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WWL>Topics>>06-01 11:15 am - It's Just Sports with Kristian Garic - Allen Waddell (SLU)

06-01 11:15 am - It's Just Sports with Kristian Garic - Allen Waddell (SLU)

Jun 1, 2014|

WWL's Kristian Garic talks SLU Lions baseball with Allen Waddell, reporter for the SLU Sports Network

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now Allen -- -- Covering our part of the a sports network of their four southeastern university and -- new look this is this and the southeast and team that -- like telling answered. Format -- company after coming off a tough loss to LSU. It of course smokers. And non productive a couple of days offers salvation baseball on me. Well the way that dealership and penalty line and want to do and that laid it up until the seventh inning. On the line played tremendously -- inspired to play -- In order to make you know and not out to you know I just importantly couldn't. You -- -- at. I've been doing it. We made some mistakes but it is what it is. And she creator of breaks and they are now on the driver's -- the tournament by yesterday's game with a tremendous game we went to war in the way indeed. A walk off double play what we throw the winning run clear -- time out play our in game it was number five sports their last two employees. Salvation well right now and they've been playing great first game. And I think people think it's. In the -- Christian. They buried their base walking the pitcher other southeastern B -- -- was kept one on the mound -- big -- Yeah I as an impressive win in that -- that it. On Friday night after the game that in the big test is going to be if they're going to real flush this game assume they step on the -- start thinking about the next opponent I didn't know it is going to be Houston or Bryant that game -- You right now and -- mean he just the -- -- the face yesterday. Was of them made the Major League caliber and in and just go back Allen if he could -- Friday night I mean you've seen a lot of games. College Baseball certainly the southeast but also LSU they're just. An element here that's kind of indescribable. At the box that that team's. That coming here in a holding a late lead the pressure on that on those teams. Is is tremendous and a lot of times you see teams fold them that it's not because of me because they give up front and that there's just something about the pressure than that it's of these teams I think that's what happened Friday night I don't know if you agree. I think they are watching baseball and stuff police you know the last 25 years you've seen -- that kind of been a replay over and over and over again and out but yeah. And the only time it happened in Stony Brook in a couple of years ago but. Christian is saying it's like a snowball you know if you let personal blog roll it -- it'll. It's very hard to get stopped and you know that's what happened that inning are the kind of look at a couple of big -- aren't you on your -- got a outstanding against LSU -- that'll be at his best golf ought to you -- a lot this year but he really held the Tigers. Public who don't show or two he better timing. -- -- -- -- ballots were in the lead off being in your early gave -- some momentum Elmore has beyond. But -- -- wing -- at the -- game for. We go into -- eight. And then you know the first Saturday -- people -- it but we noted how he and the outfield so it just kind of like that. I think he can let snowball going in and when it got knowing he couldn't get him out because Christian we have really done a pretty good job she's hitters. We talk about and -- on that note home run eight inning. Every one that she hit with a single beer at no extra base hits against Florida pitching until that -- but they need to count. And -- finger -- shooter and it put so much pressure on defensively because how well they can -- And on. But a the game was over I didn't work -- establish -- one -- and back on short -- It's of course a good quietly been 11 a couple of the last moment earlier to get used to because we can't recover -- in this game to have caught a probable win. What we want collapsed. Oriented type that situation and used to privileged to -- -- by Aaron -- I think everybody's correct. What they have left what do southeast it'll have left on the mound and it's a reasonable pin. Walker cannot set the thing that sets these there. I think. Everyone has it and got. It it would -- In the -- leaders to why. Because there's been this year is our pitching staff is something that you. And calm. This year as early. Kerry borders remain got a little extra week year. I don't know how coach rod will use those guys on the they caught all of our key relievers you do it he -- -- -- I don't know how they will be in a close most of the year all Morrow who was freshman all America last year but we still do. Recall order -- children he wanted they'll -- -- -- Leo turned out it or not -- it would have been very. Very in the top twenty in the country I don't think Mary Corey and what did you play these. -- -- -- Of saudis have sports network joining us here on -- -- sports WW LA that have a dot com and -- before -- run here will tie ball game do you expect you expect a low scoring three to kind of affair. I -- herself patiently as rapidly L -- -- -- -- scoring -- happily -- and you know it kind of you know maybe -- -- -- -- -- the speaker -- base running back and pace to win the game.

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