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WWL>Topics>>6-2 6:15am Tommy, volunteer patrols in the Quarter?

6-2 6:15am Tommy, volunteer patrols in the Quarter?

Jun 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to Aaron Jordan, the founder of the French Quarter Minutemen, a group that aims to have citizens - some with concealed carry permits - patrolling the French Quarter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Like Tommy Tucker a lot of crime any area and actually it naturally a lot of juvenile inspired. At least the cause of it by juvenile let's just move on -- -- -- young people sometimes that are doing that is what I'm trying to -- And we we're to talk about a new group the minute men. That are -- to new loans or at least are already here can you hear right. Yes -- and -- Erin Jordan is our guest he's the founder of the French Quarter minutemen and I guess rather than me rumbling fumble and somewhat in debt offering an Italian. What's going on I don't Aaron. Thanks -- and certainly appreciate the time here thanks to come and answer sir. Well it is down. -- me just clarify a couple things is going out there now okay. What it is this that down. It's a group of concerned citizens. Deliver the metro area of New Orleans. In down. Some of them have a concealed carry license. Some of them will choose to exercise and hoping Cary. And it's up it's still evolving. Around. I started FaceBook page and I had maybe. I don't know 24 people are so interest that it. And then down after some attention from the media. It's almost 500 people anticipated now yeah and most of them are local people. The response has been very very positive. There's a view. Mexico Romania. Fringe groups of maybe three or four people that are very vocal I guess they have a problem with spiral arms -- -- can understand that. But what they -- really realizes that the criminals already have them. There's so many of them out the -- guns out the illegal guns stolen guns. It's like -- he can't put it back inside the the bottle so basically what it is. People would volunteer then we go to the French Quarter that. They're from the metro area so. They think they doing Joey the the area and they -- frequent the area and down. For the ones that would have a fire arm with them it would simply be for their own protection of the -- safety of others. Home. So not a proactive thing Yang -- to draw down on and Diane and stop him -- her there in the middle of a robbery or which. Well that would be up to the person that's actually. Out there alms. But at some point you're gonna have meetings unions -- -- was a policy as Oregon and deserves your vote. -- prop IMAX in the process of as in the first meeting which could be sometime this month and so on and aired on a few things as far as the venue and so on that we can can have it. And and that is sometime get a posts have been website which is basically just stuff FaceBook dot com slash French Quarter maintenance of anyone who's interested and curious. Can simply go to the FaceBook page like it and then get updated chorus that information in -- pars the first meeting this actually coming up this month. But no not 85% of what now I plan on doing is talking to people. Being down I think from talking to people both residents Taurus. Even you know people that are transients who live in the French Quarter. Is to. Get some type of in intelligence don't some information going. They cannot talk into -- floor or when you're out there on patrol yell wolf well while we're actually out there. Not -- 5% it's going to be talking to two people. A home where he has really turned into and out let me just say anyone who sent that message on FaceBook group makes a post on that aren't they spoke. I personally read each and every one of them if you send me a message -- old righty and it. And it's -- back okay. So what is really turned into now is that the service industry workers in the French Quarter or saying. Unanimously on FaceBook. We want an escort we want some someone. With the fire arm. See you walk us to our car to walk us to our bus stop to walk us through hours streetcar stop. We leave -- -- a bar restaurant late hours of the night. And repeating tips we have lots of you know ones and -- and -- that's when -- right -- -- were in the middle of the night there's nobody out there. We don't see police. We're we're nervous about that so what I would like to do is to say OK fine you can call. Our group we're gonna have people in the French Quarter. We will come out there will walk into your car walk into your bus stop and then NASA type of interaction we would have in the French Quarter. As somebody that wants to go under and in the French Quarter and just fell walk around on there owned. The the terms would be that they wouldn't be -- -- you'd always be with another member of the group at least one of the of the personal the other group. Or or more. But does -- really wanna focus on is the them they service workers in the French Quarter who are scared to death out there. And to say that down OK we're gonna be there for you part of the thing that we're gonna focus on its biggest -- you get back and forth to your car in one piece. -- Jordan's -- is about it in the French Quarter management I'm presuming you say the -- And it got an annual take your phone calls to a T six 1878203866. A 9087. And won't come back first question I'm gonna have this. If you're sending security