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6-2-14 11:10am Scoot: on dealing with stress

Jun 2, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and asks how you deal with stress.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talk about stress. How you deal with stress. We hear tragic stories about people all the time who reach a breaking point. They're stressed they don't know how to deal with. And a tragedy results. Road rage people and a dead and injured. People get upset they get angry the year. Stressed out they are angry and I guess it's really as much about anger as it is about stress. They're angry it's somebody said something that they didn't like or they're angry that somebody disrespect to. And as guests to the point where they're inspired to get a gun and shoot and kill somebody. There are a lot of people in jail. Because they couldn't deal with their stress they couldn't deal with their anger. One day last week I was trying to do something nice for. The growing dating and and and her daughter and when I was trying to do that that's insignificant. But I was trying to do something nice and it was one of those mornings and everything went wrong. The little things. And I realize that in it in comparison to what goes wrong with other people these were little things but in it in -- in relation to my world that it was a -- it was a big deal at the moment. And I was really really stressed. I mean I was in the car. I was I was cursing I was yelling and I was screaming in my car. I was that angry. And I had took to find a way to come down and sometimes like I get to that point. And I just need to focus on OK this is temporary. It's not gonna last. And I need to just focus on how everything's -- everything's gonna work out. How do you deal with stress. Because that day if I would not the kind of person I am. Stress might have gotten to me. And I might have said something -- and I'm I'm Tony it was one little thing after another. But it really built -- and by the way as it is it turned out the nice thing that I was trying to do. For the grown dating and and her daughter. I could do it was too late because so many things had gone wrong I couldn't even fulfill my mission. And I thought -- just was trying to do a nice thing and it didn't work -- I wish really. Stressed. And angry. Not anybody in particular but just -- -- everything. How do you deal with stress. How do you deal with with those moments of anger. You know there are times when people get so angry. On the road. That they commit acts of broad range. Some people have followed some people into a service station and beat -- -- pulls a gun off. Because they were upset on on the highway. I realize that life is use is stressful. And we become very impatient with others I was impatient with the lady on the road I didn't do anything. But I was impatient to I just I was impatient with the stupidity of woman who was driving in the rain she's never lights on but she and -- flashing lights on. Driving in the middle lane and driving rainstorm and she's texting. So she thinks it's that dangerous to chance to put -- hazard lights why in the heck is this woman texting while she's driving. Mean -- just infuriates me but. I'm just trying to. Learn to relax. And -- -- Got a text from somebody earlier it's a dent school when you get stressed. Think about the moment you want to visit. In home yesterday. And if you just joined -- showing. Got an email from somebody wait last week to. Said to her mother says she aspired number one fan and -- she's facing. Traumatic health situation. And I should you know -- -- -- and say -- to Marcella I don't -- home yesterday to practicing harder effect we go to the picture up on our FaceBook page. At WWL radio it is great to meet missed out again effort and done on the trunk of CU -- currency again this week but. -- said just think about that won't. And maybe that's a really good thing to do think about those who were dealing with things that are so much serious more serious -- the moment that we're dealing. And we all have those moments and again we know the compared to others these are just minor things going on. But relative to our lives at the moment. You can sometimes get really stressed out and really angry. And for me I couldn't just put on music I mean there's music that I love to listen to -- really stressed I don't hear music. Music does it would be a good mood. But if I -- a good mood music will enhance the good mood musical fit the good mood which goes back something that I often talk about which is. The music reflects the move -- it doesn't make you do bad things for example. If you select certain kinds of music it reflects the mood to rent. I if you are not in love with somebody might guy -- -- just break up with somebody a love song that's the last thing you wanna hear but if you're in love. You want to journalists. If you would enjoy pressure with the comment on how you deal with strategy is there is -- -- little thing you do you might help somebody who's having a difficult time. Dealing with their stress to dealing with their anger. I've told this story doubts when piracy in in Denver. There was a woman. She threw her cigarette -- on the ground. And not only wish you littering at my apartment complex. But it was also a time when there were sent a burn ban on Colorado because of the threat of a -- -- parts. And nobody was allowed to throw anything on the ground or have picnics or have any kind of fire at all so even during a burn band. In addition to that she was -- So why is simply said could you throw your cigarette butt in the ashtray. What she got mad at me it had told the police