WWL>Topics>>6-2-14 12:10pm Scoot: on school lunches

6-2-14 12:10pm Scoot: on school lunches

Jun 2, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and asks why school lunches have become so political.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon Garland is on vacation I'll be doing growing issue for the next couple weeks and bond that you will be doing doing scoot joined -- from eight to midnight ledger with us on this Monday afternoon. A lot of thunderstorms around the area already I was in terrific storm yesterday. That is Atlanta a conversation about flashing lights this are quite often comes up. I saw a woman yesterday I mean this was really torrential rain it was his heaviest rain. Would be into a tropical storm or hurricane was really bad you might have experienced this Cecily yesterday's would have been. Early yesterday afternoon. I -- candor about the three tenths split. It's a cruising along in the middle lane with a hazard lights on no lights that are hazard lights and and she's texting while she's she's right. And again I just mentioned it but immediately started getting some text about it driving with a hazard lights on here's attacks that reads. I drive a thousand miles a week I cannot stand when a car has its flashing lights on in the rain. When I see the flashing lights I applied my breaks. Thinking they -- to hand. Having to feature breaks in the rain is never safe please turn your -- off here's -- if you were moving slowly your answer to someone driving faster. I'm astonished that so many people our. Are are finding excuses to -- your flashing lights. It's like justification for word something that's not even legal. It's my understanding that the flashing lights are to indicate that a vehicle is either stopped. Or is. Hazard. And you're not a hazard if you're in traffic driving forty miles an hour. The -- of the people are driving 4050 miles an hour in a rain storm. -- -- maybe going five miles an hour and at that point get off the road. And you can correct me if I'm -- about this. But it's always been my understanding. It's against the law to drive. Cruise along with flashing lights on and yet they are people who were. I guess. Statistically. Inspired to turn on the lights because they want everybody to see them win that's not the reason you're supposed to turn your lights are. We've also been talking about -- controversy with the national 9/11 memorial museum and in New York. It opened less than two weeks ago and the day before it opened it was a big celebration big cocktail party people drinking and having fun at the museum. And also there's been some criticism of the -- A volunteer ants at ground zero and advocate for 9/11. Responders said to have a justification on human remains and there's still people buried here. Is repulsive and repugnant. So here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll. When he opened the national September 11 memorial museum with cocktail party and the gift shop was that inappropriate or just plain wrong. A -- -- the close 37%. Remaining rather close to what it was early 37% say it's appropriate 63% say it's wrong. And we do have a video trending on our FaceBook page WL radio. Which has some video of the gift items sold it -- so you can take a look at that. We've also been talking this morning. About stress and how you deal with it you do with your anger and I hope you have -- -- to to do it. I guess the best -- to to to try to deal with it is realize that it doesn't define your life and it's only temporary and it's not gonna last forever. So deal with your -- deal with your stress -- road rage in the home or. At work because they are people in prison who didn't -- properly handle their stressful moments. I play to require that school lunches be healthier for students. Should be a bipartisan plan. And this should be about what's in the best interest of young people that should be the motivation not not politics. However First Lady Michelle Obama. Has an effort to make school lunches healthier and it's turned into an ugly. And -- -- of debate. And this demonstrates I think and even greater attempt. To turn everything into politics. And right now an attempt to help children in America. Has evolved into a political game. Last Thursday house committee in Washington voted for a Republican backed measure. That would allow schools to opt out of the standards passed in 2010. To reduce sodium. An increase whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables for the school lunches. The initiative of the first ladies of the United States quite often become political pawns. In the hands of the opposing parties. And Michelle Bachmann has been opinion on for the Republican part is accompanied if you want to criticize her locate criticize her for something legitimate -- it may editor for trying to make. Kids healthy. Knew it but again she's been opinion for the Republican Party. Mr. Obama has publicly denounced the house committee's votes allowing some schools to opt out of the new healthier standards for school watchers. By saying that the vote amounts to embracing junk food. The reports -- school districts on the reaction to the new standards so our mixed. Some reports indicate that there's been a rejection of healthier food items in the end -- in the garbage -- and -- Obama's plan seems to be getting. -- a lot of attention again I think because because it's her plan and there's controversy about this administration or every administration for that matter. But the the the controversy over the rejection of healthier food items gets more attention -- the success stories in there are some success stories. But in school districts in New Mexico. Families have condemned. The whole wheat tortillas. Which are better for you then the basic flour tortillas. I guess it's against their tradition. So they are opposing the whole wheat to -- it's. In Georgia there was resistance to removing on a southern staple fried