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Jun 3, 2014|

At the Republican Leadership Conference “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson told Republicans, if they want to turn their party around, they need to “Get Godly.” Will that help them take the White House back…or make it more unattainable? And, who do you think has the strongest voice in the Republican party? Scoot takes your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ed good morning welcome to the think tank and student for Garland today through Thursday -- Dubuque will be here of course a Friday morning and I'll be back on astute -- Friday night. And Bob Mitchell was doing this to show it 92 midnight in the meantime. So it looks as if we're gonna get some rain today but things are going to be improving very soon -- -- on this Tuesday morning. Seattle has raised the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour will be talking about that should the minimum wage be raised. And I'm sure like -- I've talked about this on the show before. We all encounter. Numerous. Minimum wage workers. Who don't deserve a race. And I'm of the argument to Willey chief like just made more money at work -- really at what you were supposed to work harder before you earn more money. Also sonic and chili's and become the latest restaurants to band guns. Is this a violation of the Second Amendment. And is this a political issue. Is this something more of that Republicans would support to taking guns into. Restaurants. Or other conservatives who say no you know you don't need to go to a restaurant and you certainly don't need to plop -- on the table likes of gun advocate groups and have done. Is this a political issue or is this a personal issue will be talking about that on the show this afternoon. But first up on our show during the Republican leadership conference in New Orleans stuck dynasty star Phil Robertson. It was one of the speakers he jokingly said the Republican Party must be desperate if they asked him to speak. Robertson has made a series of statements about homosexuals and blacks consider controversial. And he told the Republican gathering here in New Orleans. You can't be right for America. If you're wrong with god. And to turn the Republican Party around he said. You've got to get godly. I'm not criticizing Phil Robertson or anybody's Christian or religious beliefs. But. I do question whether or not the Republican Party needs to get more godly. I don't time not I'm not positive what that means but understanding what we don't know about Phil Robertson. I think he changed it to their -- to be more talk of Christian beliefs and and Christian values within the Republican Party is this going to help the Republican Party win the White House. In 2016. It is a strong indication that the president according to a still Roberts it should be espousing Christian beliefs. And during the presidential election 2012 there was a lot of talk about the role specific religious police played in the lives of candidates. And even the idea that if elected religion would play a part in the decision making process of a Republican president. So -- Phil Robertson says the Republican Party needs to get godly. Or when a candidate. For public office brags about their religious convictions. This automatically brings up the question of separation of church and state. -- the constitution. Does not mention god. The constitution does not mention religion except that the government is forbidden to sponsor. Or require religion. Now this casually used phrase separation of church and state actually came from a letter. They attacked Thomas Thomas Jefferson. Wrote to the Danbury Baptist association an eighteen -- two. In reference to the First Amendment Thomas Jefferson wrote. Believing. With you that religion is a matter that lies. Solely between man and his god. And he owes account to know and do excuse me none other for his faith. In his worship. That the legitimate power of government reach actions only and not opinions. I contemplate with solve that sovereign reference. That the act of the whole American people which declared. That their legislature. Should make no law respecting. An establishment of religion or prohibiting the exercise. -- -- wall built a wall of separation of church and state. And that's the story a reference to separation church and state. Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Danbury Baptist association. In eighteen -- two. In 1803. The next year James Madison said. The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep for ever from these shores this ceaseless strife. It has soaked the soil -- European blood for centuries. And before Jefferson and Madison made their comments George Washington said. The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on Christian religion. Now when it comes to any constitutional. Issue and the phrase in the constitution regarding no government sponsoring a religion. And -- Jefferson's declaration of a wall of separation of church and state that there's always opportunity for interpretation. But if the intent. Of our founding fathers. Why is to build this nation on Christian beliefs. Then why isn't mentioned in the constitution. -- is -- no mention of god in the constitution or christianity. Seems to me that they would've that -- brought that up. Now the debate over separation of church and state is never gonna come to an act regardless of what precautions constitution says or doesn't say. But do we really want a president. Or any elected official for that matter to use his or her specific religious beliefs to guide their decision making while in office. -- to me that's a frightening thought. Because if you welcome it with one thing you have to welcome him with another that you might disagree with. It seems to me that you know politicians can be moral and they can be Christian they can be whatever their religion is Jewish Catholic whatever. But -- user specific religious beliefs. Seems to promote the idea