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6-2-14 10:10am Scoot: on the 9/11 memorial in NYC

Jun 2, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and asks whether it's appropriate for the 9/11 memorial in New York City to have a gift shop and host functions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey good morning I'm studio floor and Garland today and for the next couple of weeks Fargo and enjoy seas vacation a coming up later in the show we'll talk about healthy school lunches. Vent hole healthy school lunch plan has turned into. Political battle and against for relief should be surprised the -- blog today is titled. When they opened oh no wait that's another that's RR WTO -- -- of people this group like today is titled why is healthy foods for school kids a political issue. And part of the reason is because it's an initiative. With. The endorsement of the White House and First Lady Michelle Obama. So we'll talk about that a little bit later. And made me think back on some of the lunches that I never congress -- Jefferson high school. I don't know if they've really cares but we packed him like that naturally we just -- a little better then then that kids do now which should. Should healthier school choices. -- be required. By the schools we'll talk about that later she'll. Also how do you deal with stress. We were all stressed. And often in the news we hear tragic stories about people who reach a breaking point. And sometimes that leads to tragedies. Their road rage incidents. Of people who get upset somebody says something they pull out a gun and shoot some. The case of -- -- Roger. In Santa Barbara California he was upset and stressed over not beating girls. And he went on a killing spree. So when you hit those stressful moments those intensely stressful moments in the car at home -- work. How do you deal with that. You might just help somebody learn to deal with stress who's having a difficult time than dealing went. -- stress all the time every day in my life -- one day last week in particular. I had an extremely. Stressful morning I was angry I was stressed. I was just cursing in my car I was saying things that. I wouldn't -- anybody ever hear recently. Is being honest. And I had to calm myself down. So when you get really stressed in the car and homer at work. How do you deal with it we'll talk about that next hour. -- WL also there's a fundamentalist Christian group American Family Association that is urging members not to accept any mail. Postmarked but the US postal service's. Newly released Harvey Milk Tea Party -- the first openly gay elected official. So if you refuse. The -- with a Harvey Milk stamp on it. You ultimately still responsible for the nailed you receive will talk about that and also this hour we'll talk about the national September 11 memorial museum. Opening up to the public less than two weeks ago to celebrate the opening of the museum there was a big cocktail party tonight before the museum opened to the public. And that immediately drew criticism. A volunteer grounds heroes and an advocate for the title of the first responders said to have a festive occasion. On human remains. Is repulsive and repugnant. And a 9/11 museum has a gift shop with countless souvenirs you can buy stuff for yourself for for your kids -- for your your pets. Is it disrespectful. Not only was this legislative such a tragedy of September the eleventh. But they're also bodies still buried here. Here's -- W a pretty general opinion poll this morning when he opened the national title of a memorial museum with a cocktail party and -- -- was inappropriate. Or just plain wrong. A tractor pull through our show give us your opinion Michael -- website WW dot com and we'll give you an update on that. I'm coming to appear in just a few minutes before we actually get into the Saturday it would take a moment. On to say good morning to you as someone who described themselves as my number one fan. -- -- -- And again after. The good news recently I think it was back in November. And the news of her health was a life changing moment for her. Her daughter -- Sent me an email. In I don't know what it was about this particular email. But I decided to to go to home yesterday. And say hi to Donna and I've -- -- out a tweet of the picture of Donna holding up the finger number one geez I'm your number what it was amazing yeah. How much I missed on and knew about my life and I guess I don't realize how much. I talk about my life on the -- she knew. Intricate details about we rightly have to undergo about the Gerling dating and -- anyway it was such an honor to meet you missed -- And I hope you got as much out of the meeting. As -- meeting you and I'm gonna try to come back again. And and -- this week so you hang in there. And for those if you who deal with with obstacles in your lives. This this woman. Down again after. Sets such a great example for dealing with. With adversity. She looks at what she's going through as a blessing in her life. Because she gets to see so many people who have been part of her life. And her daughter chance sent me this long email that said my mother listens to you. Every night -- show. She listens to you. In your headphones she's falling asleep -- and other likened. You know helper go to sleep the shows so exciting fall asleep listening to the show. But it was just a very endearing moment in -- -- so honored to meet somebody who was so positive even though