and tried to beat her up which of course which ridiculous but unfortunately the cops believe her. Over me. Maybe I should've worn my leather jacket to meet with the police I don't know but it still wasn't fair anyway I had to -- and anger management classes it's none of my record or anything but I mean I had to go to court. And in -- in -- anger management class. I'm sitting next to people who like one guy beat up somebody in his cell. Which means he was already in jail and he beat this so late. What are ideal I totally she should disorder cigarette butt on the ground and I -- anger management class. And there were several people. There were several people vets were in the class as a result of road rage. And one guy follow somebody into a service station. Got out of his car. And beat him up in the into the that the gas line. So how was that you deal with stress. Here's a text that read so how can you handle stress or any problem. Pray. Have faith. Trusting god his word through the holy spirit he works. Satan is real -- Here is just text stress easy it's called what's a pro. Here is it taxed. Can you please. Let's say no that's some that's a personal attacks -- get to that here in just a moment. -- here's a text and how do you know whether or not. The reason in how to you know whether or not the reason she had her flashing lights on was due to her headlights failure. And I know being higher in -- vehicle allow issues to see. So if she's having headlight was this was this was a a relatively new issue for me. I don't know for sure she was having headlight problem but if it's illegal to drive with you flashing lights on then. She should have got to have like fixed our she should be on the side of the -- anyway it was dangerous to drive with the flashing lights on no no headlights. And texting while she's driving so again eyewitness. I was. In the face of total stupidity behind the -- If you wanna join Russia with a common but I'd really like to talk about stress and in a do you have a secret for dealing with with stresses there's some little thing that you do that helps you deal with a moment of anger. In the car. At work. Org home. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. And our tax receipts 7870 a also here's our W of your pretty jaw dropping people when they open the national 9/11 memorial museum in New York there was a cocktail party and there's a gift shop opened. Was that appropriate. Or just plain wrong give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and update coming up next I screwed it for -- for the next couple of weeks and this is WWL. And ordered back to think tank on student for Garland today and for the next couple of weeks Scarlett is on vacation here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion -- morning. When he opened the national 9/11 memorial museum in new York at a cocktail party and a gift store which that's appropriate or just plain wrong. 3435%. Thoughts at 36%. Say it was appropriate. But a majority 64% say it was just plain wrong. It is your opinion by going to our web site having to -- you'll come I'm getting a number of text about the gift shop the where were to -- and have a great gift shop at the World War II museum. And there's nothing wrong with that does Texas so it's appropriate for the 9/11 memorial as well. And and I agree as long as we don't commercialize. As long as we don't. Forget. Why we're buying these items and end. When I think about the times that I visited the World War II museum and go to the gift shop. And see how the gear shop is its position to London in the building in the museum. There's nothing disrespectful about it at all it just makes you proud to be an American. We have a video on our FaceBook page to be -- -- radio. It's a video we just posted this it's a video of the items sold at the gift shop at the 9/11 memorial museum in New York. So you can go to WWL radio FaceBook and take a look at that video and on scholarship you have a -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. A -- over State's 7870. Ross are talking about stress. And there are people in jail who couldn't deal with their stress that couldn't deal with that moment of anger. Social that really gets -- I can relate to this because last week there was a day I was just trying to do something nice. And nothing was going right -- tragic happened but I mean relative to what I was trying to do a good thing for somebody. Everything went wrong and it turned out that I could even for film night. My mission. I was really angry. And I just had to take a deep breath and realize that. Are right. There's nothing to do about that is happening this is not define my life this does not define who I am a Disco -- ago. -- or something you do to deal with stress. Because I see people stressed every single day you know yesterday. I didn't know exactly where to turn what it's going to home. And I decided I swerved over to make a turn and then and came back and I had plenty space to to turn back but the fact that -- came back in the -- the driver behind me through his hands up in the air and looked like he was. -- -- -- -- -- mean it didn't lead to anything. But quite often road rage leads to people acting on their stress and anger to the point where they get in serious trouble personally kill somebody. How do you deal with stress. Our numbers 2601872. All free 8668890. Point seven. At a text number is 877 here's a -- -- clearly you're intimidated by a woman's ability to multitask while just. Just driving. Is enough for a while just driving as a challenge enough for you -- here's attacks criticizing me. For not recognizing a woman's ability to multitask. Because