that the government is involved in instilling. Specific Christian moral values. In individuals while their office I think the Republican Party was damaged. By the religious aspect of -- platform and agenda that was put forth by by candidates like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann and they are there were others. The idea of government lady influence. On personal and religious lives of individuals and it's kind of scary. And I talked about this before during the presidential election of 1960 John F. Kennedy a Catholic running for president. Went to great lengths to convince voters that he was running as a Democrat not as a Catholic. And his Catholic beliefs would have no influence. On the decisions that he made as president of the United States. Kennedy's victory over Richard Nixon should be precedent for every presidential candidate. It's appropriate for president so I said to be religious and to maintain strong moral values. But to instill their specific police while in office I tickets is wrong. My question is why are so many Americans afraid of the idea. That there's separation of church and state. What if the government is -- of religion. Like the constitution. With that diminish the faith of Christians. Would that diminish the fate of any. Religious person in America. Doesn't our faith -- religious convictions come from within our hearts and minds. Not from any government position or institution. And asking the government to supported promote christianity. Is implying that the government rather than the Bible or religious leaders. Are the best source of religion in America. For Mississippi governor Haley Barbour. Who is a prominent voice in the Republican Party. Told the Republican leadership conference here in New Orleans and reference to a political parties purpose to win elections. He said quote I hope we will not let purity. Beat the enemy of victory. If you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning our numbers 260187. Tool free 866889070. In a text numbers -- 877. -- blood today is on our website at WWL dot com it's titled is separation of church and state. A good thing. And and why would anybody be afraid. Of separation of church and state. In our founding fathers wanted. This country to be led by Christians -- why isn't something about christianity your god specifically. In the constitution. If you gonna join our show our numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 8668890. A seventy. A text -- 7870. -- WW a pretty general opinion poll this morning at the Republican leadership conference stuck dynasty star Phil Robertson told Republicans. If they -- turn their party around. The need to get godly. Do you think this is gonna help or hurt the Republican Party. -- Richard -- by going to our web site WWL dot com we're gonna attracted -- throughout this hour you via first update coming up here in just a few minutes. So -- dynasty star Phil Robertson says stats America needs to. Be right with god and it according to according to Phil Robertson. American needs to get -- do you do agrees is gonna help the Republican Party. If you wanna join Russia with a -- are numbers 2601870. -- free 86688. -- nearly seven attacks a receipt 7870. Also in the scope blog today they are similar conversation about. Founding fathers and the intent of of this country you know god or christianity or not mention in the constitution. And so that. That always these this controversy about separation of church and state. The -- blog today's title is separation church and state a good thing. Would you really but the government promoting your religious -- many people do. But to that information in the -- blog do you either agree or disagree it's our website at WW Elton John from indigo Kyle you're on WWL. -- it could. Hum well I just want to have Abdullah earnings or bad -- Early Americans. What -- Jefferson believed that. It and I believe were watching to -- come there's been a lot of it as I'm English and I think that. Most of the and the others they were they want the yet been worked. Believers bit you know in in a lot being in the and the Bible you read how it -- works you'll. You'll that the anti debate yet and you realize I'm -- -- Tom Jefferson. EE EQ you wrote -- -- Bible. Don't -- -- rhetoric but -- -- clear of all mirror. I mean there's a lot of are coming up -- -- stated that it sort wholeheartedly in christianity that they did have in god and of the spear. On the I really think that's why they want the separation and England in the rule that you had to believe it. Everything in the Bible one of the way it wives and these mantras they were street bankers they didn't -- -- what is. At any attempt you know again we weren't there are so we don't know was in the hearts and minds of those who first came to America and our founding fathers all we can do is interpret history. But it's always been my interpretation that superseding. They're Christian beliefs or whatever police the original. Two over -- the aboriginal people who came here had whatever their religious police were more important that that was they were seeking. Freedom from religious persecution. And here. I Kyle I enjoy our conversation thanks for calling from somewhere on the cost -- god you're in a VW well. You know -- Hey same failed -- -- time and but now some more dimension is declaration of independence not sure out of people. Ability I'm normal I -- -- it that. Somewhere around 65% interest -- the people that signed the declaration of independence were ordained minister. -- well really answer that found that out an apartment or create a separation of church and state. -- reason that they we're so profound in that statement was because -- persecution like you said. Catholics and Protestants and if you work more shortly. Well what happens you have in May actually killed and tortured people so mean and a sense. Yeah we don't want it to be up. You know perhaps to be a Christian but the majority of this country is some -- Persecuted thing more than