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6-2 5:20pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Jun 2, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL.com Columnist and Louisiana Network Sports Director Jeff Palermo about LSU's winner take all game tonight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Columnist at WWI dot com and the reason there will sport's -- to -- from ammo joins us now -- the Tigers now find themselves. And may wanna take all type of game tonight now I don't wanna look but you know like this it is two sides of the coin -- it one way you're hosted a super regional. Thibodeau way you scratch you mean you've gone like -- -- -- game winning streak two game losing streak this season has done that's real issues there and a face right now. Time that it helped -- cool baseball piece he can be. Could be. Widened one week in and all about it but he under stoked fired -- all. Last time over the I'll -- -- them -- so. You know you gotta give a lot of credit he uses -- -- back in -- picked up at called it didn't go their way. -- just it just kept that Sochi yesterday the it felt that and went into that. Or would incident game against Seles and capped an opponent today. We're not face it there's no I think just hold LSU offensively to three or four run that they would have an opportunity Olympic Games and -- just never quit they kept at a I'm an innate put together the big inning in the eighth inning certain acute that. And it stopped and analysts view. Unfortunately now than that a position or that they don't got to think that matter that -- come to it and. And you don't let -- boy you look how the ball bounces are aware Lance. To me it was frustrating -- was only 10 and they were hitting the ball well. Tim ideal hitting it hard but generally -- fine in the gaps -- holes. A -- in and you look at Bowman anything -- get that kind of pitching performance. That that -- big -- -- a great opportunity to win. About now going forward. What is your take when you look at the pitching depth he uses having to play one more game and you look at both the status. Eligible a cart right. And then -- -- almost by -- I gave did. In SEC championship game so who has the edge when you look where Houston and -- is right now as far as pitching that. I get Ellis Q because they're used. Kind of -- hole was Johnny holes. Approach out there and it -- form more times than not concede so they've been. Situation both sport where. They were you know it ended in a situation where it and it went on Sunday to win theory. And they really didn't have -- strong starting pitcher or at least starting pitchers they do they count on -- go out there. You know give them 56 any Berrian that type of situation here so they're used to it they're cut into that. Houston has Clinton won more games so that it should be a little bit more depleted. As far as their pitchers go there's -- excuse. The big you know bro you now have a joke -- -- The red and very check yesterday by keeping both are out there are green and value all happy -- I IQ. They don't analyze you know you have a power game like that word that -- ball. All hands on deck regardless of how many deeply historically pigeons he'd do it today report two -- book war but. I would imagine if they if we started available. Documented more than anything though. That's the thing. You know it LSU really gonna have to to roll the dice you know have to hope that some guys can give them without any form and you know column ball that was sensational. Last -- during the Connecticut law the really gave -- aren't they needed. Now are you expect that again you know about a brought me here in the whole boat you know that he's gonna come through. And did it pretty big stage where. You know everyone kind of depending on man. Kim two good to keep this -- -- but one thing about cart. That he's got unbelievable competent and that's what coach -- and there is no doubt about it. He doesn't -- You know that the -- the best stuff out of the Stan but he is it and why he thinks he can get anybody out and -- -- that confidence. Prevailed here tonight. Jeff along those lines judges down the road of Mississippi State Louisiana Lafayette. -- you look at that scenario laughing and having to play one more game. Well when you break down the pitching staffs. Who has the -- -- I don't know I think it kind of woke up Louisiana land and map in -- got embarrassed by Jackson State considering. They're hitting ballclub what did you take a nagging. Very similar to our regular season started or you'll laugh a lot this season opener eastern they'll think the court one out and got shut out -- held a one run and then. Racing cages just went on an offensive terror after that same scenario that. Repeating itself and its regional situations. Agent because start rival since and I he's got a are starting to experience. Mississippi State starter that it has only started. A couple games this year so. -- -- -- pitcher has little more experience he's got good numbers. And -- right the that that type of opted to put out here -- very gain. I don't know what was with the came against Jackson State they'll things happen pitchers on a game. Actually Jack they are two pitchers that you Latvia -- -- -- shut down the cage and a prolific competent but you a -- yet kind of you know got past that their crowd is going to be out there in full court. On it and I care for Mississippi eight changed Cheney et ET in their old ball park yesterday. -- and riled up that that should be a great game well. Could be one of those games now where it's based on. Probably run you'll -- -- -- -- there were 22 runs scored yesterday could be another score and a prayer and I. A memo to Jim how come folks volley onto it -- -- Jeff always a pleasure thank you so much time. All right Debbie Debbie and whose time is 530 time the first news and we'll go to Jim Hansen.