escorts with people to get them to their car worse service workers etc. What kind of setting are you gonna have to see that you're not looking up the best time with. Somebody with cash and and they get on at the car and I'm sure there's a an answer -- that we'll find out when we come back there in Jordan founder of the French Quarter minutemen do you think it's a good idea bad idea. And would you wanna join and would you be interested -- six when he one time we get traffic and that military problems. I Tommy Tucker phone lines are open if you like to talk to our guest -- Jordan a founder of the French Quarter. -- From some of the attacks that are coming in who are training these Yahoo!'s I don't know that you know their Yahoo!'s and moving on to be responsible for every bullet they sent flying. So I will ask did you know the majority of Yahoo! aside and I don't know whoever takes this in would say that but -- love -- to cull Lynn. At T six 187 until 3866889087. In other text comes in great idea make it -- my nephew has been robbed and beaten. Up twice worked at the house of blues so how how did the whole idea come about and when it comes to vetting of qualifying the people at one of volunteer. At some point and I learned off the year that Aaron is private investigator you've good -- background check to make sure that. These these are good people both men and women I presume it's women to close yet so that that are helping out the quarter. Right well let me just say part of what I -- I do a few things up. As far as employment goes part of what I do -- investigations for a group of lawyers that. And that actually. A private investigator proceed because I worked through the attorney's license so. You know I don't down is that like you know. And the phone book and people call me up asking if I can follow there you -- spells that you know maybe cheating on the doesn't work like that. It's basically you know I'm an attorney has a civil case and then he or she may ask me to fines of one or take some photographs or. You know documents and evidence or find some witnesses -- do a statement. And basically am doing it through the attorney's office -- the attorney's license so I just wanted to clear that at one point but -- I do use those are skills that you know foursome for some good down I was. A volunteer. Investigator for the Terry -- moan moan a case. Put a lot of hours in that in in in that case around trying to find. Try and finding the missing -- That you know the way that it ended don't know what had had wanted it to you but you know complain that it was just sent Lola car accident. And you don't smile to work through -- one federal Marshal service. No no that was just. We just say that there is a wonderful a gentleman worked with the US Marshals Service yeah. Or should the US Marshal service here in the world is there his name is. Deputy Garrett talks and he does. Outreach. And so he manages the website for the US marshals where it has -- and discos and Google's US marshals in New Orleans. They can come to the website and it basically would be for the eastern district of our state. Mean there's a series of people who -- wanted for some serious crimes on that web site. I was able to make contact with deputy -- and down I started my spare time trying to find some of these people and one of them I was able to have so far to find hurt. And so that's what that first letter is that that you're looking at there. So yeah I do like to volunteer time and so on and down. You know. I thought that this would be a much more effective way because you know I'm I'm only one person obviously. But I think that once the idea got out there and law abiding citizens solved what was happening in the French Quarter. And -- that he you know this is something that we all have a stake -- we all have a share in the French Quarter. And so why can't we get the -- hands on to make it a safer place. One question I have this. I don't as -- understand you guys I can Wear any kind of berets like -- guardian angels uniforms -- thing but who would it not in terms of Islam. I guess a deterrent to people that think dame they might commit a crime or you think they might commit a crime nowhere some kind identifications so they know that they are being watched. Yet now I think the whole point assist you to blame game. Found this state has very proactive gun laws. That the issue is is that this city has very restrictive. Gun policy. Com through the FaceBook page I was contacted by some people who wore. I guess you could call them -- and the easiest I'm personally not a guy and it -- I don't you know to sport shooting or anything like that I'm not a hunter anything along those those lines. But basically what they and was was that you know we eat eat you try to do in hoping -- which you know is is the law in the state. If she's trying to do you know open carry knowing pears especially somewhere in the downtown area of the French Quarter area. That the new world's police has a history. Of issuing a summons for disturbing the the peace. Is. You know a pretext to stop you from exercising that open carry law. You know the the the twist with that is -- Since the state has passed very proactive. Pro gun laws. The summons that you did doesn't go to state -- goes in the city court in city court -- like traffic court you know. And so the these these -- they had passed a couple of years ago about strict scrutiny doesn't apply