anything. If you say your prayers and our announcer prison. You know -- -- exact opposite I think -- what they thought religious three. The problem is -- is gonna sometimes we as human beings we allow a few people who are extremist within any group to -- to taint the whole group and that's not fair. In the same way that. All blacks are not represented by a young blacks who commit crimes in all gays are not represented by the flamboyant ones that are seen during a gay pride parade. Well all Christians are not represented by those who are really trying to force their religious beliefs on others and and are very. Very strong in the belief that you either believe exactly this or you're not getting to have. Got a logical place for listing if you wanna join us with your comic this morning are numbers 2601870. Total free 8668890. Point 78. -- number 67070 here's a Texan -- why why is god mentioned in the pledge of allegiance and on our currency. I don't know but I believe those things came long after the constitution. And if the founding fathers who were establishing a document by which this nation would be ruled did not mention christianity -- god. I have to believe that in their hearts and minds with this idea that there was a separation of church and state. Here's a text it won't help because this is a godless country. Is it really. Mean I'm not godless. Are you godless. It has the government taking -- away from you I think that's the big part of this this conversation. What is it that the government has done. There's -- has somehow removed. Faith. And your religious beliefs from you. If you just joined assess the Republican leadership conference here in New Orleans -- -- dynasty star Phil Robertson told the Republicans if they -- turn their party around the need to get godly. Should the Republican Party be more religious. From uptown -- year Honda VW well. I could -- and I can just see Q Joseph whoever gets the nomination for the democratic presidential politics with the -- shot. Two years and now -- -- -- they have the ability to run this commercial could basically the Republican Party is playing to their base which is. People that don't have any education. Monolithic. -- -- put on today that they would know who ever not one -- -- You know that's it that's a rather broad insults and and there are a lot of people in the Republican Party base and very conservative people who are very intelligent. But I I agrees that playing to the base is going to taint the image of the party once again as the presidential election approaches in 2016. Oh yeah that it is dot com Republicans conservatives because if -- just read a little bit about Louisiana purchase in the newspaper -- They spilled more money in it Democrats in that room. Well we do tend to we do all the -- Law I don't always calling conservatives but they are when I talk about conservatives on talking about conservatives and talking about all Republicans. -- I'm market going to call. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Total free 8668890. Point seven text Amber's late 77. Also since there were some people speaking at this Republican leadership conference Sarah Palin. A ten -- to cruise one India and when the straw poll. I've deer which Bobby Jindal. -- Robertson from a dynasty was speaker. Who do you think has the strongest voice right now in the Republican Party. Numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points nearly seven Texas 87870 as a Texan reads. Under god was inserted into the place during the 1950s due to the red scare that would be fear of communism and godless companies. From may and to feel -- you're going to be WL. And come according to late on what was going on -- in her to say something about. Government Thomas what country we -- there won't burn virtually. Dog -- Harkin the I'm not separation of church and state doesn't scare me -- scares a lot of people because I think our faith comes from within and it doesn't come from. The government and does not take it away from the government. I agree I don't think anybody it's like somebody one of my favorite movie uses Magnificent Seven where. God says you know where you go why are you going back into the fight nobody gives me on guns and tell me Iran. You can't get any right to pray to god in it and it is being something else can this stand on something in the -- -- -- -- Beijing at that I don't believe god gave survival. And I believe everything that was true I understand or something because there's too much laughter right to what flip flopped or. Understand on what the Bible sense and I don't think I would -- neighbors rules to live by off for a totally buy it -- warmest Apollo. I didn't really get actual create and like a couple of disposal about it. To the question on why we -- it creates some did wrong. You know from -- And and Ricky -- in their minds they're not wrong and it if it is determined their you know they're working on this now if it is determined. The stats we are born with our sexuality. Which I believe but it science proves that what's that got to do to all those who say. God didn't intend for people to be homosexuals the city of Seattle has raised the minimum wage -- fifteen bucks an hour and that's gonna take place over seven years three years for some businesses depending on the size four years runners in seven years for small businesses. And by the way apparently there is an addition to this this ordinance in Seattle. Teenagers will not be paid fifteen dollars and hours of -- sixteen years old and you're thinking about leaving mom and dad moved to Seattle. You're not gonna necessarily get fifteen dollars an hour we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour -- studio for -- here's an update on our WW -- your opinion -- At the Republican leadership conference -- dynasty star Phil Robertson told Republicans if you want to turn to turn your party around. You need to get godly. Do you think that's gonna help or hurt the Republican Party. 