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06-02 11pm Bob Mitchell in for Scoot/ LSU

Jun 3, 2014|

Bob talks about the LSU baseball teams 12 to 2 loss to Houston, which signals the end of the LSU baseball season of 2014.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Relatives may Bob Mitchell filling -- do tonight. I really did not think that I was going to be coming on the air talking about just and L issue in embarrassment at home. I've got a few things to talk about -- if if your tiger friend and and and you need to vent and talk about what happened tonight and last but I don't like to take your phone calls. At 2601. Late 7866. Avic I know it's seven you can text -- And 87870. Maybe. Some of you who went to the game or on the way Holman you know you'd -- -- felt like shake your head and in disbelief if you if you watched the game on line if you. Listen the game right here on on on WW LU. If you still approach shaking your head over. And I'll shoot team but that got embarrassed that much. I I was at the game last night. And could not figure out how in the world you blow it a four run lead. In the seventh inning flip you if you wanna talk a about the game if you wanna talk about where you. And L issue baseball is headed. Things that you think maybe week we need to do conversations. That we need to do you can probably at 260. 87 or 8668890870. I'm I'm I'm I'm just -- stunned I did not I did not expect. -- issue in any way. To perform the way they played. Tonight. Last night I was I was stunned the dispute if if you were at the game you -- the game. A lot of times. Lot of times things have happened and and a baseball game all are based on on one decision. One coaching decision. And when I couldn't understand last night is that why we polled bowl win. He had pitched six innings had given up two hits. Look like you were rocking and rolling and that that was from there where the tigers -- go down. So let's go let's go ahead -- they -- getting some phone calls it right now also if if you wanna be a part of the show which 26 year old -- seventy. 8668 at 9087 -- for the -- jury or you. -- Recruit me. Yeah there were. Last it was out bill. But you know it's as well -- he cannot -- as strong yeah you know industries. While. Saw it used to. What do you think of about a LSU baseball in the future where do you go from here. -- short. You marked. You wanted disappointed you argue are you -- the point. Forward of course this or this or. Tortured -- -- You know -- there and ball. At at at. And if we here at the game last night bunny prints. Or as well as good career out. -- -- -- -- -- Richard. Where they'll. Dispersed and second. Well you know we don't. We -- Stewart. And so. -- I don't we were talking about it and in the stands and I looked it up and -- and why are we changing pitchers you know and a -- -- -- -- so well and they've been hitting the ball. Tunneling deep in the outfield -- while yup but you know you a guy is throwing in the a two hitter and you know I guess may be what what I am looking back on. There is. I quite frankly think and you know this and I'm just affect them okay. I can't analyze games the way Bobby and -- and analyzed them I'm I'm just the fan but I'm looking at this game and I'm saying. -- your pitcher is giving you aid to hit performance and seemed to be and very much control of the game. But this could probably be or possibly be. The last game you would have to play it. So -- know while you'd be saving pitchers or anything so we goal let him let him go a little bit further into the game. And that was the point where the game started to turn around. -- There are correct this for our as little -- follow. I don't know the legal lot more than. Oh. Or at war and -- sure they'll last night -- -- down at. And and and did you did you also find -- at the end of the game and I'm talking about last night when when we were down. It seemed to be rather then play baseball rather than say it but put the ball on the ground the try to get some hits because. What Houston did polish -- all their runs. I don't think I've only Houston got. I think all they got was singles and all they description -- away and chip it away and it's seem like those last few innings. Every tiger batter was going for the fences that we're taking the low pitchers and from the gulf swinging the ball trying to get the -- -- now that that was just my point of view. Is it all and furthermore our sovereign -- -- It's all against the wall. The -- forward. To -- more it's altered. Just slightly won't where Leo. Or. But it's well. Somebody notes that one out but. -- -- but that -- -- want to. Create it through all. It's out of a bowl -- -- such as well. But again if if if we were telling our players look let's just go for the hits let's not let's not swing for the fences let's. Let's just try to take it because that's that's what Houston did to -- issue last night. Well that's true but there. -- partners the -- -- -- it -- you know all