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Jun 3, 2014|

Dave talks about leftover crawfish, exotic manure, and a driving dog

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the early edition at ten minutes after 5 AM. On this June the third 2014. To our Robinson get to Monday. Yes this is the -- like to call. Not Monday because it just emphasizes the fact that we made it through Monday. Relatively unscathed and order making it way down toward the -- most of those and to me that's why I've made money even better but did you now. I for the first time this season. Boiled crawfish. I have men hankering to do so but as you know two hours. A bad start of the season they were small and frozen and expensive and expensive as all get out but now I got live crop -- Last night for a buck sixty a pound. But he got a supplier and now -- with the crop historic there's seafood stored on the -- A buck sixty -- pound I was very pleased with that but. Ran in that age old problem. Of deciding to like at one sack which may not be enough defeat at about a dozen people that. At one sack which I wasn't going to be enough it was like 35 pounds is best at more than or do I get a second line. And then have that problem of all these crawfish Latin. And a -- down thumbs hurting and they had enough. So I ended up with two sacks about seventy pounds of crop. For a dozen people to which felt relief -- -- as of about ten. And I thought about seven pounds per person put some of them were kids. And they so anyway we ended up. But the big -- crawfish on the table. My wife and I elected to and among them Austin I'd start and details are as Americans freeze them do that you -- -- -- for later. But it's better to have too much than that I absolutely that'd have it not needed they needed and not -- that tonight. I don't know a president has some days coaches have a beer with nothing with Hugo. Plan. To pull frozen crawfish tails of the freezer in disease like that so what I'm looking for suggestions of what did you get to. Being gallon sized freezer bags full of crawfish tails. And I want the best left over crawfish recipes. Or at least you know semi whole recipe -- and what did you know -- to day. Should make some Monica. You know what you do with all. I'm yet to -- problem has been after you boil them and get the -- seasoning in and it doesn't lend itself well to a -- Tuesday -- don't think so I don't think said that this is kind of what would I like to do whether it's. Breakfast dinner at a nice crawfish -- Balloon. That is a -- have done that -- -- -- and profit absolutely. And it's she's abused those issues with a mild -- pretty good and I think for a white -- with my vacation I want him once your approval alone or. Thought it was evident that the today. Clinton to make -- That it was for any that it grilled sandwich station. Where you go and you take your brand bread you pick your cheesy pick some toppings and have you want. Bake in -- hammer. Different other stuff and they make they grilled cheese for you right there. Smith spectacles that up and we got tattered jeans and monster prodigy users that monster cheese again monster you about the monster. In the months. They approval. With the rest booted me. -- -- -- -- Don't Robinson looked -- in about twenty minutes in the traffic report here on WWL I am met them and that count text me your suggestion -- we got crawfish omelets. That's the first suggestion that one comment from mr. Robinson. What your suggestions what I do I got two huge freezer. It's full of profit entities or -- from ripping off more details -- know what to do but we had a great time. That's about the stuff on the -- my neighbors. Forecast right after this and and sports received -- my Iraq at least eight -- is gonna lose they lost game. In the NCAA tournament I mean they really did a great job of losing last night. You well I'll still alive he tells them both of those right after. Man I know we have the smartest listeners and what you guys have been coming up with some fantastic suggestions for what to do -- People crop tales have laughed at last night one person says crawfish case Indians -- amendment crawfish omelets for breakfast -- case India's line. And -- says the estate of the -- head. Make great -- this madness gracious knighted say they had -- Another is as profit missed -- that crawfish king -- aggressive roll dough stuffed with crawfish. And green cheese woo sounds good that can be in its moment in the Obama to bring the case that he has the line. Make in the eighties -- crop fish christened those things. For an appetizer for dinner. Along with a crawfish pesos some suggested. And then crawfish do some -- More of your suggestions coming up on love. Making hungry. Then. Forecast heavy downpours possible again today at 50% chance mainly for the afternoon and evening with temperatures holding in the mid eighties. And overnight tonight lows in the seventies that it straight shower or two but it looks like they strike out a bit Wednesday and Thursday rain chances start dropping to about ten to 20%. Measles -- to -- the heat warming on up a high of 88 on Wednesday at a high of ninety on Thursday. The Eyewitness News forecast center and the -- to slot. Tell how much -- around this morning it's mostly cloudy though at the airport in Canada where it's 74 degrees 91% relative humidity and no wind at all mostly cloudy and 72 -- the National Weather Service office and slide now. Look what she said a few minutes ago Steve Geller. The tigers are -- And the cajun there was just -- agents are still raging