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06-01 11:35am - It's Just Sports with Kristian Garic - Coach Matt Riser (SLU)

Jun 1, 2014|

WWL's Kristian Garic talks SLU Lions baseball with SLU head baseball coach Matt Riser

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I would have met Reiser southeastern. Head baseball coach -- you guys just arrive at the box just coach if you would first off thanks for the time and I just described does this feel for you guys -- this at this game 2 o'clock and is used to. Here you know it's part of what right now we knew. I'll be out fact that -- -- 04 there. -- games in the -- The people that saw -- and so both well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yup well both you got it away a little bit about the fact that there and Horry oh. But -- -- water -- -- if it yet so it -- rather. Well all you're got these you know it. And you know damn topic inaudible in the basic -- -- We knew we had about one out there in the ground on out I'll bunt that -- Kind of race that -- on Friday. He does so well. Matt what's been the reaction from the community. You know as you guys have made this run and it is a program your program is on the rise and really southeast of sports in general summarize the what's the response to the community. -- fantastic they go out for. Juan nations has been unbelievable so being more on. You know all -- in doubt they -- -- -- -- out smaller but I think our crew just flouted. Well. For so. Yeah you know while they're and in the box. They want you know wouldn't struggle. That -- bad after the speak a little bit -- dedicated you know they've been here. Well it's not all that was you'll own body that you -- -- in. And -- -- bought at the end loud Ebbers crowd ever so. Yet they bought yeah yeah they were. Better off you are well. -- After the game on Friday when you guys I felt -- LSU. You immediately says. Comes releasing his. Paes who's just up on the bus to go home. That you that you guys who have watched that and it was obvious that when you guys came out B Brian yesterday that's exactly what your team did just talk about the resiliency. Of your -- -- -- -- do that that's a that was a tough for the can't swallow because you guys -- control for so much of that game on Friday revealed bounce back so quickly. Elliott spent there and thought he would. Not to compete and they beat the number. You know there's there's no impact the -- it though we have ago bought. Couple. Spain yesterday after the ball in his speech while ago about the level. Anyway and yet. You know so real about failure -- it got about all that well without a bowl game and -- much all year we got stopped. They'll all -- -- one hopper a league game at twenty years for regional. And -- -- real. All district at the it does so -- -- he would the first real well you'll. They just like in a situation like -- Got all like being in the credit like on the group by all. What are you know I mean how much did you watch last night of LSU in Houston in you know what he what are you expected from the Cougars this afternoon. Well you know -- in the regional we -- oh law while we are all of it. They all -- in him pretty well. So three Rory -- The might all -- amount. -- awful lot like there and aboard. -- you saw organized so -- So we we know they can all pitch. They get it won't know the first the last couple there. Racquetball. Baseball -- little worried about the or -- -- big -- Ross split on -- -- and Pachulia speaker of. -- them -- Reiser head baseball coach at southeastern. University take on Houston this afternoon at 2 o'clock the winner of that game will advance to tonight's game -- -- against LSU it's 7 o'clock it's all action right here on. WWL am FM in WW of that comment coaching you look around the country and if there are some of the regionals and there's been. Two national seeds -- bounce from this tournament Florida and a Florida State are -- to a barbecue and it just I guess it speaks to the parity across a College Baseball these days it used to not being like this. Well you know law yet in the that the end you know the corners out there though. It makes you. -- -- little bit more at all and while. Or dirty speak -- -- the ball well while the ball well at the old days out this year. Don't -- it Saturday -- of the year. The -- they're home now the pump our job so. I'll lose the last month allow more. Or more and more opportunities. You know manipulate now Kuwait yeah dirt. -- no not not that baseball ultimately it. -- I think it showed yours in the country overall. That's you know baseball spot on the -- Yet. So many go to that are working now there are not edited perhaps but. Amateur all the country out goodies on on on our trot them out they'll balance they've got excited about being in the game of baseball. And thought you know I go back awkward and also -- then you're reputed well. Coach and you guys about take batting practice -- a lecture on Oakland but before you do. Just talk about your pitches and I we go with in what he brings that table. We don't know on the game -- on -- Like there it is if you're seeing here like the Orioles would you know -- -- -- You know it's one review awards in street it's gotta -- -- -- in and then I'll -- they have a mayor. It thought the summit drive -- I'll -- -- in -- do you think -- ground ball so. -- competence in all our our defense -- apartment. Development that's or you know he's up there artists -- bought our home. Up -- it out. Matt Wright and head baseball coach at southeastern at -- -- lucky guys in the lineup and you guys are fired up at the oh.

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