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6-3-14 5:35pm Bobby & Deke: on the "Big 5" conferences

Jun 3, 2014|

Bobby & Deke talk with Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the possibility of the "Big 5" conferences forming their own division of the NCAA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's a sports columnist for the big one the -- DC Atlanta journal constitution -- to weigh in on one about topics Mark Bradley. Joins us now operated jaguar opinion -- if the Big Five form their own division including the SEC. Pac twelve big twelve ACC big team and would that be good or bad for. College football -- has a very good piece of their referring back to win Oklahoma University of Georgia challenged the NCAA. And one mark thank you so much for the time and here we go again in that you know it will be a matter of time. When he's -- this will come forth and not at the close of last week's SEC spring meetings in Destin -- -- that the conference with a mostly right now and their leader mister -- he made some statements and he's not a guy added it really says a lot of stuff. Outside but clearly he -- his message to be heard. Well I don't think. -- you know there are. You'd like. Are serious. Thing and you also know these options and you deal with the supported not only BS BC that the other the other more. Reasonably certain not a spoke to do it last week. Or but. I think the problems of the Big Five or are at the Big Five themselves have concluded that our problems that are. Not going to be shared by audio -- On it and that. Especially. The part about paying -- and a student two -- corked bat. Not a make or. Our current streak on that two years ago. And still he's still on and as we get closer to. All the possibility of the program also a subtle or. And and -- possibility -- even more walks and and 00 ball. Keep it. -- palace of all -- to study. They gain followed the players are pretty it's gonna have to lose getting. Giving orders according players. Coach attendance as opposed to -- Now embargo -- what is your take on a what you think or come about and you look right with an SEC. As far as the NCAA. Board in. The -- it's the steering committee. Here you got the South Carolina president. As far as he and anticipates autonomy passing. With a -- a few tweaks attack and the and you look talked of Florida president Bernie mash an animal out there right. But he's not too optimistic now what do you think will come about will there be a division four or something will be worked -- within the framework and incidentally. Well it's hard to know what the what's gonna come out because. It. Appearances were the very issues that. As I stand ago there are you sort of specific element not to the other person. -- yet the big. India it just to staunch the number. And and you kind of got. Have Ers. -- Folks here. And it is it could come down to sort of uses or maybe war there. Between the bigger -- Schools in the smaller. Schools. Just as as for -- or not they're gonna -- the big. But. You know. Think that the everybody in college. Worked realizes football is -- money maker of football -- is even if you're the smaller there's more like it's still got to play against. It's still going to be the program please post your athletic. And almost close by provinces to take off on called I don't think anybody. College ball. For the NCAA rule wants. This. Token I don't know that that is the Big Five even want to split off completely and or -- double work I think they would still want to be part of the NCAA and they're real -- those other wanna be part of the NCAA basketball tournament the baseball going on now on -- sports immediately -- like that are running. And I don't think anybody. Would be Mike -- -- -- of her other four occurrences would be eager to leave that. But again football drivers especially those schools. You know Morgan out grinning give peace in about really it's almost a point when you look at and you focus -- -- -- ball in the major -- is that you do have and a haves and have -- with individual one. It's I think that you made a great point where it's -- a case of sports American society. Where -- has what to make money without interference. From those who have less you know almost like so to speak would you here today imminent society share the wealth that. It's an art art -- -- -- taxes and Matt -- David did you struggle to right but there's also -- fairness a component. And you bring of jarred differences Georgia State football. Is that like in -- University of Georgia football and you look the Sun Belt Conference it is not an SEC on the way it is not the pac twelve Louisiana. I don't care what anyone says Louisiana Tech Louisiana Monroe Louisiana Lafayette division one programs but they're not LSU. So I mean there is a fairness component when you look at the money. You know that comes about their pay about cost of attendance. Which a lot of -- it was obvious when I'd be able to pace. So I mean would you break it down. I mean what's fair's fair if you if he's not part of that have that means is that their fault. And maybe not a -- the top in the big conferences what did you take when you look at that. You know it's one of those questioned at that. I don't know there's a really good church were really buried and that's certainly better that you I just think that. What's happened is that the NCAA urban college football as -- line should point. Where if you're not in our conference now. Not your not don't really ever. -- and I think what we're seeing here is in the first sign of our problems -- power conferences starting to flex -- muscle. And saying look you know we're we're you know we're big. We're we're gonna say and -- like it there and you're gonna have to find a way. 'cause. You know we were not like you I mean you know we we got and apologize. Ordered that same time you know that's the way -- and we are. Issues and that is that not your issues and you need -- to -- -- the economy that we are the free will be able to deal and our issues. As we. Not necessarily you do. Mark Bradley one of the best in the business -- at the and then it's -- Obama. Only you YouTube you've got to follow him on around -- Bartlett I'll tell you can't you carry a lot of weight -- Bobby VP speaks out via. -- -- -- LaMont is good hedge on a program we appreciate -- Yes sir thank you -- All right thank you very much is great piece in the Sunday JC talked about -- he sees how openly could bring down in CA NICU to and you with the it's much bigger football you think the biggest problem with anyone I'd have a problem into them -- -- at the break yes because it's dealing with the NCAA men's basketball town right now that that they appliances and -- If they got five conferences with sixty and that they I don't know all Cassel know they'd give -- yeah have you done -- they might have their own March Madness might be to March Madness that's exactly. This is that are on -- -- in -- on WW.