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6-2 7:15am Tommy, VA scandal

Jun 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to Shad Meshad, President & Founder of the National Veterans Foundation, about the VA scandal and how veterans are treated

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't know that the routine at the VA is gonna change now that the secretary. That department has. Resigned it happened Friday. And I get a text here from some lenses -- navy veteran and as a second time their actions say he has been thrown under the bus by politicians. And or go to guy when it comes issues about veterans he -- me she had president founder of the national veterans foundation. And he joins us now more intent. -- she's like yes and they'll stop. Ed does and I was surprised really is we're watching this in the office and after. -- secretary shinseki gave a speech. I found it odd that they were let him go out there give a speech in and accept his. Resignation but apparently since -- Clash -- Donald Rumsfeld when he was the Defense Secretary. About the number of troops need and in Iraq in the use a four star general I guess the first question is if a four star general. Who I believe. Suffered because of presidents and left some of himself on a battlefield. Bomb can't fix the VA I don't know who can't what you take on this. Well -- -- extra years spit in the -- What about antiquated bureaucracy. There's a really great people consider myself one of those are first sixteen years in my career after Vietnam but it. It it just is the system did that work it doesn't deliver it's not user friendly. It. It really. Shell out its weakness. Win the the two wars. Iraq and Afghanistan came about making it would be a three day war three week war. Being here is 1213 years later we're still in Afghanistan. To eight years in Iraq. Two and a half million -- Multi -- were. Veterans. Coming out it's it's just overloaded. It can't handle a lifeboat. That it would not start general on top but it. -- Pretty. Political appointees -- watched in my at first -- BA directors be replaced or. All kinds of regent -- not to ever changed. At least gotten greater in the system it's not built to address it's it's just an antiquated. -- second largest Barack foresee in our country. And there's no way to exit to keep up into dollars into it it's not gonna work you can replace. The top of the -- the secretary. The -- It's just not gonna work it never passed it and. When he picked up here when we can actually -- because. The end of year veteran and use it for example you know somebody with a veteran and as PT SD. Yeah I'm not trying to diminish anything you believe me but in terms of triage maybe. You know some on his way to an extra week or two for prosthetic device that's one thing but if you have somebody that. Is is in jeopardy of taking their own life you can't tell them come back two or three weeks later and and I think the suicide rate pretty well proves that among veterans shed new -- guest. Presents under the national veterans foundation he's spent some time with his reasoning and is terribly important. And in terms of consistency and those sometimes you call when you say the treatment knew god was not. Bad at all from the VA's on enough that waited differs from area to area we'll talk to shed about that when we come back and I wanna hear from you. At T 601870. Till 3866889087. If you -- somebody you know is dealt with the VA what was the experience and what was it like. 725 timely to -- and for that we go to Terrell Robinson. Tommy Tucker -- WL 74416. Before eight continuing a conversation with -- -- -- and resonant. And founder of the national. Veterans foundation so shed you said before the break that nothing's gonna ever change and -- Snorting -- that does inherently funny it's and hard to believe but what does that say to veterans. You know what every hour just about that are taken their own lives that are under thirty in this. Suicide rate increasing 44%. In a couple of years ago I mean what hell what hope do these people hammer their families. Well so it got -- in the -- out to it. In doubt his stroke somebody else on top of that bureaucracy in addition changes obviously. -- -- so at -- Forty data sixteen that hospitals -- 500 under investigation. Decent people fired interim that is from those decisions that. -- Celtics assistant where there's accountability. From the but. Features. It is very difficult to start anybody in the day it's. You know federal civilian -- As you -- inside that it boggles. Eight. Hey yeah. Well which -- say it any years you get it is certain that whatever. There's some great people and it actually hit it. It didn't appear that this system. The deliberation the saudis are friendly party in some hospitals where -- idiot in the server they needed -- -- other particularly. The larger ones that are overwhelmed local wage are forever or at an issue Cheney. Thanks to some -- level Russell wars like doctors' religious couldn't take it anymore technically. To watch how records were destroyed but on the or -- there or not. Actually seen these are human -- Minneapolis severe injuries but so much physically. There are really going to be seeing Sherlock Chatman in that was the case. That revealed that EA were better -- that weight need to get. You know are in hiding in PP EO. Medical delivery system that you properly -- several other people literally they can't. They are averaging out to see your doctored it in right away actor. Get sprayed at me in the two start working on whatever your issue it. Totally different in this state bureaucracy. The -- extra medical and the benefits which is weird you know there's almost. Two years ago billion tax law claims of these men and women Kevin at least 218 year wore on her that. Yes the system was overloaded it wasn't prepared for Jay junior wars but -- is -- veteran rock climbing. It is it is key problem. Only knew they knew the wars were going on sheds you