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Jun 2, 2014|

Dave talks about "Alice" dies, best TV of all time, and haboobs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this second day of June 2014. Terrell I was your weekend very good -- here. How aware were you all now I -- -- network rights or even a rainy weekend at home his backers that and being at war. My daughter is back from from Arizona which is an internship and which comes back you would like to experiment with the liquor cabinet make. A it's -- -- -- electric we do indeed and make a little concoction this involves a muddled watermelon turned out pretty good model where does one get -- water you get the watermelon you model yourself how should I -- a pandemic is a little -- -- model watermelon you -- a little blow. The wooden -- And I just excuse me it's like a more -- but it's for parents. Canceling and you honestly and modeling doing -- thing and experimenting and took it public you add up very interesting weekend that -- I don't know I have fun at the Robinson how small holes. I actually did after the it's not broke through the clouds yesterday afternoon about three. I was able to get outside and barbecue up some burgers and some sausage through that on the -- home that was fantastic. And so -- good weekend. Despite the having to dodge the rain and a few flooded streets here and there alarmist elect responds -- trying to cut the rats for weeks. Over for the drought of the three days -- sorry honey can't cut that has the right you're darn glad Marmara bogged down it'll just eat up that can be awful we can't do that. We learned over the weekend about the death of an icon in and childhood and my childhood television there. Friday I -- wouldn't put it that when mr. agree it's just the might have really needs me I thought. What the circumstances it's when you really get down to it. Like you said I'm leaving. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who is hazel hazel -- or hazel that was and guy -- TV show mister B custody here as a housekeeper accused him made me read. About it no Alice. And you know sad to see that. Icon has laughed as but it did that spark a lot of memories of watching. Television back in that -- watching the Brady Bunch it's easy and fun yeah realizing just how silly was. And looking at how much television has -- let me ask you this way would you prefer. Televisions then that was squeaky clean. There was never a reference to anything. That could have been considered sexual. Or double one ponder. Anything else like that or today's primetime television where I heard -- and I I -- -- it was Friday night I was flipping channels at 8 o'clock and there was a show where the entire discussion was about shaved. Nether regions and this is during vs Brazil as -- -- gas and and this -- guy at a time when kids may very well and watching television on a sitcom on a major network. And I just about any television you watch now there are rampant sexual references. Over and over again all the time as much in recent about the news. That is is there are still family hour is this still is there -- save time when you can watch TV with your kids and not have to explain to them what the people are talking about -- shrinking. But is that better. It is it is television now better than television say. 25 years ago and things necessary and they tell talk to you in about fifteen minutes of the traffic report here on WWL AM at them and dot com I ask you that question. TV now but when you're a kid. Better or worse. Text me at 87 -- 870 at a very serious -- we're gonna talk about the prisoners. Then the US has undertaken to tree. It really a Prisoner of War I guess in some respects the Taliban had taken one of our soldiers prisoner. We. We being the United States of America. -- -- we'll give you five prisoners from Guantanamo if you give us one that you're holding. Some fear this sets a dangerous precedent so we'll talk about that come up. Let's talk about a -- -- who watched this is not a reference anything sexual. You'll find out more about that -- WWL will get your forecast and your sports our allies doing. You well out playing their post season lives today Steve Geller has details right after this. Vibe magazine good morning I'm Dave got thank you so much for being a part of the early edition of WWL parishioners want text message today 77 he says today's TV is trash. Noses TV back in today it was better for the children's brains well it was a better for our brains with that. At fake look at what life was really about is the Brady Bunch is there anything real about the Brady Bunch. -- today's TV what they're seeing and hearing. Everywhere they go is is it's today's TV bad better reflection of what our society is really like the presence of the TV of the past. Programs were better than today's programs more family values rather than today's sex and violence and it seems that almost every show. As one or both of those acts or violent -- this family TV. Now with commercials showing pouring gored during primetime on kids' channel. I'm not familiar with that -- in his discussion after your forecast. We're still looking at some heavy downpours around today and tomorrow and just like the weekend at last week could lead to some street flooding in a few spots 50% chance they would -- at 87. And dropping down to 74 tonight chances will be subsiding to about 20%. But the rebound again get 50% tomorrow highs again upper eighties we