in city court because it's not. It's not an actual state -- Islamist state court to Citicorp which deals with ordinances such as like you know litter or urinating in public things along those. I we take a break for news and come back and try to stick with the with the program itself do -- intended to him that the people had joined. What kind of reaction have you gotten from NO PD in. And as a response been positive or negative owned and things a year text come in and and and a lot of times people next thing they never say. Hi my name is George Zimmerman where do I sign up. These other ones say you're talking about Yahoo!. The and then who's training the punks to use guns but I think it would be talking about the criminals there right now time for -- W offers news and that would go to David Blake. David kill them so I thank you Dave Moore with Erin Jordan now -- of the French Quarter minute man and a and instant text both positive and negative one of them says. Totally supported they really need to got their I's and cross their t.s and loans is not a very -- friendly place. As far as NO PD DA city government. And Aaron has already addressed that and it says that if you get on the wrong side -- something and you you're going to be in the merit -- type. Position. The only people have a problem with the minutemen are the ones that are doing the crime or know someone who is another Texas thank you for trying to protect the public. And another one says before you call the minutemen nature that you don't have any skills are -- on and it bring Allen up. And Aaron Jordan's guess founder of the French Quarter and minutemen which is a group. In its infancy and and there are trying to offer additional protection of people of the French quarters. French Quarter rather I think Aaron. From the text in from the original -- idea I got when I read about this people think. That this is some kind of paramilitary. Organization. It's gonna have meaning it's gonna have maps drawn up with squadrons and you're gonna sign. Two people geared to people it to people the other places upon you bunch of wanna be police officers. And that there are all on a power trip and from what I've been talk in Serbia. About off the air and discerning it is anything but that. Right you know I think that it -- -- let me just say this. Let me just say how this whole thing started. One of the things -- relief made me angry well there's a couple things one of the things was the Doug potter instant that the artist in the French Quarter who was beaten into a coma he's still trying to get through that and so on. I don't and a friend of -- I'll say at the brother of Dave potter works Hewlett's. I don't know -- potter. But found that beating took place practically steps away from the eighth district police station. Now what type of police force there's a city half especially the French Quarter where somebody's beaten into a coma. Steps away from the eighth district I mean is it that broken -- you know you don't know what's happening outside your front door. And the thing that. You know people say oh you know you gonna challenged the police. Now I'm gonna pick it up there's a lot of criminals walking past you every day in the French Quarter with guns you just don't don't. In the whole thing about the the gun thing. Anybody can have a neighborhood watch group I mean that's than anything that's set apart but the the the thing about this group that's different is that. The majority of people out there are -- and you have to be alarmed if you planned it any type of respect out there. Yet that doesn't mean you're you're you're gonna use a weapon I mean police officers walk around with weapons they are tired. You know sometimes 1520 years before they would ever used in some some of never use it. And that's the same thing that that I'm thinking is that let you wanna have a just in case something happens but it's not. Good and happy people as you know trigger happy people as people who have jobs and -- This group is about time. Nobody in this group is gonna ask anybody for a down -- was asking for money. There was gonna you know it's not about finding everybody has their own job their own money there the there everything all they want to do is -- time and anyone who's interested -- it. I don't want any any any money I just want people we have time who willing to invest time. So that being said how many people have expressed interest so far. Well at first you know I made a FaceBook page and -- let me just say this I'm not very you know -- of -- FaceBook -- my personal. FaceBook page only have a 140 friends for a so you know I'm not that that out there on FaceBook when I made this page with you know people I was friends with and so one. And it was like 24. Likes when he for people showed some some type of -- in the group. I was contacted by someone from the local media went on radio show that went on TV show and now it's nearly 500 people that have shown interest and now of course not all 500 people are going to volunteer. I know that. But you know even if a quarter of them do on home that's a great asset if if you're figuring out that you're gonna have these people. In a confined area in in the French Quarter. I won't come -- we'll talk about. Again Heidi determine who can be in a group and who can in terms of vetting and -- organization evident in terms of scheduling quadrant. Who's gonna patrol way and so forth we come back Karen Jordan