chicken from the school lunch menu. In Tennessee flaky white country biscuits. Were replaced with whole grain biscuits. In Arkansas the school districts reports that students piled the containers of applesauce. -- trays and then piled and into the cafeteria garbage cans. The school districts that criticized the initiative to make the school lunches healthier. All reported that many of the items like fruits and vegetables ended up in the cafeterias. Garbage can. So it's a waste time. It's a waste of effort. The plate and make school lunches healthier supported by. First Lady Michelle Obama and the White House. District into about a global battle between Republicans and Democrats. Urban and rural school districts and big companies and health advocates. So I guess we should never be surprised when something like this becomes political warfare. There are large companies to sell millions and millions of dollars worth of food considered less healthy does schools like frozen pizza and French Fries. They support a plan that would allow the schools to opt out of the healthier plants -- continue to buy the frozen pizzas and the French Fries. And a strong lobbying group the school nutrition association is fighting for the healthy plant. In the school districts. Datsyuk. Has seen a change in the attitudes. From the moment they healthier plants were introduced saving young students originally projected to healthier choices. But ultimately accepted and appreciated. The new healthier choices. So there are two sides of this story. But the political battle lines have -- party to -- Rejection of the plan to provide healthier choices. Is being used by those who want to attack and reject anything the President Obama and the First Lady touched. And that political side is supported by big companies that are selling all this less healthy food to our schools. The idea that healthier choices and up in the garbage can and does create a strong visual the taxpayers' dollars are being -- The other argument is that if students only have. Healthier choices. They'll eventually adapt to it. Giving healthier school lunches. For kids. If they rejected in the beginning. -- despite reflect poor eating habits at home. If students are not taught by their parents eat properly. And providing healthier school -- Is not gonna change their poor reading habits you know I I've made this same argument with prayer in public schools. A school lead prayer at the beginning of a school days not gonna change a young student who is not. Getting any prayers are religious education or any structure at home I mean if only it was that easy. Requiring a -- the beginning of each school day to turn bad kids good if it were only that easy. But it's so easy to point to something like that. I do understand both sides of this school lunch today. The government can't force students to be health. The idea being healthy overall is a virtue. And I guess that's something that's taught supporters home and we should expect schools to do that but since the schools are. Trying to help the students and some school districts are reporting that. Even though they were initially -- healthier choices were initially rejected by students they were later except it. Then isn't -- some wisdom in the idea of not giving young students. The more appealing less healthy choices. And giving them healthier choices. You know what most kids will select candy or something suite of fruits and vegetables. But -- fruits and vegetables appealing option which students eventually eat what is available. Any kids can't be given to many choices they need guidelines. You send your kid into a grocery store to pick out what your kid wants to eat I doubt their free will was gonna yield any healthy choices in the motion -- And Americans should not look to the government to raise children. Whether it's instilling religion with school prayer or forcing healthier food choices during school lunches. This growing presence at the nanny state. Is a direct result of the loss of respect for personal responsibility in America. -- week. Americans. Are not responsible for our behavior at our decisions and if we expect the government to be responsible for us and our kids. Then we're further crack in the foundation this nation was built upon and we -- and closer to government -- control over individuals. I think back on the school -- Hannity Jefferson high school. And I'm not sure they really cared what we -- I don't know with the nutritional value issues specifically right now I'm thinking about red beans and rice on Monday which is very good for you. -- shepherd's pie -- even with that wasn't -- Jefferson. And we -- meatloaf in in green beans. And it was this this square of its sweet I think it was a sweet chocolate chip peanut butter treat the square year. It would probably not be any nutritional values today. But back then America did depend on schools to make as healthy that was the responsibility. Of our parents. I support giving giving the students healthier choices when it comes to school. -- to. To think that this is gonna somehow changed their habits this is ridiculous. In the same way that prayer is not going to make kids religious. In school. Giving them a healthy choice at lunch he's not gonna make them healthy if they're not healthy in the real life and at home. Do you remember your school or just. If you would join us for the comets are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seven. And a text Amber's -- 77 your calls in your techs are coming up next the scope blog this afternoon. Is titled why is healthy foods for school kids a political issue. You can read and share it the pressure of comment it's on our website WWL. Dot com. Well after some heavy rain early in the day it turned out to be agreed afternoon -- -- on this on -- I was jamming to on my ride back from moment turn -- to be a really nice afternoon yesterday. I'm studio for -- for the next couple of weeks