the woman is driving with -- flashing lights on no lights on her hazard lights and she's texting while driving. So are we now saying that women should be allowed to text and drive. Because they can multitask better than men. I'm not denying that women -- multitask. Better than men but there have been countless women who have killed people. And they were texting while driving. A from New Orleans Mary -- and to be WL. And had the -- the popped up at -- Anyway I get an average -- -- you know out of eighteen the kind of the jail but that was that does -- -- track built and I have been working on this. -- -- -- What -- is that. I don't do it and what Lotta ways it -- practiced practiced. But I think you have to reckon when you start getting that respect because -- beat -- gonna continue to build up -- It double dipped OK and that takes practice that the -- happen overnight. On it and get better it -- to you know be away. Yeah I think we do train ourselves to deal with different situations and and we can if we if we if we don't have the skills to deal with that now we need to. A teacher -- to deal with stress and anger and also parents need to teach their kids to deal with stress and anger because so often we hear about tragedies that the result. That the -- -- the result of of kids and teenagers not being able to handle their anger. Yeah well anyway the plucked a planet but that the birth when it. It -- being aware when it but it happened to support that -- And -- -- -- was aware of that and I'm talking about my personal experience last week I was aware of it started to happen and I want to get out and just trying to stop it and I could go ahead snow okay. And then get to. In debt packet say. These -- helped me to change. And picked -- -- a change and that I say that plant. And then if that somebody like that that they let them on the flow whatever. I'd say I don't bring that lady and -- lot -- calm down that I could be different. Now when you spoke titillating about particular -- -- you comment spoken -- would you talk -- and got. Amaro I don't know I was calm now that's already brought -- what she told I said it might have been a little sarcastic because I said and I said it exactly this way I've. Do you think you could -- put that cigarette out in your restaurant. Well anywhere we have to get out down in the La mode like some kind of thing you know because. The love in July and Pete defeated and that it. At the same -- -- -- back to you via the -- cannot get together you don't want the other -- it Katrina dealt to get into the other that they love the peace in the door. And it take a lot of work about what -- perhaps. Yeah I'm I'm going to call I'm less stressful because you called. You know elected as -- I set a prayer are really I said several prayers while I was totally stressing out. But he if you have a difficult time dealing with stress and anger this is something -- -- you'd need to need to work you need to develop those skills that I realized that. The world is crowded. Things are stressful. On time is of essence to all of us it's such it's such a finite. Assets in our lives. And we can't always we can't always do things the way we want sometimes things go wrong -- sometimes people get really really angry and I see it every day on the road. And it happens in life quite often we're talking about tragedies on the radio. That are the result of somebody not dealing with their anger or distress. So how do you deal with stress. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- it's -- Protects a -- 7870. Here's a text I smoked pot policy and -- recommend that here's. Is it tax it's says. I just listened to music and here's a text I take a mission trips quite frequently to Central American countries. Their poverty. Is on a scale that American poverty has never seen. The people there. Are so beautiful and content. With the very little -- half they would gladly shear or give anything. To have. To have what we had. Goes on to stage four. Those two young. For those. Very young to the serial. Their lives are so hard and filled with contrast. With constant work not going. To the air conditioned office but working in the fields from sunup to sundown. My stress could never compare to there's a do not worry about. About feeding. And clothing my family most Americans aren't chest. Being fed. Four times a week so I Wear a bracelet all the time. That was made in El Salvador. It helps -- to run myself never to say for me I'm stressed I'm starving I'm freezing or anything else. It allows me to take the focus off -- easy life. And pray for those. Who need it. If you what did you and our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. Tech's number 677 and -- in fort Garland on this Monday morning and here's a WWL news update with Chris Miller. I Disco blog is titled why is healthy food for school kids a political issue or talk about that in the next hour you can read the blog and share with others it's on our website at WWL. -- -- And here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll when they open the national 9/11 memorial museum in new York at a cocktail party and gift store was that appropriate or just plain wrong. 