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6-3 8:15am Tommy, summer movies & booze in theaters

Jun 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Chris Orr, Senior Editor & Principal Film Critic at the Atlantic, about the movies out now and what we can look forward to this summer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy -- are ready jaguar being able to use neat things into movies so legislature passed the bills and it. Not every theater can serve alcohol if they want and if they'd have to get local government and -- -- of people in the drink. And at the theaters there already sneak in in -- in a class killer went and is somebody -- and and they sneak in the it from the box of -- Panel Lotta people are saying it right now you need -- drink in better wine I understand that it. You remind him and I'd be very good movie Chris Seward joins us right now senior editor in principle film critic for the Atlantic and a friend of ours morning -- I would thanks for coming back I will begin by saying I saw a million ways to die in the west over the weekend. And there is not enough alcohol I don't think there's any type of drug. To me at least that would make that movie anything but. -- Yet now I can bet I gave that would path that would that would have had a strong odor to it did that started in the the trailer for not promising him that I almost side but something else like it -- that night and I decided. Speaking of trailers if you if you're gonna go see a comedy movie or something you hope to be funny. And the trailers are weak don't they generally put the best part in the trailers to entice you to go see it. They almost a week if I mean 11 problem I'm sure that the a lot of listeners have that is that you very often these days. The economy have been feeling that the -- five or six on his -- -- home video won the Arkansas in the trailer. Yes that -- typically -- trailer is not -- -- be very bad sign at least if that. Straightforward comedy into some sort of dark comedy -- things girl art itself in the trailer that. But some of the down and down on companies the trailer is not good. You're likely prolong. And then conversely if you've already seen the six best things. By bill. Note -- that. That the exact feeling on many occasions. Writes a tell me I generally speaking nationally is it common to have alcohol sold the movie theaters to you know. You know I actually know the answer to that question I know I live isn't in Maryland outside of Washington DC. And I noted in both Maryland and Virginia it is possible to get a liquor license not very many -- do. And they tend to fall -- two. Certain categories there -- a couple of places that are sort of second run theaters. That are very very casual you can get -- Q were you can sit at like at table. And again that appears fairly copious demand coupled sort of idea that you're only going in part for the movie it looked like seemed to -- their friends people. People talk com. Hand and it's very mechanical elements some sort of high end PC. A movie theaters -- kind of the opposite extreme where you can get one extremely overpriced you know foreign beer and bring it with you into the theater. And -- easy chair we have one of those I don't mean to be pejorative NC she she but it's. It's it's an upper scale movie theatre let's put it that way. Get on the they can be quite -- about it the night viewing experience until down that you back you know if you Cuba. But but I don't -- I don't think it is taken off in sort of visit the united the big multiplexes and I have no idea what it would do to viewing experience there but it seems like for now. You've got -- -- knows that you know people would be talking him after a few years than -- mind them much because the -- -- -- for you know a few months or weeks. And then you've got the one where somebody may be you know quietly sipping -- -- behind you but nobody everyone knows not to. Let it affect the movie -- -- and I think that's extremely optimistic. Because seems like. People have a hard enough time they haven and movies now and I don't know about you Chris but I noticed. That occasionally when people get to drink and they get talkative. Yet now it certainly -- and I think it would be interesting to see if -- you know selling beer alcohol and indicators became a more sort of common mass market thing rather than one you know something that just sort of at the -- I won't come back we'll talk about movies that are out for the Summers and they hit some of the misses but I got to ask you mr. Chris door. Senior editor principal film critic for the Atlantic have you ever snuck anything you know moving. I am indeed that perhaps that that high point. My entire vehicle crew -- -- -- is not an entire K. -- to a second movie theaters and wow what is quite the flamingo kid. We've met bill. Any given a second time it was. -- I appreciate you being candid -- antibody -- says he wants silicon inspired Chinese meal. It -- on -- second -- express reside in the little metal covered -- is now. With -- or -- we come back gates when he for timely Traficant that would units Gerald Robinson. I Tommy targeted other WL I would have -- talked to -- in man to be a real quick Chris -- some time -- I didn't I was sucked Iranian and -- they re your under the W good morning. Any time -- appreciate mr. On the west yeah why you know. The gonna outgrow we pull in the factories we get a million -- should put that occurs. We go look. And we each get a hot dog Chelsea which. Absolutely I was worn -- place. It is here and and -- not ultimately get on the belt prominently -- the movie. Seated -- react and understand but my guess a hot dog if they sold in there that wouldn't really be any strange smell would it. Now now it wouldn't let but the thing about it is that the other hot dog at the -- are not very well. Mainly because of that that liquid not to achieve. You know. I just wondered. You know like. I'm not some food in the Portland and -- cheeseburger in a theater and everybody's smells it Chinese food -- open a fried rice and everybody's