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6-3 7:15am Tommy, organ donations

Jun 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Trevor Reichman, a transplant surgeon at Ocshner, and Kirsten Heintz, the Dir. of Public Affairs & Education at LOPA, about organ donation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy -- 717. And we had a national story about a guy that gave his kidney to. On his ex fiance also happens to be the mother of his child. And put off his career in order to save her life and and there was tragedy and you know it's hard to imagine anything. Worsen issues on graduates -- Relative from high school central solution that night is killed in head on crash but. Entirely -- friend. Had the -- presence of mind to maturity design and organ donation. -- check it off on his license before he. Passed away and that's what his sisters had to say about that action. I'm. And that's where you don't want him around. Said he was a true hero and -- -- like seven lives. So we so we talk about organ donation and and we get back to. Swap for Bloomberg Golan. And other things that we're talking about but I like whenever there's a chance to bring up the topic of organ donation because of I'm all about efficiency. And anybody that works with me tell you that in -- scenes. Like such a waste to have somebody that. Unfortunately is passing away when their organs could help other people and for whatever reason they don't get donated and and not trying to be indelicate able to wind -- -- ground that are not helping anybody Kirsten Hynes joins us right now who is with the them. Louisiana. Organ procurement agency. And doctor Trevor Reitman who -- transplants surge in co director of the living donor liver translation transplantation Oxnard. Multi organ institute good morning ladies and gentlemen morning. Thanks for taking the time when this doctor I would imagine and you're the gentlemen that does is one of the more difficult conversation you can hand. Is with -- loved one who. And the family of a loved one whose whose time has has run out and you trying to say we know what you can. You can do some good dispersant can save other people. Yes we we act as surgeons actually it's more of Vietnam. The organ com. Up for Germany agency that actually has sort of the initial contact with a lot of those patients. We sort of see the other side. The via. The process and in doing a lot of with the recipients that are really sick com and and sort of -- For these organs. But did the initial contact is typically with the organ procurement agency it will it will get. Will get back to that with Kirsten -- Tom in terms of a success rate with donated organs kidneys. Delivered I don't know what else can be donated maybe we start there. So it really get at almost every organ and nobody can be donated from heart longs. Kidneys pancreas is livers contestant. Com all the others which which really excellent success we deal mostly with abdominal transplants. -- and we have survival rates well above 90% to one year in and people still doing that about 89% survival. At that three to five years to. Ahmed and many people with many many years longer. Which with with really I think the most important thing is is good looking and not only to survival or quality of life. It in dealing with some of these patients on dialysis war. And intensely delivered disease their quality of life is just terrible. Com that they're unable to work the -- here. Really unable to to sort of exist on their own in many cases in in an organ transplant really. Not only slight seeping but it's just huge improvement in their alternate life many people go back to working. In in them I just want to -- really productive lives. So it's it's it's really like changing things for for so many people. I've -- them to take a break here we come back we'll talk to Kirsten and Kirsten -- a director of public affairs and education. At the Louisiana organ procurement agency about heaven -- conversations went. Somebody perhaps is not an organ donor and you try to talk the Stanley about. Not only are they losing a loved one but would it be okay if we use some of their organs did make a difference in somebody else's life and and also when it comes to people are living and need an organ. 2012 donated organs to somebody. How difficult of a situation is that in. And what about will give back to doctor Reichman with that would -- about. Beyond some survival for that person if you get two kidneys and you give up on 722 of Yemeni questions will take him. At T 601870. Till 3866889087. Right now time for -- have you traffic and then Terrell provinces. Think it's electric vehicle lost monetary stability remains clear problems -- great duke generals on the power boulevard and that's about it. Tommy tiger 726. Talking about organ donations Tyler do friend now. Yeah -- manages graduated from central foods high school. Killed when somebody crossed over on highway one hit him head on and his sister's that guy that's hitting cult Hammond allegedly said that he had been -- his FaceBook. On a cell phone while driving after having a couple of drinks. That's that's a topic for yet another day but. His sisters said that he was a hero because I think he saved seven lives and that they wanted to feel his beating hard inside the person. Whose life he saved by being an organ donor. And and doctor Reitman is what diseases transplant surgeon co director of living donor liver transplantation. And option or multi organ institute is is Kirsten -- Director of public affairs and education. At the Louisiana organ procurement. Associations. So tell me I guess doctor -- when it comes donating organs if somebody is alive. Hum to it it does the person -- donate the organs usually have a problem have to do -- if they only have for example one lung laughter one. -- kidney are how common is something like that. So bombed the world -- It is actually quite common especially for kidneys. That there's been a couple of studies have looked at and it. He's a patient survival after -- they're donating to muluzi to mean there's really no long term. Detrimental effect is that a slightly increased risk of developing high blood pressure after com. Leasing it to me is that the Indonesian or or from trauma. But other than that that there's no -- there's no increased risk that this -- certain people are gonna end up on dialysis and and you organ transplant themselves. Pump delivers its its Saddam. And designate you'll know deliver actually generates that we can take about. But she's 7% of somebody's deliver on either immunity transplant that into a child in the ignored or an adult and need. And over about four to six weeks deliver actually generate in the donor. And there's there's there's -- or donors have really no long term effects at all. So it is it's actually a very safe safe procedure -- for kidneys and livers. For people that are interest in donating and you know again it's sort of been the other side of the coin is there's recipients on into Wellington and I won the most important -- it to actually get transplanted. And in a timely fashion rather than having to wait. On a deceased donor list. Kirsten. Heinz director of public affairs education at Louisiana organ procurement agency attacks comes in and says. I heard if you mark yourself as an organ donor and if you're failing needs organs that you cannot choose who they go to is that true in other words. If I passed in my wife found so my son needs an orient. Tom -- you can -- up that he's a family member gets its first might seem selfish but that's what I've heard how does that whole procedure work. Now it actually true you do have an option to direct journey. On the problem -- and you have to be a mat issue diversity in -- to the donor so you know that your. Blood group's annual export group -- you're not going to be compatible. Even that you can direct her. The transplant surgeons would you know not be able to accept -- because it wouldn't it would mark. In terms of being a donor what ages too low what ages two. There's no two. Oldest and practically passed in the nation's workers 86 the liver donor. Senators really you know not an absolute cut off either return to transplant Indian -- when and we can't. -- we we did it got some people's attention with this especially after Tyler do friend and our condolences go -- his family but. You know I would have no hesitancy and altered to have and I checked it off my license as did my daughter but. If you if you miss the chance to check it -- I believe you do any driver's license dean Akerson. Yet he can register when you. Sort of vehicle's front middle and -- -- durations or you go on line. At any light LE dot org and registered I. And and did that somehow the connection will be made Dave if god forbid you wind up in the emergency Rohm and and the -- and and. Optical have to call in. Comfortable -- Are required by federal lots of colony. Potential donors to -- well in Louisiana. And we can check that registry at apple. Doctor Wright -- thank you for your time and are you busy and and Kirsten thank you as well in a web site where's my Lincoln signed doesn't more about all of this. I'm you -- -- look but dot -- -- GA dot org. Or donate -- LA court. Thank yelled both so much god bless you what you do. Thank you can -- there.

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