and wind who what why not have thought about that earlier. Great idea. And they'll address it however you want concluding with the olive salad although that doesn't strike me -- all that great an idea with seafood but who knows it -- -- -- of them tried. Though dress that however you like the seafood they prepared order it's nice putt crisply toast the bread. It's delicious stuff like everything else that they do over the recurrence -- boys where the prices and the food in the people are just like the old time the world -- neighborhood places that you and I grew up with. Long time ago. Still going on after. Thirty -- some. Years. Over a range for voice 3939 veterans highway just -- clearing. The open every day except on Sunday. Will return with more of the food -- after first please this.

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