cajun story and the tigers are photos and a and it tigers are some seriously burnt toast I mean that kind of -- you can't even scrape them that part part off and still needed a maid park. -- all the way through I don't know who that team was last night yeah and that was not the LSU we have seen peaking just at the right time in the SEC tournament. And to start this regional because man they stuck up -- Steve Geller was sports well good morning everybody the quest for Omaha has come to an abrupt them for LSU. As the tigers pitching and hitting went cold in an elimination game vs Houston -- My ball to center field consider humor comes -- makes it gets in the tigers' season. Comes to -- -- the final score Houston illuminates LA June 12 to do. It's the first time ever in thirteen regionals in which Ellis who has participated that the tigers have lost consecutive games to the scene team. -- season now and a much different story though in Lafayette as the raging occasions have advanced to the super regionals after beating Mississippi State. 523. It's you well -- 57 win and moves him within three of the NCAA record for wins and a season. First team all American -- Conrad was -- in the lock yet regionals most outstanding player after going eleven for 23 with ten RBIs and scored five Ron. We -- to jump -- primarily for just hope that it would've played our benefit and it did me you've tricked our pitchers they did a great job of keeping their push and just denounce force whose huge. -- organized team activities resume today the black and gold are expected to announce the signing of veteran free agent center Jonathan Goodwin. Meanwhile the team has -- Mike golden. Who was a guard and linebacker Spencer Hadley. And hall of fame quarterback Dan -- among the latest group of football players to file a concussion related lawsuit against the NFL's. Marino and other fourteen plaintiffs -- more than 4800 others who have alleged that the NFL misled players about the long term dangers of concussions. The league has denied those claims. Today -- four on sports talk the SEC sent a strong message to the NCAA. Provide the power five some autonomy or will form our own division you take death threats seriously and would separating be good or bad thing for college football. I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning on the export side pointed -- on Steve -- with you on your radio so. Man and one who. Was -- the lack of pitching that we worried about all season long it finally came back to bite the tigers or one -- it that they just based on battered team in Houston. Lastly -- Houston is definitely a good ball club but to say that they're better than -- issue I would. Would argue that a minute war over the last few games -- her her right. That beat the tigers pitching staff was definitely more inexperienced of their arms that were available yesterday late last night. Just didn't have the post season experience that Houston squad did unfortunately and it showed all holding court right didn't -- make -- -- the first inning. It was that a bases loaded situation in the -- the guy in the aid that. And just -- things were coming out of the last half but yet they took the lead on have hit a guy NN head beds. And Adam and I got a question they used I mean -- you. Today -- save an arm for the games that mattered in the end well there you -- the the arms of Jarrett who -- and Aaron Nolan just weren't available. They had they had. Really this was the only way they could go back as he could have tried to bring tocchet back to page. But you know you're dealing with somebody's future there's two you don't wanna dam executes -- for -- Just a police that -- know that Aaron -- likely. Donnie will be going to the Major League Baseball you -- -- with -- -- It's when we get to backing it might Clement to march 4 a look at the next season for the baseball team at the the LSU baseball team and I'll talk more about do you allow region deacons -- suggestions on what I should do though is left over crawfish tails coming up right after this. On what your forecast -- WWL. Steve says -- make crawfish and a lot of us thank you mr. -- for that suggestion text messages suggest -- -- tales it never go wrong with that. Crawfish do. River road -- -- face seasoning packet great male and twenty minutes like the sound of that one amazing it. Potato salad to put -- -- in the potato salad. Maybe you can always try a -- take some French Fries and fried your profit -- to do that. As as -- crawfish and corn to make a best. Crawfish and -- stuff. Burger with potato salad left over from the boy I -- have some -- and left him although he did it himself and do that. Stuff -- stuff first thing as seen on TV. Maybe -- do that now the forecast. One last day at the higher than normal rain chances at 50% this afternoon still keeping -- in the mid eighties today. But heating things up midweek as those rain chances drop we're looking at 88 tomorrow at ninety on Thursday. With rain chance is dropping down to 20% on Wednesday. And 10% on Thursday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tell ran around this morning and no wind leaders of that 91% relative humidity can feel were in the mid seventies across the region and gave Cohen at the early edition of WWL first news. Profit high crawfish Alfredo loaded baked potato with profit stuffed him man. Yes that's a great suggestions and I'm gonna need him because I got through huge freezer bags -- grow -- Crawfish -- I'm not suggesting all along with Terrell suggestion. More viewers coming up. Playoffs about my