53% say it's gonna help and 47% saying it's gonna hurt. It was your opinion by going to our web site WWL -- account from New Orleans build -- on Debbie WL. And it. My sought product and on the ballot -- hitting it when when it's too many wondered if the fact that it's not mentioned in the constitution. Speaks a little louder to a division amongst the founders. That they want to specifically. Put. There is no god and you'd think it would put an end -- -- to just leave it. Alone. Like apartment well if if as some people proclaim. The goal was to build a nation on christianity guy I don't understand why it's not in the constitution. Right or there -- be no mention of outlook to Lebanon and get an opinion about it on my opinion that they resident agents and left it alone. Because they couldn't come to -- kind of agreement no meeting of the minds here that makes any sense yeah. It does it's it's we weren't they -- bill we can only interpret. The history that we're we're given about our founding fathers and our intent but the the reason this country restarted is is still being debated and is still up for interpretation they dealt with what do you think is the strongest voice was in the Republican Party right now. I don't think they have strong will let you know that is -- all the people vote -- that and -- Democrat I think there's. That people trying to. You gather pockets. Of voters are Republicans with specific things like god or. -- anti Obama I don't think that the suspect a specific person man or woman uniting the Republican Party at all. You just said something very profound there's not a voice in the Republican Party speaking to. People who Wear not Democrats. There are. People who -- far right people of far left but there's a lot of people in the middle affect the majority of this country is not far right of far left. And Reagan was brilliant at getting those people to come over which is why there was a term for they were called Reagan Democrats Democrats voted for Ronald Reagan. -- thirty should be voice was in the fall at the party that does understand this a political reality -- -- political our show from downtown -- Jermaine your under the W well. It was on old school majoring. -- know what I tell you. -- Three weeks ago so he gave us free will work even as they are not me. You know and I'll end -- you know and but he does know you know in the constitution. Shall probably double that. The -- Couldn't agree with anything about them and say anything about it. Well we don't know for sure. But I but it is it is absent from the constitution. Well we'll never know you know about. The whole. On the homosexual thing you know what I have final blow to formal professional experience that. People. Stand almost -- it to screen them. A boat -- there and old people dead in Tibet come down because they're trying to deflect attention from him. Generate a good -- -- thanks for listening to -- WL. Here's the text no one nation under god in god we trust and I don't even believe in god. Are again being so what if you're an atheist why would you use money in money's money so what if it has gone on -- -- I don't even know why that's. A big controversy. Here's an update on our WW all -- general opinion poll. At the Republican leadership conference here in New Orleans -- dynasty star Phil Robertson told Republicans if you want your party to be turned around you've got to get godly. Eating that's gonna help or hurt the Republican Party 53% say help and 47% say it's gonna hurt the Republican Party. I'm Catholic. Before that I was episcopal. Now some would say well that does mean -- Christian or whatever I'm very content with my religious beliefs and my religious conviction. And nothing can take that from me I don't need politicians I don't need the government. To instill. Faith or religion in me. It doesn't seem to me that there should be controversy over separation of church and state and yet there's -- -- why are some people afraid. Is there is a separation of church and state. If you graduate our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And a text ever. Is -- 77. It's a text at many policies and laws are based on what a person in politics. Believes. Right or wrong good or bad we have the right to agree or disagree. It's not religion butch whatever you have a relationship with Jesus or not coming at 1 o'clock today angelenos get another great show. And what do clocked the man who will steer the future of our children. And in many ways our state superintendent of education. In Louisiana John White will be her studio and Angela let's talk to you about two whether or not you have faith in the education direction of Louisiana. Over the last decade. And also our armed armed citizen guards. In plain clothes are virtually the French quarters it's a good idea. She's gonna talk about the French Quarter -- -- it man. And also -- talk about a killing spree at the University of California Santa Barbara what lessons is -- for parents could should his parents. Have seen what was coming all of that coming up with Angela -- an open mind but W ell for one to four -- from a talent on your into the WL. And -- potent argument that there are well basically the founding fathers did not want to be anything like. England. We're English on and dirt and -- -- our secret perfectly English and they had the Anglican church which can create -- on the ticket courses aren't there and so. But they didn't want anything like England to -- to make sure there was never any state -- I don't know why people are so concerned about separation of church and state because if there is clearly a separation of church and state as is indicated in. Not -- direct words but is indicated in this spirit of the constitution. It seems to me that and our faith in an armed police come from within our hearts and minds and not from the government there for the government can't take it from us. It. Or -- a -- to show if you have a comment you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven protection receipt 77. Here's a Texan reason