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6-3-14 11:10am Scoot: on minimum wage

Jun 3, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks minimum wage.

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And good morning I'm -- in fort Garland all this -- I Don -- people being a think tank on Friday and I'll be back on astute chew on Friday night this week and next week and on Mitchell's doing this cute show tonight. And the rest of this week coming up in the next hour we'll talk about sonic in Chile's they are the latest restaurants to ban guns. This is that a violation of the Second Amendment. And is this a political issue which is something that Republicans of support Democrats support or is this more of an issue of just personal safety. Were common sense we'll talk about that in the next hour guns. In restaurants. Or businesses for that matter. We talked about it when it was proposed now it is reality the city of Seattle has increased the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. Now this is gonna take place over. A seven year period depending on the size of the business some businesses will have to raise the minimum wage -- this is not just for city workers. This is for any business that operates in the city limits of Seattle. Now I don't think I need to tell you that Seattle is a very liberal city. And this I guess it's no surprise I believe -- Seattle was the first city to have -- integrated public housing. So they've had a couple of first it would. Really paint them -- a very liberal city in. Having lived Erica tonight's it would posted at the state of Washington. Is not it's not totally liberal when you get outside of this Seattle area. And you have people who think just the way people think I'm here in in Louisiana. -- -- ever Cisco right now has that raised its minimum wage -- him Cisco is thinking about raising its minimum -- to fifteen dollars an hour I think they're up over ten dollars and are right now. Los Angeles is talking about 1015 dollars an hour for hotel workers San Diego was talking about thirteen dollars an hour and Oakland is considering 1245 an hour. A Seattle right now has the minimum state mandated minimum wage of 932 and our the federal minimum wage is 725 and or which it is. In this area. Is is this a good thing. What about -- what about the worker right now. Who has so worked up because he or she did a good job what about the worker who's making twelve dollars an hour right now. Because of their their work ethic because of their merits but he twelve dollars and now now. The minimum wage suddenly goes to fifteen dollars an -- what about that person. They're going to be people who didn't work hard enough to get the twelve dollars an hour and other going to be earning fifteen dollars an hour. So does this person's. His dispersants -- twelve dollars an hour go up proportionally. To the increase. From seven point or from 930 to an hour and in Seattle. 215 dollars an hour. I talked about this before and -- WCI icy to push their -- every day. There are minimum wage employees who don't deserve a race. And I'm not being mean I'm not being cruel. And others this argument to it to oh gee if I just made more money I would I'd -- -- -- Seattle by. I think he work harder and that's how you end up making more money. If you wanna join us for the comic this morning are numbers 260187. -- free 866889070. Tech's number 877. This is something that is going to be addressed across the country now that -- -- Dunn -- other cities are considering it. The minimum wage will be increased should be increased to fifteen dollars an hour. Now if you're a teenager and your thinking okay it's summertime let's see fifteen bucks an hour and Seattle is totally mum and dad and uncle of NC a well apparently there is. Is in addition to this and businesses don't have to -- teenagers. Fifteen dollars and hours so you know think about that before year. You leave the house of a mom and dad. But this of this minimum wage is is going to cause a lot of other cities to think about raising the minimum wage and you know we've had controversy right here in New Orleans area. I'm New Orleans and in the some of the suburbs not long ago there were there were some people who minimum wage workers who went to the streets demanding fifteen dollars an hour. So the idea fifteen bucks an hour for a minimum wage jobs out there. The question is we don't know for sure how that's gonna have an impact on the economy. In theory. If the minimum wage goes up. In the price of everything would go up. In some ways canceling out. The minimum wage increase. Should the minimum wage be increased. And how do you feel about -- I think it's important talk about its. How do you feel about the minimum wage workers. Getting a race for the don't deserve a race and still surprised that there are so many businesses in this area and across America. -- Tolerate. Employees that. Are apathetic -- If you -- to join Russia would come at our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. In a text numbers 87878. Here's our WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll and it's about Phil Robertson who wish that one of the speakers at the Republican leadership conference. He said at the Republican Party wants to turn their party around they need to get godly. Do you think this is gonna help or hurt the Republican Party. Right now fifty 55% say it's gonna help and 45% say it's gonna hurt the Republican Party. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and astute blog is -- titled. Is separation of church and -- a good thing -- information that may clear up some. Misconceptions about separation church and state debts -- in the -- blog it's on our website -- -- -- dot com from a beach Ron welcome to our show. Where about and I told you agree with children. Our own their mutual. And minimal wage. Because if not well. Lazy workers of only the world could. It's about paying your Beatles. And they can only. Vote to vote saying whereby the work of their own anyway. We are trying to or -- -- but unfortunately. The guys out people who were working at just sit there haven't got a range. Slow albeit very intrigued people waiting should be treated. And -- I don't like the minimum wage where it is. And I I agree with -- that there are hard working people who were not treated fairly. And I think it's really up to consumers. Too to be part of this this entire. This entire issue if consumers went out of their way. To talk to businesses to compliment businesses on the good employees. Then hopefully businesses will will start to reward those employees who do a great job. And it there there are companies who hire people and they pay a minimum wage and have a great attitude and I would hope that I would hope that the company's. To have good employees would -- him more. And that would cause in theory I would think in the whole marketplace. That would cause all of those. Driven employees. Those people younger or older who have a strong work ethic you wanna do a great job. That would draw them to your company. And if companies can no longer find. Minimum wage workers because they're only paying minimum wage in theory. Then would not this beat the best scenario. So I think consumers do play a part in this I would plead with business owners. Mean it doesn't matter how much the increase is police reward those employees were doing a great job. And I do know business I've talked about this opening on the show before. One places itchy nose and their other their other places around the city around the state around the country. They pay minimum wage. But they expect a certain. Kind of performance on their employees. So if if a business can demand. Respect for customers can demand excellence out of employees. They wanna -- every business do -- I'm I'm I'm still astounded that there are so many. Minimum wage workers were allowed to get away with an apathetic lazy attitude. If you join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points -- it's having -- number is 877. If -- -- they would decide scoot in four girls -- coming right back with a more of your comments. Here is attacks if you raise the minimum wage. -- that quickly to higher wage there will be hiring freeze and people will be laid off people will lose hours. And we have a free market the government should not force businesses. To increase. The wages that dramatically I wanna point out that the fifteen dollar increase in Seattle it depending on the size of your business is gonna be anywhere from. Say the three years I think two to seven years. And teenagers or not necessarily get fifteen dollars an hour recently -- or during the morning show for Tommy Tucker and a -- -- and we talked about on the show. The mentality. Of minimum wage workers. As I've said this morning I'm still astounded by the minimum wage workers who were allowed to get away with such a lackluster. -- performance in the workplace. And when you talk about raising the minimum wage. I don't want these people get a race. I think that sets a bad example at like is still on the -- page at WWL dot com to shoes and a schedules. And this morning we're talking about Seattle now raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour takes effect April 1 of next year. And it's gonna be somewhat to a gradual a depending on the size of business on businesses will have to get to fifteen dollars from 930 to an hour which is the current minimum wage. In Seattle and Washington State -- three years to get there a smaller businesses will have up to seven years to get there. On us from. Kaplan a Karen your WWL. Yes it's about the -- extra kids that Italian restaurant and somebody looked him with a rifle. I only hit the black and dials 91 war. And then -- cut out that they were carrying this illegal legally. And restaurant a lot of it how we go back to pastor. And I agree with you -- I have -- and yet there are some gun advocates who have gone out of their way. To walk into places like -- Chile's since holding Ian and last year -- Starbucks and sonic. To to literally display their guns either on the table or or carrying I think it was a -- winner a group of men walked in. Texas in a restaurant carrying. What was described as heavy weapons sorrow that -- I wouldn't I would agree with my idol but I would hit the floor to. You know there's nothing wrong with being provocative. Until somebody's gonna get hurt. And you somebody's gonna get hurt. I think that argument can be made I appreciate you calling your show. That's not the -- of responsible gun owners and don't judge all go to -- -- those -- gun rights advocates who go so far as to what are Showalter their weapons. For -- challenge on your -- WWL. -- -- -- mentally and. Are you kidding -- -- speak up just a little bit I was having a hard time here and. -- And Colin -- well. He's cute and. What -- it. -- -- It. Couldn't. Believe it. Currently we ever really bad connection and 61 is just -- -- -- -- and -- anyway I wish we would have had a better connection. I I think what you said was they are