I guess getting questions comments. We'd love to hear from UT six 187 -- toll free 8668890878. I think initially we all thought this is going to be again like paramilitary. Guardian angels type thing but armed. Roaming the French Quarter with was assigned areas and and we're learning quickly it's anything but back in a flash Tommy Tucker seven have you. Tommy Tucker got an audio and -- lightning round early as many of these questions answers they can -- Jordan founder of the French Quarter minuteman. So. How do you determine who's. Eligible qualified. Clean enough to join in terms of -- And it's ever right well -- -- this if someone has a concealed carry license they have been -- by the state and the state there's a complete background check on anyone with thick and CC now -- If someone in. Doesn't have a -- sealed but they have bought a fire arm and he registered. That background has already been checked. As an additional step. So much -- of the go into. You know in Atlanta that always confused me about registered gun because I thought there was no national gun register now registered it with. Run home well you volunteer to eat you volunteer to register in the the pairs that you live. So you were going to live in Orleans -- suggests impairs you go into -- police station say hey -- to register my firearm. Or you can register with the estate. With the hit a troop with the troopers. It basically you just get her a form that shows you -- this gun is received to this person. And you know it it ensures that the person pass of the federal background check and also insures that the -- and stolen or anything along those. I so when it comes organization you're gonna have a meeting on my ninth. Well I haven't said the exact they get this into sometime around the middle of origin I'm gonna update that on the FaceBook pace -- have to carry a gun if you're going to be in the minute man now. You don't so what about -- those people don't have guns. If you don't have a a gun all you have to do is to go which to sheriff's office. It appears that you live in in just get a simple background check it you know if you live in Orleans pairs cost five dollars if you live in just apparent something because. Twenty dollars and and all -- they do is write your name through the database and most people. That I've spoken to. You know don't have a problem doing that it's very quick very easy. And beat up but beat it something you would use for any type of job application and then along those lines. So when it comes deployment scheduling there's not going to be any kind of roll call or anything it's going to be let us know if you can work Thursday -- just show up whenever you want and -- where every 1000 then what are parameters that you're going to be. -- the boundaries of areas that UB. Is patrol even an -- word. Now I would say just say a walk through but if someone wants a drive through that's up to them -- some would like to bike that's also up to them. You know the French Quarter is defined by the streets between canal esplanade. North Peters in north rampart. So that's considered to be you know the the French Quarter. You know just the simple rules are is that am you can make it your own schedule do you go out there you can volunteers much -- you want or as little time as you want. The only the only -- is is that you have to be with another person from the group. So you can't get their -- we got to have at least you know being groups of at least two or three you were more. In the N there will be someone. There's going to be me you know blah. At you know in in the in the first -- -- but you know in it they're they're certainly be maybe people who would like to volunteered not to you know the -- the French Quarter with a -- -- would maybe you like to volunteered to help dispatched people helped coordinate people helped to take phone calls from service workers who would like someone walked into their call. -- in terms of NO PD and in the area action and I guess the other thing is yet to Wear uniforms and you know I don't know who's out when and one minute man gets no scuffle with somebody that's. Cause and a problem -- -- how we or you're holding a gun on somebody that's causing a problem how would then the other minute man. Know who's who and who's a good guys bad guy. Well that's that's the purpose of of our meetings our meetings as so that everyone is you know every everyone else they can exchange numbers exchange email addresses. And you know basically say well you know -- like work what -- personally worked with that person you know which your schedule like and -- I want. But it's going to be very rare that any wants to -- you know pulled they're they're gonna not -- -- gonna be walking around talking to people. I'm real quick Aaron before we let you know you get twenty seconds what did you want -- anything final -- I disliked as people want to say we can do this is going to be a real black guy against the world's top seed. Eighth district is gonna have a real problem with that it's more so statement against the mayor's office I think that when you have. These deputy mayors make it over 100000 dollars a year 180000 -- a year and you can't put police answered no one calls. You ask -- for people who organized take reforms into basically. Take care of their own neighborhoods. I appreciate your time really did learn and we'll talk to you again.

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