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Sports Talk 6-3 635pm, Ramon Vargas

Jun 3, 2014|

Join Deke & Bobby as they talk to: Ramon Vargas (covers the Saints for the Advocate) about Jarius Byrd injury, return of Goodwin, addition of Brandon Deaderick & OTA's

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He -- the New Orleans Saints follow the advocate Ramon Vargas dog and Paramount thank you so much for the time not. Your thoughts on what you saw last week anything that stood out to yeah. I just -- emphasis on -- are creating turnovers after it just happened to you last year on our -- on the more than it. The more talked to them I mean and and I could have evidence that that one flaw -- he defense that. What a cute the past. Four argue -- yards and points in the league cool -- you could see that. That is that league I mean it's it's article too much stock in Mac that I'm not our pectoral. You know Rose -- Important -- to play makers or. Had the voluntary it is for a variety of reasons. We got to work on and on. There are shown on. Peanut Tillman highlights as far as you know guys forced fumbles in the in other strips and a couple of -- which all such a good eye opener and Burnett currently on. Not that defense is built around you know that not that that's necessarily need to do both the one. The one purpose that defense that he's not capable later hit the ball back. Further. One of the field by you know obviously it's standup for a team that struggled after last year. Now Ramon you are nice pieces in advocate. And you talk about turnovers in on -- -- bird and his injury. And I wanna I wanna pick Q Greinke looked like you get a lot of resurgent. And if you look at jurors burden. One reason why they brought him in. He's led the NFL safeties with 22 interceptions since his rookie year. And Elvis and you hear the he had back problems all know as. And any player I've been associated with when you got back problems that's not good now. It's supposedly a disk related. Problems I've heard about -- Disco bulging -- the year all those terms. But now thought it was interest in that. He left January's Pro Bowl early when a back injury but it's an unclear whether. That's the cost for the surgery are. The Saints and a that the birds this problem issue was came from offseason weightlifting. So you can speculate either way when there was the Pro Bowl and I've heard that pops in how to be a force fours offseason weightlifting. Heard a player. But you look at when maybe. You can expect him back you look target -- final pre season exhibition game is August 28. -- we won in the regular season is September 7. What what is your take -- cars. You think you participate in training camp -- and also what you described. Mind you talked a number of doctors -- dissect -- me and noble when the world is that -- ivory. -- Obviously there's information -- -- Chauncey has we tightlipped consulate. Well but the players and on his bat as well. Assume we're limited with some information about taxes are are ready orthopedic doctor yesterday and I mean they -- century. They did century for directly obviously girls it would have been talking about it. -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- to the -- to -- Back surgeon and summoned to the best considered the best in the country or University of Chicago. And essentially. I mean. When you look at -- -- you'd met -- that it down. In point 783 elevated up Welker gains while those are well are split injury. On the isn't indicative of someone to pass and current conditions that. Might apple fact that you know once surgery your minor surgery. Oh. Perfect -- and so. At the time. Even though it talking to these are doctors yesterday around our program. Not a team to -- that. Debt that had seen occasional connect would Buick on the issue. Went on. They've struck -- the product on one of doctor frank Phillips University. Would be it everything. Goes to plan and -- most popular department -- be -- To look at that meat point nine native lesser court to the Saints. Patrick played on nine we're looking at and every correctly. At the end of the at the end of training camp at the earliest by column. And he did say that you know there -- patients Beckett take up to six months to get ready on. Factory in -- back to address problematic is in the back down but that would become quite -- and division. So while they're going to arm but he commitments when he does come back but it is that it's not unreasonable to. Not -- Korean -- -- the Saints are down Internet are being straightforward when they say that. When he went back to prevent problems more problems do it now want to -- What are you expect. Yet. -- our -- money you had said that doctor Phillips also said. Along those lines when you are fully healed there's not a high risk of re entry. There's a low risk it becomes a recurrence so. It yet and it certainly in this and assuming that the to promote common. Surgeries athletes -- people. Micro effectively. Are more pitches and that's -- the surgery to remove our problem -- people. Multiple ideas Tom and the from the report -- using. -- kind of magnifying operating a device. So again we don't exactly know what the nature of the coach -- -- expert opinion more information that. The coaches share in the media that that awarded most probably they all work that -- on. To them certain problem with the doctor sports medicine. -- -- And the but -- the most. From the out of it does so that we know about bird -- -- what are -- a couple -- and what he had but it is it is indeed -- meat cutter and their suspicions are correct about it is. When he comes back ever been armed with a three months' performance that are that -- -- danger of it it becoming a recurrent issue was. Now are among you know what I part about it is that is that you speculate. And -- article that it's feasible he could be back -- job July early August. -- might end up being. You know the latter part of August but there is slobbering and if that is the latter part of August. You look at continuity. He's the quarterback in the pits on the backhand. That not being able to participate in that he is a veteran obviously is so as a few skins on the wall but not participating in OT days. I'm mini camp and not even -- -- training camp and all of a sudden come week one when the games count. I don't care how good you -- you'd have to be a rusty -- that's why I'm concerned. Considering when he be available to our price who did the. Yeah I mean there's there's no getting around that. It doesn't mean -- -- -- defense industry another. Another doctor doctor in -- out in the opening number word even minor -- procedures about birdie -- so it is a question I'd. Didn't sound like any Professional League record to expect that. -- be able to -- contact. Contact drills during the season. So there's no getting. -- -- address but it misses -- Yes and -- that's a lot of someone like you said. There's birdies credentials to themselves as far as the Indians that are part time pro bowler. And it interceptions and forced fumbles and read about that. There's a reason he's been able to accomplish so and so on -- I mean it is but it. But it -- it there it seems from from. You beat -- not my thing and Michael were opened it and thought it. Leading one that did. Contact and being architectural illnesses. Treat -- and are fortunate to get import them arm. What it will be able to get. Strokes that there's no getting. Ramon how can people thought you want to. I am at our board advocate on Twitter world and don't -- -- -- Ramon -- over the New Orleans Saints Ramon thank you so much -- there is out at -- can't. Right into all right come magnitude Jonas you -- talk about College Baseball this is with the Oakland BW.