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Sports Talk 6-3 7:40pm, Michael Lewis

Jun 3, 2014|

Join Deke & Bobby as they talk to: Michael Lewis (former Saints WR/kick return specialist) about the: New Orleans Saints Hoop it Up for Charity! What: 3rd Annual Black & Goal Hoops Challenge Where: Jefferson Park-Gymnasium 4100 South Drive, Jefferson, LA. When: Wednesday June 4, 2014 doors open 6pm –game time 7pm Who: Saints players taking on Jefferson Parish Police Saints players - Cam Jordan - Pierre Thomas - Thomas Morstead - T. Cadet - Glenn Foster – Mark Ingram - Keenan Lewis - Robert Meachem, John Jenkins & More! $10,000 Halftime shootout - 4 people will have a chance to win $10K We will have raffles, giveaways, autographs and more! Why: To help raise funds for health foundation Get Checked or Check Out “Man Up For Your Health Program” As men we don’t go to the doctor as regularly as we should, so this program is designed to motivate men to get to the doctor. & the Michael “Beer Man” Lewis’s foundation - Striding For Your Dreams Foundation – helping the youth in our community meet their goals of education. ***** At the game get your Blood Pressure & vision checked for free courtesy of Get Checked or Check Out Tickets – Buy online at TCYNOW.ORG or at the door $15 for Kids $20 for Adults