and to. -- -- at the emergency he was keeping the ball very low you're right thank thank you Gerri appreciate your phony -- All right let's go to Don Don how are you tonight. Doing great. Our cajun way occasion -- should be steady. That and that is great news now you know that's that's that's going to be my team now I'm -- -- a few family got to pull the cajun style. There are there are good cheap they don't know -- the story that came good pitching great piece there. Didn't make timely hearing great aura about true art -- it in the country. Score -- wrote a two out and beat a real good team tonight -- pretty good pitcher. They did. And an old. Why do you think how do you think Lafayette got. It it seems a million in in many respects from Lafayette up recruited they'll issue. Well it. Shop where Louisiana -- actually have been British. -- lately it's been about Tony La recruiting. Globally and he has a little bit. But mostly cheers and play and it -- -- Olympia. Lake Charles Morgan -- -- where I want more. In neutral on nor shall normal temperature that -- C. Band -- -- what are your thoughts on the tigers. I'm always surprised would adopt ordinary Mariano -- well. Are working you know are quite -- when he was quite an inaugural ball way back in a lot of purple people don't really surprised. If they were really are on the net. But you know it's it's things like command like tonight. What was a total collapse and and watching the game last night -- -- to an already played games they were playing a double header. Andrea L issue I thought. As a team that did not play it looked very lethargic last night. I'm not I'll probably not a big power lost -- couldn't do you must have written by via. So I'm not really a brilliant father in law. -- -- blown out while the tuna you know now. So it. All right done that is and start all all all all right thank you so much okay thank you -- -- let's go to a -- in memory power you Fred. Are you are were not good not good -- -- did you know -- I thought sure I was I was at the game last night. And I'm leaving the stadium live in the box around 11 o'clock. And I'm figuring okay well tomorrow night but I'm going to be on the air after the game and we're just do that trade and come back strong. And boom I'm going to be happy if and a after the game. Talk enough happy tiger fans but this was an absolute embarrassment tonight. Well let's talk about embarrassment to our part about it -- and PR issue baseball team. Let me tell you what it's been going through actions that legendary national championship by our hall of fame coach. We won the championship the 2009. And 2010. We went to Baton Rouge regional lost at one to two. One wins two losses. In 20112. Years later. Who aren't in any regional at all in 2012. We went 11 -- two losses to Stony Brook -- And 2813. Well you remember the embarrassment last year normal or else. And we go into our regional here -- her. You know slaughter in the SEC. Water or the game winning streak a 110. Runs -- and the other well on concerned. Look what happens look what happens. LSU has a problem. And I can't help but think it all goes back to the coach because he's the one who. Who doesn't recruiting -- and warm who chooses which pitchers pitch and it goes back in the buck stops there and this time they'll shoot -- -- years. This time LSU has a talk with becomes a call Al Gore column here because. -- -- it's not just losing losing -- one thing it comes with Perry's goal. Embarrassing losses or something you know -- we have had five straight years now. A season that ended the humiliating losses relation. And what editors bill why is that is that is gnawing away on award at the recruiting. And I think there -- historic missing here now -- on the pitcher and I -- they tried their best. And every year -- here. All we had a cup champion we had a -- viper pro team we have the number one recruiting team in the country number one collapsed. What happens look at the last five years and Alia that and plus I'm Victoria there's. If you are bad. I went jail issue and I trial -- that you. Since baseball 1980. Every game I Beatles listened to a bill that are followed to gain track -- -- TV. And hired you know the last five years there has never been a roller coaster ride in every season like there's been here. The tiger or have looked at peace and equality game wonderful stretch. Then they'll go down into the gutter and and I fight their way there to get into some kind of post season. And the last five years shows that to be effect. Lee's last OJ we're. Here now the coaching. For for instance obviously and an unknown visa. Although he's a freshman but obviously cartwright. Was not ready to start a regional game -- It never started a game tonight. Maybe maybe I'm missing something here. Why couldn't they have put our goal oral poultry and for a couple of things. Will Nolan pitch. And. And he says -- that's a fraud. -- equipment pitched and it works that are it would. Encourage those last