young people who don't wanna work for nothing they wanna work but they don't wanna work for nothing. And you know I just I think back -- on the first minimum wage job -- it. It was low. And yet. That was not something that I thought I was gonna. Used to to live my life. That wasn't gonna support me. And I couldn't buy much -- I wished making minimum wage. I don't have a problem with the idea at the minimum wage being race but I do have a problem with. Rewarding minimum wage workers who don't work hard and and how is it that that so many businesses can find minimum wage workers. Who come in and they demand a great job and they do a great job. How was it possible for some to do it but some can't do it. After -- Mike here and -- W well. -- -- Let them or not they would in the it's pretty. Familiar in my industry. A -- I ordered out back in 1990 true. And minimal wage start at 1 o'clock which made it basically for me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the to move. -- and out on that issue and at least an amateur -- and the construction area. He can't find quality crap anymore. The incentive isn't there to try to as quickly as possible advance to make more money. The great audience you know and forward and -- or anger like I think you will let you know. From seven point but they're they're 10111215. Out and out so like they predict or make people about why the battered -- Mike you're going to -- specialist -- for -- Kenneth you're under the WL. Well old normal that it minimal wage war. Or two oh people won't like there. And all you'd think it's -- people probably. I know this of -- -- they felt fortunate Amman and all of the public. People are more beta program and it marked -- -- -- people do almost about being aboard the oh well we'll talk about it all celebrate those people there at all you'd think if they've been there for -- not -- -- a little while. It already -- news at all. The little people that would double it more created a double bow out it won't be -- news chief dollar. Kenneth I totally I totally agree and and I don't think you can argues that well gee I do a better job defeatist paid -- more I don't think these individuals who are. Apathetic lazy and don't want to do basic job. I don't think that they're going to be motivated by I don't think they're gonna do a better job with more money I think they're just gonna be happy to make -- more money. Right what were the people walk out -- out and then -- It's been to -- bit more distant Ortiz. Celebrate. Well it's all. About animals situation. Try that bit about what we should not reward but wants you to. Hold it back in -- -- that would just say to a -- There that they would like more like me you do adopt a little bit. Well we know. Would -- global it. Thankful they grumble about. And this year it would you should be proud of yourself and and and thanks for being among those who does have a strong work ethics. Oh. Appreciate illicit and you heard what -- said it came from his parents. -- from race like Catherine your under the W well. Freddie skin cancer so that. It's minimum they didn't -- forced to raise the minimum wage -- that consumers are gonna pay higher prices. And and a lot of businesses. Not minimum wage. Employee haven't. Given raises in years probably almost like an increase in salary. Her professional -- for people who aren't that many outraged because the clock and let you know -- you know and it and never getting -- at any. Well what about in Seattle what about a person who is Sarah right now minimum wage should 932 -- I think it is beside 32 an hour 932 -- now the minimum wage goes to fifteen dollars an hour next year. I'm an over the next couple of years it it would about a person who's making twelve dollars an hour is that somebody who should get a proportionate increase above minimum wage based on the entries. Well and and -- now back to that pin -- they ended up paying because. The guys that are gonna be able to do it -- all that extra copy even if they did that. -- -- might be able might be able to but they won't. Well that's that's right exactly -- it really it's neutral because it just rate as the price of everything. And and -- appetite for -- -- some people who -- maybe making twelve dollars in now. Are gonna get a race -- people people making twenty dollars and hour now. We need in our goal opportunity. Now just be almost the same as a minimum wage worker. Trial it is still being polls tighten your ego didn't know what you said makes sense that people. You know it maybe be more appropriate law you know after six months. Minimum age. An evaluation tactic public outrage. Honor that person have to be like them. But it just indiscriminately rating average minimum -- are -- into an out -- it and why -- because. -- ago. And it rewards it too many people -- -- to color should reports too many people who frankly don't deserve a race. Look around when you go out. You'll you'll find the stores the restaurants the businesses. That instill in their workers work ethic and teach their work takes their. There employees that they have to do certain things and then there are companies that. Seem to accept leasing employees there are a lot of hard working minimum wage workers and I would plead with businesses to reward them. And if you do in in in the perfect world in the marketplace which I know it's not but it a perfect world if you pay more than the best people. Will wanna work for you. And they're businesses they couldn't find anybody. Would ultimately maybe have to raise the minimum