start to dry out though by Wednesday it's spring chances dropped 20%. Highs -- 89. Yeah Eyewitness News forecast center I beat -- -- to Spock tell. And a couple of thunder showers off the coast in a few light rain showers here or there in the metro area Muster is that this cloudy right now at the airport in -- We are it's 76 degrees slide out cloudy. And 73 no one texting me at 877 he thinks TV is better now with all the channels we have all the options we have. All of the ways you can consume television you don't like TV today. One person -- old school TV much better another person -- TV today worse now. That I could watch. -- you lose last it's a -- retrospect maybe its commitment. Does that but I can I could listen to it and I did. Her jealous you lose an extra innings Steve Geller joins us now so both LSU and you -- are playing for their postseason lives. Yet they've made it to the the final game with the winner advancing to the super regionals so it's do or die right now for both Louisiana teams I want you do sports please don't good morning everyone happy Monday. It was a wild night and Alex box stadium Ellis Ellis you've -- baseball scored two runs unless some controversial inside the park home run. And state themselves a four nothing lead over Houston but the cougars would not go away quietly. It looked like the tigers may have wrapped it up with the fourth pick up big -- if you have to. If you can't beat Houston good games right back -- get four off of the team that I haven't taken the -- LSU lost five to four in eleven innings to Houston the two teams are backed -- -- tonight with the winner advancing to the super regionals. -- Conrad and set harassing each drove in three runs for you well well in a fourteen to eight win over Mississippi State that forced a deciding game in the Lafayette regional. Raging cajun broke open a 33 game with a three run third inning in which Taylor and Adams and she's Compton had RBIs singles. And Adams scored on Harrison sack fly. -- efforts in Colorado Springs exchanged blows with disease coming out on top 98. Mark can I went two for four with three RBIs -- Cox and Josh Rodriguez each hit home runs for this effort. Teen USA has won another World Cup -- Goals by Fabian Johnson and Clint Dempsey who led the US over Turkey 221 it's the American's second straight win in their rogue cops send off series. Jimmie Johnson took the checkered flag in the 400 lap Sprint Cup race in Dover Delaware. Finishing in front of pole sitter Reich has like a week and Mac can zip Johnson now has nine wins at the Dover track. And fourth seed Roger Federer was beaten in the fourth round of the French Open losing to eighteenth seed or his goal this second round seed second seed Novak Djokovic and sixty Thomas verdict reached the men's quarters. And number seven Andy Murray advanced to the fourth round. Today -- -- on sports talk will LSU bounce back after last night's stunning loss find out with pregame coverage of the tigers vs -- Houston cougars at 630. First pitch is at seven I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. I've twice three -- on Steve Geller with -- on the radio on a Monday morning man it is rain and rain and rain in my house over the weekend but then we get significant break in the sun would come out. But couldn't find a single right. Yeah I was. There was no rainbow yesterday either and Alex box stadium -- surprised that the games were pretty much not affected that much over the weekend thank goodness or fewer delays here and there but luckily nothing got canceled completely. I think overlapped yet they -- like an -- have to land right on point but it. In batters and got all the games and without any significant issues from the rains I guess and I'll take it in my house adamant that we have the baseball games played at. I'm gonna ask you 125 minutes or you can back in Europe more sports to predict what happens today we game with LSU and Houston. But you well I'll do they advance to the super regional today eightieth. Another tough game for them go -- against Mississippi State they seem to struggled this weekend. But they did put up a nice showing yesterday jumping out to a big lead. I think you well out takes and will advance to super regional case the critic -- well well over Mississippi State. And Lafayette Louisiana will host a super regional coming up in about point five minutes we'll find out if that orders. In Steve's opinion will host a super regional thank you. Says the suspense. And I wanna get to review of -- and also YouTube. So that. He Steve Geller I'm -- -- at the earlier in addition of WWL first news on present Texas today that needs that means that lack of creativity by today's TV writers. Just using -- comedy another says. TV. -- don't own one domestic don't watch any television. Of the president's all TV is is sex and violence. We don't want our kids having sex too young -- killing each other crazy. There are talking about the actors that played Alice them. Brady Bunch is that got to thank him what mattered TV back then -- TV now what is your. Favorite TV show of all time and your favorite current TV you know what's good on TV now text me that. Your favorite TV show of all time at 877 in your favorite current TV should take a look at your forecast right after this and talk about the controversial. Swapped for a US soldier who was held by the Taliban. So far only one person taxing it 7870 saying they prefer television today -- television