two games. We wouldn't allow any worse than we did tonight hours well it began to regain goes to -- Tehran mercy rule also would get out of there with I was. Listen I was thinking the same thing and I I thought there was a ten run mercy rule and in regional play but I guess not a. -- -- -- -- -- I don't follow our it it is but in our our -- I really and I don't wanna take into Holland on one thing in piled on one thing. But you brought up. Is such a good point we know these kids play as hard as they can possibly play. And many times and and if if I have to look back on these last two games. I'm going to say I still think it'd blow dealt to the coaching decision. To pull -- after six innings when he's only given up two -- I've I would love to have. That this this this to -- might be one of those responses where we view -- look back on LSU football Wednesday. Why didn't want in miles put -- Lee in for Jordan's job was and why would you pull Dalai. I I've I've. Was not able to listen to the post game show because I was I was in Baton Rouge but. While would you pull a guy after six innings in his only given up to its -- I can't comprehend that. I totally agree with you and then it might pull it you know. We -- won last night and it. Is well aware you know we -- never had that inning -- came back and scored -- toward China may know where the light. I don't think they're electing men there but it did have. Lost by one point what we have and I was electable pitchers -- great great -- Albert bit shocking memoir call. And it all goes back to recruiting because -- issue. It started -- well -- a train out of control. And pure and pure people or you know being interest of this and many other schools they beat goes to. Like you like to well. Tony -- -- demeanor for what what a year or so and at least. -- -- -- Apaches -- -- -- veggies metrics and I have and I have a good but he -- down now you run colors this year you'll remember. What they wore number one for one week four weeks later and it almost number twenty should do. And they had the fight their way back there has been consistent thing for the last five years at some point of the season. And something is wrong color issue and with relish baseball. Aren't really all they had a talk pulmonary. About his future because. -- An election to her better -- it happens and I have in a real season and the humiliations. Or something else has such a -- match humiliations. But it tribe in a row something wrong we deserve better. And it's helping him explain it all going ligament as coaches and serve as recruiting industry. Right I could not agree with you more -- -- social and ahead. I'll be all I think I'll bet that much glean from the necessities and behind me forget. -- thank you so much great great great points are pretty. All right -- to come back to you were gonna come back to you Greg. Stay with Betty if you wanna take. And vent like like Fred just did not tell you one thing I think Fred -- You have your opinions elected. Here for me new 260 -- seventy or told 3866890. It's so heavily on. Bob Mitchell and -- due to the WWL I'm Bob Mitchell and Boris do tonight and through your a tiger fan and you need to vent about the embarrassing. Loss the night in Houston. -- can call me to -- -- late 7866. In -- nine OH seventy text the and 87870. DePaula callers that just to sort of agenda please hang on we do have few lines open though. 2601 late 78668. -- 9087 -- -- to -- in coming to power erect. -- -- as well yes. -- Politico always. I'm kind of got a bomb belt tonight enjoy -- embarrassing light. Those type of fans right now would discourage. You know that's the that is that is a great word. I went last night and and and saw that game and and thought shore up you know I was talking to my my buddies there and I said well you know. Houston already played so they're going to be tarred -- In all of this this should be good in the we go up for nothing we're in the seventh inning and we just where -- it had been a good old times you know it's Landis. This game's over and then it all fell apart. And I assume. I have to I was not prepared. For this loss tonight at all not at all a world I just couldn't see I couldn't see Houston -- knows. Two nights in a row like this. Well in law I'm disappointed because and I grew up tribute cold. -- and your cell with open. You know to me your question and it. Never created. -- -- -- -- honest -- put. You know -- pairs of France you're you're so and threw him so present. Coach Fran Utley -- long ago. And I'm certain it is. Get some. -- -- right now yeah I want to graduate tigers stumble along. No it's parity. -- -- national needs to get beaten me four very club floors stated your clothes pin to get beat. You know -- that tiger fan. Not. Trained animals were gone back to blow alcoholic -- and -- -- -- -- in 2000. As well but as a tiger fan coming. I feel embarrassed I mean you're out of home you're in the seventh inning Europe Europe but by four runs you lose