WWL>Topics>>6-3-14 12:10pm Scoot: on guns in public places

6-3-14 12:10pm Scoot: on guns in public places

Jun 3, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and talks about the wisdom of bringing guns into restaurants.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon I'm skewed in fort Garland this weekend next week except for Friday morning went on to vehicle be in the think tank and Rebecca astute Sho Friday night to eight to midnight otherwise Bob Mitchell as soon. Stuart Joyner radio interview if you don't like your list. So we've got some rain you've just heard our forecast that it chance of rain is Kennedy Kris tremendously. Tomorrow which it says is good news although we really have needed this rain witches. It is could force. Tomorrow on the show we're gonna talk about something that is very very personal to me. Obsessive compulsive disorder. It's a phrase that is OCD be no CDs -- kind of thrown around very casually but it's a very very serious thing. And there will discuss then I'll share my personal on. Experience with that it never really goes away it's under control in my life right now but that's assuming that there are times and it really does a flare up if you think -- CD. You're not sure if you think you can throw CD not sure we may be able to help you figured out tomorrow so we'll talk about a CD. Tomorrow morning -- fuel. I heard that I got -- noble than Johnson this morning. Sabrina hull city herbal and Johnson were talking much is mourning the -- -- know what these guys have talked about me so much over the years I think they have a man crush on. I mean in Boston for some reason they're just absolutely infatuated with. There's a new poll that shows that a majority of Americans. Do not what retail stores or restaurants to allow gun owners. To bring guns into their businesses. According to this poll 55% of the that the customers. Say 55% say that customers should not be allowed to have guns. 32% say they should. What's interesting is that -- -- 2% of the Democrats were against customers carrying guns in retail stores. 48% of independents were against it. And 41%. Of Republicans were against it 50% of Republicans supported customers carrying guns into businesses. This has been a controversy recently because they're. There's been an attempt by some gun rights activist. To make a point by going into fairly restaurants. Carrying guns. Last year -- Starbucks. Sonic. And -- have now become the latest restaurants to say no guns allowed. Even if you can legally carry you're not allowed to bring your guns and sonic are Chile's. Or two polling they made a decision in the last year where -- which Starbucks. This just not represents. The mentality of all gun owners. It represents the mentality of a few. The Second Amendment protects your right to keep and bear arms. The Second Amendment is not designed to. Protect people who have knocked -- wanna flaunt the Second Amendment Rights by intimidating people in Philly restaurant. Most gun owners in America are responsible gun owners. I am a supporter of the Second Amendment supporter of gun rights. But I should be able to in the same way that you should be able to denounce those who take it too far. And every deed and in some gun advocates Everett. That are totally against this mentality of showing off your guns -- restaurant. First of all if I thought I needed to go on. In the restaurant. I don't think -- go to that restaurant. If my job. Put me in places where I was in danger. If I was carrying money all the time. I would have a -- all the time. But I wouldn't wanna have a gun. That would. Be required to go in and it is certain plays like a couple of people had to guns in movie theaters. And I note I I've heard the argument that legit if people would have had guns in the movie theater and in a roar caller rattled and make that a shot that guide it really. I'm not sure that it did those who have guns are shooting that precisely. What many are many our our our good shots. But not everybody has a -- is it is a good shot. Denied their -- the story of that. -- 63 or 73. Retired police officer in Tampa. Ku shot and killed somebody over texting and a movie theater. Well -- and -- -- What RG a gun to go to a movie theater. And then there was a case I forget where was but this was within the last two weeks. Or somebody was arrested by an off duty police officer who is at a movie theater. Nike headed idea -- her 38 character it's a lot of his pocket and it fired a shot. And it was an off duty police officer who immediately arrested again. -- ever -- in the movie thing. -- meeting governor restaurant. But if you are legally carry. Do you think the business has a right to say hey. You can't bring your gun here. If you rejoice for the comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 it's seven. And -- -- except yourself from Slidell Becky here -- Debbie W a good afternoon. Can -- -- it look bad guy with the. Aren't -- aren't locked in a paid much chips are. But I also think that it is or ever because there's nobody. Think election. You're ever catch and -- army presence an approach that. I understand the torture -- Becky but you you really want people to have guns in restaurants. I mean I would assume that the restaurant has either security or the restaurant could have gotten. But I do understand this point -- is if if the restaurant for example says no guns allowed then you go in there and you're pretty well. Assured that nobody's gonna have a gun. And I'd I would agree with you to criminals