miles -- -- You know I'm sort of college. Oh and believe it. -- Look at the extreme. And they've turned the light. Vick ran out while I was there was legitimate. College particular itself and -- Omega. Let me do it we picked up -- the -- That didn't happen or was it better than a movie. Apparently so you know I remember a movie you saw the remember the rat. I don't I don't. Oh and we got that because the book that -- -- -- people -- the general. The drill broke right at the very area. Chris you really pro in his that I think of the films break in -- audience members killing rats on the wall with shoes. Might be time to find a new theater what do you think are not. They get ray -- appreciate the call more with Chris or when we come back. Taking questions -- -- comments that 2601 rates at any tool freed six X. An 890 point seven speaking of this smell. Won't come back -- Chris or whatever happen now ushers. -- seems like Jack inundated a little flashlights they'd keep people from kick in the seats are doing different things and now it seems as though there's no law in the theaters just utter chaos like. Like Baghdad there's some people run around do what they want the theater right now time for -- WL first news of -- that was -- basically so sorry to see Dave I think if you let somebody in the movie theaters if you don't -- it's the movie. And even -- canceled -- questionable because you know if if somebody gives you. A seat to a movie that would have otherwise been empty. -- -- like giving them anything and I'm going to it to the promotion visitors and it gives you. Seats to a concert to give away. If the concert isn't sold out and give an empty seats and he really union and easy. Don't let guys that you're trying to adjust to -- high galaxies like some -- winds blew rational was going to see another one without paying for the second devoted justify that being what about bringing in -- is -- stealing. If they have a rule that as you can do it was that ceiling as of right now is seen as breaking the rules but going to see a second movie without paying for that's that's that's the thing. Into the register -- -- -- unclear -- you sit there and eat raised in Nantes. That you bought from them -- you need reason nets that ukrainians in Tanzania killed theories and some people would never spends six dollars on a box of race and that so if they don't bring around and I need. And now -- owner. That before again I'd now christened thank you David Crist of borrower -- joins as senior editor. And principal film critic for the Atlantic let's get onto the series business of movies and bring whatever you want in -- don't blow away about the movie you're actually seeing on the screen which last time I checked as a reason news on. Well you know we're we're sort of -- -- -- -- early phases of the big summer blockbuster season and you know it usually takes the there been some hits and misses a lot of love thirty in the middle of the ones that are that are pretty good but not great. I quite like Captain America the winter soldier which is one of the first that came out that. -- a month to month and Africa now. The big one coming out this week with Tom Cruise is that the edge of tomorrow. Which has and the premise that that does not sound very promising -- It's this soldier fighting an alien invasion to every time he died. Wake up again two days earlier after an active relives the day him and learn from that so it basically in a starship troopers by way of ground -- -- But you know I have to get back to pretty good eyesight went in with low expectations but it's -- done -- linemen. The director who did that mr. and mrs. Smith and that and go and when you're back in the day in the first about the Bourne movies. -- to keep things moving nicely there's some good action -- it's got a really nice sense of humor to it. Which is literally particulate a lot of sort of blockbuster entertainment these -- take himself too seriously. It's about to go I was but the process. It you know to take a step back and finally so that Tom Hanks captain Phillips. Yet again on and delete me and an on line just -- -- -- a lot of Reading. Line him in. Sweden for the the piracy -- Yeah. Let me tell you one thing I don't like about movies it's a new at the ending laws. These CG nine movies everything looks like a video game and I'm so tired of seeing actors in front of the green screens and big giant that. -- Hercules trailers the other nine as big giant lion coming game and it's. Now is that the new trend in movies Chris and it. And I don't know if that counts is new but that is certainly the trend -- the dignity that opened last week my left. Retelling of sleeping beauty from that point of view the villain played by Angelina Jolie. I thought it had a real problem with that Angelina Jolie was quite good in it but she was just. You just over that by the special effect but he did have. Scene after scene after scene where he obviously nothing on the entire screen with real except for maybe Angelina Jolie in the middle and I'm you know I keep expecting that audiences are gonna tire that. And maybe they will someday but so far it -- happen. It is drives me crazy it'll take a great point comeback we'll talk about some of the other movies you gonna wanna see. And not see that are already out in there they're scheduled for the big release -- before we go to break. Is there that one big summer blockbuster along the lines of many years ago twister a war. I'm trying to think some of the other big anticipated movies. Well I don't accurately I hope that I have not really been a fan of the franchise but I think everyone is expecting. The fourth transformers movie didn't do potentially BP for a few movies this summer that about a couple weeks. And I wanted to be Mallory is and it's a home Meyer our. -- with Chris door when we come back the senior editor of film a personal film critic for the Atlantic and we're not ignoring what happened with. Driving berg tell when he left sergeant -- though when he came back in exchange for the when we got him back in exchange for