that game you come back tonight at home. And you get blown out of the stadium. And an odd odd odd I don't understand that I. I look at things and I mean. I know these kids that are playing as hard as that as as as as they possibly can but you know we were on a roll we have one. A Wallace -- nine straight rose ten -- row and then here we or we have a team down. And -- -- our are starting pitcher has gone six innings and only gives up two hits. And you pull the plug on him. Two million I don't know you know to me that's got the emotionally. Just make me you know as a player I'm wondering and what's going on here but I I don't know on this and I'm a man I don't talk like Bobby -- -- talk like the cut -- I don't of the information they have I'm just the thing. It's spin the fans -- for a strike me as a coach. And -- you know amateur coach. You don't need to well Norman. Nobody's although it and India and weaker note certain course management. Noah I think honestly -- really believe that people -- we will expose -- I ago we've been met or that you just go again. All right came in and should keep view is that surely could throw. But he was obviously he wasn't ready their first two pitches were strikes on the map of that. He hit to batter walks next -- he obviously was not ready and I'd I'd feel for him. I'm sure he did his best but obviously he was not ready to spark a regional today. A true partner unit in the -- you know. You know who's Caribbean news -- Is that boat prove a negative brush and so full. And it is what is in Mexico. -- -- in the quality. Baseball Tuesday is. And he it would execute some others -- So you know and the team's capable. Of over. Iran right now and we thought we. Were gone on to regionals. Occurred. And -- has disappointed and frustrated and aggravated put. I'm not down my targets and you know. We will grow between missed so it. Baseball program in the country and mobbed him -- Well you know. These one on one man and one super regional and normal. And there. Aren't a problem but but we will publish a week directing here and it bass player if you -- that you play baseball on top players. -- well but the bottom line is that's that's like -- a football team. Does that make it to the playoffs is as good as a team that makes it to the Super Bowl the equipment the coaching and the players didn't get them there. Equity. Oh -- no question. -- uploaded to -- their monetary. I'm also probable. And the way acute in the leg at old talking. Point. You what questioned the -- move. It's for tonight goats. It's baseball. And we jumped out to -- first proper source thank you -- -- my. Getting him the day -- -- follow well. You -- -- we just got steamrolled tonight accurate but Tyler Tyler. Keep calling to Gloria. And I understand that you attended the game tonight in this was your first LSU game. That had to be disappointing. It will let you. It is -- last start practicing football -- the. -- not that's not there at the know what war -- -- the people around you saying about the game. One and I jealous you played so poorly tonight. They're all of that and more like. -- -- That young. Are all wanted. Everybody does opponent and it is you're dead there in the car with him very much a pass the phone him. I -- and say hello to him. Now how how old is -- It's four days and that was worked -- well. His first game at the job at the out spots you had to you had to bring -- tonight. -- -- -- -- We have the game last night. I mean no doubt doubt the what -- And I mean it was like that it's a mean -- -- what I heard that to look at total collapse. Public spotter. In the Bob are they where you want. You can about her and coaching or. Watch it. It changed laws or. At -- out. Well again you know an odd odd -- don't want to. -- -- and there are the young man a little banking but because when I went to. Incidents that Monday when I went to last night's game. Some people. I hang around. The car right click the Malia and under the current. And turn turn your radio down at. Okay and and and I met his family. But he obviously one is not ready that pressure tonight because the but he hit the first batter and then walked the next -- a he obviously what was not ready. And you know. That's that's the hope to -- the ability to make sure that these kids do well in those type positions that they are. Well you know I like it though you know it could come. Relish and we -- your relate did you have a -- -- you know. It's the -- all you know a pitcher out it's possible. We can have a better yet again. Well that's stroke oh it's senses it's been tea appointed many people brought up what did you think both Monday and pulled last night. When we see in the -- play in well he's got a two hit shutout going. -- why would you pull pitchers in that position. Raj you win that game you don't have to play tonight. -- bet you that coached -- an area that. I mean you've got a pitcher who hot pitcher who's in control of what is doing. A pitcher that has only given