I'm going to witness I have got a ton of text again to here's what about to school -- If my taxes so paper school lunches make them healthier. Let parents send junk food if they want. And they do it's ridiculous what he's packed in lunches from home phony -- kids wouldn't even look at what we -- and launch. And here's a Texan -- lived in Louisiana for 57 years and there are foods I never adapted to. Column order mustard greens. Okra turnouts. Cabbage and cornbread to name a few. -- just mentioning those twos can be really hungry. Should the government. In -- healthier standards when it comes to the school -- another was a controversy in in San Antonio. When the I think it was the burritos -- the readers of the nonchalant it's. Did not meet with new standards. Because they were too fattening. So they were removed from the school lunch menu. And there were a lot of people of San Antonio complain because. That was part of their culture. And I think people far too sensitive about something like that you can have your culture at home. But you should -- You should not eat when your culture -- To the point where. It's not good for. However while I agree with healthier choices I mean I really do see both sides of this issue I agree with healthier choices. I also think it's it's impossible for the schools. To make it healthy and we shouldn't depend on. If they're not eating. The right foods that they only their vegetables at school you think that reading them at home. Get back to your calls -- just a moment a coming up next Angela we -- thrilled however in a radio failure to be having a super super stuff coming up. At 1 o'clock and New Orleans experiences and economic boom. How is our community developing -- talk about the upside and the downside also lost her guests will include a New Orleans councilwoman. Literally control. And counsel when -- and a large decent Williams. Also Russia took she'll be talking about the sports controversies with Bobby -- Deke Bellavia. Anti bond from the Donald Sterling controversy two things that Mark Cuban descent two SEC power play to Jimmy -- -- is here. All of that coming up with Angela an open mind from wonders for your community well. From -- Dan welcome to our show. -- -- -- -- Hey no problem I'd want to make a comment you'd you'd -- on our member. Well -- on being at the dining table in my. Eric stringer scenario like Al Islam machinators cellular repeated tonight but -- appear more will be there and Tuesday into consideration. Under any and I think public schools sabres. I'm independent but I think. Public schools seasons if we just give them all -- to within reason for all the help we salute. Richard a lot of Mario on the packet of these -- get cold and IP it is an overweight so and so forth sort look at -- that we're actually -- money. And since we're seeing them most of periphery anyway and and -- -- news nutrition -- that house exactly like you said gimmick for it we can't McNamee. But on what an issue in what were pretty well. I think we need to care and pain in and let them eat that or you know not that you got -- getting this sort you know. You're talking about choices and you you can't give your kid whatever choice he or she wants when they go to the Russia store because we're really gonna select. So I'm -- I would the because -- -- -- -- Wednesday. Reaching out and and. Fruit loops for a -- rush. And I'd date or what do you remember your school to -- -- which is cool. You remember your school lunches. Are -- recent video a little milk in the collapse. A glass container. And we have idea. The -- it was meatloaf mashed potatoes and peace. We had. The Libyans. -- these -- right now in the summer that we -- -- people spaghetti you know the Red Sox in Indy solves. Other thing Africa that we had that these Jefferson to spaghetti Henson's. And it was a you know -- -- you know -- -- It was in the bats but. That will help you -- Effect change yet so he's too old man at all. They get impeached and they get them. You know not chose I mean that's ridiculous obviously. We know who's paying off the right people if you could put it in the soccer machine and school. You know somebody get paid off. Because obviously when -- girl about Mario. My. Well more at a place in late -- and suitable launch an epic Coke machines and you could turn coat all they long for. And obviously. You know I try to get as many record bottle -- -- out during the atletico mark though Obama victory that was in. I picked at an age you know the it in the water. Media and Alex that they put in Bible actually -- now -- -- like it like it taste better. Dave I'm glad -- color Sheila thanks for listing here is our new WW a pretty general opinion poll should the government require healthy standards. For school lunches. It is your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com if you were to join us with your comment we're remembering school lunches. You think they care about nutrition when you were haven't a school launch what do you remember from your school watch. And also. I don't know that we're gonna change and -- we're gonna change habits by requiring healthier items at the school lunch. But instead of junk when given the healthier item and if they throw it away. Well they sort of way. But don't give -- any other choice but eventually. Would they have to eat it if you wanna join our short numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 86688. Irons early Saturday tax receipts -- needs -- -- screwed for Garland and here's another Debbie WL news updates with Chris Miller. And we're talking about school lunches says should the government require healthy standards for school lunches that -- WWL party Jack La opinion poll. 89% say yes and 11% say no give us your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com that's also the subject of the -- blog. Why is healthy food for school kids of political issue. Well the First Lady. Michelle Obama supports