they were facing something really serious. And somebody who was just looking at everything as just such a great last. And she wanted to meet which he or daughter says she -- she first in the years I need my scoot. And he's just such an honor for me to. Have been able to to meet you missed on hand to again and you take -- concede a moment. Later this week I'm screwed in fort Garland if you wanna join Russia with a comment about any of -- stuff that we are gonna talk about our numbers 2601870. To all free 86688. -- nearly seventy. -- ever take 7870 so they open the national 9/11. Memorial museum cocktail party gift shop selling souvenirs. Is that appropriate or is that just plain wrong. Is that what we do and America. Is that how we commemorate something we have cocktail parties. We celebrate -- one if there was a cocktail party. With the that the traveling walls for those who died in Vietnam. Scooted for Garland for coming right back -- W well good morning I'm studio fort -- it's -- Tony and it's very nice Monday morning a few showers already developing around the area. You know -- yesterday in my drive down two to home to see you missed on. I ran into may -- that habeas thunderstorm I've ever been in in my entire life. As heavy as a thunderstorm that I have been and there are sort negated when it there's been a hurricane or tropical storm here this was this is on the right hand just in the past Kenner. I -- 310 -- you might have been in that cell yesterday it was unbelievable -- -- I saw something was just amazing. I saw a woman. Who had a flashing lights out she's in SUV. She's in the middle. Driving about fifty miles an hour. She's got her for her hazard lights. She's moving course that's illegal. You'd you're not supposed to flashing lights on publisher of vehicle is stopped or is a severe. -- stooped to the flow of traffic this woman was not. And I think about people who have this mentality to put their flashing lights on. Oh it's raining or Mike -- got to flashing -- what does everybody put their flashlights. I mean it would be -- it. In and the problem is his species of habit of flashing lights. You assume that year they're stopped. You could come up on somebody and slammed your breaks on picking that they are stopped. And and cause a chain reaction accident. So don't do -- obviously this woman doesn't listen to Visio. I thought everybody did but obviously she -- but wait this -- this isn't even the best part. So here's a woman any driving driving rainstorm on the ice I slowed him it was really get. She's got -- hazard lights -- She doesn't have a regular lights on. And she's behind the wheel texting. I'm thinking one now. What to. What do poster child this is for. And intelligent driving here's -- WB you'll pretty general opinion poll this morning it's also something we're starting to talk about who to get our show. When they opened the national September 11 memorial museum with a cocktail party and -- store. -- that's appropriate or just plain wrong. 56% say it's appropriate. 44% say it's wrong you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL -- count and would give an update on that as we -- that -- us throughout this hour. When I think about two. How we do things in America we do. We do commemorate in spite by celebrating. Sometimes with parties. Was it wrong to have a cocktail party at the the national September 11 memorial museum. Now let's remember that there are bodies still buried here some people thought it was very disrespectful. In an op Ed article on foxnews.com. Titled commercializing the sacred site of the 9/11. Is shameful. And as harsh criticism of having a cocktail party where people are drinking and lasting. Basically. On a great site. But is that what we do and America is that not. As disrespectful as it might seem it is okay dancing on a great site may be that sounds really disrespectful but is that what we do and America. We celebrate things. The World War II museum they have parties they have weddings there have been to a wedding there -- great facility for a wedding or party. But that's a very solemn place when you think about what happened during World War II. Is it wrong to have a party. At a place that is subtle or is this an example of America just not being respectful. Enough of the dead. If you enjoy an issue with the -- this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text numbers -- and he said he could get to your text here in just a moment from may and a field dot -- and a VW real good morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- had. Long hair and older now that it will allow each other like. Oh yeah. I don't understand why people don't just naturally know how to do -- And and here -- -- lady with flashing lights on so she obviously knows -- dangers but she doesn't even put her regular lights. -- yeah well. I'm up here. Like -- and at our. Our and you know. Oh. This is why I believe that we should be required to take a driver's test every time we get our license renewed in the renewal was now been extended for four years six years that goes into effect I believe August of this year. -- There there are there are there are always new new rules that are enacted by the legislature and and you don't know those rules if you don't have to take the test -- so to just extend. And again I I talk about my personal experience when I moved back here from Denver although I had to do we showed them -- Colorado license which was valid. And