wage. There are minimum wage workers who to a great job. And work hard and that it usually don't stay here I. I I certainly empathize with those who have been working hard and they're still at minimum wage. But to raise the minimum wage to fifteen bucks an hour. Over the next few years and that's with the city of Seattle is doing this is not just for city workers this is for every business in the Seattle city limits. And I think it's fair to say that Seattle is a very. Liberal city. This is not the first liberal thing that Seattle has died and many argue that this is a very. Liberal thing. The question is he should the minimum wage be race -- is that going to solve any problems are with the prices of everything go up. And should anybody be happy at minimum wage. Shouldn't we all strive like I did in the beginning and I guess like you did as well should all strive to get above that point. From Mississippi -- your -- WL. It -- usually. How well I don't think that the minimum wage should be given up or scale but house. What you are saying and they're people that work hard and they deserve more well. This business is in stark people at a minimum wage. Does that -- bail out. Toward McCain pretty. Equally mole is that but it out but because it. They start and it remotely job does that mean -- that went public in May or may not immediate report that partners working art more rate. As far as I know people came here races. Well I mean in the middle -- is it harder worker. Right about not. About -- -- in that we feel would minimal -- people we go -- restaurant to eat eat eat ought to -- and and -- the Arabic well. Art and direct. And. To order. Jimmy do you do you buy the argument that well if five made more I would do work harder. No not they'll probably -- Not bad that pilot that you had a career that you didn't vote is being -- and that we have a different society now made the right thing that but old something the government -- to dump and a little bit bigger opiate. Well no that's not -- mapping in. The way it works -- you know that's what makes America great is you keep it out strap are you work hard in your weight of the world. Is not even three huge error and. Nigeria I totally agree with that I'm going to listing. Target toward your text here in just a moment. There is no question. That there are great workers on minimum wage I would be a terrible business owner. Because I would. I would share more my profits. I I couldn't have somebody working for me and doing a great job and not paying them more than minimum wage -- benefit to aid into my profits a little bit. And maybe that's why am not a business owner so I detect. I couldn't do -- and -- there is such greed. Among many business owners in this country. That is one of the reasons why this is a debate let's force the businesses to raise the minimum wage because they're not going to share their profits. And while I understand that argument. There are too many people. In my opinion it would be awarded it to minimum wage is raised -- -- would be rewarded for not really doing a good job. Minimal wage workers in a country like Japan. Are much more dedicated to their jobs. And that's something that just goes along with just the discipline in the structure. Of that society. So it is with in human beings to do a great job but again. You know I talk to my friend the other day David part of it with a manager today at the -- on issues -- this is one example -- it if you got a business and and you instilling your workers. Certain standards that they have to live up to even if it's minimum voice and then please call our show -- -- is the only one but a I I just noticed that the service there's always -- it sometime type I go they -- into overriding. And I -- talking to him he says he's he surprised that sometimes people come into to work. To starting job and they don't even really know how to sweep. So I think we have a generation of younger people who have been so pampered and coddled. That they haven't been taught separately basic things in one of the most basic lessons in life is you work hard. And you're rewarded. That doesn't mean that you're -- be rewarded immediately. And and if you're not rewarded by the company you worked for the golfer -- a the company. And I know it's not that easy. But that's the way it works in life you can't demand the job you want at the -- wage that you want to be paid you can demand that. -- just go find the best place to be any -- yourself to the point where you are. Doing something that can lead to you earning more money for batteries David Euro and Evian you will on good morning. Today Morris is odd that portion for you about a minimum wage. The year how much. Money military people might especially once you know I mean. Though that first year I don't put us as well. I have not I -- itself and you know he's still elderly votes now. Eight at two years of college so winning a little bit right -- would he didn't have to balance them. And you might -- up -- somewhere around I think out now. Beaten Albania and little five years and sort. Any Mikey and emit low twenties -- below what -- Which act you can tell the fact that not work close to big -- now. And Eric great debate or. Your military you want around him in a -- shot. And then like in anywhere close. To the the -- why each if you doubt -- -- -- now warming is not they -- -- hours more it's my story out about it here. And area here one here -- their just their style -- there's no marks are inside right ears. In years servers. In UK label