WWL>Topics>>6-2-14 3:10pm Angela: on sports controversies

6-2-14 3:10pm Angela: on sports controversies

Jun 2, 2014|

Angela talks about recent sports controversies with WWL sports hosts Bobby Hebert, T-Bob Hebert, and Deke Bellavia.

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More than loses becoming more and more about what's happening in the world of sports. As it is what's happening in places around the world. So we thought we'd spend the next hour talking to our sports experts about some sports issues and controversies. Of the last week percent. And we've got the very best in studio Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. And on the phone T Bob hey bear you know I adore each and every one of and we have a lot to talk about let's go ahead and start with them. Tomorrow the big NBA meeting has been canceled in part because I guess in total because. Mrs. sterling or whatever her name is has sold the clippers the two billion dollars. Lots of questions on that but has the controversy ended. If not mr. sterling of course is now suing NBA 41 billion dollars. We'll be able Angela I think right now you know things -- gonna. You know go about. Fasten. And not be put off that's what the NBA owners -- hoping -- would then I was reading sounding USA today that Donald starter sterling was ruled mentally unfit. And he may indicate prevent. The clippers sales so. When you look at it right here -- says the clippers owner sterling -- Donald Sterling does not have the authority to stop the two billion dollar sale of the team. Because he has been determined to be mentally unfit to make decisions. Related to their families trust the person familiar with the situation at today to a USA today not a sterling family trusts all of the team. But don't you think there's going to be a great fight with that I heard that one of the attorneys came on -- you know. Let's not move so quickly on that is it alzheimer's or is that something -- but yet. Thought I did say exactly what his attorney said and now now this whole question. And that it's not so one sided when you look at from a legal standpoint. How everything occurred now if you if you look at that's again -- read this in USA today that. A response to mrs. sterling and his attorney. That. It says that hi is their names the of mono that the young ladies who don't access the of -- recorded him. Without his knowledge and does the recording. Was illegal under California law he also said he could not have willfully damage delete. Because he did not know it would be made public. A jealous rant now he goes on to say. And his -- through his -- jealous rant tell lover. Never intended to be published cannot have been. The NBA rules and I think that's where. That's what they sticking to as four's that they -- would challenge the sale. And and the only thing is I know just from a confidence standpoint. And I think about this. There's no way the NBA owners want this to -- amid obvious reasons. That they want this to be old Brenda wit that's like two going nausea so what three -- whatever -- -- -- -- now sterling on here you because when you look at. Donald Sterling in his position and you look at the whole owners as a whole I give an example. If you look at a Michael sands who came out on a closet you get a dummies only homosexual player. We UK -- meet Donald Sterling is the only. Races owner. You know a lot older owners set in their ways automated comments by Yemeni comment I don't know. Whether it's Major League Baseball and NFL or NBA that's why Mandy we gotta get this -- out here. A you know at Christie's in Tokyo that know me and that a bus. And in Bartow by bring everything down that that's -- -- in this in this C. You know about as far as the owners of ever voting. You know on and that's why Mark Cuban has taken a stance is Mark Cuban is very vocal he's and I got to hear all the evidence. Because he said some outrageous things sometimes in controversial that. He might say when they might be judge and again trying to dig the mavericks away from me so so that's why is not cut and dry -- it. In addition -- I didn't read where part of what mr. sterling. -- to the NBA for the sale of the two billion dollar chain. Is that they could not say it now the issue then is she may not but can't mr. sterling separately. For other issues -- -- I think one. And Silva came out today he was banned for life it was always there I mean he he's got a team of lawyers now. From what Donald Sterling is trying to get now I would be surprised that he once had gained some monetary value out of this but he's undoubtedly he's not anything due to -- nobody -- started wearing the -- Clovis. And as the NBA's number one goal that's that he MBA in asked that if players. Now what happens after that basically MBA it's a little we -- we were supposed to do we keep him obviously he's DelHomme applaud these fans along apart but it would surprise me at all if you want to recoup that took on the money I would be shocked at -- Now that's very interesting well and in that Angela and you look at this and ultimately it's again you gotta look at this -- will