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6-3 9:45am Tommy, Good Samaritan hero

Jun 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Alvin Pike, a good Samaritan who jumped into Lake Pontchartrain to help save someone

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- to prepared WW -- tell you what that term hero is overused but when you hear this story out and like his Italian. Analysts say a mighty -- Rollins is almost Superman ask. Elvin hi good morning how you Dylan. There are good you probably don't like any of this because you just. I'm guessing that client -- guy just goes about his business. And fate intervened. As you're driving across the causeway when wasn't Alvin. It happened. Saturday. Saturday. And -- can ask how old are you. I reported 545 year old Alvin pike in you see the car what in front he would go off the causeway. Yeah it was. He -- -- -- on York and you know that family that was -- airplane. And he suddenly just -- to left that it the left guard rail and -- over corrected British aren't sure across. And it interpreter the right -- And the pickup truck just to operate at the rail and turned on to the left side and trusted it'll on the -- does she slipped into the water and there's this big splashes its rapid release. Really quickly. And I and I got to say damages. To warn everybody else the drivers said. According Carlton duper show that it lost control of his truck when he reached over to grab. Those cellphones you are watching this and immediately. You begin to break I guess what when you when you see the truck on its side gives you don't run into this. I just shots land on the -- time. She's and so are kind of nervous. I. And a second you jump in the lake to save somebody. But your nervous doing Nantes. Now Alvin unified believe meal is if you can jump Italy could save somebody you can selected to this idiot for a couple of minutes all right. You'll be fine. So tell me so case -- a truck goes on its side on a real Manning goes over -- jam on your breaks. And you run overlook what happened. While -- breaks immediately and but atomic market except that it happened to be right where he went to work around. I opened my door and jumped out and just released. Stored -- down traffic controller or stop staggered as the traffic wasn't that bad at that time. Double and -- -- with a -- on the left hand -- in the Clinton but. Yes this wave my hands everyone stop. And -- To the side and as as a -- that it. Gorilla in the truck -- almost completely in the world to shoot the chairman epic want to counselor. LA I -- way to get up here will we wearing at the time. Some sort or virtues and -- are. Well we're sure yet so while you run and over the air like Superman you ripping your clothes off the job on the water -- read is that correct -- Yeah I did the Superman partisan mind but I can you imagine yet the top and out of the car running over there shouldn't shirt and everything else he can jump in the water. You just I'm just. A proposal. To -- vote must act from a much certain about it Clark can't glance. There -- requirement. I'm a contextual. Sides so yea seriously those -- this truck almost you don't hesitate for a second on gas and. Yeah yeah there it is the market particularly not just. But you know I'm not famous to think -- -- -- about things boardrooms and -- just. Just before memorial and Hitler started to grew over a look back on and miraculously -- I was out of court but that he had been rejected such. So -- dumped in the war and swam over to and believe it -- -- actually had a a light -- -- that he was going to mean this happens so quickly. And Maureen Perkins and the and -- turns from what I understand has another problem events in the pickups and someone accessed. From a camp are. Didn't know what sort are on the astronaut and he was honestly exactly and he is he was on the way back and they and they were in the the shock and see ya I thought that he had have been rejected bench quickly as it has keep -- out of the vehicle but it. Someone told me that -- parks a window. And that are these are you strong swimmer -- and I can travel. The reason I am yeah popular group within assortment you know my parents simple. From -- -- strong. Did that's my ass at no point did it anywhere using a -- see if I can I say this -- a jump -- -- -- to drown myself you knew that you'd be able. I guess keep yourself a floated even think about that. I have really just administered. I don't you know I'm await them one vigorously. What is my mother did commuters. This travel across the bridge every bit of work or in downtown. And I Nordstrom's and -- She did you give me just hammered social sector haven't porn on the end. In case you're going to war. And -- underwater to -- the window and it would shatter. And that's also got. And I wanted to seat belt so abrupt announcement and actually have sort of I am actually. And then acidic sort of which do. And you -- really -- entities in. Just saying don't get me -- give me. She was. Israel frustrated themselves and the first there are certain that anybody else in the vehicle. And there should be known on Obama so anarchists. And got. And within. It's just it's it's just some irreparable single everybody can get RB I'm getting policy attention but it certainly retired with good samaritans. There are so many people and that bridge too distracted. I mean. Regarding McNamee. It was not a -- -- that the world is seeing those women who were gentlemen assorted. Make sure you're sort of -- broke drops sales from the bridge. And chart I was able to target local artists -- his sister distorts or longer is all arms and they were pulled a slacker to keep them afloat. -- Yeah he appeared to be some pain but it is religious stays in church CC had a blood coming from the left Tripoli. Had a small little -- doctors and scientists are estimates -- network -- backward -- last and one that you're. Make things worse. Album. But -- and then second factor that some control access to economy. That I couldn't couldn't get it on it was a little bit choppy start. To ensure that there are trying to hit it like if that's on a -- Atlantis orbiter at the predators off. And they're holding about what the Rupert it is cute and very instrumental in the shark -- -- and you know just utilities and -- Saying it is really Cole hit me in the premier and the people on the rich. We're just amazing I mean they're looking down personally threw down. They're talking truce it's bit obviously Obama won. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- mystical. Islam. And the woman and him were shell she called and his mom on the phone and she has. You know lyrics to baby ms. Whitman and when he. Which yelled at them are part really draw for respecting different in my -- if certain behaviors. And then another gentleman through corrupt election doesn't mean -- wardrobe permanently that aren't as. It's. His play and -- and -- when we're just pulled along church and yes we -- they thought about the war. And a Alvin you know you didn't ask for any of this and I'm not trying to violate your privacy -- and if you're not comfortable telling me it's OK but. What kind of work do you do for a living. -- -- Operations manager regular -- and circle. While can someone tell you want it to have the presence of mind to a even think you know the one -- and could use a hammer. And I can bring it with me. Did today asking him if he's heard any back injuries anybody else in the car than the fashion a seed out of rope. Man I'm -- I think it's an amazing story when when you hit the water did you notice of the water was cold there nine did. The idea of what went what else went through your mind and did things slowdown like people's say they do or did they speed up and and since you've done it have things pop in your mind that you didn't remember. You know item -- decent -- togethers and it just it happened so quickly I don't remember that the war certainly I don't. Call it being cold aren't you key ministries in the world again or. Both treatment and those storms. So Serb threats but just. Everything happened very quickly. And and it is just you know what say they have got him out of there out of a war breaks. -- to obtain and turnarounds. Mileage and they pulled me up and I mean his -- -- -- little -- looks terrible war for an emergency vehicles -- we're not so quickly it'll have to. Now the next yeah I can't thank you enough for coming on and and I think here held a guy and I think -- -- great examples floor. Just anybody honestly town you -- -- humble guy you you didn't wanna do this I know that but you came on until story. And it's fascinating am glad you didn't god bless you man. Secretly.

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