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WWL>Topics>>6-2 9:10am Tommy, hurricane prep

6-2 9:10am Tommy, hurricane prep

Jun 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jefferson Parish President John Young about hurricane preparedness and the start of hurricane season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

John Young joins us president Jefferson Parish tomorrow morning John talk about some changes it bears since Katrina instance -- solvent since. Isaak and and -- you can keep the pop operators but -- -- -- not funny I'm just say and you know -- Or anywhere and integrate to have this week in the future. We're protected from the heavy rainfall. They do a great job for the citizens of Jefferson Parish. Do you have any -- John as a president that because so much time has passed since Katrina because so many people have. You know gotten generators being led to big a whole house generator or just even something that have run a refrigerator and a window unit that. You'd have a hard time Indian people evacuate. Well -- One of the biggest challenges right now complacency. Without -- And Katrina. Four billion dollars. The only remaining and that. Consistent for those that would in the mill Levy system. Other groups that that program -- stations. Of the Lebanese. It was. But again -- you know we have to choose the secret -- System. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know will have to -- to people now. You did did. As a to look at Contra flow of the process. Web site and look at our country -- it works in. It took place was my evacuate to a couple because depend on which direction stopped a minute ago. A couple different. The it is not the -- -- about NAFTA and when you have power outages. Would likely do with -- You know people get used to it critical for -- and it's. Desirable behavior in the mentally when you know equity in power. Well and that's. That's the concern about the generator because I think people might think we on and a whole host dinner and I write anything out. Well again today. Again it's -- reduction system at risk illumination system and you know the other thing to remember that is even -- -- -- did you you do -- potential -- evacuation -- in the east and the west. Exit routes that are identical products. -- A little. The points and flooding so if you wait too you may not be obligated. You know we also. And a threat though footsteps is definitely follow because sometimes it's and so about it. Let's move -- Tropical storm and one wanted to drop below elements. -- -- -- that -- problem that we see that it is in this when it would make people's levels again and maybe the beautiful. From the greens. It the local level and that the stated that globally is -- as a cult evacuation. Police and because. You don't wanna beat you. Which have left. Yeah -- provide some comfort to you but again. Generated broken open if we have a catastrophic. Storm. John one other problem is I remember was I think lift stations right they were they are getting overwhelmed the rest of power regarding changes -- Well this is that's a good that the commitment to institute differentiate we have back -- -- Drainage pumps stations. We have this that most of Padres constellation surrogate that you alluded to the problems that would be -- to have some. Certainly -- them president probably never again in the future. That we have. One in excess of Portland socialistic. And people. You know when -- -- you don't need electricity but -- -- digital stations you do need lectures. Predominantly to -- of the race it'll help people understand it. Wings you gotta go it's got to go somewhere. -- and electricity. Should -- We understand but -- happens because. We have to put that in -- sewage treatment. It. We didn't have enough money to do. Some sort of stations that that generated so we do. Looking at the -- station that we -- group that objective. And we as a brilliant that can truck and -- instead -- socialist and McCain and problem -- -- the evidence -- But -- and that things for the people after a storm in the power. Two that and obviously that. System. In terms -- And means you're on some money state could match you up and and sayings like you do legalities of it backs up -- backs up in his company in Europe tell me about pumped to the river Kazaa I try to follow all of these things and and -- -- -- -- -- all -- this system that is both comfortable. And it's actually plug in and it's getting better as we -- to -- -- and so -- -- -- and -- -- and that's probably. The -- the privileged to the -- That's going to be demonstrate that has been completely finished. In the -- seventeen -- actually some problems. And and fortunately it's still. -- -- outline then. That. In terms of and and Hargrove. There replacing -- couldn't prove that they haven't proved that. -- comfortable yet again applicants and the future without likely upon. Itself to better. We the Egyptian. Everything public that would that would be tremendous. Benefit it is to drink differently. -- has an improved design -- funding. That was approved. Even approved the the concept. Do you study at this point. John thank you I appreciate your time early and hard for you will talk to again. These 89 and president divers --

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