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6-3 7:45am Tommy, LSU baseball

Jun 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Bryan Lazare, senior writer for TigerBait.com, about LSU's loss in the regionals

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Brian was czar with tiger -- dot com to talk about the LAU baseball tiger's morning Brian. -- It lands a morning on -- good or not tell me about. -- you what happened in the regional -- Houston just the better team. And as far as the management of the team by pulmonary at center. It certainly let as a rough -- for college you think get a quick start to run in the top of the first but. No. That was all offensively the -- and right now and Alex stitching just totally well or all the -- right. Freshman. Well you know like a pretty good job -- -- this year. And take part time starter. Couldn't get anybody outburst and he he gets to strike in the first bad yet in any walk the next two guys on four -- featured. Pulmonary. That the united they eat diet. He went Parker. Another freshman like cart right. Bug. Out of the first thing that you -- was born to run. Albums will respect the thing is still partner in the third inning when you scored seven or run. It was not -- Q after three innings and that was it and you know the pitching you know -- he's pitching is still are you know. It's funny how they -- and change you know Sunday night. That plate seven innings -- -- -- on top order not the year like. There well on the way to the super regional -- six more outs. And the bullpen fell apart on. So on Sunday night. He's in sport or run and he 8911. And you know Alex usually never in the game after the current sitting on. On Monday so. Bit supporting wait for the beaten to Andy's used in a better -- well I'll say one thing. You know coming into the tournament she'd been pitching in a delicate. And I'll -- -- -- there in Houston number or a little bit better. And probably would -- law because I'll portly. You know Alex -- -- Pictures through you know over the last game in three innings of four -- -- -- -- -- -- Immediately one team could be used -- sport are. So L issue in three games against used in scored five. Four and two of that eleven runs in three games that Warren Beatty so. LSU struggled against two years in Beijing and you know -- she's Beijing to dispel our. I don't know much about baseball in general Brian Italian -- and ultimately comes down to justify -- evaluate and somebody's performance. Did pulmonary do everything he can he possibly could with what he had and is there anybody else on that like like pulmonary and just as in the question or could. Somebody else have done more rain and managers sands -- games with what they hand. -- I really think it -- you know. Alex she did as much as it currently has seen this year and obviously the debate snacking get that going on it and it's Sunday game. We're very cryptic Koppel and chapters six sitting here he'd shut out used -- only given -- to get there. Let Alex you went to the bullpen. You know they got that he's not that -- -- -- -- people why they go out you know. -- here -- not opera that widely -- that Olmert is the fact that you know he had not pitched. More than six innings since back in early march so that -- almost three months that he'd gone that far it was a close game at one topic. So he had never. The end. In this type of situation all year -- the bullpen relatively good for the most part all year so these -- so we've got. Six good innings from -- let's go to the bullpen but the bullpen didn't do so. Now again. The standard and pulmonary and that's the game at night and other buyers -- at LSU. Where when an actual championship. Very high. Didn't do it again this year and I heard a lot. Disappointed pain nobody would display in the in the coaching staff and the players go. You know College Baseball and a lot more parity -- it. And it did back in the 1990s when LSU running all the natural JPG -- if Berkman and it it's. But there's -- cheap cheap you know when you look at whatever it was. All the new players at issue really at a party is seen this year on what's that the way it at that moment. Yeah grime with the minute that we have left what about who's -- who's on who's come in and out of the tigers look for next year. A whole lot -- force seniors on the scene. 22 relief pitchers curt you're -- fury into everyday starters on the mile and Christian to borrow. The Major League Trenton at the end of this week. LHU is expected though we lose to players there. Obvious when there are no no all American pitcher. And the element is the closer -- Bruce starts so -- you've got a lot of players going back it. The biggest thing is the lack -- the threat those because they could lose they have a very good reporting that some in the remember these he interacted very high and it. Brown analysts are tiger made that -- appreciate your time is always.

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