up two hits in six innings and you pulling. I'd like them like they coach Ramon. It is. Just it just doesn't Jarrett -- that you should. Let a. Not like black bought fourteen year old studies. But then -- right -- -- practice all salute. At -- thank you so much okay. Oh let me take it's a group one more phone call before we go to the break we have a couple of lines -- -- -- -- 17866. Avic I know it's seventy. Greg how are you tonight. I'm bummed out like everyone else -- or you. Bombed you know win. And I knew I was a knew I was gonna work tonight. And now so I was at the game last night and actually I didn't think I was going to be talking about -- shoot tonight because I figured. We're gonna win then well we got a whole bunch of other pigs picked I'll put them what I've found out I was going to work becomes eligible to the plate. I I I gotta tell you. I was looking. -- looking forward to doing this show on pumps and I can't wait because -- she can win them and talked to tiger friends and we're going to be. We're going to be pumped up that we're gonna say it can't wait for the super regional. And just to get kicked in the you know what like there's -- unbelievable. I get a little bit different than everybody else because although I'm. Disappointed I'm not Malia surprise -- and to be watching the team all season long and over the last couple of years. -- To a lot to gain early on the cute bird the middle part of the field where. Late inning -- it would come here and then walked the first batter wars in a better world. That would drive up the wrong time. And then ultimately part on the one hand below sixteen because he cracked developed problems -- -- -- went on a great -- It is that it came back literally -- I'm in the meanwhile the phrase that was gonna come back. Did the attitude out here and on the team. I mean there on Saturday morning talking about how there's going to be no dog pile after the victory. And screaming at them that that the top violently out of your mind. You know dark world where where where you know where we win the -- from the college World Series. Your two losses from being no you can't take these can -- like that McAuliffe said the -- solid baseball. Did you know if you are under continent -- which we obviously were not you know the last two games left applicant's name. You're not going to be able to BP and they all have -- they'll have players. And you know if you don't go in there and fight every at bat and you know run out every ground ball and play your article and the players were playing hard that. You don't go vote the mentality and Indian beach you can have on your edge. You know -- like that. Do you get do you get the edge on your old argued at the edge from. Being motivated by -- coaches. Well I think that the collective responsibility to provided if you don't have the senior currently in which the kind of -- And history and not making it very far in the tournament. You know we don't have an account to craft to limit your post player talked about no dog pile. After grabbed by the Scotland neck and a lot of travel up -- -- -- -- -- kid you know understand that. We have one now. I mean what they definitely part of the champions again that it -- that while ago. We have got it is very quality team -- over that locker room Parma one in the when they lose yeah they're planning on beating him but it. If you don't get on that field if you don't battle -- -- of your intensity if you'd pick off to get a four run lead. You know in the seventh inning yeah. You're not -- and Cote spoke to our panel -- the system we have today I remember back when -- first came to LSU. And he would make their pitching changes and our screen to -- -- Pockets actually it wouldn't have been in yet and nation we don't have final fault him without -- the overall attitude of the -- in the hole. You know where entitled -- in the Qatar regional and where we can play next week attitude. That replicates and that you can't pick and it politely when it goes from. Or you know it's it's almost looked -- in and listening to you I'm saying I think that way and I. I'm route that way because I'm a fan. Today and it's almost like the look butcher tells me is that the players were acted like fans not like players. Well in the technical book about all this is I think we were all went to Alabama and collapse that natural temperature in the ground or. How can we even. Know. It can happen and if you think you're in part of the nets that championship -- -- mistake. It can get up and take. I thank you for being partial to. And all right Roger and act you guys hang on a -- quick break I'll come right back to you we have room for a few more calls book. Before we on the show Mueller expressed what you feel about -- issue would love to hear from me tonight that 2601. Late Sunday troll well. To secure one late 78 or 8668890. It's settling on Bob Mitchell in pursuit. On the big 870 WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell and -- do