speak emotion he could get rid of the but your outlook from -- -- points and the ballot this evening when I challenged -- at -- and promote -- Well aware of how good the money on you if you don't have a contract. You know that that's an American. You know challenge and anti trust laws in the NFL. While on those are -- that a top labor anti trusts of people this that you got 80% chance to beat NFL now who dare fight the NFL. You know it took three years and three months but -- all the -- -- win -- winning and in owners settle. But with the players that's like outlook from a legal standpoint not from new emotional. Standpoint and if you look at this right now I think he'd -- actually. That's why Donald Sterling could be a thorn in the side and owners but he would eventually lose because it's not a normal -- is that people look at it. From a capitalism like you know business perspective how he takes the money in this week. But you gotta look at the NBA in their rules and how that organization is reversed as you just being -- all. At that -- this is interest in Michael McCain and -- -- directed the sports and entertainment law institute and university New Hampshire he said sterling own thing that you will come back to haunt him. You have them when you join NBA you agreed to certain basic understanding. That it makes a sports league different. From other businesses right Andy when you look at may have an article article thirteen. That's section says that whether sterling intended to or not. An owner cannot fail -- refuse to fulfill the contract obligation to the NBA and such a way. To affect the association of its members at an adversary. -- -- I think like Alec are. Built right. I have -- and Bartley is as far you know the US constitution. That are -- She's the owner is a private club your group has -- It because. He. -- writing and not usually they're gonna leave some time. They are yet to be -- situation I think that opinion be -- -- It murky situation and they knew exactly where ago. It out so -- -- -- they -- -- -- You know it used against -- are definitely got the one of the main reasons why India. One out -- barriers he is he won't -- there. With a player like that strong words. Whether it was troll Barkley. You'll be you know rock perhaps some other players coming -- a lot of people say he thought he. We won't play in the bottom line so. Definitely in the NBA that it is just -- -- war at all. Obama. And and try to hit doll and I I was. It's a very good point -- I think what. You're commenting of summer like Mark Cuban is asking the right question. May -- though he needs to look at his league's rules. Well I don't even -- the rebels. He's. Put the cart before -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dollars in legal experts. It's just. Like the with litigated against the BB. Would you look at an injunction. -- delayed the you know. In order entry. It -- care who loses for. He's. Up. Against it like. It is. It's your. Whole life. The court rule and this. Is a good effort. -- -- Yeah it it's a whole grand scheme of things. He's -- for some lesson in what he's done in the -- well -- I'm and other things he's on running easy we should have been eat out on his overthrow. You know I just wonder what Adam civil would do if Robertson was in the NBA. And his mat rat -- all of the -- follow him on National Football League team. Wrap around at least half a dozen of prescription pain medicine -- he kept -- -- and point out now and what's in at Baylor has yet to do anything to him. And probably in media but the in the NBA has long been the dip -- better than if there. Here we go gang we're -- take a break and come back and we're gonna go to the NFL and talk about a couple of very controversial issues right after this I'm Angela on -- -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia T Bob -- -- all with this talking about some of the issues in the world of sports that are kind of a little but explosive. I tell you one that kind of went oh my gosh we've all heard about the the lawsuit for the concussions with an NFL and now some other players have gotten together and said. It's about the NFL shooting the mop or giving them pills that some in some cases got them hooked. Just to get them through games and don't show they now have a lawsuit pending and it. I'm sure these of people you know Jim McMahon -- 1985 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears Richard dent quarterback it's -- Anyway they are saying it was first of all not doctors giving them stop it was just trainers. But that was that -- wrong and you know are -- nothing more than pieces of -- to get to the game. I leave that to you. Well. I mean if you lasted well you gotta play her. Mean if you don't water it's a matter prominently in the game is shot -- -- shoulder and he because and to be made available. It became news in you know -- hurt you know last -- -- and he kind of -- approach aside bottom line. And is move on so. Look at a case where that ago. Differently to college football compared professional that -- -- the -- in major college football that. The peer pressure whatever