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6-3-14 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on college baseball

Jun 3, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk college baseball, covering LSU's loss at the hands of Houston and ULL's advancement to the super-regional round to face Ole Miss.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports are a -- -- by BA bear I'm Deke Bellavia we're here to 8 PM this evening. -- -- would be if 8 PM from now until. That's the -- August. The things you rated by entering it. Usually when baseball season come on -- The days of some on here and you always expect. Over the course of LSU baseball for him to make a run -- -- World Series however. Something we have not seen we have never seen before in 22 regional times and the Tigers up like they were up. Big he'd be in fact. Just. Or eight hours ago you only get six or LSU was up four to zero in the eighth inning against Houston. In the last twenty innings LSU and outscored seventeen to two. And Houston shocks the Tigers and defeat them last night twelve to two in the game wasn't even that close. He will go back in -- will -- Joseph feedback on that is -- Kolb over six innings two hits allowed. Only thrown 64 pitches. But. Is coaching staff decided to take him from the game and from then on on the LSU season started to unravel and started. Ian the Tigers out in the -- lose or Ian giving your take was an issue. Just Al man did a better team win it was a series Houston had to win five games. In less than eighty house. Andy he would just bend to the -- would move on they'll face the Texas all balance in. The Houston regional -- two regional -- pairings here in just a few with both operating. Jaguar opinion poll -- the Big Five form their own division the Big Five being the ACC the ACC debate team and the pac twelve in the big twelve would that be good or bad. For college football week in case you vote online at WW dot com and Bobby -- you couldn't have gone off in a row last nine to recap. Scripted a better spot come out swinging -- -- jump ball and beat the home crowd behind it. And you get your freshman pitcher out the Eagles -- O'Toole a batter and a third it -- he hates him and acted that that was it. -- all the media ought to -- you could have heard a pin drop when -- -- deadlocked middle that's what can. Count count but. It was always a hit the batter and that was it any way -- straight balls and or even close plus it would even close and that was it the other issues -- though. Well big -- to my goal when the pin house that I -- right quake in considering. The run that LSU had. Starting with the close out the SEC season. I guess -- started when northwestern. When you thought it was a misprint. When you've seen this goal as a 27 to zero point seven and a and then how they continued at Auburn and then he continued in the SEC tournament. And so that's I think you're shocked when you look at whatever Delcarmen lately because of a momentum. LSU had bit. -- mean to me that way the tide turned is that Houston was the better team at the end. And when you look at it in a top to bottom now. -- that being said. He had six outs to move on and host to super regional. And you know battles of football team would be definitely questioning. Audio being beef -- allows right now we're all -- it is not to -- reflection but it just goes to show them I'm not in baseball but. Not as many people follow baseball and how many people that care about baseball at the moment -- has not a knock on baseball but right now. If we will come in off the -- -- an LSU gained in that happening had a -- down all day they blew a game in May blow to games before. In -- in you know not in recent memory but in the last few years prior to that particularly. On nine to anyone have -- the national championship. We couldn't we gonna have forty phone lines that we couldn't through the -- right now they have the -- in the -- show you that football with Kahne yeah I think people -- but they don't get me as much about baseball to do football and I that the way it is. And a basketball and baseball the teams went on the bag and ride and in. You know they -- have a disappointing gains in the go about their business. Summertime when I'm on women probably in spring summertime -- In ordeal but. -- the read again it would happen but I think that is crucial. When you look at Bowman. And what ware and -- -- a two to zero onto that eighty. He's dealing with two hit shutout and only had thrown 64 team. Well and you know that -- roll the -- and -- the whole moment all the and coach an area. Did not obviously in hindsight make the right move there. Things going past history -- scores Pullman in Kabul and you look at equipment area and the -- and pitching coach on down yet I mean in -- -- more baseball than me but I'm just looking and observing. What occurred -- might have been a special day of moment where. I don't know do you leave -- -- I wish we had morneau 10 lead and I think -- motto that to me and you don't want them you know given up a home run or something that. I mean it's almost like Youth League approach -- gives up a couple of hits