back in the day they say. I TV now because Stevie back then was just too boring then. If you want to feel like more rain in a repeat in the forecast might find this boring. What's up for a few spotty downpours this morning but a better chance of rain will arrive during the mid day after hours and again like the past couple of days some of those downpours could be happy. And could lead to some street flooding in 87 for a hike today rain chances that 50%. We go another 50% chance tomorrow is still pretty decent chances on Tuesday. Before hype begins to built in mid week that should put a lid on some of that thunderstorm development -- so look for 20% chance on Wednesday. With highs of 89. Eyewitness News forecast thinner -- urologists are now. Like showers here -- there one over the lake otherwise 76 in Canada 73 in right now. 37 minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first news -- June -- -- -- gets it is it's 2014. Yes and it's Monday he has this in the back to our. As you pointed out before a rainy weekend is better than going back to work yes. You would take that some people went to the movies over the weekend. Angelina Jolie had a scare treated weekend with us -- that -- percent to opens at number one taking in a better than estimated seventy million dollars the best opening Jolie is ever bad. For a movie ever on this odd twist on sleeping beauty and my two daughters went to see that movie last night. My oldest daughters and it was definitely the best movie she's never seen with Angelina Jolie. And my younger daughter says it's maybe the best movie -- ever -- we only you know now mine soon to be sudden loss that as a it's -- that it's kind of a chick flick and lies sleeping beauty it's it's a fairy tale -- -- I guess that's kind of the definition. Of a chick flick is not a some fairy tales are. Or more me Foreman knows. But the fairy tale -- -- for the latest X-Men movie. -- decade place that and days of future passed has very top 500 million dollars -- worldwide. Seth McFarland comedy a million ways to die in the last is firing blanks yeah I heard I heard read that plays. But nagged him much money off the box office until a fourth and blinded rounds out the top five browser bad things about blinded. The latest effort from. The do you. What's his face in -- Yeah those people and you know what in this room and ask you know -- thank -- -- after facing what is the agreement as in people that. Text this. With the death of NB Davis. Who played Alice. In. The Brady -- I was just curious you know what they thought about TV now vs TV then and as before the news text me your favorite TV show from the past. And your favorite current TV shows that something you can answer and I'm gonna. Catching you with this way. Now that's okay from the war from the past. While it. It's hard to pick from -- guess but right now is a series called a burn notice that finally finished the entire season. I thought was one of the best things written in a long time and nobody tell me any thing person of interest of the I always I never watched TV I buy the dvds I just finished season two's so that nobody nobody spoiler alert. -- -- other people tell us. Bonanza was the best TV show the past modern family now. Another says jag and CIA -- in law and order of the best current TV says. From the past one person -- -- with children those did you but he kind of started the modern. Ways that television has moved -- we children had no problem confronting sacks. And I and other very racy issues back 20/20 five years ago. The honeymooners so one person says best sitcom ever again another president to be -- the president has bonanza and then the voice now. The person says Carol Burnett all time -- dynasty now. The person says all time best show the Simpson's. Another one that was not afraid to push the envelope. And currently the big -- Airy and -- -- with this one. Walker Texas ranger and Dukes of -- the best old shows now -- like swamp people pawn stars and how it's may whereas -- lost in space -- -- throw that in there that might be what are your favorite yes I have also I'm past the all right thank -- Dallas that game with Yangon and other traffic report coming up and about 25 minutes here on WWL. AMF seven that count. Man. Friday and Saturday did well Sunday -- just -- and rain rain some more ways. Yeah I like he finally had it by then MI streets filled with water in my backyard filled with bar. Like -- is overflowing and it's filled so much and on was -- -- only so much we can take right. But yeah just you know -- and I've pretty much avoided it Friday and Saturday -- Sunday in -- like the -- cartoon character -- the dark -- she's -- meteorologist Laura but talent where you quit it was three Democrats that IA had to go to hotel to pick up some family in town it was around that there -- -- your groceries up and it was raining but finally around three yesterday afternoon in the sun came out. Rain stayed away for long enough for instantly sparks do pretty saw that last -- to DC now. It's a single -- -- you look for rainbows and weekend long line. I know it's got to be just the right kind of -- -- -- -- -- -- wanted to single -- by the Geneva to be a double. Fault I think he had a couple. Yeah those who have -- I don't know what content special though when we want to see him. Those of you don't know we're talking about no to YouTube and check out doubled yet is Google double rainbow -- promise. Exactly what we're talking