would you look at Cuba can address that but you look at in the NFL. Well -- Let me committee now. So -- the -- -- game. And I understand that but it consequence. -- a problem -- And now that's -- -- that along with the concussions. Because I got knocked out as a lot of pressure. And Andy have a -- that as a reason where you can say about a month or six weeks arm camera playing the very next -- it is lucky. That only had a similar to ninety collisions in up fifty years and never had more to one. And yeah I was by the victorious point does the stamp what Bobby saying -- what the way things were done and it is not is not I'm not saying what some -- follow. Think they do is they they have valuation still needed now -- -- nice -- -- power 120 fact that we -- great things that he would that went back and gain -- in the same thing with appeal distribution back -- was just done differently. Now that's -- that's controlled a lot more on us and that need to be. Neutral though it was just don't give -- the image that these lawsuits are projecting is that the NFL on has sort of a culture of drugs. And just to get people through the game for the money. About yet I say this of truth that that I mean it's like -- again like I said. They wanted me to join Lawson president is no way come and join that. Because I was glad -- game either drugs I don't have time to Google see a doctor or get a prescription though you'll on the plane to give it the after the game. And you have a long flight I'm I'm beat to hell and and and I am trying to. You don't feel normal -- and feel like a meteors are -- I began to look -- the problem that you talked about is the fall greater problem of the NFL fears about. Make him feel better and in dealing with pain -- the issue is about a lot is made about the formatting Hanson. I think the set with -- -- is very minute compared to the other side reduce it. You look watching even Roger Goodell is kind of shocked he said he will address this that all all all of medical marijuana. He's a -- to get a look into it could you look at the state of Washington David and Colorado and that all -- not -- people applied even if you got medical marijuana is against the NFL rules. We'll watch of that. Then get addressed this after the game China wind down. And your body's all beat up. House of the in my have a glass of wine or whatever that you get -- Sudan. Approval medical marijuana I would be surprised in a decade if that's address and all of a sudden. That that that's a former medication and NFL's also partake in. Well it just sounds like from what I've read that it's it's a lot of fun. You know they've lined -- up but they each got shots before they went out in the field event inflammatory. But beyond just the per cassettes which can be struck in a tough. But everything from ambient to go to sleep and again eight culture of drugs just not just for you -- make money -- but for the league to make money. Yeah while I mean it's all apartment detainment in so you have to be available to it that team that -- So. That file as it's on my shoulders knees in an -- whatever it took to play. Because -- that the allies now one at the last -- time and Anna bell. So we actively hurt if you don't play her and you don't last you know it's -- intelligent. And if you Dudley and in the major conferences -- coming to address this. But the medical benefits city's major college players and -- about could maybe tell you analogy about the pressure might have. To maybe play her car if you beat up. Because if you don't go out there are not available they just get -- one miles the plane everyone loves playing Tiger Stadium obviously. Yeah I -- it. The game football all. All speech you. Are the local or that was there's no doubt that it is. You know that you can like your view in that position where well you're -- local. It you can't go. You know you're not gonna play in this company. I think -- and -- -- somebody steps and played well -- there's definitely. Pressure plate each and ever reach that -- I did you -- tells you. Medical care. And it one to push -- it was much. Better. -- thought you know eight -- you go back. 10 yeah there was viewed as -- -- -- isn't easy. Played act. Accuracy and I. Personally -- Martin issue just because. I mean you'll that I that was the advantage. She may -- Somebody that it -- -- -- more as we you combine that. All news from boats. Helping direct injuries. Beat available and buy back in -- to have contracts. The penalty they appeal like that. Quite accurately life. But back out and maybe they have more okay I don't have much or speaker. Well I appreciate all your thoughts and we're gonna take another break go to the newsroom come back and continue on other issues in the world of sports. Love having Deke Bellavia T Bob Hebert and Bobby AB you're talking about sports issues there are quickly on this. New England Patriots excellent patron Aaron Hernandez charged with a 2012 double homicide. During 2013 assists but karma I'm 31 active players from nineteen teams. Were arrested for a variety of offenses including murder and attempted murder. The question is and