didn't take them -- But. The -- and in hindsight I mean you -- and how to lose a game and I look at it. Very similar game to generate a season at texting them in the ninth inning Ellis who was a four to zero. And then Nolan was dominant in and Broussard couldn't. Hold Aggies back in and of loosening game. An extra innings so it is not going to be perfect. But I know of this of the football team and smiles when. I mean a questionable decision in high argument back and they'd be a lot of people would challenge in that and a coach an area I've been a nice guy that he is. And and -- a winner and a proven coach and what he's done. The program really. The ego when you look at it going from -- birdman and in. Who is that guy from Monroe was gentlemen Ito smoke smile about while eight total Thomas was well on. Coach coach -- stamp okay low blow blow -- -- LaBelle was is that he is a -- I mean that's that. Alex and I can't smoke at some good years but amicable but not on the level of open -- me and everybody who will be known Donovan -- -- comma there wouldn't wanna come highs give birdman. Coming out nobody would want to -- you might wanna be demanding replace the man to replace give Burma but nobody want to know -- -- -- Matthew Jackson. Yeah and he and Joey did a decent job and expectations. Are. Are going to be -- issues in other schools. If you look like steaming. They expect the football team. To be in the top five and if the short a top ten. In the nation yearning hero that's expectation would be small local -- got the facility so a lot of LSU fans they approach. That and there's a lot of players in Texas. But Houston shouldn't have better players. And and Clinton that they won yet to give him benefited position and have better players and I'll she -- four hours. If you in a series and you playing at home I think that's -- fans. Or of frustrated. But he got big approachable Ohman. OK -- wind and it finally likely it click on dispute where. Coach when it was confident that he -- a third day's starter. -- third starter yeah it happened just reason it happened in Auburn. At Auburn and at first SEC win and what he did in a tournament. And I'm just saying. Maybe that would have been a scenario. You he has to do something on a negative basis. Before you take them out I mean you know doing as an opinion on the back today you know. Because he knew we had Brian laws are right and and be heating question the coach Berry did and now he's been around the Cuba does anyone ecowas. I'm Brian brown makes a valid point but it goes back to win okay it it's their decision. Do you do you try to push him -- longer you feel you got enough and you bull -- and in. If you look I don't thinking about double Q was all -- do you feel like he'd be it no special Woody did an SEC tournament against Florida I L eyebrows sausage you know mean albeit you know interference thing around him yeah yeah it's about confidence it -- go back I go back to the beginning of the year when an issue got swept -- Florida. They lost four straight games and we ask coach today is sick confidence the comeback they -- on and a stretch they went man straight when we talk about confidence. Their confidence it got shook in Oregon that took him from home but took from a in the last half of of the game Sunday night and that was it in Houston with the team play -- all the confidence. It don't take a Rhodes scholar from opted to figure that out -- team to have the most confidence in the crucial moment yet one deceive and using happens in sport. And because we go to break I know a lot of coaches this is by the Major League are -- baseball in general they've played a percentages. As far as OK I know this individual. And depleted percentages that now I with the fans get ticked off that is when. Maybe instincts. Considered you should've gone mormino against things in the percentages right especially on how a player can change throughout a season as far as maybe his individual confident. Come back to Toronto one team in Louisiana -- host a regional. They lost their first game but they clawed back and Ole miss will be in Latvia this weekend the raging -- and saw in this super regional talk about all that this is sports talk on WW. College football and college athletics could be. On the way to a new day the Big Five of the Southeastern Conference. The ACC the big team in the big twelve in the pac -- the Big Five if they form their own division. Would that be good or bad for college football and -- show vote online at WW dot com. And the racing Cade Louisiana Lafayette I lost 10. To Jackson State on Friday and they win every game face elimination enrolled last night and Sunday night. The chance -- SEC AC CIT field. In the cage and land well SEC would what does it mean. Thee occasion which is easy today yeah. Beat him straight up 20. Are you wanna be where you wanna do you wanna be up 20 and have a team our -- on on the brink don't you went -- to admit to be stated. In SE CAC sort of Florida Gators are over and see single adults -- you a cricket team -- teams now haven't they got going to disagree to. -- -- -- maybe is as he's he's not as good as we thought well they