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WWL>Topics>>6-3 6:45am Tommy, US negotiating with terrorists?

6-3 6:45am Tommy, US negotiating with terrorists?

Jun 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Steve Bucci, Director of the Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, about the US-Taliban prisoner swap

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Steve boutique directed the -- senator for foreign policy studies. And businesses green planet let me -- senator for foreign policy studies at The Heritage Foundation. Not a talk about Dallas morning Steve. -- I am sure he quite log -- you heard him talk about -- and we nasal began here training to keep this from happening again but I think every soldier pretty well knows you. You do what they tell you to deal and -- charges coming -- to please. Yeah this is not trying. You know regardless where you stand. When you're not -- inside outpost like act. You know kit call or your year leave it in your area and -- off into the bad guy country. Alone in the middle night at a training issue. We don't know I injure your call and there are mentioned we don't know all the more patient oh or call act. When he first left. But I would also caution -- listeners. Not a totally below -- But dozens of young man who true fire somewhere wounded -- -- -- -- six -- rallied -- and they denied -- need. Some guys and we are a lot of ITV's. The bad guys are -- And our folks -- look into this. And they took it up to it really brings hammered out troops in that area. Tell me about the five people that we released in exchange for. -- Well -- it. You know the -- that we -- five guys or one of our yeah well we'll find out even it is -- long -- He still an American we still need to get them back. The issue though is that. Guys are exactly why all of -- demanded to get back. It is like. Their you know combination of the leadership -- and interpret how are their their pensions minister of Intel. One of their major. Field commanders eager are -- got a level pay. Any. Chance door or. Did that Dave Byrd dole win it was partisan Tennessee may black ops operation wandered off. And anger at wound up wound up in the wrong spot wrong time that's how he got taken prisoner and that's why you would give up five to get him back to see woody knows. No -- unity young soldier remembered what Lee -- when he caught it yet see. So -- the very young soldier he was a member. Infantry platoon. I just do -- that that kind of controlling and security ops that they can all over Afghanistan. Is this is not a government secret -- he's not Jason -- And you know he went out and apparently. You know leader gave himself -- war we won and storied and -- go out apologized. Some of the locals. Resolve. Some. This step that occurred on operation. That he was upset about. And get on the bad guy got that fight a war. Remember we used like this all on injured in America the -- we've -- a lot of other guys what should got. We put lots of other guys at risk to go. And this is a similar case. My only concern is. You know exactly what the deal waters what else did you what to do or he's cute and Connie network. -- -- There's so ought to be jailed in the deal that an -- didn't. Explain what can we do need to know that to make a good judgment as to whether this -- -- Position or not. When you say this happens all the time so much has been made in the rhetoric of you know the United States doesn't negotiate with terrorism is gonna set a bad example and and a president where more hostages -- to be taken in exchange for the release of more prisoners. Did does that match the facts of the record. What about when when -- Asia this happens all our honeymoon we put. A lot more lives at risk a lot you know 51 ratio -- trying to discount here. -- sort of not really issue Iowa ties and about negotiating with terrorists and setting a precedent. I bet that is a well you know we we have to stop that along on at least that it is 61. On terrorism really started to -- We did not eight people law we intrigue people -- people. We didn't didn't even know some -- countries that are friends of ours Israel. France some of these other folks -- it pretty regularly. We don't and do this now. You know it is a potential problem -- -- Our agreement to bring things we've Fresno probably in the top spot -- we want this impact initially what -- -- was demanding and nothing else. And they currently negotiating about three years get to this point. It -- typical slot you you don't ever want to leave somebody behind. But there -- a potential cost the only thing that I would point out that normally you do this kind of thing at the end of the consulate. And this sort of is this signal from the Obama administration. Again that they think this thing -- open a ball. And if not we still have troops fighting in Afghanistan. Is on occasion I. And people shouldn't forget that even -- -- And yet mr. -- One -- Stephen is minor but I'm getting some tax on and he was promoted while he was being held hostage does. He was private when he left and now they're referring to and his sergeant bird doll. -- -- wouldn't -- -- guys being held by eight by enemy forces. Regardless of the circumstances. Is. In time pay and promotion increases continue in the arm. In an idea mr. strictly administrative system more. A lot of our pilots and Vietnam shut down young guns are over three years. Eight page came out as corals and -- on it got released. Steve and what I want special promotion match -- -- -- the war snatch I appreciate your time I really do and I hope we get to talk to you again I'd be happy.

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