do not attack people on the street or anywhere if they think they have a -- they they go for the weakest price. It. You know. -- -- Choose and pay down in front of the barrel. Just so holder. I went can always hit it. There. But now. I'm poignantly. Has been no -- in dispute if you. Stupid with the current. And in doing stupid. But you deal protected -- -- land war -- -- about it and. They don't know. There are not -- charity she -- your lights but it -- this. There you know -- in -- and the child and I know you're. What are you can't -- -- you know she's an -- company. You know I'm. It ain't. Pick -- do understand this point. To me that doesn't says that doesn't supersedes and one. The idea that everybody with a gun their people with that not everybody would have a gun but allowing guns in Philly besides -- -- personal think that's necessary but I do understand. I do understand the point -- I'm -- did you ever have an opportunity to take out your gun. -- -- -- Well actually years ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 4 o'clock and more and down. Target -- or -- accounts carpal that Portland currently at work are an important. And got it to. So. You know. Gonna walk into work out a -- there was sort of semi it's so I tailored to the stand and they'll turn around -- think about it. We need is the -- and a pointed and it and actually what the lanky one. What turned out that the collapse -- -- And I -- you know. You're you're in need to -- to -- -- -- -- credit like credit. Aimed -- or shot anymore. We know depend on track -- -- -- -- my first instinct is I want you see I have some doubts and eat or a lot and you left. But I would have felt really hurt I didn't care. Archaeological are showing I think Becky brings up an interesting point. If if if criminals know -- no guns in this restaurant -- any more likely to. Any more likely to go to that restaurant. To rob it needed. There have been big signs that to hard rock cafe no guns no weapons no effect you can't even bring a nuclear weapon. In the hard rock cafe I mean I'm only here but anywhere in the -- -- places that. Can't bring a nuclear so I don't know that they hadn't significant problem where -- Being robbed because there are no guns there. I here's attacks that -- A sonic is a drive in since win do they have the right to tell you. That it's not okay to have a gun in your car which is an extension of your home. I don't think this is applied to being in your car at sonic but there are some sonic restaurants and this says this case that brought all this to light was a sonic restaurant where people went inside. And displayed their guns on the table. So sonic and -- -- have now become the latest restaurants to say no guns allowed. Is that a good idea and is this a Republican. And Democrat issue it's just political or is this really just about safety. To join our short numbers 2601870. To all 38668890. Is simply text is 8787 and studio for Garland and we're coming back after this break into the WL. There's like rated downtown new world -- it might be some rain where you are hey if you're in the rain let me just remind you to turn your lights on. Actually they're actually some people who. Go out of their way to not turn their lights on in the rain and it's really. Dumb thing to do and can be kind of dangerous. The -- blog today is titled is separation of church and state a good thing. During the Republican leadership conference in New Orleans stuck dynasty star Phil Robertson. Said hey you wanna get your party back to the right direction you need to get godly. At the right thing to do and there are some. And there's some some clarification of separation of church and states are in dispute blog today and again that's on our website at WW go to account you can greeted. And share with others on the constitution does not mention god. Constitution is really not mention religion except that the government is forbidden to sponsor or require religion. But it was the phrase separation of church and state use -- Thomas Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the Danbury Baptist association -- you know to the next relate to that. Separation of church and state being somewhat associated with the constitution which is not. I'd George Washington once said the United States said the government of the United States is not in any sense founded on Christian religion. All of this is in scoop on every WL account and here's an update on our -- WL pretty jaguar pinnacle. A do you think what Phil Robertson said he is a good or bad for the Republican Party 53% say it's gonna help the Republican Party and 47% say it will hurt the Republican Party. We're talking about sonic in -- the latest restaurants to say I don't care if you're carrying a gun legally you're not allowed to bring your -- in here. A majority -- just a moment from New Orleans Janet your into the WL. It's actually not sure I do I mean there ain't got back vehicle Whitney Canada and a lot out there -- part that like. On people have to come on start carts that afterward. In those those darn Canadians are Smart I think. I. Respect people anyway. Though -- at that I went on and on it's got -- and I didn't -- that there at the local chapter of -- and it court for the big lobby group in the country or I'm right. I'm into all out is there anything. It into the exact. In -- -- -- -- crop support the national policy of the local chapters that are doing it but. You know they're not manipulate them. Why would abdicate that we be allowed cigarette -- -- -- the public like the electorate Iran. Also if -- Interesting topic a in the break point at that at the root of the problem that we -- gun regulation. And down. Americans are -- -- -- about -- but update regularly asking Americans give up their data. Had it for completely only done that you have to pass a background check. You know and there are accurate and Eric got there are requirements that you can hear it -- There are some parts there's a purist in this country's Second Amendment purist some mystery to describe. Who don't -- get them back project they think that everybody just has this inalienable right to go on with regulations and I like the regulations of the background check I realize. It criminals are not gonna pay attention to any of the laws and not in favor. New gun control laws in favor of whatever laws we have let's do a better job enforcing them and it's just in steel responsibility. Everybody -- ago. Well let me let me play it I mean I -- I am not seeking its criminal or -- Actually that was about a month ago have a match and returned from Afghanistan. He liked and loving husband and great other four. And them. He returned a peek at the end was suicidal. And what happened was. Seagate is. I got and then keep the gun and threatened to kill oppose them fourteen conditions. Now the preparation the pats go to that back in great wrap. Yes and -- background checks are not foolproof. There are things that can happen to Europe. You're your brain in your personalities that one you know one day a year or more sane than the next day and you know yesterday on the show is talking about it dealing with stress and an anger. And there are some people who don't know how to manage the stress and anger they just overtakes there they're their whole body. Lot of earth. Public and looked at and rules in Canada because we have warned that -- captivity in the United States gun owners. And we have incredibly. At the -- Ehrlich left. Unity then and and -- in Canada by guns. You know every year I records are you. -- gene regulation. Janet I appreciate you calling your show -- -- listing here is a text. That she read so personally I think there should be more open Kerry in the state if it's open carry. That way people would feel more comfortable around guns right now don't see enough open carries so -- you do. We. And get that nervous feeling. It open carry. It if open -- was more prevalent. Than we would be. More -- seeing guns. Here is a text that read Cisco at the car is an extension of your home but I work for a company that does not allow guns on private property. That is there right. And here is a text and about this not being a Republican or Democrat issue I don't think it's a Republican or Democrat issue as much as an NRA issue in -- anti NRA issue. I don't think that the gun should be banned. Or anything like that but I also an extremely anti NRA because their position on gun ownership is nothing short of -- responsible. Well NRA is city in general. Driven by the idea of whatever it takes to get more people to buy guns. And ammo as it is is a good thing. And that's a -- And don't even use tragedies to do that in the same way that the other side would use tragedies to say hey now we have to control guns for that restock -- under the WL. Coach Phil Collins good. What a woman on the line. Problem -- Alden Meyer sure didn't -- in the years. All the Portland talked about it. Well couple what portion of out. Howell well. All. Forbidding. All. The problem. During a ball game. I am yeah. -- the committee looks at consultant Leo -- Look at all of these what is coming out of Hollywood. -- show wall. But glorifying killings that type thing. All our -- -- not. You know people got shot drill program and so. They're out almost -- luck question what -- 1 march well. Well -- -- at that Obama. Orchestrated it a couple of -- imagined that. A million. Dollars -- Hollywood and give rubio and Democrat port. Millions are a lot more than regular Republican born under entry. I think that's a fair statement. So you or do you think movies inspire violence. -- when. What about -- whole policy dressed. I want coalition there when he came back into the theater to kill old people -- -- did -- -- got a movie and he was like a church or from the Batman movie exactly. I -- the -- that killed all the -- Vietnam. In Connecticut. Followed. Labor's share that yet. Struggle and great -- that day and nobody called his house watching and getting a hand -- I doc I'm gonna have to get to a news break I'm glad you called I'll address all of this when we come back after this news break the question is. I'd do movies. Inspire violent behavior there what about these violent video games I've talked about that a lot of the discussion. -- toward your calls Mort your -- address that when we come back. I've stood in for garlic and here's a WWL news update with Chris Miller. At the Republican leadership conference stuck dynasty star Phil Robertson told Republicans say you -- turn your party around you need to get godly. And has been arguably WL pretty -- opinion polling -- showed day will this help or hurt the Republican Party if they get godly. 