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6-3-14 5:20pm Bobby & Deke: with ULL coach Tony Robichaux

Jun 3, 2014|

Bobby and Deke talk with ULL baseball coach Tony Robichaux about his team's regional round win and the upcoming super regional against Ole Miss.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's the coach of the raging -- in Louisiana Lafayette who found themselves and AM unfamiliar situation. Friday night about 8 o'clock but the put it behind him and pushed forward coach Tony -- show of the raising -- is called -- show congratulations. And coach show what was it like when when you walk off today and I'm looking at things I don't think anybody shock. All completely -- you lose but I think in that fashion because you're such an offensive team. -- but on the flip side it was a it was a hell of a date for Jackson State pitchers. Where it was as you know army net. You know the game of baseball unique you know we did two really good thing QB that threw well. Altman gave up one run through eight are closer to Damian threw a scoreless ninth so. You know we -- everything we could the -- our ability and he got one key here what are record second base after a -- double. And you know what -- should give you -- amateur ball more but do you credit for their pitchers they are two guys on. A soft throwing lefty. Bit not be 181. Mile an hour. I was as fast as fit and the other guy -- the breaking ball or so. You know people more credit there head coach he came in and pick all the way to get it is probably as well it is and you still gotta give credit to pitchers who could April -- being Duke and give it got a strike and welcome -- that opt out crowd and so you know we walk off a major story that game which -- a law. On paper but they don't buy it again on paper but we do feel good went there at pro player. We we. Week it's like we did and I might -- I don't get you to do on our approach to play our approach wasn't good enough that night according to the pitcher MITRE. And then goes decorating you know really get theaters back on track that. -- fortunately grind this thing out get it done. -- -- -- -- -- the raging case we'll entertain Ole miss this week in both super regional in Lafayette the wanna move on to the college World Series in Omaha. -- raging Kagan at the losing one Missouri Texas State what they outscored their remaining four points 39 to fourteen -- a remarkable and I imagine the way you fail when you went to be -- Friday night and the way you fail when you would debate Sunday night will complete opposite ends of the spectrum. You probably couldn't wait to get up each day but debt that I'm waking up Monday more like all right with guys. The other -- out of -- -- That the topic you go to bed you know you have a burst on local law. You've got to have a good very good front because you know you players look at that you -- If you have -- our. You know spark. -- should pool you can you can lose their schools so it is. Sometimes you gotta put a bank fraud on you know and make sure that. Not to pay him and panic. But they have the right -- -- that their fans but at the coach you can't do that. We didn't know what did we had our papers we had -- -- out there were company -- it would really be a it would give and it's a lot of adrenaline. We were just -- over analyze -- the plate the first I didn't work against that put the salt but don't let the in the all righty. But I think what happened after that we change our approach late. And we just continue to pitch really well throughout this week and play could be bet that when you do all of those. You gotta have a chance to win. Now of course -- we show when you look at and I guess this gets thrown around a lot parity. In a College Baseball. Only your opinion on the issue at nine out of sixteen -- their regional. And I mean it's robot -- playing in front of the home crowd with a new look five out of eight national seeds in that lose -- images is not much difference. Between the teams that I made the -- who have the likes of Kennesaw state College of Charleston. And I mean it's -- right now. I guess you look at the top seed Virginia deadly took care of business but does it like it's wide open. Idiot I think I think fatigue -- it's just my perfect and you know. In in the area of the -- in years. Or last five years on a course back. I think bat created parity because. Some people have absolutely jerk reaction to it and alcohol theaters in went strictly pitch and indeed there. I think some people. With the bat -- created the score to come down and so if you get behind the little. You know I mean you could go out box stadium with that minus five that. You could score and autumn in the first game in the years they -- -- -- -- -- me they could come back the next inning in an overtake you. Trouble with that that now it's a lot -- proper overtake somebody give -- Too big and and tapping it and -- it the more you the only show that let your match championship -- They're the premium all because of the fact that. It is you know keep the score -- on the back party in the scored down the so you gotta be careful sometimes not saying -- you get to pit and TB there. -- -- -- Then back -- -- -- and troubles so. And I think the outcome today and it is very good -- -- that it you get so many good. Sit and coaches that have let it head coaches. That are out there coach now and I think people are depicting go to. -- that put more money into coaching salaries. And that it it's creating. So much parity because between the bat. In the coaching. You can't play -- -- anymore you know ten years ago. You drove you know only brook gal. You know that's going to be Kyle -- injury and you go well. But but but all change that thing because coaching. And the back -- out not -- vote and are now dark spot -- Well he's been years under on well you know I mean -- help me -- liberty liberty battery you know. He's -- years under rate -- mark now we now head coach stop Alabama's mark Alberts. I got a year under -- banner -- won two national championships -- their pitching coach. So so are probably you know a year on the ROB. A general. When those guys Brett like that month ago and it. I think that'll -- some good baseball -- and get them but they're also recruiting. -- our recruiting. Bothering him. City so because that -- -- exactly creating so much parity. And cycle drove a -- so much to ask you an -- shot in my time but you know not many teams I would imagine playing four days Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday. Can put a pitcher out there like you deal would Ryan last night one wrong all four hits. Outta first six innings in the -- talk about what days -- idea being that MO he would -- Well you know these feats -- all American for a pocket pretty great with such. He's probably up so much. He plays with a lot of intensity impact in a cup here. He took in the league being always a Little League World Series. You -- game. Not that was today in new -- -- Catholic schools are basketball league -- a lot we play it straight team that. He drove the ball in and they -- back -- on the need out of the -- the bills for. No matter what sport it was and he just played such a high level until we sign him for years ago we felt that. You forgot advocate in different maker because he was the -- advocate change the culture of a clubhouse because. He's not here or they would need to be said. Our pocket I -- paying packed and ignored Barry -- equity in our locker room and and most people would do that you know we looked great that. They can call them enemies but he's not like that the eagle putt normally it will -- Egypt Libya -- -- a cop out here the he adequate for the spring started opening day about three weeks before opening day in their squad game we -- it broke it back. -- held out for two weeks with a concussion because they'll rest today. Nobody -- -- squad and saw me hit him in that Edwin. Ma are past all of these two -- guy. It's really down in the old lately not the year. We don't know its commitment brain or what but we get paired exploded the year opens but it appeared. Don't believe they go so it he -- back it and then they're locked in so. Yeah we we had we used via tweet it though I'll go we knew we had a guy on the battle. And that was gonna give us the chance. Because you don't want to lose it and look at the color somebody jurors the you wanna lose a baseball game because of baseball not because the color of the Jersey at the tackle well -- He's the coach of the raging -- in Louisiana Lafayette they are home again is sneaking in super regional play against the bowl. Mr. Co drove a show -- get a good luck -- -- would -- I appreciate -- open up the equity all right coach thank you.