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6-2 6:10pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Jun 2, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Senior Writer at tigerbait.com Bryan Lazare about LSU's upcoming game against Houston that will determine their championship future.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome the sports talk the final two segments here before we -- to the other issues sports network the Tigers taking on a the Houston cougar ST think LSU gates had done the night or does seem that says this season come Tony and it's operated jaguar Pena -- you can cast your vote online at WW dot com senior writer at tiger -- dot com. -- saw a dog does now I'm Bryant and now LSU is a winner take all its not those season comes to -- in. You're right it's it proverbial winner go out. You know well she was six -- -- -- Atlanta or Utley did you know I didn't get the job done you know being at. It didn't let that was only the fifth time. In LA issues NCAA tournament history that it ever lost that game when it had the lead -- seventh -- That that would happen at very rare packed it was the only comedy they want things larger lead after that dating back in. We usually 1993. -- Kent State area picture on yet that. And blew that they'll what happened last night that happened very often enough -- seeing now what I'll tell you a response -- -- Now Bryant. What was your take it at times I thought well as they were hitting the ball. By the ages one and falling in the gaps whatever it was who's right at. You know defenders -- it. A friend were gonna make melon and and -- the hot streak designated hitter that he was on. That would LSU's ten game winning streak senior when he's eleven of 35 team. A run scored eleven RBIs three homers -- last night. He went 045. I think it. You know you look at the pitching in the cart right ERA. Righted -- one point 87 but then you look at their pitcher -- -- He's one point 55 BRA so. I think that somehow Ellis shoot. Just has to really jump ball all over me and score. A number of runs I don't think they need a forward against can afford to be ahead let's say 10 at that time we came in in a fifth or sixth inning. Well look I think that that. Of the pitchers that are available -- first not think both those teams were pretty good shape for. And so that's a BL -- sport game in Houston Pitt game considering that I think those stats are pretty good shape. That being there I think Houston has the best pitcher. Well rested and ready to -- -- effective reliever award. Can only threw one inning in relief yesterday afternoon against -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- they're closer well brought a boards 118 stage sport this year need to bury it pitcher I'm sure they use him for war pocketing the night they'll. For that reason I think it's very important for LA shooting at an early lead eat -- I don't think Alex you want to be in the situation. We're we're in the -- expanding in the games Scot added there about what you -- you'd think Greg Orton. Because I think. Utility and there that can eat better than you know than anybody else you can bet. Now Bryant know what was your take on now on the ground rule you know say ground rule double and -- -- in the right terminology as far as in the ball got stuck. Under of the padding. Now supposedly went they went over the rule but the ball and an up and -- territory verses in the field of play. Global what is your take -- have ended. That did they get it right by you know let -- the play continued -- relishing getting in the park home run or what was your take after you reviewed what happened. -- well. Ours to -- The ground rules Spain they talk about it. Know that the greens out there. And it sent the ball cannot get caught them green and the well bit really by -- and it it would that -- out territory. Which -- back behind Spain now. -- really bad being that I can understand the you'd been right yet because you're taught. Okay balled it it looked like it would watch what the -- It lodged. Or what it is racked up against anti. Now that you were right -- in the right thing because he knows well I though it reached for the skills. Even it lodged. Now the ball -- -- yet the naked -- well it looks like an idiot lodged. Shuttle I'm not gonna go well so that's why would it indicate they thought the ball. -- -- The umpire -- I look at it pulled the ball out at white hot the ball just Rex being. They're. Up against big gate in the ground and watched it and so. Not being there Akron Akron but that that -- the -- -- used to coach protest. The game. And it -- me yet that protest right -- you're able it will go to Asia -- -- -- here. Kurt and after the NCAA tournament -- -- but while the pro -- because they had basically a judgment. By the umpire. That the ball was lives in -- -- protect judgment call he could only pro Castro that. Look -- look and ebony umpire went in and -- ball. And eat eat and -- a lot in the -- so good fortune teller you. Yeah Bryant to TV angle I'll look at it like it was resting and it goes like. You know I think Ellis -- the right thing is the runners keep running the union net and them getting two runs. Now Brian I'm not saying it was deja -- I told the this earlier. Because -- different pitches contributing to this. But -- when you take things for granted just shows job baseball as I can remember. Early in this season at Texas -- am relishes like four to zero in the ninth inning. Then the blues and acting game this evening basically. No Broussard was involved in both those games so the -- a little discouraging when you got closer. And and now he -- contribute maybe tell. You know the ball and didn't conquered a lot of people up at the lottery pick bulb and out after getting used screwed well. That is not thought on bowl alternate not on expect getting in early march and it worked with the team against a Purdue. The court it's not that took him out was one that not. He only thrown sixty. Eight pitches and yet -- They've lacked throughout the drone that any spot in 98 -- both those games at Auburn and Arkansas he had big league when he was. -- -- Couple innings into a big difference pitching with a big lead and pitching with a one up in a one -- -- I think that all look at it. He's given -- six inning. We're on charted territory he hadn't pitched in the late inning -- a close game all year. Our bullpen being good. Will he get a great job with getting out let's turn over the ball and the ball that it did did you know on the -- got out of it and you look at the eighth inning they keep playing in the eighth inning with the obstruction call -- and that was the prop. Called you bought -- the batter runner on first base. It Pete got to make contact beard and yet there it would get -- out and repeat -- one out runner on that it. And you know no big deal but the obstruction call was -- the burst back. And nobody out they give up a couple of hits and all of a sudden they're back in the eight. Ear piercing done its job in bringing an excellent in Europe. Or he doesn't -- become you know a two run single to right. In her and then not -- start you know it's a couple of era under in the night content but you've got three straight hits with two out eleventh and it. The bullpen nah you know -- have been Pearson. You know the other three guys in -- got right back out there. You know possibly those guys I know you bring the -- and -- and will be available -- -- start sure he will roll -- probable for the eagle oh heat you know and. -- how can folks Fabio on Twitter. At the elbow at the LB or Brian as our Bryant thank you so much of the time. Utley come back and we did -- and handed out to the LSU sports network here on WW.