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Scoot Show 6-3 8pm, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Jun 3, 2014|

Tonight Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot…he has some great topics: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the last known American POW, was freed after we swapped the Taliban 5 notorious Islamic militants who had been held at Guantanamo Bay. Now he’s being called a deserter at best. Deal or no deal? If the U.S. even suspected that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post in Afghanistan, should they have gone through with the prisoner swap? ALSO: The new hit movie “Million Dollar Arm” is based on the true story about a sports agent who travels to India looking for baseball's next star pitcher. What is your favorite sports movie? And, if you could be a superstar in one sport—what sport & what position?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To me Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell and pork -- tonight recovering a little bit from last night and you'll issue plans I don't know -- I had the get a big half gallon bottle of Welch's grape juice on -- was purple and get an infusion of some blood back in my system but. You know we have to we have to move on and here's what's on our WWL. Talked table tonight. -- while we're gonna try to figure out what is going on and give our country do the right thing and essence. When you look at that -- seems to me that we traded. Five dogs for a day shoplift there so of course were talking about -- sergeant. Bowl law -- all he was the last known American POW. He was freed after we -- Five notorious Islamic militants from the Taliban. Who had been held at gitmo. Now. This -- really interest. He's been called a deserter. At the best I've got a whole bunch of information I'll fill you in on as as the nine goals on. On why we didn't know what we were getting into. It it's -- your mind. Win. I don't know how the president's gonna react to this because according to the information that they have relief through the day. This guy actually wrote a note. Said that he's no longer supported the American cause and basically he was leaving now if the president knew that. If the US even suspected. That. Sergeant. -- -- deserted his post in Afghanistan. Should have even gone throughout the prisoner -- If he didn't know in -- why didn't know. And what do you think this is do you think this was a good deal now of course are unsure if line if that was my son. I would say let them all -- must conduct but now that we have done this do you think this was the right thing to do. Or we now all so in the Indy message to all countries that we will negotiate with terrorist open of that position. Fraud like your thoughts on that -- zero point 78. 86689087. Also we're gonna try to lighten things up a little bit Medimmune a couple of heavy things and a couple of light things. I don't know if you got a chance to see the movie yet which which I haven't hopelessly probably the weekend. The new hit movie million dollar arm based on the true story about a sports agent who travels to India. Looking for baseball's next star pitcher. Thought thought it would be fun. I would like to have something light the -- balance -- the -- of this stuff up. What's your all time favorite sports movie. They have they have been some great ones on the in. Maybe -- kind of applaud between the Kevin Costner. And for the love of the game. And of course probably my all time favorite sports movie is so broad and so just don't think they get too much better of them but what do you or what is -- your all time. Favorite sports movies. And today give me your thoughts on know what's going to on what what this prison -- if the US even suspect. That sergeant -- bill. Deserted his post in Afghanistan and should they have gone through with the prisoner -- and watch what's your opinion. All of the the the and the entire. Situation Padilla and ignore him. And you view of some of the fact that the know about what happened. Sometime after midnight on June 30 2000. He left behind a note an instant thing and that he would become disillusioned. The army. Did not support the American mission in Afghanistan. And was leaving to start a new life. And also as a kid running away from home the slip off the remote military outpost on the border with Pakistan took with them. A soft backpack water knowledge notebook and -- -- 20 but left behind his body armor and weapons. Which was according to the people that he worked with startling. Given the hostile environment rubbed his outpost. Via culpable out of -- former senior military officer briefed on the investigation into the province this appearance. Is part of more complicated picture emerging of the capture a soldier -- five years the Taliban prisoner. Influenced high level diplomatic negotiations. Brought in foreign governments and ended with him which the way helicopter by American command. And of course return. We released. In 05. Really bad guys. Five guys that even the president said would probably. Work against us would probably continue to try to do bad things. To our country. How does that make you feel. Our lines are open to secure -- -- 78668. At nine point seven you can catch me at 87 states that. Now as the story goes away. That he -- away from the -- the -- according to a former senior officer. Possibly on foot. They said -- more likely hiding in a contractor for -- he didn't walk out of the gate through a checkpoint and there was no evidence he breached the perimeter. And left that one of the officers. And it was not until 9 AM roll call in June 30. That the -- on soldiers of the second platoon like the company learned. That he was -- Now in the weeks before his capture. He had made some. Kind of murky statements that suggested. He was gravitating away from the soldiers and issues and toward desertion. A member of his two when told that to a Rolling Stone history. Also said he spent more time with Afghans and he did