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WWL>Topics>>06-01 10:35am It's Just Sports with Kristian Garic - Jeff Palermo/T-Bob Hebert (LSU)

06-01 10:35am It's Just Sports with Kristian Garic - Jeff Palermo/T-Bob Hebert (LSU)

Jun 1, 2014|

WWL's Kristian Garic talks LSU baseball with T-Bob Hebert, co-host of Double Coverage on 3WL and Jeff Palermo, wwl.com columnist.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back it's just sports crushing Garrett or what -- about eight -- we welcome and how to -- -- well dot com columnist chip however the LSU Tigers. Our three wins away from home all their 20 with a regional await tonight's a sensitive winner between the south east -- in Houston at the box and of course it would host -- super regional next week in. From -- rice regional in Texas is in control of that one see it to a knows there but that -- -- all that time comes Jeff Palermo. Meant I don't know what went out she could say about LSU about as perfectly timed as they can make it. Got hot gotten every aspect of their game. Play and almost -- performance. There -- -- particular outing negatives here and that spending more strategic you can look at yesterday at the guys are -- on the base path. Outside of that I mean the clutch hitting. You know when there and milk on the it's just almost the -- you really consider guaranteed. To exploited like he can put up two runs on the scoreboard you know they got really good chance to win. It's been just the absolute model of consistency here alive he's beaten them looks like he'll have one more start and they in the box that. You know it at that point it's just part of it and that that'll keep -- here is the night. Jeff when you look at. That term across the country there's been to number one season have been bounced Florida Florida State in a couple of -- ropes at one in one. I mean it is just as the parity across the country and in College Baseball are. I -- which your take there. That seem like -- we've seen him you know the bigger up that -- here in the fact he said. Two national C united and make it's it's Sunday I don't recall that. Ever curried and scored lower state but. You know. Openings in the about opening at the -- yesterday that. You know the eighteen that show up at the college world leaders are going to be eighteen that. Known for having this College Baseball program but a lot of money words it. I think you know they in the -- you know -- the more talented teams more -- teams. Will walk on the way to the 20 wow now I think you always have some cases a Stony Brook or someone panic from out of nowhere and it's part of any team field. The college World Series well it. More time and all eight of those teams your traditional college beat all ours are looking that are really good you know water cheap seat. In their respective regional so. You know will he become. They're going to be -- -- few surprises. Making super regional series but if you're like it's -- like. Alabama at Tallahassee regional -- -- -- shot I mean yeah at Kennesaw State. That you'd have to try to be a couple times -- you know so. Yeah it's an important -- they couldn't make you do Sunday. The all around but. You know sometimes they'll take one or two good pitchers and we look at Florida Baylor team that had. Cases where they would have a couple games to work offensively and it shouldn't have been important -- happened to them that I'm here in the regionals. Seats as well. Yeah right right. Well yeah it is so huge -- of -- regional paper it absolutely down but it feels like error it was -- First you've been. Able to coach -- that. What do you think he successes there has -- they sent. Well it wouldn't put it well defensively all these long. You know they get involved in the outfield injuries Stevenson is there is an outstanding center fielder. Alex pregnant now that short Richie Barra. You know people. And it is much is the did last year I think last night was the first -- -- two people. Twenty -- or something like that the big play -- the -- over at third. You know they'll throw out maybe as many runners trying to speed deal it is -- -- Beckett behind the plate last year but. You know they just play good sound defense and you know who were were well be in the -- all stages and pick pulmonary learned its lesson. Pretty quick after the 2090. And one that actually changed. That he had to go out there and recruit guys that were athletic. And neck and now only hit well concealed because. Games are going to be. -- scoring and run -- at a premium so they a lot of it goes back to the type of players that all -- Obviously it should go out recruit. That you just can't go out there and fire the guy -- can get -- -- -- home runs and that's really don't want anybody boring game you gotta find guys. That ball right to players that can -- first some sort of decent average and an accurate -- it very well. Well then you know find some good defense -- and -- a perfect example of that epic like Kramer Robert. -- yesterday you know but he told me to ponder this little -- pondered the big guy make that recoil at second base. You know it just expressed and so. Yeah I think that that's a big part of it now they've got to go out there and and find guys that they can make some plays in the field. Because that's all they can do it it inactive last very long and -- under -- -- There's an over the hill dot com columnist -- -- here you had to bounce our. Yeah accused in the eastern play. These -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Against these. Situations. In which you see. Those -- Tigers. Part of the deal what you know over the next few days just as well reply and it connects. It's gonna take in any pitching performance. Depending on whoever. -- an -- team grows. Night you know whichever team makes -- night they wanted to go out there outstanding pitching performance. Where they need them -- go out there and maybe it all on but it Richard can take a Albanian. In the global warming some -- it goes well above all The Beatles. Point actor it. We'll handle that -- In Hutchinson the competition gets tougher because it's still a pretty tough regional I mean you'd been. And RPI -- round and in the united just good so. You know if Houston wins and I Irwin worked out these and it didn't feel like they -- -- -- you because. They face there and know they know it again no again and and you get a feel like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think you and we'll go into the game. Actually happening -- they're able to get that W and beat tiger about it I know they're gonna really think that they got enough pitching. To -- -- -- twice that their own stadium it. You know it's just part partly -- heart beat the Tigers in the regional atmosphere. It's southeastern found out on Friday. He you know in my heavily -- you might be controlled the game. There is really odd man out there and that's the thing that pot that make it different than they did on Friday picture. WL dot com -- gentler road here on a it's just sports and jet before your run I wanna ask you about. The SEC primary move of the courses coming out on Friday that. You know that Southeastern Conference sent a strong message to the NCAA. Basically tell them to provide the Big Five conferences with some autonomy or they'll form their own division mics live of the SEC. Says that the Big Five conferences. Which include the ACC big twelve dictated pac twelve and SE don't get the flexibility needed to create their own bylaws. The next step would be to move to division for you you like this suggestion on this shot if you will. Well I think it's obviously commissioner Mike fly drop from the camera. He opted out. Of battery. Irritated only fear in me in the in the NCAA just because we accept the at least see it that. I really think that the lack options you know that that that that option that they preferred. Like that you just mentioned is still. The ability to. Provide more tennis that some of the smaller after can't do. And you know -- your -- though it's your conference day. American athletic conference I think you'd win it. You don't want the game that breakaway because -- well. I mean the government. Of the world. -- that you. They need to keep playing these team like -- at the bigger. He's going to continue to get the major prediction I don't know. Enough about it that -- that it. They could do it could be worked format in that would -- ever played a school. Record away they can work in. And you know create. An opportunity. To continue to. Exceed their. And irked by you know if you bought the typically -- -- -- -- that. -- school football I've gotten much better here. That year -- and trust preferred not your typical crowd. For recruitment yet he's in the pick 10 in the Big Ten and pac twelve grueling. I think they should be happy. Ability to tune and opera war and student athlete in the smaller schools because. Wandered after pick and bring a lot more to the table -- schools Larry can you and you're not. Jeff Palermo RW did well that time -- -- as much as time.