52% say it will help but 40% say you'll hurt the Republican Party give us your opinion by going to W -- -- So last caller -- talked about something that a lot of people believe in that is there it's. The glorification of violence in movies. Inspires people commit violent acts. And brought it how. Holmes was -- stressed the guy who -- the Aurora movie theater shooter. Dressed apparently elect character from a bad man movie did the shooting and the newest Batman movie a premier. Do movies glorify. Killing. And also he he brought up the idea that -- lancer who is the shooter at this sitting at elementary school in Newtown Connecticut that he. Neighbor says that he would spend seven hours in his basement playing video games. Throughout my career. I have done a lot of study. About mass media. And the relationship between media and society. And it's something that infatuated me actually. As soon as I got into this business I was infatuated with the relationship. It is -- -- the medium radio or television or movies whatever. The Beverly did you comedian has with with its audience. I don't see any hard core evidence. That. -- movies inspire violence. The media and entertainment in general. Reflects its audience. And I don't think it can be blamed for violent behavior. He was talking about last -- was talking about. He didn't see bloody movies when he was growing up. Specifically remember Bonnie -- I was younger Bonnie and -- came out maybe 1968. I think about a clockwork orange. Now we might not have seen the same amount of graphic blunt. But relative to the world we live it. Those movies were very violent. There was. Straw dogs I think with the same tech and pop movie very very violent movie. We saw violent movies. But a movie was never used as an excuse. For our behavior. We were held accountable. Nobody ever thought to blame on. Us having sex or us doing anything wrong anything violent. On a movie. And the idea. Of the government as suggested writers called the government monitoring movies. That is very close to the government controlling freedom of speech. What if what if the president. Decides that well because of the political views in this movie this is gonna cause people to go out and protest and that might lead to violence. The government could suppress that movie if we set up a precedent for the government to start monitoring movies and entertainment. If you -- join -- show with the -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 a -- number is 877. I WL. I picture. Sure but. -- acute tension. About the other restaurants they gone really struck record yet like the first sitting. I think there's extra on different between -- a lunar. And -- and this year and I I disagree -- war well a year ago table in public late. Currently there are two. That I am under -- -- -- responsible. And to that point they concealed weapon. Carrier. The other way to make it is. The time that he would be in the extra innings. It is only. -- somebody that it. Will comply with that. And the -- concerned about not personal Ian and they play. One -- -- used the patriot one of the restaurant but as and you had -- I will miles however. I don't think they make and model someone with mental problems with debt upon quality and. People who -- restaurant. Good what analysts and mad at my concern that year but -- sell them out -- about -- on. Our web. It changed a lot like I appreciate calling but long before there was this public discussion about restaurants coming out to start boxing. Coach polian now it's. I'd I'd -- and start bought ice -- and masonic the most recent to ban guns even if year legally carry. Long before this discussion came up. You could still say that any time you went to a restaurant. There could be somebody in -- who would debate the law who would have -- -- with. I don't know that anything is really changed. Except the conversation. If your -- they -- this more of your comments and or your text are coming up here's a text and -- ten movies don't necessarily promote violence. But it does to sensitize viewers to violence. CID. I disagree that movies to sensitize us to real violence and I'll explain why I believe that and I'll explain an example of that. Will reconnect after this break. I love this new song this is -- -- a band called magic. Song is called root. As a really cool summer field to a -- -- using this as a bumper music and out of our breaks. I'm still in for Garland and were coming back on WWL. Good afternoon I'm screwed in fort Garland this week -- next week except for Friday went on to vehicle -- a think tank as soon as usual. -- got a text just a moment ago about a violent movies and video games to desensitize and people to real life violence I'll address that in just a moment -- I wanna tell you that Angela coming up next. A -- WL at 1 o'clock she's gonna talk to the man who will steer the future of our children and in many ways our state. Superintendent of education is here in Louisiana a John White. And to anyone talked to you abouts whether you have faith that education Louisiana. Has been drastically improved in the last ten years also Angeles who talked today about the the armed citizens in plainclothes patrolling the French Quarter is this a good idea. They're called French Quarter but that may affect how he's got a a blog about -- -- -- website at WW dot com. And also shall talk about the killing spree -- you -- California Santa Barbara what lessons are there for parents Angela -- open mind coming up next. And every weekday from one before here into the WL. There are those who say well the graphic violence in movies it to sensitize us to real violence it I don't think that's the case. And I want you to think about this. If you're watching the news. And if you know something -- Rio. It doesn't have to be graphic. Richard totally capture your attention. If you see. A war seen. Something or somebody