36% say it was appropriate 64% say. It was just plain wrong. Give us your opinion by going to WW dot com and I would remind you that on our FaceBook page WL radio we do have video of the items that are sold at the 9/11 gift shop. -- from its city John -- and a VW real good morning. This. What I do and I experienced a lot of stress. -- Sometimes. All go to on the -- a little Catholic church and just sit there and just. Just really try to call in your church is still open. And a lot of them. -- jugular to downtown in the CBD. An unopened they've got the doors. -- Not that well. In in other parts of town it is buried his. Arm and you know when our quality. Well some churches now that -- chapels that are open 24 hours a day if you know where those are those. Those are good. -- that would be very calming now but what about the moment that you're -- -- obviously that's something that you can think about if you get stressed or angry. It in in a moment it worked in the car or at home. Is there something you do before you could get to the church that helps you. I hit. It's much I know that. Whatever I say I can navigate those words back. Once they're out there thought that I can never you know. Yeah I'm sorry enough to bring them back Ian. I'm really have done myself some real harm has some really -- thing people that shouldn't. So I'd note that those experiences. I can't say everything. And John not only can you not take words back but he certainly can't take a bullet back. You know now and and and that's that's got -- -- You know I'm not. Knock it you know it. Would somebody -- a lightning you might not be in that category it's a -- that I talk about things that involve people who shot somebody because they were frustrated and angry. -- -- a whole other category of behavior that I'm glad I don't even get into it. You shared your -- who's going to church that would be very common thing and then. You know it is just trying to come down at the moment if we. And it. Sometimes the library. Yeah John -- -- cult nationalist. I know I think about when I get really stressed time I've I think about. How it's not collapsed. And I'm gonna get through it because when you go through that moment of stress for you going through that moment of anger. You don't ever feel like it's gonna end. But it is gonna end. So maybe if you look at it as a a really vicious thunderstorms. It's right on top -- but yet at some point you're gonna drive out of the thunderstorm or the thunderstorm is gonna pass you. May be thinking about that would help you deal with those early stressful and and very angry moments. Here's a -- series I'd idea deal with stress by playing call of duty. Shooting games or great stress relievers unedited video games but I can understand how that might be. A way to deal with stress. Here's a text -- while the Bible is full of stories parables and lessons of life. To help stress etc. like the guy who took the south American trip. And study. And read it and here's a text I would say lord Jesus help me and count to ten. Yeah but sometimes I'm stressed to the point right and -- count a little beyond ten. Here's attacks that I don't need feel the need to named it television station because I don't know for sure but. It says here that a television station has the person that tells you to drive with your hazard lights on. That person. On that television station. Is wrong. And if you just -- -- are showing studio for Garland for the next couple of weeks. And arguments of the it happened yesterday and in this horrific. Thunderstorm yesterday on I ten closed it to three tenths split -- sitting at -- And this woman is seen in a late model issue -- White issue -- she's in the middle lane. She's driving with a hazard lights. Well it's wrong. Natalie -- hazard lights on which is a half her regular lights on. Because when I I I got around her I can look back their headlights were not on their hazard lights fraud and not only that when I pastor I noticed she was texting. While driving. And we are constantly reminded that there are a lot of people who don't understand some of the basic rules of the road. Here is attacks that -- cute idea was stressed by texting you and listening to you. Refute it. Okay well I guess that's one way to deal with stress his attacks more relieve stress talked to your pets. -- pats have been known to be great stress reliever in people's lives. If you're enjoying our show with a comment about anything we're talking about this morning her number is 2601 -- celebrity. Tool free 8668890870. -- Amber's age 7870. Sometimes. Handling a moment of anger or -- moment of stress. In the right way. Can keep you from going to percent. I'm student for Garland and were coming back right after this break and to -- WL. How do you deal with stress. How do you deal with your moment of anger with a year in the car on the roads at work. Or -- I I -- a dead yesterday in a better driveway I mean just it's reading of these young daughter -- I don't know which he -- maybe she deserved it. But I also know that sometimes. Parents. Just go overboard with their kids. And and realize that you know our kids can be can be irritating and when he finally bring it to that breaking point week. Sometimes get really angry but I mean this guy -- like animated interest screaming and yelling. If she was backing up again maybe she deserves not passing judgment on that. But I do know that we tend to gets stressed. And angry quite easily. And there are people who don't know how to deal with the but it's always a good idea to know exactly how to deal with stress here's a -- reads. A skeleton next time of the best way to come down. Is to breathe in and out only through your nose and deeply enough you can read into your Billy. And that -- -- here's attacks I repeat serenity now over and over to relieve stress I remember that from that episode of a site. Here's -- -- if I'm driving it helps me to rules and the window and scream. It's like a release now I usually end up laughing and feel less stressful. As long as the wrong person does that that your yelling at them. And also we've been talking about. Hazard