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WWL>Topics>>6-2 8:15am Tommy, hurricane preparedness

6-2 8:15am Tommy, hurricane preparedness

Jun 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to Col. Jerry Sneed, the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety & Director of the Office Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness for New Orleans, about the start of hurricane season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Colonel Jerry Snee joins us right now the deputy mayor of public safety in a whole bunch of other stuff for Orleans parish in a friend of buyers -- morning colonel. Art. I'm doing well tell me how you're doing and how Orleans parish is doing and some of the new things changes -- things of people need to be aware of. LD army -- they're done more with double system that is. We're better protected air or. Our plans are solidly but it being so over and over again throughout -- -- and so we know what we wanted to do outward elect. We're prepared our citizens to get clear to everybody at -- stop me throughout the United States is something. The jet or are hurt so we know and are prone area be prepared work right so. Now the time. Where -- security all of find out what to do for the small storm like I -- more debate unlike Katrina should we have another. In terms of eyes achy and Katrina and all that they did some of the things that the city's learned I guess and has. Did hone the system you know you try to learn from things in goes so well last time -- didn't work and what changes have been made and and what works finding believe it just like it is. Well. To evacuate it widget they're all along. But are those solid. We ask all our citizens if we actually helping out it now let us know now all of water -- -- what do it where there are sort of seen you -- to city. We. -- know where those are right now. When the mayor chose him. Correctly. -- award for. Talk that the storm to Herbert air air war. Are so off -- beaten. Order power or as bad and it went -- or order. To be here at all we have. Generators at all we are. This year. Or they are my. It -- they. Aren't accurate are also. -- -- or there or maybe they're pretty. Each storm it differently you know each storm here. All. Again as we get ready to do it now wait to let her aide is Kirk. Pointed -- is coming out right. Yet in the binder that you pulled down there that says OK in case of hurricane annual open it. Does -- say a category three leaders are to -- sustained areas in terms of sustained winds rather or storm surge when it comes to. Evacuation. It went what is that thing that would trigger an evacuation. The way we like it or are now there's so many factors that we -- Look into her German. Our man or keep it simple we talk about it but there's more that such stark shirt or so. Determine I'll respect it great but there is willing to do that the mayor would ask are actually and I emphasize. The mayor not gonna ask her directly and ask -- -- back at last we feel. That didn't need airports are citizens need to listen to. It's bizarre. It's her or the ice storm -- -- -- our citizens to respect that I. And you don't belong to we -- storm. Couple all -- -- -- -- backed away if we ask her directly or is currently determined that that the best thing for citizens to their. You read my mind journal because my next question is going to be I know. Actually after Camille on on the Gulf Coast that people initially began building twenty feet up -- with every successive year. They went about a foot downs and other backed him to build and a bomb on the ground although the codes of change with insurance and so forth sense. A Katrina but that was the story before. On Katrina and I and just as bad because he with people getting generators after the power outages with Isaak and and believing in in a protection system do you think you'd be harder to get people to evacuate. We hope all the -- again we're not. Let -- let. I have regular apple but I like it exactly so dirt dirt storm that she knows the third thing. Even if you do after -- order. At some point you're you're gonna beyond your call -- -- or spotters. Cannot. Save that tree. That goes through your career all crashes through track. -- one party may sever our. We can't get to help secure and side is here remember correctly. Not -- more accurate except -- -- for your actions could. -- -- so again we're gonna ask are actually and as we. It's faster and equipment issue. Is all we ask our businesses. They're. Re -- -- they get back early on. So that we can. Recover from whatever -- to. I colonel before relate to Gillis somebody's living in Orleans parish right now you want them to do what. -- go to ready -- right now. -- common collective look at all your options what it for a small or what you Gator Nation. And just be prepared. Need assistance getting out call and water and -- -- -- Wear your -- or. So. Don't like to listen to -- warnings -- be hired for anything here. Colonel that was good to know about -- generator because of the power goes out again as it did in nights ago and coming over to your house ordered. I oppressed eerie offer you -- colonel Jerry and a deputy mayor public safety.

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