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WWL>Topics>>6-2 9:35am Tommy, hurricane season

6-2 9:35am Tommy, hurricane season

Jun 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister about hurricane prep

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Had Brister presence saint Tammany parish. Joins us right now to talk about the hurricane season and preparations there -- mourning has risked their marketing. I'm well thank you tell me who is what you did big concerns I guess when it comes a saint Tammany parishes fires hurricanes in general and we'll talk about preparations. Sure well obviously -- is concerned in during hurricane would be urge our -- -- not equate our. Shadow so long. -- major flooding two years and there are. -- -- We really worry more about water. And we do anything else and hurricane obviously. And we we. Have our our plan and play. And immediately after hurricane season is over start planning the next big picture if there's anything. Different that we need to do or tweak our plan we do that he's getting ready corruption. Our plan is. Like our shelters or any would you how our personnel emergency personnel that you know when did you and and it. In -- -- manner we bring in people as we need them to stay at the American chipper and trainer -- is there an air. Report that until they emergency -- -- -- -- They -- airplane together and now it. Com where urging all residents picture I have a -- had an evacuation plan today. Wait to make sure they have water passes available at stake. Finances and shelter in place. And also we want them to China or virtually -- So we can. Com alert citizen to any emergency whether it's hurricane or anything else might occur as we did it stand here and ice storm. Kind of a dry run for a oh cold. 00. -- its network. You talked about tweaking a system in Macon -- ever improvements on a postmortem if you will the united. I think everybody does that appear a successful organization efforts over you look at what we do better what's -- like it is. What can we change what you did detainees think offhand of any tweaks that you made or any changes. Sure one thing that we need to learn. And I think -- -- I think it's because -- today category one storm. We oftentimes. Have a protocol or are smaller storm hit against bigger. Obviously -- going into that category one. We had more damage and lead and the entire category of course so we have now we don't just look at category. The storm and it you've probably seen and heard on the news. The National Weather Service during the same thing. They are publishing their search maps and how much water you can expect there -- certain circumstance. It's not necessarily. As we have in the past to the category. So that would one major thing that we aren't arm and thirty years and we decided. That we need every emergency. Personnel content and all -- to the emergency operation center simply to hear those statement and say command as to what -- do and how. Yeah how we need their services or an emergency. So that it helped -- a lot. Instead of everybody hitting it toward the same time in trying to get one just. It took a little longer organized. And now we're more organized before -- emergency comes in great canyon course now we. In terms of and forgive my ignorance on this and -- tell Jason. Algiers West Bank kind of guy. Armed into the mode the -- dame prone areas in is saint Tammany parish to flooding and the areas that are less prone and is it all a matter function of the -- -- a concern. I'm thinking with the rain and rivers. Yes I -- of refereeing plodding. -- if there are heavy rains particularly. Constantly. He you know that that's an issue also -- because we are -- -- On the lake in and pick comes into the concept. Whom we have both issues that we would have to be prepared for. Maybe not as much. Surge issue. Our -- parent is not affected by the surge issue but the eastern part particularly. -- LA area. We note that some major concern over the -- pearl river around the river river rain flooding in the chip -- reverse that applauding. Sure we watch all of that in and we make plans call boats. If somebody were to move -- nation asking that question and just wondering in terms of high ground in terms of safety from from rivers are there are some -- of saint Tammany that. You would be an absolute for the most part not worry about area. Well it's sort sliding. Yeah. That the other north obviously we get all more rolling. Terrain and optional flat. And you I think that would normally be an area that you would not have been quite much concern now. They do that there rivers and streams and they're also but it's not quite as it should be here at the southern part of the charge. Now did you guys have a problem with I ten is sections of night's NB enclosed with. Flooding would what's been done about that. Well we have been working with an 81 section and I can look and that is at oak harbor. They interest bearing and then. That whole area responded. We have met with the date they have a plan to raise. That portion attendance certainly not going to be. And goofy and our next it is in the in the planned to do that. But in the meantime we have that we need to have more. On home. Surge protection -- every which we are continuing to battle is what they'll. Arraignment in there and our retention ponds lately region major major drainage retention pond at. That's how we're doing it in the short term and the long term page tries to work with the state and federal government to raise that portion. Oh I -- I appreciate your time thank you in his Dresser. You've been Atmel touch him again but hopefully for good things and hurt -- --

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