well there be blood brain goes rain -- a combination of those two for the next couple look at the bright side yet two days ago rainbow on TOK -- -- beads to -- -- -- overlooking some pretty solid downpours in the afternoon the big 50% chance today and tomorrow. Before we start to dry out on Wednesday OK so brain today -- how much -- we had all weekend out of jobs normalcy -- somewhat up. And then Wednesday finally the. Just drop it if they do -- we start to see hike had Jen and so rain chances drop off the temperatures begin to creep up you know the -- he attempts kind of in check so. But it went through it will be up to 89 -- ninety or 91 for a high from Thursday through the weekend. Aren't there you go folks we dry out Thursday through the weekend hotter but not as whacked. And I guess that's a good thing if you're tired the rain I've got to ask you. First volume you're just came back from a little break to go away I can't wait to get out let's hope. Lucky year. It was beautiful speaking at -- knows yet. -- of rain in those everywhere everywhere every. Constantly. Get rid of rain forest has welcomed what -- it always -- while funny like he got in the rain -- Ratner -- yet again and it's almost like everywhere you get from them every kind of cool welcome back from police. Like you enjoyed future. Before you -- you're having a discussion on television. And you used the word. -- -- yes -- would and -- David my -- I -- Mike for a -- yeah well I think this is a word I was not familiar with Brian Mike was not from -- But you know I caught -- surrounding. Yet laughter. -- up if she -- hub blue HIV OP as another new group does not some weird weather term that funny yet. Actually have a a Middle Eastern term and it's for a dust storms so we don't get them here that's why we wouldn't be familiar with it that currently out in. Arizona New Mexico you know dry dust areas -- taxes that's less taxes they -- that they would have. Well after argues saying hoping we had to -- I golden -- and yes it is articles about the boobs all over the in Texas Arizona New Mexico -- Apparently that's you know the dust kicked up com it's like those big dust storms that I mean it's so dark outside it's almost like nighttime it is -- you know. The via the whole towns with Dustin -- it's not a word from English so it way it has nothing to do it moves at all in that sounds are married a. Or you don't college. -- well -- -- you like throwing it it's an air effect it has rolling it out every now because it it does take people by. Like -- they booed every now and then to people's. Level of surprise. To listening to pay attention. And making answers plus I think we -- video of one coming and it's -- that might -- an out there now -- watching video problem bright it. Exactly that we that we does that -- television. They want more time due to shock people approve it well done thank you are welcome back date aggregate of. Tell live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast -- sports with Steve Geller coming up next you LL LSU. We end or their out today details coming up. We'll sell -- -- to help he can add the text messages coming in at 87870. Little theme from Sanford and Son of an accident today 78 Saturday to Sanford and Son was my favorite past TV -- now it. Bar rescue. For the record shelled -- they're currently madman of the present tax -- 78 that because of all time favorite show Andy Griffith currently blank TV screen. -- nothing worth watching on television now when this person knows this TV show from the past I would say green acres it's the place to be. TV show today it would be the Big Bang theory. I'll be watching the space. If -- you know tonight's game is not. David. LSU and nineties I believe only years the end degrees on your on the interwebs in the kids -- Which you know what I still sometimes I had a problem with ESPN three over the weekend and got really Kyoto about it because it was not. Allowing me to log you -- watch every other game except the LSU game I didn't understand I think it's crazy SEC tournament we can watch most of enhancement. The NCAA tournament. I can't watch again and in the match -- that ESPN's carrying on their television -- I just don't feel are as important as the LSU game but -- -- -- about here's the good news we will have the game for you suggest games 7 o'clock first pitch tonight when LSU plays for its postseason life -- Steve -- I'm Dave Conte and it's time for sports. Good morning everyone and LSU baseball got a home run from catcher Kate's evict in the second inning and added three more runs in the 7484. Nothing lead. But Houston rallied back tying the game and eighth inning and went on to win in extra innings I say. Drive drive drive into the flow. Of play -- of the ballgame. As one of tigers -- up and down the order of the eleventh the final story Houston viability for. Sets up a rematch tonight between the two teams in Alex box stadium the winner advances to the super regional. You allow -- has also forced a deciding game after beating Mississippi State fourteen to eight. -- Conrad Blake trade him and Dylan Butler each had three hits in the game in the -- and pounded out eighteen hits total in the contest. They're rematch with the bulldogs starts at 6 PM. This efforts have now won two straight in Colorado Springs after earning -- 98 victory. Disease -- powered by home runs hit -- second baseman Josh Rodriguez and third baseman Zach Cox. Jimmie Johnson -- his second victory