with the platoon. Now if the United States. Even suspect. That he deserted his post -- and should be have gone through with the prisoner swap. Now. I've thought about this solved. And it just seemed to me that this is a black and -- situation that it should not have been done. Then. Then I talked to. An army but -- Former military. And said. Don't be surprised. If the reason. That they made this swap. Is to get in -- permit him. On the Taliban. He had been living with them for five years but a lot of times in the military they do that the U bullet put. People in to the population. To just. Picked up Intel's see what's going on soul there's always that possible and I'm sure as time goes on. That we're gonna get more and more information about the alright let me Brandon go to the polls we're gonna go to Anthony in Slidell Anthony how are you. Well thank you -- a you know army guy right. You wanna talk about the army guy I got -- Is so what do you think about this. -- -- The Hitler. And upkeep and but they're not leave -- leadership here. In -- -- it felt that put -- that we're premiere in. Here's. Don't agree -- I understand. You Americans the same time that -- -- You know again -- as I mentioned the top of the show you know it's like giving up. Five films for shoplift it's like okay we're gonna put five really bad guys we're gonna put five murderers. On the street and that you give us that. Double. Shop lifting you give in to us. I I I thought I'd just -- is holding just. There's going to be a movie about this this is just too weird. Yeah I agree out -- shortly bit that we shipment of -- I'm told there were people -- -- but I do agree with him or not -- -- terrorists really I don't agree so I'm not that ought to. I would do real quick like before you go do you have a favorite sports movie. Sports now for a lot. All man what a great -- you know there's there's there's two this Pamela Anderson and what to. The first one the first one in and I quote I would be able or bold dorms but. I'd forgotten about settle up one of one though when the dog he's gets the ball and -- that kid that goes in and -- that would didn't MO was that his dad had about a Babe Ruth baseball. Well what happened more than. The the ball into the right the old junkyard. And the real world that the general George beauty in people and everything else right. Indeed. He gentleman who played -- dog and saw the general jolt. World wanted to original -- batters he played well it's paper and and I -- paper and harder throw hard. And everything but the great history -- -- bishop was a member of the dogs them. Our. I do. All that. No no no I don't think thinks the money real strong. Artillery partly -- -- all right Anthony appreciate you voting in okay. I would take a break -- -- -- -- -- aggregate of Carl and Michael and market Gary and -- in red. I think we're gonna be able to have a lot of phone calls about it because. This this on the surface. Does not look good for the United States Derek I'm Bob excellent approach to root of the brigades seventy WW LA in my apartment dot com I'm Bob Mitchell. I'm in -- -- to tighten -- on the control board and helping me. Well quoted essay. But no amendments to write one. Volatile plentiful and -- -- more amendments -- tonight. But this is this I report get back in the fold -- hear about this I mean this is. Pot clubs and marijuana clubs and finals and he. Or offering of three pot and discounts to patients. Who go to the polls today. And both the Silicon Valley economist coalition has organize -- with that call we did. For votes program making this up your -- up like if we need for both programs an effort to increase voter turnout. In the of the election tonight. All right I'll I'll get to the board let me quickly read this this one text messaging Carl I'll get to you it -- Bobble on two things happened here for sure. Either deserted which is what it looks like according to a note on the US wanted him back. For Intel or this whole situation was staged by the military is some undercover operation that they sent that sent him on. And deserting with the cover story. Most likely it was the first but it had to be either one or the other. Either way we needed to get him back for strategic purposes built in one site that we're getting the full story here. I would hope not -- not all on global regulatory matters should be disclosed in public. I think you got a point -- go to Karl -- -- -- are probably and you come on just like like everybody in this country right now trying to figure out what in the world is going on here. What do you think's happening. Well be an expert at the very personable itself. Police say -- to the text message person. Okay right when we knew yeah cold or operations. In the military. It's top secret. OK and nobody rules -- They're actually out. All the people involved in -- Covert operation. In a retained in -- crow operation. That -- so far the struggle they'll just certain people in their operations. There. If he wants. Sent in -- a spot. Is in itself from the developing. Noble war Adobe and -- -- -- -- go to Europe or not long don't true. They don't -- in him and in this global operations in nature at the end. I think it was fixed people to guard -- Well I believe it but I believe over the period of time in church and promote I think it was a total of a dozen people love to kill. Right you don't what it would give a Covert operations to keep it limited has forced people -- and kill children witness fair. Any body to go far in this. Okay in this settlement and OK he's in there will be multiple we we've we've got goalie in the brisk anybody else's life. And -- little -- blows doubtful war will be. Let me ask you this question if it if it was a a Covert operation. Would they even negotiate if they wanted to extract him and kind of go in and getting. Correct. They would mail exchange and you're not can't believe they exchanged that these file god -- You know you know I believe they're based that he should be -- which region. In