healthier lunches for kids. And a lot of people will politicize that just because it comes from her and the Obama administration. If you wanna criticized healthier choices at school lunches they do it on the merits of healthier choices on school lunches don't just automatically criticize it because. It's from the Obama administration. Here's a text that -- said the kids today have vending machines with chips and cookies. The table choose over the hot meals the school offers you can't expect kids to choose health. Well he does a lot of truth in in that and me to it to me it is really the responsibility of parents to teach -- the health. You can't you hear your kids just total free choices because those kids don't prefer vegetables. Over candy bar. So you have to steal proper reading habits in your kids now I'm in favor of the healthier choices at school but let's not. Let's not be fooled into thinking that this is gonna somehow make America suddenly healthier. Because. Because if if if they don't eat healthy at home that one meal a day it's gonna help a little bit but that's not going to second it changed their health. Again particularly for -- said that his son is always -- -- is my son plays football and baseball in junior high school. And they gave him I believe six to 700 calories a day that's just not enough for active kids. Who have to practice right after school I'm all for the healthier I'm all for healthy but the portions are really are the problem. And here is attacks that -- of course it's political. The Obama said that if the Obama said the sky is blue people would say it's not. Sometimes scoots that is the only meal -- -- it has to figure it should be healthy. If you -- to -- Russia over the coming to our numbers 26 no. White seventy toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text -- -- 78 cents and assists Coolidge issue has become somewhat of a political issue last Thursday house committee voted for a Republican backed measure. That would allow schools to opt out of the standards. Passed in 2010. This was -- designed to reduce sodium an increase whole grains. Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables for the school lunches. So why would that not be good good thing and an if if kids are rejecting it like it -- school districts they're just throwing it away. Well if this ultimately is their only option. Then wouldn't they offense eventually be forced -- Here's a checks -- -- the -- -- we had salad bar. It was different every day. But. The salad on the salads. The salad was a hit that was 82 to 92. Here's a texted -- inch out of school make parents brown bag for their kids. If they can afford it. And get paid lunch from the government. To take lunch away from the schools. Here is that taxed. That reads. I've -- I heard your message. Read out loud. I'm not exactly sure when it for free by drive. Drive safely if you're gonna join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas he said he said he do you remember your school lunch and give kids in school what are they eating for lunch. Are you in favor of the government. Raising the standards and requiring. Only healthy options when it comes to school interest. From Pensacola darling -- WW well. Hi I'm coming out about her call comment on. I'm a former first grade teacher. You could be up to try and get enough of corridor. Chan -- or any salad over in the spotlight that was and I -- anything even. I'm astonished many times how many of them choose a salad and then as far as important plan. Michael first writers want -- Obama and I am an actual content top corporate credit. Emerald green beans okra green into the caution for him. -- being a little -- Well I had to buy him again -- a couple of and I think. -- that is. The best yet and. Yeah it's it's really sent. -- the darling I appreciate you calling her show I remember the green beans that he shares -- -- high school cafeteria. That they were good and it throughout grammar school Lola to a private school but we really didn't have any. Any cafeteria we can get we keep its sandwiches like they were like mrs. drink cold sandwiches and you know they still have those but it's like -- -- -- provided a convenient store. And then then they got really fancy and you could buy a sandwich that you could actually heat up so the question you should the government require. Healthy healthy standards when it comes to school lunches at a WWL party general opinion polls here's an update 93%. Say yes. 7%. Say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seventy our text numbers 87870. Should the government require schools. To have healthier lunches. And and maybe you know give kids choice maybe that's their only choice which they eventually adapt it or would they just continue to Illinois. I'm -- for Garland are coming right back reader comments on WWL. I remember the school lunches that I have when I was -- Jefferson high school and I thought they were pretty good certainly is a lot of nutritional value and protein in. Red beans and rice. Every Monday. I should the federal government requires schools to enforce healthier standards when it comes to school choices that's -- talking about an here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. 