failed plan I was gonna get those profit field. I want present doesn't it get a couple of jars of that it Cheney's Johnson poured over egg noodles with Mike crawfish tails and garlic bread on the side I'm all for that. The president's Crawford del Prado profit stuffed peppers -- -- profit pizza crawfish meat pies are well god. I think competition more profit somewhat goodness -- -- not those. But the details are still huge bags -- -- generous donation to meet. A game maybe for a small. It marks up and out. I'm -- donuts early edition WWL prisoners are coming up highlight failed. To not have to peel the tales myself that story that's news. And I'm Dave going WWL. First news it's the early edition at WWL first news it's June and it's the third it's 2014. Mr. Robinson and it is indeed. We've made it through Monday so this is the -- right to call. Monday celebrating the fact that we survived two. Advanced to Tuesday and we can look ahead of the rest of the week so you start of the suggestions with a profit omelet and a man. People have been pouring in and watch Jimmy got a recipe book here -- -- their suggestions at some respite now to figure out how to make some of these things like. The crawfish and coach he scrapes. And my dad making -- little kid. He made it on an upside down and the outs and then you can. Spaghetti some people are saying profit off toward progress that was well yeah you're looking -- the text -- there. NASDAQ. Operation hamburger you estimates suggested that profit matches. I think I'm -- trial a lot of them actually work itself when I was buying my sacks of crop. I told the woman at the crawfish. Store. It's got -- Across. Crawford but. Anyway a sit in in public too much you don't have like one human size actors in -- -- too small ones. So here's what you did he get all the kids in town working -- contest we're gonna see who can -- the most crawfish in the shortest amount of time. Senate let me get ideas at times it didn't work. That the Tom Sawyer ploy right what one cents right. Now didn't work out that they were too Smart for that -- that not that you're good news now. -- -- -- -- now from among them among them -- -- You'd be amazed -- -- -- you can deal in you know mind sacrificing your thumbs and workers at the time is where you don't worry about the about the digestive tract on the back -- man. That it's in Nam a guitar and well he is on them drink and when I mean Mac profits at some point I don't worry about that of Spain or anything -- whenever it is. And you call and I also know more about my dog driving but apparently causes and concerns some people to consider. In Canton Massachusetts after going for a walk and German shepherd -- on by a Massachusetts man decided to go for a drive. According to authorities. They say that the twelve week old -- Rosie was so excited after going for a walk. That she jumped into the running car New Year's Day and shifted into drive. Before falling on to the gas pedal and accelerating into up on the perfect storm a couple passers by saw the commotion. And help rescue. Rosie. The poppy was not injured nor were any humans but the car is a total loss. -- and why. Does this bring a spectacular for just -- dived to retrieve the car. For a tree and what are the chances you're puppies get a jump in the car it was an automatic so shifted it somehow. It was running. Out of park in in the drive -- and fell on the gas pedal. Sounds a little fishy but it 911 call surprised even police. And they say they never heard of a dog driving into upon before I'm sure there's an investigation to make sure it happened legitimately that wade did the witnesses said. The dog was in the car alone and the owner was chasing the vehicle lines they've -- ago. -- -- If it does a good question the -- should be -- right the reckless driving errors. And I think the I don't think insurance covers active dog. It -- it's the if you reversed the letters that doesn't go right active August 100 thank you -- -- -- one minutes. When another traffic report here on WWL or sooner if necessary. If there any problems. God let's go live and direct Eyewitness News forecast -- figured Florida hanging. -- meteorologist. Are about. Guys your dog ever driven your car. Thankfully the. My car really pretty dog and now I'll let you drive your car what I would. -- -- -- that it really that often but now there's. A chance that I I would certainly have got my car. It's today. Driving shouldn't be too bad it was getting to work. Yeah pretty quiet out there about Mort Jimmy looks good you know brain can't pick up toward the Mississippi gulf cut the -- here. Had -- eat you know from Slidell over into Mississippi -- and -- the brain otherwise it's mainly dry. That doesn't mean it'll stay that way he dealt later today. He's in downpour and about 50% chance similar to yesterday at white matter often on government now -- -- -- that negate actor's name. OK about a 5050 shot. That will see those downpours and we're getting used to it would have been the drill since what last Thursday's. Why exactly. We try out finally -- yeah. You know we talk that they get straight talk that the drier weather coming and you know by midweek and tweak it occurred at -- -- -- -- the upper eighties and nineties -- made. It is that this weekend and like it's gonna stay derived discredit had to protect rain chance for Saturday at the test today isn't about why out yet. All right so one more round of heavy downpour as the possible today folks -- -- and drier weather -- heating up. For the rest of the week on into the weekend according to