tonight. Taking your phone calls talking about the actual collapse of all of you baseball in the regional the past two nights let's go to Mac a Mac how are you tonight. -- And that period. I was somewhat surprising -- SEC could get on actions -- It seems interesting to want to get in the zone isn't in the bill and it's any consolation Alabama wasn't game -- game Kennesaw State at least. -- was supposed to look good people and Stanislas they. Which you know -- he kind of looked at that would issues last several years. You know wanting him -- always and he had a good middle relief it's just -- and guys had to come and put up to five. And LSU just hasn't. And we didn't even have a closer this year. Well Bruce would -- -- good at times but. I guess one of them but we well I -- -- was at worst the worst enemy in part because two lead pitches. Always got to the close the middle relievers that they did have -- even add insult he gets in the city. I think he can make something but that's when things get -- always says he hasn't. Guys to come out. Put up. That who is testament to stroll in the to have some success. You know we'd that we did not -- -- ebony what don't cook that you can really help out. -- anybody -- really comfortable. May the one I really feel bad yeah for a yes it was because McCain and it's good the bad few minutes I think he felt he was a senior. He would come in and put out. Just finished a game balls and it just didn't happen and he's pitched really well less of and so felt so bad they hammer coming religious and a vote. Worldwide annually -- you know I mean when there is. Peaceful -- pretty good coach you just gonna pass this thing like we seem like we -- in the SEC tournament and he's one follow the last seven and it's like then we go downhill. But you know what would happen. Also a couple of up. Couple blisters have pointed out is that the roller coaster rider that -- that the these teams I've found that in general pulmonary teams. Lack consistency. That don't they can be great and they can stink the place. Fieger -- that in fact these days part of the biggest problem -- this -- -- -- was leaving men on base. Yeah I mean they've left a lot of them basis she indicated to keep it in these other teams in need to again and you know. Yeah I just I mean yesterday -- bustling Houston menus seemed left -- and let me let them back in the game. And I mean they would just they get their health consciousness and we'll have to leave. It helped we'll see how far -- ago. Yeah all right -- thank you so much Lawrence go to Roger Mississippi Roger. Followed about how you feeling tonight blood. I'm I'm not fit in well I thought I honestly don't mention this time. I thought this was going to be a celebration shield and related. It was a political does well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because I was there but this just like so -- calls for the last four -- -- And you have. To grow. You don't have these bridge players -- do you go to number Egypt state district court. He may suggest that yes they didn't go to Q what did you -- -- know what hole did you hear that. Yes I was in a tightly that you go -- and -- -- identical cheeky and they'll broke out about swipe -- -- -- -- If I would have filed would have had a player that says that. He would have not started he would send -- back. -- -- -- -- It's acutely that this coaching. In the I mean. What 2008. But -- And that. Culture and they don't talk like you. In the game pictures and share. Good. Weather sent. Pictures in -- That's what. It would send it yeah. Yeah Roger. Hang on for a minute I've -- take a break come back and finish with the okay. Hang on I'm Bob Mitchell and Roger we have Obama a minute and a half left ago to make it it boiled down to what Obama first called for a you heard him. It's that it's -- that in LL issues that down and try to get some answers from pulmonary. Where's his program going in oh well why we keep having these these in bad bursting season in the collapses. Likely like we did -- -- -- the last year your report we got we got beat by a -- like that. Right right and what she did -- -- -- calls open polished at the awards are averaged. In the world and open up the answers yet but we're trying to say. -- -- Which I mean that would top. In the southeast and out as you know I'm not -- The states. Mr. staple of -- You. So. Is. Well well at least it means it would weather problems galore so they've got to make changes and sort each kits. It -- quite take it and wouldn't you know they can look at -- I'm what the thank you Roger we really do need to give us a shallow out to Lafayette because -- Yep you walk out people won't go about. All right thanks so what. -- all right. While tiger fans. I just now all we have to do us. Get ready for football season. Hope that's could turn out okay. Thank you shall have to be part of the show I'm Bob Mitchell thank you John and -- -- god bless you I'll see you tomorrow night interest due -- WWL.