they gave me a Louisiana driver's license I should've been forced to take attest. -- It is done and political showed thanks for listening. Here is attacks to. -- old. Bodies are buried there didn't -- clean away everything before building the memorial as far as I know there -- I don't know that they recovered. Every part of everybody. Ground zero. Here is another text. Here is there's nothing wrong with people celebrating the success of a project. The success of completing. A memorial it sounds like the cocktail party -- -- sports people who worked hard. There's nothing wrong with the living in -- a party that celebrates their accomplishments. Were talking about whether or not it's appropriate to. Have a gift shop -- -- teachers and things like Dan Ford's national -- eleven memorial museum in New York City. Ground zero. And there's criticism have a cocktail party here -- this really brings up a much bigger issue about how we deal with things in America. Is it okay to celebrate. On on a great site is it okay to celebrate and a solemn place where. Weird. Thing here is so a lot of respect for the -- If you enjoy an issue with your comment -- numbers 2601872. All free 866889070. In a text -- activities -- also this criticism. The head of 9/11 museum I think making 200000 dollars a year. Again this is it's turning into. I guess to some degree a commercial venture. From the bill Walters your under -- W out. Hey you're really done -- day off hit you know she well like that like you know -- that that field. Quick yet he also ran in. I think people do that and it's just that the memory of this mean you're still very present a lot of people's minds. You know and then when he had it might not be true this week like any other place you know and. And you don't think there's anything wrong with selling souvenirs and items for your pants. Not. -- an -- I'm asking the question because it is eskimo open reverend a couple of articles recently adopted son did this and I. Have a problem with. I'm more upset with people with their -- and they get like a costly aren't currently needed them to make it as Blake there's not. You can't be anymore. You know they just took a lot you'd like Al. Why -- I don't either I just I don't understand that. The mentality of somebody who would turn on their hazard lights if they're moving in traffic do you not understand. That that is to signify a car that is stopped. -- do you not understand that you're not the only one in the traffic and then this woman yesterday turning on her flashing lights and it pouring rain storm. No lights on but she's got her flashing lights on and she's texting. Well then -- they say you can't fix stupid right. -- I get I guess she can't Walter I'm glad you called if you and join us with your comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text Amber's late 77 here's an update on our Debbie give you a project bopping people were talking about this as we begin our show today. When they open the national September 11 memorial museum in New York with a cocktail party and -- store. Was this appropriate or just plain wrong. 64%. Say it's plain wrong so big shift in our poll 36% say it was appropriate. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW belt dot com here's I texting -- text about it headlights here is text. And scoot the dead don't know nothing it's a note this is here's a text about the headlights. Astute I always turn on my headlights rain or shine light on for safety and -- text about the museum. I'm astute that dead don't know nothing so it's actually respect for the living. And then I can I can't help but think about just not the whole premise behind Janice funeral. Is that not celebrating. Somebody's life. Here is attacks that -- says some vehicles. Have one like -- For the brake light and the -- and the lakers override the brake lights. So if you hit the brakes with the flasher on the car behind you won't know your breaking. Please please. Tell your friends if they don't notice -- -- this yesterday. Flashing lights driving on the interstate middle lane. -- didn't turn her lights on nice big white SUV. She turned her flashing lights on and while she's driving in the rain. She's -- It just scares me that you and I share the road with people like that. If you editor in Russia with Condit are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a -- a -- 77 it's 1030 I'm -- super -- today and death for the next couple of weeks. And with the WWL news update here's Chris Miller Garland is on vacation for a couple of weeks -- scoots I'll be doing girly show for the next couple weeks in their bond that you will be on during this could show. And night here into the WL. How do you deal with stress. Real gets stressed how do you deal with it because -- -- a deal that sometimes you end up in a situation where. You're really in deep trouble. And I think about road rage I think about cases where people were upset because somebody says something they didn't like and he pulled out a gun and shot. How do you deal with stress we'll talk about that next hour. Here's I -- give you a pretty general opinion polling and a -- When he opened the national 9/11 memorial museum with a cocktail party and a gift shop. Was inappropriate. Or just plain wrong. 35% say it was appropriate 65% say just plain wrong. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW World Cup also talking about something a song tonight yesterday afternoon I've -- -- definitely by the way. I I drove down to home -- and -- woman who describes herself it is my number one fan Don again effort and it was just a pleasure to meet and missed on -- and two we have and a picture of me with a -- on and on our FaceBook page at ten WWL radio FaceBook. And I was really honored to meet this person who is facing a tremendous challenge. In her life and just such a brave and positive person -- it just made me feel great and -- and I. I hope I got I mean I hope she got as much out of our conversation. And -- it. So again missed -- missed Donna I'm told to have you as soon as solicitor thank you for the meeting just a portrait of doce. Later this week. But in a driving down the home yesterday it was just -- rainstorm on my -- about the 610 about the three tenths split. And I know that this was so I'm very happy Silva moved across much of of theories so you might have been entered into -- well. And I noticed this woman in a big white SUV center lane driving with a flashing lights on. No lights on flashing lights -- And she's texting. In a thinking man if you are so concerned. About this driving rainstorm that you've got to put your hazard flashing lights on. When you have your lights on and why. Are you text. On the cause weight on your WB well. Caught a quick traffic update. Are we -- not out caught where people. Go back and hopefully block it on over there have been bought and Powell and that situation. Most repressed at a couple would be careful -- out there. Walking on that bridge right now. All right Don thanks for that update. Additionally a college as a result in the only thing wrong which is. There's been wrong -- it -- People do it and we have in full Parse out earlier or thought -- could be -- it. The first -- hit it -- about an -- on the nation that we should more strict enforcement. That she dropped -- at turtle. Like -- yeah. It's. -- or Jewish all all all. Like it -- -- I. And even if here in the far even if you're in the far right late Don you really need to be going so slowly that you're a severe hindrance to traffic and not driving it like forty miles an hour in the ring. But. Yeah. You're not going if -- -- double figures. On likely follow up -- not. It's the English it and you know people -- now we don't report. Well and I can I'll have to say that you know. Police officers have enough to worry about in week. We shouldn't -- is great is it would be if they could start really busting people more for for texting and it properly day inappropriately using -- their hazard lights and doing stupid things like that it would be great if we can get the police to enforce that particular -- to -- Or. The all of or more and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There had been that there are caught. Up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Should knock on -- which is why. -- not -- but it will be a lot. I was just call when I saw this yesterday and I realize this is one person but to I know that she's representative of a lot of people behind the wheel. -- -- -- I'd like. Your first responders get -- what -- package it's light but. It's now. And Don thank you for your service to the community and I'm glad you called. I'm from New Orleans east surely you're under VW well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sports but it. Too. And they. Are. All our. And -- Yeah where people drive -- bar. And I -- But still on checks. Now. -- thing. That we can't do. Like being on and it's you know should resolve. But. It. 000. It's. -- vehicle -- -- Point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's just at that astonishes me. And -- Want to call. -- just find out. You wouldn't care about and to judge how much. Are that the art. I don't think it. I haven't taken a driving test. Since I moved to Seattle and that would have been guests in 1999. The state of Washington required that I take a driving test. But I went to move to a for -- to cholera no move from they're origin. -- had to take a driving test and -- I mean I driver's test in origin and that would -- in maybe 2001. And then I haven't had to take driving tennesseans and I think it's it's amazing that I came back to the states even though they might add me on record is -- we driver's license before. A lot of analysts changed all of it was show Michael revelations and gave me as analysts. -- -- -- -- -- Oh well. I'll. Bet that law. -- -- -- And -- -- the. Will surely I'm really glad to call the show I join our conversation do we have to have signings and laws. Banning everything that stupid. Me what happened to common sense. Do you really need a law telling you that texting while driving is dangerous. I'm student for -- and our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. A text interstate 77 I'm -- budget takes to get to that's coming up next WL. As you know I love this feature new music and soap opera music going in and out of brakes on the shares have argued during -- BW Elvis is so from a band called magic. Song is called rude. He has a good -- feel to it so it was number one in Australia in the winner which was summer in Australian that. That side of the equator. It's on route by magic. I'm -- for garlic here's an update on our divvied up -- pretty general opinion poll also talking about this on the show this morning. When they opened the international 9/11 memorial museum of the cocktail parties gear store which that appropriate or just plain wrong. 