would think they would geared up right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 43 years were first fifty years it it just -- there's -- Oversight there's nothing of making -- The route if you like Marie I mean it's eighteen should be at eighteen bad senator. It but dresses. These men and women like stay out for your country immediately. If this. What I mean -- blocks away at worst at saying that well. Let me just say at a tech says good morning I'm a veteran of the Afghan war. When I try to go to -- be getting any appointments months away one time about a year ago like Albany schedule meaning coming in three and a half months. Most of the time it's one -- two months services and good either people are rude and very impatient. Instead considering they chose their job thanks for covering topic Tommy and Chad did visit -- that the culturally in the country of how we treat our warriors and and -- have you done any any research. For example how they treat the soldiers and in the UK how Russia treats its veterans -- Well -- actually in Russia. On the exchange. In the late eighties Reagan with Gorbachev. We -- change that was it in the middle name. With -- it was pretty pathetic that. When really they're the day. After work about that at least communities. Here. Did the best they -- that it was actually Third World country deliberation and relief well as from the -- A whole other conversation. Yeah I guess what I was wondering is it are we unique in the way we treat our veterans our veterans pretty well it is suspected the world -- offer. He's just a lack of focus ethnic intimidation -- watched since the early seventy. Particularly after the draft connector. You know Vietnam. It -- should be more. You know. Cable came out DirecTV we can't social media. But most people's focus or not less than 1% are fighting wars I mean. Iraq and Afghanistan. When Iraq was light on the list just another TV show and you could change it immediately and most people -- or -- Analysts -- aside her daughter or not torso of one that is period. In the service in his head injuries both. Typically are. Are emotional they -- are connected it worked so far removed. From what people or interest in watching. And at every -- philosophically we exchanged. You know everybody sir if you -- -- Israel Israel every person man woman or whatever sir subway. Because. And because they're always under harm's way. -- caught between the air countries or whatever -- added there where far removed from any harm or danger. I think people get well it's a volunteer army. -- neighbor once we go over fight this or whatever that's your prerogative but you know I'm busy dealing with the economy. That. Stock market dealing with my bills whoever's just not a priority so I'd hit that Clinton's uses actual -- at all. Shed the light bulb just went off I guessed it it's because so few. Members of the society actually serve in the military less than 1%. That's why can be put on the back burner I guess if everybody had a stake in his right had some skin in the game then suddenly if they needed those benefits than they would be allowed more concerned about who's not getting them. Absolutely if you remember. -- Late sixties early seventies on the -- -- started protesting the war. Played a big party in being an average chairs the other income and take it in reform law. Income back -- invisible. They're not a powerful political force a -- -- flat out yet but some large -- organization's. Membership organization whatever. But you know for the last thirty years we don't -- a platform in the presidential -- We used to after world war in Korea. No longer there's been a lot of major societal changes. -- chat about the last forty years -- -- -- you know feel better. Change the price and because of their invisible in any case attracted better to act after the war. True these traumatic situation mr. looking at a news in the paper that Trixie. Because the news media television about it but the fact is. It -- If this was Microsoft. Or apple. GM server and client. People that the products are made for life equity. You don't click here with BJ is from the top all week. You know we -- we'd like to give veterans. Special treatment as others is treatment it deserves a regular herb right now -- and have them hold. Want and are ideal one. Good morning program built on good I just wanted to call and so. I've been on the or loans were probably three years -- won a couple times to Wuxi. And I've been treated like the first class listener I mean I've always. Bent over. Help I've gone and there -- or run out the back. It -- an -- get your flu shot there's an argument that you're circus. You know I I want blind in one for fifteen minutes and could trigger a war has been submitted ophthalmologist. They had my. Blood not slow -- -- I mean. They did everything neurology. And I want to get my medical -- the neurologist spent over backward to a letter that. Webpage. I -- There I don't have a problem that place at all the -- and had a problem was -- I believe what they call urgent care like in the and I noticed that the wait wasn't long time there and I called up and complained about it Washington must 45 feet on the from Washington. Urban land lives were going to be you know BI's situation were -- and -- They reservists thanks for calling Chad. That's the way she needs -- inveterate. The consistency it should be that way. At all the hospital and look it pretty. The news tragic news and saying it -- in other BA it's capped the success that should -- -- service. Treatment the -- and watch it in that area because someone else's experience that there are the day they are just -- for backlog. -- Jack he sang happy like mcdonalds you make possible. It achieved our strategy at the same and we yet but it's in New York. Can it be to make -- Chad where at a time I appreciate -- spending and our winners and get up early and we'll talk to you again.

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