what is the NFL doing and -- I tried to do the math and couldn't. How many players on each team times how many teams that means how many people is this percentage any higher than in society that is in the issue. The issue is what is the NFL doing. To try to prevent people who do commit crimes. Out out -- -- medium now underway -- the the murder that's that's a bear very minute right I mean this and it's it's -- fab because of these -- But when they say offenses that could be anywhere between you know -- speeding ticket with somebody -- resistant -- in May be in it plays out on court a lot of -- Eagles await disturbing the Yankees but. And and and days he could have been a lord here he could have been a dot. He was going to be a murder I think that's the type of guy he will recall Ruth. He could have been a doctor he could have been -- -- he was an NFL player he was Columbia motor I think that's the type of guy. He lost sometimes look in every profession -- -- and the inning if I was the same way. Yeah you know I gonna have all the outstanding citizens and all of them to be like part of the bill patrols and -- yes -- SOB on the feel and perfect gentleman. And you wanted to pattern of life path to law of the field so it is not reality. You know dealing remember the most controversial plays players -- rise. I mean it was you know and he thought he got an argument is left died when time and Kroger -- or Atlanta parking -- -- -- just like. She is gone in the park on that was normal like that you can't do that. You know stuff like so it's indecision is different individuals that you see. That might -- said I don't know they've ever had any one. Like Aaron Hernandez. Anglican NFL. If you look about when. Now he's been attributed with three debt officially. And and only thing that. Made him a fall in the draft was that he would marijuana chore but you know it's announced like -- really had first round talent. When you look at it but you look at. It was exactly. Eleven days he murdered these two. So this training camp ended July 27 and -- the first data features camp and act like it was no big deal remember that unity came off. -- Ruble lost that a New York Giants had so you know you you have your -- for a press conference at the median all. And I thought this is in his in the media is accident Aaron. Was your summer as crazy as Gradkowski is going cow -- you know likes to party the -- And he said any dissent. More private. In -- said -- and say he went Odyssey but I still had some fun he had murdered two people eleven days earlier. And this is what he says I think it was a case of him compartmentalizing. You know people might even and yet compartment I -- and how you compartmentalize murder are you kidding me. -- these are running alive or whatever that's a demanding you compartmentalized in that and you have to lives but there's a murderer and was crazy. If you look at when he went to training camp they destroyed a -- to know anything about it. Exactly one month later. The patent design and and it is five here party's -- dollar deal and he only played on that one season with sixty million was guaranteed so that says that they were snowball bamboo reasonable window world's. Going on but Aaron Hernandez bottom line. Just a bad do naturally you can't tell me. News that Florida and University of Florida Urban Meyer was coach in the -- in the something about this -- -- -- come to the legal bag yes yes I think definitely a pattern there are attracting. I guess that's what I'm asking is you know if you wanna be different as an FBI agent you'd have to go to a battery of tests psychological test -- -- So should the NFL who you know it's a very you live in a glass house is part of the entertainment world as you say. But you're also. People are looking at every move -- if it's a do you why it's worse because achieve. Brad if it's you know get you beat somebody up on a bar it's worse because that you so that to avoid that should there be some kind of -- They do I don't know that if there and get to that state but you know a lot of the background checks on these pre interviews at the combat different things mean. These departments in the east team to the east team -- -- basically they -- they don't test how they wanna do with. But they take into these gaffes I don't I don't think they gonna get today I think a lot of times because it is easy to say oh. You know let's talk about the guys and -- he wants to have. Do this and do day in and put him as a bad seat. Most of these leagues the overwhelming majority of people that are all on the government and the overwhelming majority that the Obama known quantity in a foreign office to the grounds he was all of its beauty users care about them back valiantly about the ban all it has all happened I mean is going. Yeah -- and then when you look at it that Angela the NFL they are proactive especially as the league continues to grow. And it's just unbelievable where. I can tell you the one thing they do. And this is even going back to twenty plus years late eighties early ninety's. Does it have a meeting what you before training camp the one