33% say it was appropriate 67%. Say it was wrong. It is your opinion like going to our web site WW dot com also mentioned on our FaceBook page. And -- a woman who describes herself as my number one fan and I'm -- on again effort for Oklahoma. I don't fantasy yesterday and pictures on our FaceBook page at W Israel radio very very briefly. I hear is attacks that reads this -- next time you're at home stop by and visit -- And judge -- roadside directories. It's located about a mile after you crossed the bridge into Solomon's. And we look foolish parish on the left hand side of the road with people who gorilla out front I don't know how like admits that thank you for the invitation. Here is a text as Pearl Harbor sell T shirts. I don't remember I went to the US Arizona. -- USS Arizona museum. And memorial. And I don't remember if they sold T shirts or not. Here's a text that reads it is it museum not a -- -- gift shop is appropriate which you celebrate the lives of those who lost. It was a tragedy. But Americans. Live in a constant state. Of mourning. And I think in the context of America. I think the way we treat things. I think it's OK to have a cocktail party. At the grand opening of the 9/11 museum. Because I can't imagine anybody that cocktail party would have forgotten. What happened. And is there anything wrong with celebrating the opening. Of this. Magnificent. Monument. To who we are as a country. We built it right back. Where they tore it down they tried to hurt us and we built it right back in nesting spot. And with respect for those who lost their lives. I don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating that moment. If you -- to join -- -- the comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. To -- numbers 877 he gets a text -- they should make all cars with a sensor that automatically turns your lights on. When you put on your wipers. Okay well you know that's fine on a lot of cars at the -- -- automatically. Going automatically and my -- it's an older car. But again. We're compensating for stupidity. What you can't do it yourself how many generations in the past live. They didn't have these kind of laws are -- people use common sense in the past. What happened a common sense. I'm scoot him for Garland. Ever be back on WWL. You know -- this big rainstorm I was in yesterday it turned out to be a really nice afternoon effect -- and a beautiful drive back from home yesterday afternoon after my visit down there. The national 9/11 memorial museum opened to the public less than two weeks ago and to celebrate the grand opening of the museum there was a big cocktail party. And also there's and mr. Addiction and there have been some complaints about this. A volunteer -- grounds here early and advocate for 9/11 first responders said. To have a festive occasion on human remains is repulsive and repugnant and there are steel. -- still bodies at ground zero. On the 9/11 museum does have its this gift shop with countless items that -- defeated -- items for your -- is there anything wrong with that. Isn't this the way we commemorate things in America. As long as we still respect the dead and still. Still respect what happened and don't forget what happened. I'm not sure that there's anything wrong with with commemorating. The building of this would really is in a lot of ways of monument. In an op Ed piece at foxnews.com titled commercializing. A sacred site of 9/11 is shameful. And his harsh criticism in this op Ed piece of foxnews.com with cocktail party where people were drinking and laughing on what is basically a great. So we've been talking about whether or not it's wrong to hold parties and still T shirts and teachings of the gift shop at the site of the terrorist attack on America American Idol of or is that the way we commemorate things in America. Here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll this morning when he opened the national night eleven memorial museum the cocktail party and give store was that appropriate or just plain wrong. 35% say it's appropriate 65%. So it's just. Plain wrong somebody called -- our studio producer mark and are just a moment ago is said to tell scooted. We have a party on agreed sites every Sunday during football season. The superdome is built on the cemetery. And I I've heard you know whatever the saints have had a really bad bad streak. Before the saints won the Super Bowl they were people who were saying well of course it's the coerced the team's curse because the Mercedes-Benz superdome is built. On -- cemetery. By the much of this city's probably built on on a cemetery when you think about all those who died. Who were actually. Helping to build our city here is a -- -- Cisco -- -- -- to be seen as a gift shop indeed it does in in a very nice. I hear is attacks on Pearl Harbor sells all kinds of stuff it helps support the memorial. Here's a Texas Cisco at the police officer that called was incorrect according to Louisiana State driving test study guide. On a three lane highway the right lane is for entering and exiting traffic. The middle lane is fourth through traffic. And the left lane is for passing entering or exiting left lane ramps. Which should be outlawed. In my opinion. Here is a text there we altered driver's I don't one time remember that teacher telling us about. The -- emergency lights you guys don't issue flashing lights if you get involved in heavy rain it's against the law I'm student for Garland and two will be back after the news.