are not as good as stated at the numbers team they've put in there what you look at the end you know SEC tournament and given how well Kentucky did Lugo took care of business against them. And and and Dallas who won Houston in their beating Louisville he -- some some type of man who's maybe maybe you know they don't want he has -- -- -- -- start on -- and and -- -- -- and -- -- -- went -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the countless Tammy and if and if I nervous -- noted it down on -- because having come only from Louisiana. Right I mean my people -- Louisiana and I mean it's not elegy to lane. Now I know Louisiana Lafayette Diebler down. I looked up the point LSU would -- try to look down and they try to be universal Louisiana but. They gave me universe Louisiana because you got Louisiana Monroe. You got Louisiana Lafayette. But. Louisiana Lafayette and a be talking and you're -- -- friends at -- called you and tell you congratulations. Our penalty that they are are they wanna change the subject. This is the seed you know we do. Or cajun fans in tiger -- mean like at the of them -- the visit to Spain there. -- -- year I got several emails about it because you look at a number of I mean the SEC's get to two teams playing for the -- on national championship. Salas and we mean -- -- with -- I think years ago. UN LIO. -- ACC team. In in in regional play in elbow and he beat an SEC team reasonably in this this is supposed to be a day in time where the son bill. Doesn't compete with the SEC well. That well one. And a big it's not. Could you give differing examples. You know like the state school when you representing the state you know usually have. Like -- it does Florida. Florida State North Carolina. Oregon State Mississippi Mississippi State where he got Louisiana State in -- trying to become universal Louisiana right. But I guess they would Monroe I don't see how that can -- night. It's a University of Texas what Texas State that he's the -- out west Texas now. They try to move but not the level Alabama Alabama State that's like -- -- ride so you know it is different -- Georgia State know that. Death Valley Georgia -- that -- the university but I am saying when you look at the parity. -- as far as the prestige of university. Louisiana Lafayette is trying to get where L issues at. And you look at their program what they've done on the football field basketball. And a baseball. Even saw ball program. You have to say no overall they've had a better year right but overall -- trying to achieve RB were Ellis usenet. Reitman I don't know when it yep I don't even LSU fans would want to -- we now Lafayette credit. For them have an opportunity now. To host the super regional against sold out until you win and -- fans -- today. Calling when he was expected to play -- the -- yeah and they and they make upon us. Roger online along -- thank you calling WW. And he and I you guys doormat. A couple of days did you and Bob and you have to respond. Our -- humble Warren are. I didn't I agree nor did understand. Our power in the past my house and all ball and error because it would it would be -- -- decent coaches. I just didn't Q what they had done anything spectacular. I just think these two coaches are only. And what manner you caller from police everywhere apparently you caller for this is a joke all you beat up on. You gotta give all my -- -- -- Woody idea before he gave me when he was an air force -- noted any. Abdi Aden last less -- to -- about. You could tell about the will be an animated on -- -- the -- of I Wrangler Rodgers saying is that pulmonary analyst on the forty came Ellis who did it went in. That now and but -- you know I but it tasted it's -- how you on how they want to ask the -- sixty. One day somebody had to give somebody a job Sean -- had to get a job. And why are you a joke as I was. Am a bit. And you don't. Regress army and sanctioned league. I I -- because of folk told me take a B it's in my -- -- that -- Sammy and -- -- -- to -- just gimme gimme some validate bad. Validity of that statement. -- -- baseball team has regrets because Roger went to the World Series even though they went -- and two days they'll -- right. George and I don't forget about it yeah. -- -- -- You what would it can get a win streak I just didn't have an incompetent and him and the championships. I'd say about them a bit pigeon and a it's a two week I'm like Gilbert much -- our discipline do you security and to implement and publicly is. And they are a little bit on such and four are too big a broad -- -- and you don't intimidate. Our. I just knew I didn't I didn't get to. That -- that was that was a freshman he would make it a mistake that team is not. I Roger when you say a team is on discipline you have to look at the entire season now other than Mickey I'd say in that. Which he -- -- -- do you think this team with undid them because a he had came out and see it would all win a ball game. I just -- that Big -- in -- to me and a double play ago and will be distraught at the. And now they arrived at Roger OK you can say running out of all of could complaints I got from this year I'll give him -- -- -- has