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk. One of the greatest. Special team has in place in -- sister Michael Lewis joins -- now a big big event coming up. Where you can see who did -- seeded saint who put up the chain of Michael how are you. Now doing extremely well this is the third annual -- -- who challenged Mike this become a very big deal and this is that. An opportunity for people come out have -- and -- and a raise some money for me were -- -- Yes you know -- The -- that should be -- yeah national football. That I'll keep it on the locker room and how it should be dead week and on the block. -- you'd like to absorb the NC you know aggregate that well -- Our great not. So. In a difficult you know that the -- you know to help. Nations that are actually. He's gotten so a couple good call I'd just for no different than Eric and the war are also good -- couldn't couldn't -- Now Michael. Look at itself and how you associated with the thing to what you observe you -- the games you go watch the games. Break it down with the fans when you look at that the return game for the Saints went as a kickoff return. Our punt return that was one area. The Saints struggle last year you know they we did well on kickoff and punt coverage. But not necessarily. In the return -- you know Darren Sproles along here. Lance Lance Moore is gone sleeves it was going to be a punt returner and notre bars today it was only other player to return a punt. Last year BL I think he only had a one returns zero yards and a fair catch. -- did have a nice kick off return against the 49ers but a global what is your take it. Two full question what you think. Need to work on better. To do better as a in the return game and his -- -- and who'd you maybe think their guy might be. All the thing -- the you know look like he cannot watch it -- well I mean. It. Com where he is that you know politically you know -- that it -- seriously. To. We shall about the game on Sunday because my -- on the post a comment -- pointing toward a -- You know what cost the game will conclude became you know you want in the public and Kristi tell us when it got into it like where it cause you know and I think a lot of guys. Need to look into that flies in a serious situation when it comes to. Comma it didn't when the rookie wide receiver I think he had a great chance. Being bank well brand equity debt and you have -- -- and do you also -- It'll. Things calm at this point. Com anybody if I got it and they can do it you don't even have anything. To do it. Should just about there. An elite -- that chance because that was like one at a point that. You know we did make real impact on in return. -- -- absentee probably come down to -- half an -- Great field position. Yeah Michael you know. Whatever you could do to help the team win and to earn a job. The guy -- Charles talk Huggins is -- -- -- from seven. You look at NDE joined this thing to be Simmons at practice squad player. -- trying to make the team. He should take it upon himself. They put -- bag bear I'm gonna make it even an established receiver. -- like Kenny still so I mean that you look at -- you wanna make it team paid -- a great impact in your perfect example. Of of that would you did really come out of nowhere and playing and approval of the highest level -- Being a dominant returner. Yes and then you know and a that's listened to the guys battled on the scene. Actually my -- afraid that created quite -- actually -- -- you know I'll Lauren played. But this -- is where you can be in the league for a long -- and company that -- -- you know not know -- -- doubles player I actually -- and got years on on special -- so you -- listen to those guys you know put a -- and -- can't make a great stuff like that Mexico. To a -- because of that. You don't get a lot cheaper which also. I'll go back and special teams as well not return bay but also. I was in college as well. Michael again and -- nobody is great event it's coming up who's all coming out there with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- More it coming back -- that -- would usually don't score on some points out what -- on an even more on one actually. Got a couple of quality at that point dictionary in England at some point. Also. He's got that three point shoot out but if you can't get it actually is up but -- point -- -- you know that's gone on calm -- Hartnell got out there walking -- pretty carbonneau. As well. You know. Still got and the coming out there and so you know did I have those guys out there you know so and so Portugal are up about golf foundation banquet at. And also you know. As well. Now Michael who's the best ballclub like if you look at not just talk to him and actually proves him to put and we things advanced. Basketball player and on the same team. Everybody let -- -- attributed to not southern guy in the east the east side into more political. All good ball. -- that if they play around -- not a deep actually that's exactly a lot of people don't know a lot of -- Like basketball I played with him now what is. I want to also a big football camp and -- outlet pass while being got connection to that also don't sleep on it got a guy I can't ask. Sounds like a plan Michael Lewis and of course talking about the black and gold hoop it up for charity it's going to be tomorrow's third annual Jefferson park teammates in 4100 soundtrack is Jefferson. Doors open at 6 PM game time is its seventh -- players. Taking on the Dennis and Paris police -- Michael say camp jumping at times that could be it follows the mocking -- team lose. Robins -- and John Jenkins medium or. And for people have a chance summary here to win 101000 dollars to a -- -- raffles give weighs -- on -- At half time shootout so some might make in the full court shot. Mean you -- VP TP tomorrow night at the game you get to blood pressure and -- vision and stick boy you're a dead dog now Mikey might need to go to prison division's here. But I think. You can -- of all the sudden if you look older than what you think that we got money you know you Bernard King Barry and. He has -- Michael always a pleasure to have you on a program thank you so much. I might appreciate the game tomorrow night it's whoop it up for a charity. But come up and see the Saints bias that there and you Blanco who challenged taking on -- deficit Paris police. That is a deficit on gymnasium doors open at six. Saint Andrews it says well bigger and you look at Michael -- that's one area that we are hurting. Look at things. Definitely a playoff team trying to. Overtake the Seahawks in and I -- it today she -- -- pros on he was forty. Yeah a victim is arguably Michael Lewis -- Columbia at the end and it looked like he could feel -- and just your return no season at Tennessee and you might lose -- fifty because that's one thing in the pocket and had a nice kick -- returning as the foreign as a bonus it was seventy some yards and -- -- -- We really did not excel in getting coverage -- -- all cars are retiring game. -- owners say particularly on the policy we were like 31 before last. So you'd think you know -- always trying to get an edge in all areas. And the globe activists who will bull few position. And all that how that comes in the play. That we -- to see if we do get better in that area because and that's probably -- weakest link. -- right now has been -- can kick return and return especially punt returner. 2601878668890. -- in the -- the nobody involved PG camp before we. Checked the results although asking fans out there if they felt that. If the Big Five broke off and form their own division would that be a good thing or bad thing for college football for a good result which you think the -- But. Well because I think probably I think maybe a number of analyst who people voting so they would vote in favor of L issue and SEC's policy. -- -- -- To do with the big the power 51. -- We're hopeful will form a division force I'd say. Seventies some percent in tune as pars. Mean they have to focus and it's a bad for all the fancy Guzman so that was -- -- As you -- -- to focus and make him. You got all those -- -- as well against that in. And and Louisiana Lafayette and Munro doing anything. You know be -- they look at and other football news about him. It's about negative. And going now. Rather quickly. And the pin house about -- about Josh Freeman. To about a career -- career keeps Marlin was in the -- did try to release them. The Giants released the quarterback five weeks. After signing memory he beat out Matt Flynn yeah the backup Eli Manning -- Josh Freeman once I remember is what at a young becoming. Starting quarterback -- bay Buccaneers well. He got released five weeks Vlad and last week. After the Giants to sign him five we school now last season well -- He was mentioning cut about a Buccaneers. And any time with the Vikings started one game that they work out. So with the he's going. From being a legit starting you would think. He's not even on a team right now Andy about these endorsements and burglar breaks Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman is now part of Campbell's chunky soup. Mama's boy campaign. Now -- -- to commercials. As flamboyant as originally and that means he's going down human error -- who got to have that they went down you know battling man went down here at the museum one entity with the ball ball as good but -- -- but we want to they've been going on -- A -- how about Peyton Manning against the rich get richer. He now sign endorsement VO a nationwide insurance via idiocy Peyton Manning do nationwide news casting -- yeah that is out -- somewhere frame. That's -- -- advocate. College that's exactly right I -- somewhat to big John coming a mix of Bob Mitchell would take you all the way -- -- -- -- -- -- join -- tomorrow as will be to set. But the in BA finals game one there is not between the heat. And Jesper is getting your predictions all of that tomorrow plus the latest on the black ankle and will preview. The NCAA super regional thanks so much to Jim hands of Steven gill and mark my knowledge as always. A big battle big job by the KG can't embody a banner on the relay -- and -- -- people.