mr. meteorologist Laura -- now who found that. Perfect little black dress today like. This the that. And addresses never seemed comfortable at this now I can't imagine it is everything. Air blown up than I bet everything I unsecured and I gonna pay it's I guys who Wear kilts. Do you think he hit it and -- yet yeah not really address is cooler than pants as speculation there. You you have no idea. That you keep the that would that we don't want to jump on the way to find out here out. How comfortable -- light light children you know -- waited long literally dressed in whatever. We don't want China a comfortable we are so we'll keep noted -- had a girl thankless job keyboard. I don't consider it kills for fun right now I want that sesame. Also not me as some are doing in Battle Creek, Michigan back by popular demand. Is the zoo. Do. -- -- This week again the zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan will be giving away. -- content compost and mixtures of manure produced by exotic animals on either selling. No I'm doing that -- because that's worth its weight in gold. I don't know I mean I like my line on them and actually I don't like to fertilize my Balkans and Kristi that some anti fertilizer -- What was your garden for about you have that are actually you know if you're -- and you know -- beautiful play and that -- that kind of stuff that need all that. Kind -- did you know. Well my choices are. Zebra. Antelope. -- And an entirely other animals do that they're making their. Better than just a regular how manure like this -- it -- give -- give a different minerals. Except for him a little -- now I guess the different things. They're all her reformers yeah it's how much are they charging. Point five dollars a -- -- -- members thirty dollars for non members. And they say that compares to around two dollars to three dollars for a bag of -- Okay well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I say it's a deal I don't know -- it is our duty is beginning to have a accept that this on hand they're trying to figure out a way to. As they say this as a chronic creative way to raise money and dispose of -- away and do with what are you gonna do with the -- -- right with -- -- the analog for the -- -- anyway that you sell it to people who think it's gonna make their vegetable gardens taste. -- -- you solve the problem he did he get. -- went right. So beautiful flowers. What if you you -- transport it would have -- regularly. On the back the SUV -- the Japanese logistics stayed he just he about it. Your eyes and what you want zebra and -- -- rats which when you don't put that all together in particular individual animal. I figured it. All of the exotic zoo do you right outlook of every I want to. I'd have to rethink that well it with. Maybe they'll make -- -- and it'll it'll make customers may access. Well CNET that Eric had him for how talent loaded in the backyard then again a lot of them -- -- -- via. Conference to write direct might be kind of quarters because. I needed help people you know -- to Iraq whoop yes would you like -- -- made -- grown in my own -- -- conversation starter right here you know people talk about the weather this Egypt compelled to talk about. See we were talking about eating crawfish earlier as much better in this conversation thank you are -- -- -- -- allies and Iraq from the Eyewitness News forecast after under breakfast. -- tigers that may have ruined your late night snack we'll have more details on that with the ULL raging cajun may have made a good. Details come eleven sports after this official jambalaya. Crawfish bacon burger crawfish bread crawfish egg rolls crawfish not show's profits lasagna crawfish Mac and cheese. Maybe I should have bought three sacks and his team details because of all these suggested he thought that it -- I'm not gonna have any shortage of ways to consume this crawfish and it sounds so the. -- what I did Allen got back on the crawfish discussion that is. Do grew 5%. You viewed as well you know they actually at the organs and you can buy it is the zoo. View as well it's close you -- -- -- goal. And they have a big bag of you used for planning. And it's like fourteen dollars for the bag. Ousted you don't get a load like you do at this place via a trailer you know they have that the bags for you in the gift shop and bag of through it again I've been on this one train tour many many a time in my little guys so I know all about -- you Google LSU tigers gave that big bag yet -- them suffering yet last night. Well good morning everyone the LSU baseball team's season is -- as the tigers were blown out in the regional championship game. Twelve to two by the Houston cougars the bayou Bengals scored the first two runs. But then it was all Houston after that shortstop Alex -- on the team not being able to get anything going after the first inning. To do a good job. Originally came in second for them -- -- good job and hoping that's reflection of our season and all that and we know we're much better team than that. This marks only the second time LSU failed to advance from a regional hosted. You allow Fiat however is moving on to the super regionals after taking down Mississippi State 523. Ryan Wilson was the winning pitcher as he allowed three runs over six hits and 23 innings of work. Well my pre earned his -- and to not allow running two point one innings case. I coach Tony road show wanna see your pictures starting with will see him he just went out. Disagree -- force gave us everything he had been -- and it's probably been one of the hottest