lights I saw this yesterday and I've got a text about it just a moment ago. This woman minister ritual. Downpour. Is driving in the middle lane with their hazard lights on and not her headlights. And she's texting while driving and actually getting text from people who were defending the woman. And it -- astounds me. Here's attacks about a hazard lights in the rain it's not just to Louisiana thing just got off I tend to ritual brain. People with the Georgia and Florida license plates are driving with their hazard lights on. Why do you think you're the special -- why do you think you should have your hazard lights are read only when the -- chart. Now everybody's in the -- So what do you think you should put on your answer what if everybody put their hazard lights on. And hazard lights would be meaningless. And if you can do it can why can't the rest of -- -- Again that's why it's it's stupid and it's also illegal. For Belle chase Alex your Adobe WL. I. Like that it Alec and Billy Schroder and Brooklyn and that you currently. -- -- -- -- -- -- Whether or not cook is a big culture. That. People. Well outrage treatment come from I'm right. Even if you are like -- All right we'll try to -- a big -- that. I think that's a good point it and and also there's nothing we can do about what the other person has already done and if we let them make us angry than we've really allowed them to make a sentry. Sure. That the reality of it is wrong but I gave me a lot of trouble pat. -- call it out beating many different things and why -- why he right. And I acted yet do it on every -- you look at the you know. It trouble you don't like it -- your computer. Connector. Built. I it's an interesting point Alex I'm on -- to -- the color show. Here is attacks to eve celebration. Was in order. Families friends and feelings of falling. Should have been considered this is within their cocktail party at the the grand opening 9/11 memorial museum in New York. I would not be so against it if nonalcoholic beverages had been served no dancing also if money made. I would be used for the upkeep of the memorial or families. But did not do use it for profit I'm not sure that it's it's being used for for profit and wanting to be talking about today is this controversy I've read about this last week. The day before the 9/11 memorial museum opened up there was a big cocktail party at the site. And -- volunteer grounds Euro and an advocate for 9/11 first responder said a to have a festive occasion. On family remains. Is repulsive and it's repugnant. And there are still remains there in an op Ed piece of foxnews.com. It was titled commercializing the sacred site of 9/11 is shameful. And it was harsh criticism of the cocktail party where people were drinking and laughing on what is basically. A great sites and it also there are items on sale we've got the video what's on sale of the 9/11 memorial museum on our on our FaceBook page at WWL. Radio and also on FaceBook is. A picture five missed Dunn and somebody were to go visit today yesterday and -- who describes herself as my number one fan and it was a delight to meets and missed on in a very very. A brief lady didn't even with all she's facing very very optimistic -- That's something to think about next time I get stressed. I'm started for Garland. We're coming back into the W well. Coming up in the next hour we're gonna talk about the and healthy food plan for school kids it's become a big political issue the First Lady Michelle Obama is behind it and that may be one of the reasons it has become. A so political. Soul why is it's a political talk about that coming up in the next hour. I'm student for garlic ledger with us here is a text that reads the and the ground zero cocktail party gift -- controversy brings to mind Gettysburg which has a gift shop. And -- grounds is still has mass graves of unknown soldiers. It really brings to mind what presently instead of the Gettysburg address. He said quote. But in a larger sense we cannot dedicate. We cannot consecrate. We cannot -- this round the -- men. Protectionist got a lot of text in -- jump around hollering -- the brief men living and dead who struggled here have consecrated it. Far above our poor power to and or detract. It's really great point. Here is attacks to it reads. The flashing lights or so other people can see from behind. I like it when I can see people coming. The flashing lights. Are supposed to indicate. To all drivers. That -- vehicle is stopped. Or severe endurance to traffic. This ego maniacal temptation. To put on your flashing lights. If it's raining or info log is illegal. And it's a mistake. Here is. Checks to. That tonight is from a truck driver in heavy rain you should have on your hazard lights because it helps. To see the driver in front of you is it hard rain hazard. No it's not a hazard purse say I guess it's hazardous driving in in hard rain but. Again that you that the hazard lights are. To me this is -- this is a small thing but it's just a further indication of how. How many rules of the road are not totally. -- understood and in addition to boom in addition to driving -- with their hazard lights on this woman was texting while driving. In a thunderstorm that she thought was so horrific should depart on -- hazard lights. But she's texting while driving. And that just doesn't make any sense to me. Here's a text hazard lights on vehicles or more prevalent on city streets because there are many vehicles who's driving lights don't work. So this year it has put -- hazard lights either way it's illegal and hopefully we set the record straight on this I'm scoot in for girl and we're back after the news.