America because. You know -- -- air pocket there so we're not sure reach anybody running on. But if you see the fault not bode was ordered albeit on TV. Mark my whole life. Local tribes of the same things she said you had at least think the fall that would clean up for the TV interview right. Bright bright so you know immediately started speaking in -- Different boring would have that. But the other thing the father said that he was have a hard time speaking. English and it would seem to -- and and again you know we were were all guessing and and the one thing I do agree with that text message we probably don't know everything that's going on. But it just seems a little strange that if I were a plant if Iowa they're trying to get from Intel. I don't think I would forget how to speak English I don't think I would have come up for -- -- virtually right. Well I'd -- so you know. ED you know mean. We only know what we what we. -- told what's been leaked out really really don't think that was secret operation. To be born there in the far though with developing it was store because you know they got -- figured drones and I mean you know it's -- -- -- Greg Norman -- anybody's life. You know to do just dropped to stop but wore bullet and that happens with people of the -- all the so and so and -- in the area. In the air -- were killed you know like Bedard Fort Hood. Well you know it's it's something that that that people laden. I you know I've known a couple people who military. And I have a little -- of -- for that and there's no way in the world by the -- thank you for serving our country. Or -- there is no way in the world that we could put ourselves in their position. And what they go through when he when moms and dads have to leave and leave their children behind. And you can say all that's what they signed up for yes but the reality is sometime the pressure that goes from what -- put these people. Of the and they do read breaking points and obviously that's what happened here. -- they have one more thing sure. Being a veteran upper -- -- 2048. Yet from back there are. Only eight years. One -- he it. Can't be much longer can I -- -- a court -- of jewelry. To. That before you go of a favorite sport moving. Bull bull -- or great great great. Have -- issue of some of the ones Rudy hoosiers. And walk this -- time -- remember the titans. -- yeah yeah or very well all right thank you Carl. You're all right if you ought to be part of the show it's 26 year old late 7866. -- -- it's heavily let's go to Michael Michael you. How do you assess this whole situation like. Well I think it's quite simple. There's no real conspiracy going on that guy was probably people minded and he would probably deserted there was no real and -- I. So there really shouldn't be now as far as why he was why I was so it is that we got him. Well election a bit more than one that oh outlook on their. -- Every. The government does -- really get all the media out talking about today that's really. And you talked about it out about that people that do that that everybody out of the water cooler the -- -- about. -- on the air and all the other thing they're each. I'll date really -- -- very very loosely. But don't you think this is going to backfire may end don't you think that now the president is going to be known as the guy. That by his own admission I've heard him on TV say that's. That these five guys or bad guys and that more than likely. They will still try to work against the United States and try to do bad things to our country. And he is releasing. Five thugs for all of the former shoplift there you know I'm I'm amusing that just just to show. The difference between five really bad guys. For a -- outlets and everybody is important and I'm sure does his mom and dad he is the most important one. But choose your releasing five really bad guys for someone that really. And and in the order of things if we looked at it on the surface. It's not that important of a military person. Absolutely and you know and and it will it'll backfire on the president on the administration. Well I'll I would -- that is is too little piece paper account they get six month from today. And then at the back -- debate about -- -- errors or anybody in the administration that occurred Eric. Of course you know they'll use that against him in the election. That'll be it -- sound -- By somebody is probably a Tea Party gave me that that there's already been discredited. -- Republicans and Democrats alike. So I mean it'll be at its second commercial and create them on CB and the -- Eight ballot and -- indicated that the period of an -- on and they'll or character and or judgment many times that work. And the actions in his words in his ointment and almost an area that. Well Michael I appreciate -- -- and well your sports fan. Yeah but the board ballots were sent a the other -- what which is that -- live. Charlie Sheen play in the wild thing. Major Major League didn't wait yeah I'll feel a little error breath and go about in the papers or having. That was a funny movie that of course they had. Meant that they have Major League eventually to. Yet it culminated people who have the pretty straight most people all of. Three of them have three of them you know. And outfielder dreams of course that's the world -- classic movie that is. -- pretty good yeah I'd like -- Oh it was just recently on -- of like get the number wrong someone's going to shoot me. -- -- 42. I think yes about that you're out of the all England rate movies ones. -- It's it's a great story altogether I think that that all Americans should note that the soccer in the day and the story behind out the beat where it was. What he did it because it was. And how it affected. You know our national pastime and you know. Social acceptance. About American players and sports and on the public scene in general. Well you know the strength that. It took to take the abuse that he took was unbelievable. Absolutely I haven't they use a separate entrance to the right