the five prisoners were revisit that manic like we just. That refinance some. Some discussion about movies because a lot of people do that during the summertime coming back Tommy Tucker -- a W well. I Tommy tiger talking about movies -- -- friend Chris Norris senior editor principal film critic for the Atlantic and I get a text that comes in Chris from Somali taking me to task. Sand twister way Levy -- of the movie's sense they -- accept a theater at lakeside you'll first off. Did they close the theaters lakeside and secondly the dealers and brought that up is. School version of The Wizard of -- and so recently in the at one point is Stewart these sitting there cal goes flying -- she says it must be a twister -- and and that's who was in my head -- This season this summer is other than transformers is there that one being anticipated movie. You know there's one big one and number and it's increasingly customary and I'm sure you know there a lot of equal. But you know but because of the reasons sequel of Munich -- -- -- -- so you know I'm looking forward to it -- next week twenty to jump street. Call. Putting a dumpster with some sort of surprised committed Kelly came out of nowhere and with. A real pleasure how to train your dragon too is that as good as the first woman it was a an awfully good day animated movie for kids. And neglected by the around -- on the planet of the apes which. I think it's early July. The last one was again sort of better than anticipated and I think if I'm going to be a much larger scale. So it's a little hard to tell -- usually is you know -- a lot of money you know these projects and don't work and so don't. But my guess is you know this summer there will there have been a couple of things it'll break through will be guests. Mom is some of the ones others and in my opinion the deal while he was a million ways Diana west some of the things that you would probably say you know -- save your money. Yeah yeah there there are like that. You know that some that are coming up yen and the right now. You know -- system coming up. Would like cold dead cheaper depending but it helped -- We did -- make -- immediately back in the day. You know it's something that means the chance it'll be good but it looks like it's probably in total disaster. I -- you kind of have to give them props because it's a big budget plan fiction movie that is not based on some franchise that we are now. In a summit in movies that we these days there either sequels movies we've party scene reboot of movie you've ever seen nor. You know some character like that manner that -- that we party scene and -- got a built in audience. And on one level I think it's impressive that counties are doing something -- brand New Zealand's Brett. But it looks like it is probably pretty big match. You know and but the -- the amazing Spiderman two was was really kind of retread that. -- I think that we did way too early and law but the the first redo was fine second line. Have to start up the point where their three super villains than point five story line and just lots and lots -- media backed them. I really think it worked. At all. A lot of people like. You know but that goes for the betterment spent a lot bill too much time on monsters that were not Kabila. And really sort of relegated him to the final -- of the movie which -- vote came. You know police. The other big ticket movies. Well the public definitely in -- and I'm glad that so far this summer season that are just absolute state win at all costs. I RC -- coming in from different numbers one says I can't imagine any movie with Tom Cruise is very good. Then another one says someone in forwards of the new Tom Cruise movie -- as Europe I guess turn -- about it. -- it tomorrow that we talked about a little bit early. And I happen like I had pretty low expectations -- Thought that we were in the feet of concrete career working mostly getting sort of be materially and he has been it would start but I really got a good maybe I was I was very public process. And other tanks ask about guardians of the galaxy. -- -- the I think marvel studios have been doing old superhero movie that. -- at the vendors you know with the -- -- Iron Man Captain America I think they've done an absolutely miraculous. Quality control over the last five years at. I think nine movies like -- different directors and even the ones that are great as the debris it. Bank guardians of the doubt he's really put that to have it it's a relatively obscure comic book I never read it -- it may it may be after my time. But you know it did that in space it's got to. That talking raccoon. Which by Bradley Cooper. I would not bet him marveled they have -- an amazingly good job taking very difficult. -- -- making pretty good movies around them as with the world for example. But it -- be real testament and extremely curious about that in -- Yeah I'm no critic but you can't go wrong with a talk and raccoon tell you about. Disney union had this up -- -- -- movies coming out in the summer today him wonder if he's spoken about it. Unpalatable. Some of which is again is that retelling of the sleeping beauty maybe. And it it's that -- sort of an abducted -- it would really recommended for kids it's a little deep dark especially at the beginning and the end. But they get a little light in the in the middle so it's it's kind of the -- And between. I -- -- little -- they have coming out later in the year the big the big animated movie. For the -- going to be how to train your dragon -- back. -- -- in terms of that plan at a VA so those real monkeys there's an LC GI. I'm pretty critical media are they. -- in any game on the ground yet but but but the main -- years. Is that pediatric unit and circuit it was. Or column in the lowering the jeweler and looking calm back and Kong movies that is. Kind of developed a specialty in and being the model for for TGI -- But you need a monkeys again you know to evacuate thank young lady took the time -- pleasures always like -- -- -- you bet.

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