skilled. In real life. It's such graphic. But does not have a tremendous impact on you because you know which -- And I think about the cart chase scenes. I think about the things on the news that we are so compelled to watch. And they're not graphic not by Hollywood standards. But it's because we know the Rio. That their compelling. To a network I don't think it's fair to say that movies and video games to sensitize us to real violence from -- Thomas here on WWL. Let you kind of a quick curve ball one of the problems we have in the country at different that the public property and private property. You know like you work out that a few months ago on public property. Okay. The city Moreland has what's called sovereign immunity it -- consider. I mean vehicle back in the city and say you didn't protect it however what you are fractional. A private in an apartment in the coach you that you cannot protect itself with regard they're ultimately responsible. Say he -- something happened. See you in you're injured you the order that it it's an owner of the property. That is why would look where we you know we're talking kind of -- -- key. It I'm not return I'm not -- He'll carry permit I don't anymore because of these restrictions. But. Here it. You -- -- -- -- Ultimately responsible for your safety and provide say -- Eight years -- can be food he and I don't they -- people understand that. And with our litigious society you can understand that until it counts of Mexico show. I hear is attacks that reads I'm 47 years old played all kinds of video game since I was seven. Never had I once had violent tendencies -- actions it all starts with the parents media needs a scapegoat. For any massive violent occurrence. Same with films and I I I agree with that -- plays into the hands of of what society wants to believe meaning that if it would only be that easy. If we just if we just caught -- all the violent movies. That would somehow cut on violence in society. Think about violent books. Which -- there was no TV no radio. The violence in books. The sex and books was as as graphic as it could possibly be in the context of those types. And yet those were never used as an excuse for for for violent behavior. So why have we become a society that is so quick to wanna blame. Which Hollywood and then our our caller earlier was vicariously bleeding blaming the Obama administration. For not cracking down on violent Hollywood. And Democrats in general because Hollywood gives so much to two Democrats. You what the government. The crackdown on movie content. Or video game content. First of all that's something that I don't think the Supreme Court would uphold. Secondly the president can't do anything about it if there are already laws passed that would come from congress. And congress has attempted to venturing into doing something about violent video games. And they haven't been able to because of freedom of expression. I'm -- for Garland will be right back after this break and WWL. And to further emphasize this point that has come up on the show and talking about guns in in Philly restaurants. If violent movies and violent video games have really to sensitize says so to to real violence. Tell me how you would feel. If you watched live on television. A death row inmate being given a lethal injection. That would not be graphic by Hollywood standards. But would you not be totally compelled. Because though not graphic. You know it's real. Here's a -- residual brain washing has been proven to be a tool used by the government. When you play video games it says it could be that those gains will affect you. In the same way over a long period of time. Well anything's possible but there aren't they are not concur or not studies that really conclusively link violent video games are violent movies too too violent behavior. And if there's a kid -- violent video games for hours and hours a day. It's the passive activity playing it was violent video games the anti social activity of not doing anything else other than playing those video games it is more damaging. To a personality. And the content of the video games. -- treachery Jackie OWL. Page -- -- stick to our call to a couple of things -- mentioned that it. I think the original intended. The it is for commemorative right to bear arms is seduce. So they can mobilize to -- in English. I'm -- that even applies anymore AMOCO. But I want to bring to your tension that is single event that. That probably. I would still do what is that thing that. Architecture and -- concealed carry permit oil and oh and that once the shooting Luby's cafeteria clean Texas where a guy crazy guy. Stroke destruct with the wind and started walking around the restaurant plugin. -- And and classic example of what news is that there's more news is that there. And I'm either term neutral though stopped at all I think you'd like a provocative destruction so -- But at any rate I appreciate stake select call. In the I just a couple things that -- -- its direction. Check have a good day and bicycle here's a -- recess do don't you think someone who watches pornography regularly. Gets a distorted view of sex and women. On the things that we take in through our eyes. Are affected us. If you allow it to affect you to the point where you manifest negative behavior in real life. You can't blame any pornography video for that what do think -- Newman our executive producer -- -- our associate producer and mark Bernard our studio producer. I'm scoot into garlands log in New Orleans.