been one and now Roger you could say that coach -- got out coached. By that -- and Houston as a manager right now for the Cougars Houston Cougars but yeah that that's the chess match. But Roger I would not be surprise I mean I think uses gonna beat Texas -- go to college World Series I think -- that good when you look at their RPI. Did you had a tip RPI the stumbles they were nine or ten they will rank right -- -- a lack I was -- fans. We came except by that a team like the Houston Cougars on the same mantle was the better team now as Ellis Stony Brook was the better team. Houston with a -- team. And in a last year with the small ball whatever you wanna call about illness and and even I haven't against North Carolina. Roger thank you so much for the call but just just to give an idea and I again I'm not hate no baseball but just to give you an idea if this were football. Mark on our would be sweat and there right now China through the phone calls. Not many people care about baseball I don't think it means people care about baseball at all. Nobody mean. This is the day after a collapse. They care about baseball and that's one of the team right and Ann is who is that you put in -- and -- some of it as it -- they lose they go and do everything else I think people dislike -- him more about football and more power that was the summit in -- -- idea whose time youthful 33 time a person -- who go to -- -- And welcome back ACCT and teams selected for the field of 64. And regional late. LSU's to a two loss Monday night at Alex box stadium. To David -- the super regional. Vanderbilt. And Ole miss welcome back to sports talk in your feedback on what took place. And do you think it was a hang over. Honorably and very good. LSU columnist be right -- an advocate for many years -- put together basically is time of his comedy with even the tiger's dominance just doesn't last. And we talked about how -- just maybe was stoned. And trying to get a good start and I don't know how much you read into it but I think they wanted to her to put the last. Sunday night's game behind him that was evident in a -- came out very aggressive in the first inning. A couple of times. In one point time coach Mary sent Toronto. And he he he take it perfectly. It was on a pitch out or and inside gates and a runner advance -- eagled 20. And you've got to if you've got a freshman Kia gets up there a lot of people said last night and we previewed his game. He's got a lot of confidence Wie gets an 02 spot on a bad you two to zero and you O'Toole -- first batter. Analysts do. He hits hits and enacted at I think it was ninth straight ball I was actually is driving on away at that point now I'm about around -- -- -- can -- all. And hand Charlie Hannah Griffin and Jim Hall policy when he closed. I mean he would even in the zone area and I mean it mean if you don't and I embarked like that -- really really it was freaking out -- -- why are you saying you know what don't point. -- swing made him implode and that's when -- couldn't eat anything over the plate without let's say it. Houston came right back in Houston came back that they needed to because the night before he came back in the last couple innings one. But when they came right back. And throttle real issue an interest on them. It was like. I am to meet that was to -- to jump on him in had a crowd in it and then they. Houston just came right back and tied him to crash and in the third that would. Send around. No -- if you look on Sunday it's not like you're playing at home. And you -- down four runs bureau for zero and in -- closeout games not like you're down to is you know you're winning Tuesday. I mean to -- it to me that's it was kind of frustrating and kind of shocking right that day when it was take care of in the sentinel. Now I think. What about this house -- -- -- my neighbor about this that but when you look at LSU's football and Ellis Tuesday's all pro and athletes. Then they do it at that school is making it the best in advance and doing -- great facilities just thinking that it's almost like. At a high school they're getting professionals. Because as a number of LSU players that Ellis is recruiting. -- cat and mouse game can you convince them that triggered a major -- right. LSU I think the same thing with the football program and I mean like -- development them and then they wanna following the Al wanna get paid. I think that's frustrating also the last miles and I think and go to an -- Is that you have a guy Torre got there Cutler targeted but but as -- you don't end -- get them are Hardenne in -- believe an earlier oh win. They could produce at their most and and that's why you haven't trust a lot of young -- -- times and then work LSU lost a regional at the winning the first two gains for the first time in the programs. History that is being at home ideas. Andrews the Tommy Tommy thank you for calling WW -- would -- with -- the game last night. No idea why don't BP -- -- don't make when or where I'm I'm pretty turnaround when -- every hole opened. And hit somebody on brought into turn around again on Sunday. I would say did you solve that problem I had Tommy there was some