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6-2 5:35pm Sports Talk: ULL Baseball

Jun 2, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Les East who covers ULL Baseball for The Advocate about ULL's performance in the regional championship.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He covers sports for the advocate in this east on disease coming the Louisiana Lafayette regional with a cases have clawed their way back now and it RD win away from hosting the super regional. Less what was it like Friday around there win and this team that was so powerful. Guy ranked one to zero. I -- -- probably you know it was how we hear that. I think it was. They would -- more than any. Of the game went along. I don't intend to any real tension and the ball mark was like it mattered and start it. And an opportunity opportunity. After opportunity all it looked up and yeah eight and a and it was still lives in one often and they squandered -- best opportunity. And out and order and ultimately result. I don't think anybody. There were losing -- in the game at army air that they would just not that I'd never sensed that. It was. Feeling bet they would not be able to do what they'd done it does. Now lastly you look at I guess -- Houston and you look at Lafayette now Mississippi State when you go to game seven. And you think how important pitching is terrible what measured -- -- right now in Lafayette berth in Mississippi State who's available two pitch to as the engine. Will we maybe see same type of game -- in game six where Lafayette -- mr. -- 148. I think on paper -- That -- that -- that they got Jake Long. Stretches in the country early catcher. And that alone in the regional that you can almost untenable year easily only goes about -- I kind of -- regain the job the whole group closer. But I. Having this week I think that you probably stand him. I'm 84 I'd be an especially in the trouble early -- probably out in the game. Manageable but that's sort of been up there lead -- yet that. But the -- Printing it like working out that personally -- pretty -- its mark. On the old and a great deal. The -- -- -- well in a lap and there hasn't been one that there most prominent pitchers yet when he pitched. It's very well yeah operate under two and that they have a whole bunch of guys that usually -- the old man ever fail so. -- pretty good shape of the circumstances. But. The third straight and that one. And I'm sure John Collins like eight. Nancy says with a c.'s colors athletics boards for the -- he's covering the bad the Louisiana Lafayette regional where the regional championship game getting set to take place. The cages of Louisiana Lafayette in Mississippi State -- that atmosphere down like dead over there less. Well it's been pretty. Pretty enthusiastic. Right out we are. Understood -- -- Up in number. Some coverage here. Trying to rain on the plane didn't. Have a little more subdued. Right now but there you know it it's much like I tell you -- It they can't figure in one stadium. Yet it -- all over the ground built up. Agent I handled -- in grand avenue in time. And ready to go pretty fast that it's clear that he's actually represented. I'm pretty well here and you know a lot check it. The other night when they won late game and all the -- yet and he really -- The last couple outs in the state beat -- straight. On Saturday so it's -- -- really not sure which ones. Last night well -- with a -- is kind of a state that. Equation. It's one thing too because of the history of what happened with those programs it would have been an -- what ol' mesa -- -- state it's. Odds -- someone you know focused in on occasions not it is not sliding Hamburg. I mean they'll be -- a long time you give bidder and big time travel a sit -- wait and and what another shot to go to college World Series it that takes place it will be another all the CB super regional. Yeah that that. Utley though regional full time a bill is too. Meeting again -- -- And -- regional sites that are in our crowd reaction. And got the other team. -- -- Typical time reached a -- -- at -- so. That kind of lingering hope -- whether or not there's going to be. Regional. I think that most of the people here aren't overly concerned about that they're focused. On the possibility that KG could original burst. Now as it you could just get a be objective and know what is your take move would follow drafted tonight. Well issue of the host the super regional it was -- well Louisiana Lafayette -- and sobering. Are going to be questioned the I think. You -- -- probably won't get it done obviously. It flail at -- I did last night. What -- you and I'm in the you know law I just thank you saw -- you -- -- right. The way they pounced on -- I would like charts out smelling blood in the water at some point during that game. They played real. That it climbed out of -- hole they dug themselves Friday night and -- that it really doable thing they're right there on the brink like. I think the -- to get it done. Yeah I would certainly paper Hughes being at home -- medal in this situation war. But I think there's going to be an anxious moment in a box stadium -- in the practice. They're they were so close to moving on last night Atlanta you know way -- that always makes her one and you'd get -- -- and. That's how can people keep up with the on Twitter. I -- probably. At the list easily as always -- enjoy the game is the guys are right this is sports talk on WW.

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