point out now. Yeah so -- there are well while there are some. Benefits. To being in the military area I think we it's it's fair to say that our soldiers are not table it's. Most of us think they should be today. -- you what kind of benefits. -- talk about. Well health benefits. Okay now -- -- -- you get yeah -- -- Well yeah but not if I. Earlier on every job. Certainly not every minute and not many minimum wage job studio it's. But I'm not I'm not belittling what your -- -- I'm just saying that there are. On there are some built in benefits to being in in the military or hurt or nobody would do it but that assuming that they should be paid more and I want to thank you for what you're -- Steward for our country. Yeah I I thought I'd watch Almonte right. What -- an open. But it -- Afghanistan that got shot a -- that made more money. Or an -- now but in a -- them in Afghanistan and knock. It. David kind of breaking appear well. I know I'm speaking for a lot of our listeners we appreciate where you're son is doing for our country. A for saint grossly year under the WL. All right I'm not sure what happens this year and from vocalist. Medina a year into the W well. -- -- -- -- Under -- yet. Like common ground ball literally beat Lleyton. Live. And -- thirteen years in the workforce and put it out and see story for the lead -- And minimal wage. People work that way right now. Let and that money. But how tall is that when you took out the public about what it could give quite well I'll. -- -- -- Is the Eiffel medical -- -- -- just have to educate -- about what they might talk about in the air. But I'll definitely keep his mom like that -- jacket that. So they shoot them like they actually met or about diet and date but I actually you know. And Medina unit that you have the good work attitude. Oh yeah worker. I don't like outlook won't pull pull -- finished off a twelve year and he let me in here and I'd like to -- in twelve. Yes the I could be a big good business owner because I would to it I would not so -- the profits to the point where. Those -- working for me would suffer so badly. Yeah I think immediate and that worked -- the -- or about a year and you're there don't -- -- right. That on my right and what -- amount that our power. And then now -- that it manager Mike and -- Global audience I got a big jump out a good night. Out or that they -- you know Houston. Here that was. Ever call it like it's part about the -- Animal rights arson. Count it up and anti he'll be on top of it yet that you. No I I I understand. -- -- is he -- that it is ridiculous what. Doubled walked away. I think one of the main points is. Nobody should. Plan a family. Nobody should plan on being in a house or having your own place. If you can't go beyond minimum wage and again taking this is my own personal reference tool office I work for minimum wage. More than once. And even a little above minimum wage it never occurred to me just have a family it never occurred to me that well I'm entitled to I'm entitled to. Be taken care off and there are great people like. Medina who work hard and there or there are minimum wage workers who do work -- that. I think we need to stop this idea that you're entitled to something. -- an -- that she and and people like for the they're entitled to something but. Nobody should be raising a family on minimum wage. If you if your minimum wage the sort of family. Wait. And find a way to. Work your way up in the system nobody should be happy minimum wage that is an entry level position. At the Republican leadership conference your New Orleans -- dynasty star Phil Robertson told Republicans say you want to turn your party around that you need to get godly. You think that's gonna help or hurt the Republican Party. As a debit reveal pretty jaguar people right now 52% say it's gonna help 40% say. It's gonna hurt the party I'm studio for Garland and from New Orleans Steven Euro into the W well. What started to work minimum wage -- students that we -- so my father. -- Branch. And -- they -- thirty cents an -- and my mother took did the books that she took. That. Of that 35 cents an hour are also work newspapers delivered in the morning. And then went to work from -- Say that my money and bought my -- -- in the business. The story you can do what you want but you know you go that route today and I can tell you story of the church bulletin at a go to McDonald's. By a quarter after quarter pounder free. They -- up the order parts like ten quarter pounders. For. Parts of war that is right -- so. The the I guess some a quarter pounder today at about four dollars. If we did double play. Them being pretty quarter or eight hours. And it absolutely no shortage of saint -- or use. Hundred dollar pair of sneakers. And fingernails. In the best -- Stephen these are all good points I'm going to ticked under color show here's detects the reads very few young people now have drive. Have being given everything by their parents so they want want want without the work. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Think about a five year olds with everything I -- -- all -- -- text messages on the -- but -- during a -- -- I'd -- to all of -- read all of -- text messages so thank you for sending him. -- coming up in the next hour heading to the conversational talk about sonic in Chile's they have now become the latest restaurants to ban guns is that a violation of the Second Amendment. Is this a political issue or personal safety issue I'm scoot it for garlic and we'll be back -- to be WL.