time it was Q would bring somebody now wanna say a couple of years ago was it was it or not voted no Apollo did it with. The enemy in Columbia -- about Anthony back and I don't I don't know maybe you feel like maybe you felt like post -- on Nomo could give him a little bit the inning with them I don't know. Want -- like it the right off right exactly and even I don't think and he. Sudden point oh points. -- point -- many memories. The way they showed up on an old hand on me he's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The but that Ernie Banks and -- Got hurt point. I think what. -- Here. Would be miniatures. -- -- -- -- -- Tommy I think that I think you make some valid points as they -- on him on me weak games in and look. I'm not made an excuse here but that may be goes back to like what Bobby say you know when you get all these young guns in saying you -- okay how do we continue to get these. Players and you saying okay well I know that I've got my aces for the ACC weekend's series so what do I do about. Keep in these kids around and make sure that they stay here and it any kind of a little arrow and -- player now with that said overall health of the team this time a year. You'd like to have. For all five all that you could say could go 7678. Innings and and he didn't seem -- Have -- now Tommy would you look at also the pitching strategy. I think that maybe coach Mary. And now he's the head coach but I that you might trust coach Dunn. More about what do you do with the pitches when you and that's why you have a pitching coach right right there's birdie the last smiles at me c'mon. If less miles ever overrides Cam Cameron he -- know what the hell he's talking about because -- I'll LSU fans. We're tries Cam Cameron as far as they do offensively. A 100% more or less about the that's why is all the took coordinator that's why you pay them the big bucks. Yeah Tommy thank you so much -- Coca -- is some more closely and we're 0260187866. 89 the rates and they in the history of LSU baseball that's the first time at home. At the box when LSU was up to zero in a regional. And they -- It's that's the fourth time in 22 regionals that LSU lost. In their home. State this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back. I told Bob and probably kind of push against back. It's the first time since about it I've been hit again we've had six baseball -- -- That's no -- and that thanks so much of Roger the first caller called in and now we may have been disagreement he got he got. He got the danceable pack so to speak so we'll go back to the phones to go and let's go to Murdoch in Gretna Murdock thanks for calling. I don't get a decent. I didn't realize -- -- he's been looking regrets. Actually gotten better. Actual change this year look beyond. There are a lot of reverses on the car right park by experiences. And -- you mean you know than any -- out there -- -- borrow. And then well. But again any -- indictment brought them on part about our from Alberto Martin. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Luke in they in this city were born six games -- they did that right now this 35. And yet again a -- and I are good -- that your -- it would it. Know it's a position at one point but no and -- posted on the freshman right initiated he'll be a year over the lot and saw it on the freshman pitches that for the they have gone but they get their problem -- into the regression. If it -- ever probably do it to about over achievement I mean before. The -- series supporting us -- on the west and I mean. I mean. Yeah I didn't think it would be an irony that I did all of us and you think you zeroed in expectations -- I just on the issues I think you would anybody like that and I expect that the -- We have a young -- initiated. And you know an exit like like it's going to be -- -- on the top spot recruit that come in and actually thought thing. That there -- promise -- every program. Omar thought we we're glad we're glad you -- -- thank you so much Jason on the nor shall I get the call. -- -- -- Well. Yeah we just yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- I. Chuckling. Well. You got a good baseball comes days. -- -- -- We play out here a lot at high note that. You know the sport out. There. And I'm like -- Well while Jason I -- -- had to be aggressive Ireland yesterday while Jason as a -- and out of that and base appeal Alleman at an acceptable pollute the Kennesaw State twice and get acknowledged -- lost the university -- SEC's -- Kennesaw State. I if if I'm a Georgia coach. Exactly exactly hey that's what it our content when you when you get the name out there you know get a look at -- at the bit. Our -- -- -- Scola are quite well in Alabama. What Jason did you know today was a conference call with the Alabama board of trustees we supposed to know the exact numbers. In about a day -- so of that. Will quote on quote was a long term deal for coach Saban so. Now wanna find out -- 678. Million a year -- find out very very soon I'll be varied interests deceit. Of course mixing negating a hefty pay race after. Texas. Was supposedly. In his market will come back this -- sports talk on WW.