guys out of our bullpen for the last thirty days to come out there and get those big outs like he did was just huge. Well saints are expected to announce the signing of jumping good win today to free agent center spent five years in New Orleans before playing the last three in San Francisco the team has released guard Mike goalie and linebacker Spencer Hadley. And the French Open men's and women's quarterfinals get under way today. Novak Djokovic takes some -- those right of it and -- -- battles earnest this school days in the men's quarters. The women's quarters has Maria Sharapova vs -- being -- -- and you Gina Bouchard takes on Carla Suarez Navarro. Today have four on sports talk the SEC sent a strong message to the NCAA. Provide the power five some autonomy or we'll form our own division. Death threats seriously am would be separate -- with separating be a good or bad thing for college football -- Steve -- measure early morning look -- -- finish. Enough for it knows tennis it was a practice that all morning long I actually went on to YouTube so like you hear the correct pronunciation so. But I'm gonna assume you did very well because you sounded like you knew what you were talking about says. I don't know half those names are correct I don't know half those tennis players but. Bravo to you well thank you says that's so well done by the LSU tigers. Last night man I mean it is fell apart. Point and a guy in the head with the bases loaded to give up the lead and never looking back. We know that in -- Nolan LSU cases -- he's going to Major League ball. It was a few other players is this team got what it takes to recharge it and make run again next year. It's still very young team but there are gonna use lose a few key seniors like Gagne fury Christian a -- -- shall McMullen and Kurt -- and also pulmonary mentioned. That junior Joseph -- will probably likely go for the MLB draft as well that's something a lot of important players that are gone off yet so. It's it'll be tough but I every year the tigers are always restocking that the cupboard and I think they have enough young talent as it is now to build around. And getting this kind of experience and make that young group even more -- -- for next year you'll Lafayette the rating -- host and a super regional -- old mess up next you think they're gonna make it. To Omaha for the college world hears you know I got -- I believe in this raging cajun -- I think there are tough squad that has the pitching and hitting to the content with everyone there at the top rated team in the nation right now. And only one of three national seeds to advance so. Yet we have to like their chances of making it to the college World Series like your chances of coming back with more sports in the next fifteen minutes here on WWL am FM and act now update your forecast for you after this thanks Dave. 557 let's get your forecast Korea. We're still expecting one last day of the heavy rainfall with 850% chance for those often on downpours today. That'll keep temperatures in the mid eighties that tonight rain 20%. Lose -- seven before the beginning tomorrow we start to dry outlook for 20% chance for rain on Wednesday. With highs in the upper eighties and by Thursday that drops to 10% with a high of ninety. Pretty eyewitness -- -- forecast senator IB urologist flop cocktail. I start now today with calm -- so little bit of fog here they're visibility down a quarter mile on parts and -- half a mile over in bad rumors otherwise mostly cloudy at the airport in -- 75 degrees 87% relative humidity Slidell mostly cloudy. And 72 I gave Cohen thanks for joining us here on the early edition of WW well -- news I thought I did well. Paying a buck sixty pound for -- last night for the first -- I've had so far this season. Unfortunately it's late in the season that maybe the last one and they were good size to that are good taste and per share but some attacks into -- ripped off paying about sixty. -- -- they can find a forty pound sack for forty -- at the dollar a -- I thought the days of 99 standard dollar per pound live -- were over but. Apparently some places out that he can get I guess I should have gone up. More thorough search before I just went ahead and paid a buck sixty for them I want to thank everyone is texted me suggestions for what to do with my craw -- Between the crawfish -- Cheney and the crawfish egg rolls on the crawfish omelets in the coffers jambalaya across Asia to make an crawfish stuff burgers in the crawfish corn bad -- That -- the list goes on and on the profit and gays. With roasted corn in red pepper Carter's hand. -- -- great crawfish recipes. I'm going to beat. Consuming these two -- pardon me huge bags. Frozen crawfish tails. Worth several days and you will make it much easier but they can really go wrong Agha just take him on the back while problem -- straight. But you have some great suggestions for keeping it interesting also I think that president tech to mediate 77 mechanic calling BS Omnia. Story about the puppy they say shifted the car and drive. And drove it into a pond thing get put your foot on the brake shift and drives. And mostly owners really dumb enough -- cars sitting there in neutral. And that when the poppy jump in the car knocked that in to drive. Maybe it's an insurance scam. Either way the poppies okay passers by actually jump in the water with the -- to get the puppy out of the car with this as a total loss. -- dockers and for the next four hours upon moderate back with your news at WW well.

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