in as many weeks by taking the checkered flag in the FedEx 400. At Dover International Speedway. Johnson led 272. Of the 400 laps and earned his ninth win at Dover by holding off pole sitter Brad Kozlowski. Goals by Fabian Johnson and Clint Dempsey led the US over Turkey 21 the American second straight win the world -- send off series Johnson scored the 26 minute after failing to produce a goal in his twenty previous national team games. And top seed and and the top seed and AC Raphael Nadal takes on -- much of it in the fort. Of the final French Open round today. Fifth seed David Ferrer and number seven Andy Murray also have fourth round match -- while the women's bracket includes matches involving foresees -- Marla -- And Sloan Stevens. Today at four on sports talk will LA she bounced back after last night's stunning loss. And find out with pregame coverage of the tigers vs the Houston cougars at 631. Pitch on WWL is -- seven. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning -- -- -- I think you gave Cohen Steve Geller with you on your radio RK thirty minutes ago you predicted that you LL will win and advance to a super regional and Lafayette Louisiana. So now I ask you will Baton Rouge win this evening and advance through super regional. Oh well if you win this evening in advance to super regional and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have all the faith in the LSU baseball team they sound like eighteen that new. How to how to get over this game everyone talked about just putting it behind me getting ready for today's matchup. The tigers have been phenomenal at home at that had won ten straight before this. And I just think they have enough arm's rested up to in the -- and we'll be able to count there. -- she takes is one and will advance -- well like I like the way it's now that you're right both schools advance and then get one step closer to the college World Series. How many stars do you give the new X-Men movie you saw over the weekend four and a half stars out of almost a perfect five out of five rocket for an -- modified Steve like that great characters great story and all around just entertaining even though they know -- that was over two hours didn't feel like that at all what what to entertain -- More sports again in fifteen minutes here on WW loudly about them and now. 56 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news your forecast comes through from the Eyewitness News forecast that there. Well we keep the rain around fort today still some scattered downpours in the next beginning by mid morning into the afternoon at 50% chance with highs around 87. And tonight overnight at least keep some showers around with lows in the mid seventies. And once again ramping up there was rain chances tomorrow at 50% -- the upper eighties. But Wednesday a high begins to build and it starts to dry -- out preaching it's down to 20%. As ice creep up to 89. From the Eyewitness News forecast Fenner I -- -- -- -- opt out got a little. Fog and -- reported around the region nothing too bad -- on a light shower here -- there cloudy and 76 at the airport and tanner. In Slidell right now cloudy and 73 degrees I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news. An American soldier who was kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan 2009. Is solely. Going through a process that'll bring him back to the US now that he's been -- defense officials say that sergeant -- -- doll. Will begin the re integration process at a medical center in Germany will hold decompress and reconnect with his family. First though to us through telephone and video conferences. And we can't even seen him yet because they say could actually be more detrimental. Then helpful meanwhile government officials are facing mounting questions over the prisoners swap. That read resulted in Barbie dolls released he was traded for five detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Some Republicans say the deal could set a troubling precedent that could lead to more American soldiers being kidnapped in an effort to trade them. For combatants who are currently being held by the US. US officials say -- -- healthy and he's safe and that it was worth it. To take that risk because they say is America is getting out of Afghanistan now was the opportunity. To save his life against him. On the path to return and his family good idea or bad idea swap and one US soldier for five. Taliban detainees. As it's -- -- dangerous precedent and is it a bad idea. We'll continue that discussion here on WWL. AM at them and back now with the latest from CBS news throughout the day. So we've been asking of the last -- tell us your favorite TV show of all time in your favorite TV show now. After the woman played Alice on the Brady bonds passed away over the weekend one person -- my favorite old show with -- Favorite new show law and order SVU. Doesn't really new anymore though has it been around for at least fifteen years. All time best I Love Lucy says another text message today that the deputy. Dallas basked in the past now suits. As is Andy Griffith show by far best family shall -- and other like to -- mash the Rockford Files Gilligan's Island. Dick Van -- current favorites scandal. Can and then. -- dynasty -- in the AM on its current favorite to people texting at the date that idiots that. Beverly Hillbillies more and -- fresh brand others of the past.

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