93%. Say yes the federal government should require healthier standards and 7% say no. The government shouldn't give us your opinion by going to our website W google.com also got a number of text to get to what text says that healthy food. Is expensive. I hear this all the time and yet. I go to the store and I'm very mindful of note what I span and can you buy an apple or orange. For less than the cost of hostess twinkie. We put an orange or an apple be more expensive than. Candy bar. And thinks. Jolie -- WWL. Good morning. It is Johnny Miller goes that the school competition program director. About it in school it's just shared -- moment I didn't think it's important that the government. Required standards but I don't think -- should be limits I think the state and the local government. Com should have the ability to find it and look at every district is a little bit different parts of the country. All toward different just like you turn -- -- the -- -- -- -- area. You know you need to be able it is. Provide children with. Food that they are comfortable with -- -- -- learning environment we use our cafeterias. And the laboratory for the students to learn that the main problem going on right now -- -- -- home. That the government imposes -- standard because it can be a good thing. But it's how restricted earnings are. For example. We have hand. What we call offer -- that are in the schools for many years and that's been a program that's worked very effectively. For both the. You tell me about offer verses are what does that mean. That means we offered to let it from once we offered this student trying to component you know the things that we know about -- period. Fruit vegetables and -- So we offered students but at least those. -- component sometimes there's more. And the child is. Able to collect up to three or more I have to take victory in order for it to be reimbursable meal. Now when you look at the serving line there are three things that those children can achieve that does that does not mean to be a problem. It -- what we have and most of the time more or and so many of the schools offer their children are totally. And that is a good thing because if 18 people today and you know -- -- spaghetti tomorrow at least I have which police can make. Dumb decisions now I don't mom and it shouldn't adamant to take -- commented that hole. But the kinds -- eating sole mini student. I think toward the good thing. But when you restrict that now and Saturday -- we had to -- persisted there and the students. Are accustomed to but -- and the issues that I don't know how -- Has to take. And or vegetable that is offered to at least one half -- Well -- you feel like eating the fruit or vegetables that are offered to meet today at school. And the government forces me to take it when I'm -- do uncle to drop it in the garbage can. And that doesn't make a healthy children and it only makes -- garbage. So that the problem with the restrictions and all the media that's going -- about this school -- presently. Home. It's much more about the regulations but it has strict they -- And it's not about politics because they keep making one -- and not about Michelle Obama. It's about what's in the best interest of those students that we are serving and we now. That are in the trenches every day students we know what -- like. And we try to accommodate that we also try to make it count in the weaning him his rank very high. In how we prepare food for children and I hear people talk about it they give them hamburger in the pizza and get but what the general public and possibly even teachers. Don't understand is being -- -- are designed. Specifically. For the part. I know transplant and that is limited amounts of are there things in the manufacturers do an excellent job -- such big difference -- It's -- sorry gotta get to break and I got to a couple of questions can you hold on to the break. Right -- -- and Portugal. Joseph public she's -- -- -- was over -- is it nutritionist with the vocalist the city's schools I'm gonna ask what's for school today it was foolish it's -- -- -- vocalist. -- -- erupting at large after the show I'm scolded for girl coming right back at WL. Why is that health food plan for school kids a political issue well it has turned into a political issue in the media that's the -- like -- on our website at WWL. To account I thank all of you for your -- I've not been able to get to all -- -- -- but I have read all of them here's -- tax -- my two year old bigs for salad. And veggies for lunch that's a good thing majority did you -- -- -- was Miller. Okay Johnny -- nutritionist with the of Okaloosa cities schools and we've been talking about -- is there is controversy in the media it has become a political issue. I'm I'm I'm gonna run out of time here but I wanted to ask you for example what is for lunch today. Well I -- just. Schools are closed its. -- summer reading program and I am serving Meebo and we -- in the and spaghetti today green beans in very rural mail but still. Do you think kids. Without the help of the federal government get healthy choices that Blanche. Well we've all had regulation. And -- yet unknown here that we do you think across the country we probably do but it's gotten so restrictive. That. When these new rules. On Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act at twenty hand. I our elected government used just academia that didn't go into the schools system or you take these high. The actual. Head of the programs that are actually -- -- to know what the kids really need and not just about about leaving after helping me. This is not the first time the government donors aged just to ridiculous mistake when it comes to healthier lunches I remember during the Reagan administration president Ronald Reagan. To make the school lunches healthier to bring it up to -- they declared -- a vegetable. You know that was you know -- that would that would -- would never. That never happened just -- that never. That just desperate to Ramsey we even have social media back -- -- nobody that that never happened Ronald Reagan did not -- I'm gonna look at I'm gonna check that out I'm glad you brought that up Joey I'm out of time but I appreciate you take time caller showed joining me -- look. It's a nutritionist with the vocal assist cities schools and -- is coming up next here's a Texan Reid says scoot I remember those were about sandwiches and school to. They were Stewart's -- -- -- it came at a cellophane bag. I do remember. All right tomorrow why are people afraid of separation of church and states and scoots into girl and Margaret ours but our studio producer -- is.