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WWL>Topics>>6-3 6:15am Tommy, US negotiating with terrorists?

6-3 6:15am Tommy, US negotiating with terrorists?

Jun 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS Military Expert Jeff McCausland about the US-Taliban prisoner swap

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was our judgment. That. If we could find an opening. Very quickly without opening. Day don't we needed to get him out of there essentially to save his life. I guess Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel talking about the trade exchange and Mary college. For sergeant blow berg guy he walked away from unit pride in his captured by Taliban and and that's investigation. As you know and that's it sixteens coming to record of WL Todd and a friend of -- colonel -- my cause on CBS military expert morning currently one. Summers and is a cause for celebration because we got a US soldier back in. We got one POW and exchange for five others saying you know what. You're negotiating with terrorists in the edges and cause more kidnappings. Dollars each sleep thing. -- these local department -- under liberty. Leo I'm more awkward. The war through the picture we know. For a everything that sold approximately. And try to find -- year and they're giving you know -- the year. You enter that and so we have people leave. That returned to recover from their bodies -- Anger. Operate in the search for the felt there was a problem when her. Obama record. Some -- that we were able determine whether that these guys look like. Tom what about in terms of sergeant Virgo himself walking away from the unit others some people is is. Fellow soldiers some of them were new unit within -- deserted. And then others is saying no I just and I -- guy that thought he can make a difference and help the people of Afghanistan. It looked dirty about it court would point out how he got captured -- there and thought it was straight water -- post. Which what was going forward factories and helping people worked agree. Would be different. That being -- who have gone. We're gonna -- that and what you do draw. What it will mean -- get it to the how did it shouldn't be out there for a long term. You have legal and -- both went to prison for. Yeah I get a text -- -- It comes in kernel and it says you handled the Intel Fox News has all the DT it was you making a full of yourself. He was a trader needs the firing squad go to fox get caught up and do you show -- fox. Doesn't always give the com. Give an unbiased view of what's going on neither does MSNBC. Europe CBS military expert -- It is time with the army heavily was right colonel Marines. -- -- -- -- -- Thirty years united states army did do you have for insufficient evidence and prove that. Sergeant -- dolls a traitor. An area that you have been here for example during your captivity. In broadcasting propaganda that ultimately like that so people who watch whatever -- -- if you remember concurrently. That being well it took our blog post story. And not provide one local Portland. I gotta say I was making a fool myself not huge so we clear that a did one other thing that struck me about this is -- you know my -- say the road -- the hell is paved with good intentions. You can't have military people. It just wandering off the uneasy Willy Nilly don't want they want big key -- of surviving and thriving in a militaries that do what you're told and follow orders and guess. The corrected me wondering talk about it. He can probably not exactly the floor and that -- that would let it happen and it's called remote you can get where we are there and that would be. That it but he you know something. That sort of he's being debris right now -- That is occurring. The aren't due until -- -- in terms of ultimately in my opinion with different. Wary and -- -- talk live picture on the right there. Colonel and you have to leave it is it done yet that dumb. That no charges will be filed against him if he had not been kidnapping in trouble just wandering away correct. In the desert in order to -- well. Our group you're in. Just like yeah operating. In sugary and that is taken sitting there well. We -- get those -- the literature and psychological well well because there. I -- we've been through brokers go look at it. And then -- -- currently -- once they got the bottom of how the accident. -- I appreciate your time currently have a great day we'll talk -- -- quicker.

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