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06-01 10:10am - It's Just Sports with Kristian Garic - T-Bob Hebert (LSU)

Jun 1, 2014|

WWL's Kristian Garic talks LSU baseball with T-Bob Hebert, co-host of Double Coverage on 3WL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jordan out -- about -- mayor Michael host each and every weekday morning on the double covered through WL thirteen 53 it to a thirteenth at that common. Q I was down here Baton Rouge as well about men LSU -- exactly they wanted to be 20 -- the winner of southeastern in Houston but this team you know it's they are the hottest team in the country but he it is kind of -- on all cylinders right now. -- -- man. They are supremely. Out there and partners here. Sure and well that game and you can tell me -- -- Just ecstatic to. Right now and you know earlier and he didn't maybe strong. There. He really improved to lure him and they and obviously we -- He quality. You shouldn't yeah. The about it you look around the country there's a Fordham awards season -- 11. In the regional to a mark out or stay in Florida but Kennesaw State. They control that Florida State regionals that Tallahassee regional. Right now I'd to a note Georgia southern is still an Alabama still haven't. Some totals are out but it's just HD watches it's almost as the intrigue of the NCAA men's basketball tournament we have some upsets. Early on if you don't want -- that are out. All such -- -- baseball game lead. -- in those small schools and big schools probably. Easier. There's a sport like basketball were basically. -- I just wonder -- old. Age or poor teams. Does that date time and does it. And -- things Beckett. Peaceful you know should be able to well. So impressed with you come out and to get it up. Really just didn't like what it will -- fractured NC. Just go out and do their job for them and I'm sure of himself well. Problem is your first an a within a couple of games while you were play football here and Ellis human as your first I think post season experience at the box right. -- -- -- with the super regional last year but I guess -- I mean. Between this the other day is that -- never been to a post season game Alex box stadium you need to put it value to do you bucket list -- it it's truly one of the more special environment. In all of College Baseball at places just electorate. You have to do. It was pretty cool man the old. I'm disappointed. Because. I want you to weigh -- at all happy. But the only -- work -- Last game. It is -- so that. They'd say -- -- he's it was a foregone conclusion. Does make -- -- The game. Definitely. Could not much inspectors the crowd was there especially. Wouldn't locale of eastern playing -- well over there in doubt lady crunch time and call me and cheers and jeers and Craig. Will -- pressured. Alex box -- cause. The teams that we talked about Friday because teams really good teams to go in there in. Elson and throw up on issues it's late news does not play in the tigers'. But I -- state -- -- Credit where credit these are sure would come out there are per I'll bounce back from you yeah going -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Using virtual match Tigers. Now I out of this in the talk to rise or later on -- the show but. Well talk. About the southeastern program for a apartment here but it. You look at the way they came out there played in house I had watched TV on I had watched SE a year. But watching him it's LSU earlier on Friday. And he can't help a walk away yeah they ate meat business I mean this is not a team. It didn't surprise me. It doesn't surprise me that there -- back in if you will at 11. I don't think the and it that -- two team you know otsuka written on I think they would bounce back but. Mean they they played aggressive style baseball and that rise to really as a program. -- right now and overall. Yeah I think it was at its hottest team in the country in it you know. Fight uphill battle because there on the road but in the way they their grass with a plea there they go out there and -- pitched the -- the mound. And it just made some errors that was ultimately their -- doing -- Z got if you're southeastern. They like the direction this program even if it doesn't work out for you today refused to use that or if by Houston and used Ellis shoot and -- ego liked the direction your program. Yeah -- in store -- you clearly via -- team in the nation arguably. The best in -- right balance out he should. 42. In the seventh inning I mean. Bad pitch that was that was so those are important are these are you sure that they were there worst in there. I mean Cavaliers and all that proved to me is they have power they have guys. To playing. At a very high level and compete among. You know the big dogs and they they -- really -- Their squad and you know they they they. They didn't do it. They didn't get out. Yet but the crowd may be available later in game that they came out. Not intimidated jumped on -- early and a the good -- T Bob I don't know if you saw the the -- from the SEC over the weekend the SE CS and a strong message to the NCAA. Say that in to provide. The Big Five with some autonomy will -- form their own division and Mike -- -- the SE commissioners that the Big Five conferences. Actually the ACC the big twelve Big Ten. Pac twelve and SE don't get the flexibility needed to create their own bylaws that the next step would be to move to division four in -- -- create their older. Lee if you well and do you like them the statement anything it's it will be a good group of breakaway for the NCAA like that if they don't. Allow these these conferences right throw bylaws and and it really have some war some -- say what goes on it's really governed. Strictly by the NCAA. I mean I I I think they've been in that direction well at all today. It means right or wrong I mean I don't think it to bed each of people get. A little spare -- -- just going to be NCAA. And that we're you know there's there's there's a mark on the all -- -- -- -- Wada does it. That -- me they're like the end -- be -- they do it faster. Or nobody else could do what they do so. Yeah. I think it's it is true in the -- -- opportunity. You know bingo there -- their and they another caller. And -- just put you in the years -- -- -- and I mean you know. Yeah what we read Bill Belichick you know age group that's really due. Chief if you do in what order we're in -- IQ like what formation -- problem is. I am not a fan at all of those cupcake games these guys that. And other good and small schools to make money but I'd do you feel like here at times dangerous. For some of those smaller schools players. And I just need is not there may end Greg will be bigger risk. Just like. Course. Mike -- and the commissioner making this announcement the other day division for a possibility with those super -- which is the SEC the ACC. Big twelve Big Ten and pac twelve and more flexibility to create their own bylaws. -- they say hey look he'll let us will move -- division division for. Is it a wise move to break away from the it to delay 260187. There -- 3866. And eight ninths nearly seventy in Austin, Texas. At 87870. Listened for the most part he Bobby. NCAA has tried the run that almost like a dictatorship and and right now they're they're it was a put back in the need. They need to be -- a little bit just because they they've operated with some omnipotent over the last you know. Decade or so where they think -- a look there the only governing body they say the governing body in the went when it's when it's difficult and they'll wanna insert themselves and sometimes they do assert themselves and roll situations so. I actually hit the NCAA out be -- favorite pair it down completely redo it. In a different way and you know I think it's a good step for the SEC is certainly the power conferences -- Well I mean she's like whether. They shared redo it regretted -- -- Change. He needs to happen and I don't know wise why. You have these administrators and coaches pushing me to preserve the old colleges and that's because they make money me. -- -- -- they date -- billions and billions of dollars. College football odds but I applaud senator. But -- -- but it -- that my apartment right Ayers de activate. Rules were written. Personal just rules are written that I'd like make perfect but when. In college sports landscape was completely. Different. College football and congrats on taking all Adams and resident. Levels and metres on the revenue. Generated by those sports that wasn't there rules are so big gains scored change while you are people so at it and to acknowledge that the rules should all doable changes in -- fairly. Yeah that element that he -- got to be used.

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