you do not need to be a Christian to have high moral standards. Calling oneself a Christian does not make you a person with high morals or. Morals of any kind. That's true. Here's a Texan Reid says government. Government to meet up of people. Not machines. -- probably go to church that's. What's. Unites church and states. In the Bible people. Hopefully believed in it. And that's your choice. -- disagreement that for the West Bank Christopher your -- WL. -- yeah. It seems to me that the separation of church and state -- more in one direction and another. Namely that that state is meant to be kept out of the church. And the bill of rights that talks about the establishment print quality the government won't establish a church and you have the free exercise your religion it seems to me that. You know way you like you said. The government typically are beliefs but there are believed that they -- will be our. That's enough to fairly active society on the belief that we hold -- you know we're not the kind we don't. Have we do we don't do one thing on Sunday and another in the rest of the eight were one current. Problem. And so it's seeing that these beliefs can -- the -- we vote when we act the way we talk to. -- speeches I mean Abraham Lincoln. A lot of his speeches in -- Scott about slavery means he'll be out. It was different it was different then than it is today not thinking about Rick Santorum in particular during the election of 2012 when he. I really suggested it didn't say directly that suggested very proud and plainly that he is Catholic beliefs would. Would be part of his decision making process if he was elected president I think those are scary thoughts especially looking back on. How -- John F. Kennedy went to. Declare himself a Democrat not a Catholic. I when he was running for president. Yeah I mean. More recently I mean favorite and not able to. Martin Luther King speeches invoke natural lockquote and it got them. I mean going back to your point yeah I mean how can Rick Santorum is Catholic beliefs not inform his actions. I mean I get that you you wanna keep the government out of the church and an element vs cartoon case. Talk about the way the government and the church can be entangled the government can -- church money for things supporting won the common good. And things that -- and things that don't. Goes specifically to a religious. -- and they'll present day. Confessed to excessive and -- Christopher or maybe maybe the thing that bothers me most is politicians recently have had a tendency especially on the right. They've had Tennessee to try to you rally people around this idea that it religion and government. Need to be intertwined did the government needs to professed Christian beliefs there are people who actually believe that. And that's a really scary thought to me because. There might come a time when you don't have a Christian in the White House and I I want the president to be a religious person I want the president to be amoral person. But I don't want his or her specific religious beliefs to dictate how -- the country. I completely agree that government -- the religious affiliation there should be not that should not be a religious affiliation of the government. But that doesn't mean that our religious believes that the people can't influence the way we interact with -- governor. Totally understand Christopher your Smart guy -- to call the show. If you have a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Protects our receipts have creates every -- get to -- -- -- text coming appear just a moment here's a quick update on our Debbie did you a pretty general opinion poll. At the Republican leadership conference -- dynasty star Phil Robertson told Republicans if you return your party around you need to get godly. Do you think that's gonna help or hurt the Republican Party. 51% say it's gonna help 49% say it's gonna hurt. It is your opinion by going to WWL. Dot com here is attacks -- it -- their religion and faith is an individual choice to practice. I wouldn't vote for someone who is making his decisions. Solely on the Bible passages. And whatnot moderates aren't even keel that our society in our country needs. To get everything done and not a set the right with the -- this country's dominated by moderates. A lot of people don't believe that but that's why I'd strongly believes it. That this attempt to pull the Republican Party to the right it's a huge. Huge mistake in basically opens the door for the Democrats to win the White House. In 2016 that would like to see because the civil war within the party continues. I wrote a blog about this last week for the -- show it's titled a message should the Republican Party. And it was a direct message to the Republican leadership conference -- was meeting here in New Orleans and frankly I think if the Republicans. Actually. Paid attention. To what is mentioned in that blog I think -- would when the White House. And they might ask me to be consultant. At that would have -- the does that show sought you know I don't wanna do that but anyway. You'll either agree or disagree but it's on our website at WW dot com go to the -- page shows and schedules at the top guns could page. And is there a message to the Republican Party. Here is attacks. That reads. Let's tell it like it is the Bible makes sense and helps. Our lives spiritually. Morally if we believe and live by it. Not denominations. By the word of god and I would agree with that sometimes people are so caught up in this specific religions. And the rules of specific religions that they could call themselves religious. But not everybody who is religious. Is spiritual. -- if you look at the definition of religious it just means doing. Something consistently like Q could you can drink coffee religiously. You could listen to the show religiously but that doesn't necessarily think it took that course. I'm -- in fort Garland are at the city of Seattle has raised the minimum waged a fifteen bucks an -- talk about that next.