thing that they both harshest -- say. If that's the right statement was that who -- associated with it as far as dealing with gambling. Rite Aid did not answer anything but -- they said okay but it elegy about it know -- you -- win you know that it's a drug and all that he that you -- -- know that that's comets educating do it. But he was somebody might -- trying to close to you and you know. On the world the. And go back tonight on the draft and right when they came on and showed a couple of more than a polling callers they went down a quick -- that doing that yet they don't they don't they don't want. Casinos and -- that that that that's all -- there a point game that you want you to be careful. That we associate with because they never want to feel like one being. The prestige and FL a benevolent to feel like the games are fixed. Correct but I think that that you in -- -- by -- a -- psychological -- and I -- I I don't think that I mean look I think they do enough now to go obese people but I Hamid. Look if you get a football player that that's a doctor and he's a music these models solicit. May end up giving a mixture of you know ribbon away at you but I won't -- -- I want got a -- A wacky and you are you -- football player and he -- Brent my train smoke him you know it brick house. That's the type a guy you wanna get that's that would be like Eddie and he would come to watch -- practice. It is everybody we gotta go I'm Angela we'll be right back Bobby T and -- bomb our guest today real quick and our Lan segment year. Such -- You know what the SEC thinks -- trade I didn't really understand what was going -- The comment by the head of the SEC who's in essence saying we'll go to division for what does that mean. Visited a -- conferences which -- the big the impact will big -- SEC and ACC they want certain allegations say. Liberties of freedom. Because I don't want to go all the big TV -- yet -- autonomy in the right -- -- what do they weren't specific. Oh right they wanna make don't bylaws basically about how to how they can deal with. Athletes within their pro -- then my stipends and different things -- been a medical issues stated all bought them because they can afford to do a lot of things that bit of Lewinsky now certain schools and certain -- his hand -- therefore. Few of fall between. But there at the end of the day that they'll they'll give. I don't negate everything they won't but look at the majority with the DNC had no choice because other wasn't I'll take my football and go home. Well well all audio -- create your own division and if you put all limit division based at that's what many people think about it anyway going to -- -- fourteen playoff the and they gonna. I don't know how physical world. And -- -- love I don't know if you saw this and I'm -- evidence for enemy. But -- you know artists animal with a video gained dissent with the players for forty million -- so. Yes those supposedly if you played. -- my policy 2000 -- for all our until now all end and they had your image in a video game that -- it so -- Bobby would you into one of those video games did you -- economists had. All those -- actually -- by the year that showed there are no they're making their game. All of the highest rated player on -- you're. It's too graphic. -- taken all of us to dinner yes well I mean can it be an article. You pay for them in an approximate I don't know. -- any other but it would be pretty cool Arctic. -- undermine her. But. What that would normally -- Up or change. -- -- double B but I don't know that's what it's going to be some direction but didn't what I would say to people. Seems to me clean the whole way like you know -- perpetrate these rules that were still all day. Were written an apartment air culture warrior -- advocate blanket cup where was completely. Different. -- TV -- in the rampant it was those sports generate nowadays I mean it is normal whole lot -- light. A completely different wars -- it's probably better. And so. It's beginning changed that much in helping people watching which might put interest apple and that's why they. Our peoples so stuck on these old rules that they don't mean did you -- because the hour ago. They are automatically -- your partner Brad Arnold BK I think they have to adapt. -- it didn't and I don't change. Is necessarily a bad thing. They're currently has played out I don't know how it's gonna play out but I -- not. I'm not want to know what you wanted out sports should be were buried so. Barbara. I think you could change that you could adapt and -- -- -- be better for. I think you'll agree I really appreciate you spending a whole hour with this we'll do it again as we catch up on Albany. Interesting things that happened in the world to Spain enjoyed it even touch and the Redskins thing we did you touch the red they -- a lot of CF -- -- absolutely all right thank you so much and stay with us everyone will be right back. Let's say the world of sports very very interesting but seemed to the eyes of Bobby and deacon -- Bob even more interest. I appreciate you all joining us all today and -- Populists and tomorrow.