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6-2 4:35pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Jun 2, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Co-Host of 3WL's Double Coverage T-Bob Hebert about LSU baseball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back. Do you think -- Tigers will take it all tonight. It's operated jaguar opinion -- -- QB Houston move on to the super regionals all with a season in tonight. Can you vote online at WWL. Dot com. Also love Bobby thrown out there. LSU nfl.com. -- Mears had a coming Drew Brees the best Saints player in Saints history do you agree I think that's. A I don't know what that is I think it's a shot -- Yeah I mean our best player in the -- and in this nfl.com. It's time a year you know on the idea and the dog being I think -- the previous years it was like. Who's the brown mount Rushmore or you're team director announced that may well. I mean in the conversation even though. And he still has a chance obviously you will -- to win an -- -- New Orleans. When you look at. I mean you have to put him in the conversation is potentially. You'd say. He's going to be in the pro football team. So who's in the Pro Football Hall of Fame now. Well Ricky Jackson and Willie -- Also yet the city's greatest of all time. That would be the three musketeers. Drew Brees really -- and and Ricky Jackson and I simply -- and Olin. They're all professional hall of fame is not Louisiana all of pain that's a -- thing. Pro football means signing that kind of speaks for itself and and he gave it up -- -- Rick I gotta give the edge to Willie Roaf. Because I look at what he did not only with the saint. But playing at the highest level with the Kansas City Chiefs. Now Ricky went on. And now with a suitable. One is Kubel with the 49ers. And still is a part of that but. Will year old was -- Dominic. With the Saints and the Kansas City -- that's why right now. And and Drew Brees come only avid of quarterback do you get more recognition meant. I'd say overall. And and I -- dated at a high level it's an eagle right but not. But Willie -- was at his position was the highest bull with the Saints and the -- -- there's some argument there but that's the three you'd have an Thomas. Weekday morning 6 AM to 9 AM three WTO -- double coverage Kristian -- ET by they've been at -- -- tee about fifty -- in there at that he is very active on social media -- know what the bedroom regional. T about tight game last night what was intensity level like as the code was sought to calm back in events they won that game. You know you. -- Slightly disappointed in the box. And really. Pretty big war -- use them against. -- a couple times they got loud out there really good but it. I did tell the games are kind of stretch now that you -- game. -- it slip away. At times it means -- in. -- -- don't go to pro with the stadium. Well actually Oakland looking for more. From Alex box crowd tonight without that you don't want. The -- -- got almost taken the approach that. Obviously looked. In the SEC championship game in the tournament now you know by committee in the cart ride and how well they pitch. That they have to be coming in his game a lot of conference but I still look at it like. Ellis you've got to jump out on Houston. And not maybe laying a 10. Like it like they were even though they got up 40 that the hitters need to come to hit. And then hopefully that'll be the case. You look at -- -- meg -- and what he was able to do leading up to the game last night. That I think that's going to be key that Collison were able to knockout and and maybe a number of Houston pitchers. Yeah and now I mean credit to him a black -- and -- -- game and said you know. 72 hours are sick of the decade. Award update six out of it every region. To get up in the beginning and yet today go. Oh well. What is news and he'd. Regretted it but there weren't in the country. It's easier. Should have more. They have more or have been using it -- -- more body. The last just because. He's got pushed. In the extreme. Against Brian. Clay I had that approach shot -- two games on Sunday. I think you relish your night. He's got a good start -- I mean they've been like. You're actually going again he's you know really kind of put an initial he's promised victory competent. One -- -- -- every -- -- -- -- not harmful results morning. Is that like yank them physically you know those present almost count it pretty -- she's really cute so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't not lacking confidence. I expected him to perform well and encourage you talk about your leaders pregnant all. Some of those big that your line on Trotter failed they can get it done and now that you should be dancing to the -- -- years. The -- at the Tigers. Or just the ball away and -- credit close now. Yen -- -- right now on the road in Lafayette Louisiana Lafayette vs Mississippi State -- you have a lot of local flavor and dealing with the SEC in dealing. With -- Louisiana -- and then at LSU is are they are able to take care of in his. They could be faced in Texas seen him. Are even out though -- the University of Texas and in that that -- any bigger than that the Vietnam become Alex box they named -- first thing differs. Haven't that they care Houston though you look at. And nationals. And our. Way -- our school record. Sort of scrapped it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- there it sure glad -- rally came back out -- -- -- -- -- the I mean team about is that well all of topic but obviously we had talked about is the only does that Angela show earlier. Looking at the settlement. Set for the players barely La -- Nesbitt. Florida -- dollar settlement has become a completed that will pay college football -- basketball players. Dating back to 2003. For the use. Of their likenesses in the NCAA branded a video games the -- would go to more than 100000 athletes including some current players. Who either on college rosters -- had their images using video games. Made by an electronic arts featuring college teams now lawyers for the plaintiffs said to be the first time college athlete to be paid. For the commercial use of their images now I know that then you tell me in and union a little brother. About you know all the -- I'm -- his video games have you heard in the evening -- are you think you could be part of their forty million dollar settlement. All of we're sort of can't cook. -- Came child or. There are eight summer sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They are equally -- and -- like it's right when it. So it is being -- players like I mean I think our corner it hurt. Eric the guys are all questions of how -- skiing about my game. So. Not secret so. I didn't. Some of them or -- And and I also know that are like. He Bob May be antsy about 53 on Twitter and take him out we -- morning six in the nanny and the double coverage on thirteen fifty Ian three Libya. BT thanks so much in -- game and I. Wow all right this is sports talk LSU in Houston seventy in the -- wood on the network at 630 on WW.