the play and in now on the Internet it's incredible that he really that look. Strength and character in and doing the right thing even -- everybody around news in this just Arlen -- your pay. He he page he intricate character in there are a lot of people white black and an outline. And decide if they can learn from -- story. It but what is got a text message someone was referring to our conversation understand. What election Obama can't run anymore what we're talking about the Democrats and Republicans. We know Obama can't run -- Why can't write anymore but he could still I mean Democrats did a high ranking they'll blame the RD run that's -- -- and there every -- every ball every few years that I think happened I mean during the Monica Lewinsky scandal President Clinton attacked. An aspirin factory in Afghanistan. As you know going after bin Laden. And to appear -- media all of the attention all but what was really going on in the world. Tell -- just that simple curve ball that they figure they can -- -- an -- that he could not worried about it and -- module to talk about I'm an out. All right Mike let's go to a mark in the Terri to a mark that you -- WW ultimately. You don't look at I'm doing OK and I'll still speaking a little bit Ramallah -- issue. Losing Jerry Adams book I'm -- right here than there. Anyway this guy in every part of all well worn -- -- in command on the contrary. Because if you want to treat me. The last couple. He -- he it was a war -- Bob. I don't believe -- people on victory. I did did you okay but what happened in the country. You have import people. People. Oh baby if you throw. Talk probable RB you know what but yeah. Compelled to go to the -- I could be a worm. It probably wouldn't vote but it got just put it into law. I wouldn't -- he'll. What will -- -- what do you think about this current situation should they have made the Schwab should have given up five guys for what our guys know. Now that would -- people are -- old cowboy. But it -- -- -- all of the elderly man. -- -- people now I would look all of the purely on their race it would allow but I liked them because. Everybody the world can -- him at the Bob I know. It would have been -- -- But we would all be sure what he -- -- He would go well contrary you know and look at work that would. You know. But what and it that the drug for the that we did jump off topic because they've come back it'd. Be at your about it if you watched it can be a lot of video that went in bad debt talk in -- talks -- -- -- He has very. Confused and probably the chairman and it was like man what are you know. It was actually pretty. Good at it again. But -- went -- great development. That's OK mark missed the mark mark -- the favorite sport moving. Rotary Rudy. Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy couldn't. Thank you mark. Agreement the same -- -- right we have a couple -- -- And Gary and run them to -- and just a couple of minutes to the six year old -- seventy. 8668890. It's seventy and RW WL Prodi drag -- opinion poll question. If the US. Even suspected the that sergeant. Bird -- deserted his post and Afghanistan -- even suspected. And all of it if they. Maybe. And obviously the unknowable we're not really sure. Should they have gone through with the president of four. The bottom line is it's five band is 41. American should we have made this swap. What are your thoughts of the overall situation the more and more years I've got a couple -- for open. 2601 late 7866. -- and I know it's W complexity. And it's 7870. I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit of the big gates WWW well. And this was the just don't show with me -- -- shall be real Robert Mitchell filling in pursuit RW WL Prodi jaguar opinion poll question. If the US even suspected and but sergeant. Bo doll deserted his post in Afghanistan. Should they have gone through with the prisoner swap. Say here's what kind of interest they now get to the polls and in in just a second. Desertion. Is. Against the law. I'm pain that they could they could very easily go file -- charges. Against him and -- What went -- and Carla. I just hard to -- To understand here is that you use he he writes a note. He leaves his post. Which of course is desertion. And I think. That's powerful by court martial. Soul why do you go after this. I guess you know as well the text message we got earlier on was. I'm against will never know you know but you know the big question here is did he deserves his unit that's a criminal act. And the one that the military will have to -- address. So I guess that's. -- possible that. They give up these five bad guys. To get him and then putting in jail. If the usually been suspected that sergeant. Berg -- deserted his post in Afghanistan. Should they have gone through the prisoner swap of WWL dot com somebody want to abuse I know. 49% of you say yes let's did back from the pole to let's go to Gary and -- to -- -- this this discount crazy isn't. Gary US made. I guess Gary had to had to say goodbyes to let's go to running in the plus howry erotic. Yeah and I'll I'll. I'll start a record to assert. In -- military also anymore. And judging from her and then you. Get it completed -- has pulled. And I think Jenny took the towel on -- -- -- I. Guess -- -- you will be say. The United States. And by all see it get. What -- to -- in popular pick apart so their. Yeah you're. Optimal it's all -- on rebel war on Internet -- one individual. We'll change it to change. And all of a sudden it becomes -- I hadn't -- more important in that struck again people you get there which. -- at the United States of America. -- Fighting an important striker in order. To start. Our -- to get you know I'll take it pol. Ekuban -- everything planned to what you're political and we didn't turn out to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She didn't you want to be. -- a -- Hitler and that's my target picked. So in my opinion. You know what -- -- practical -- Well why do you think they are willing. To give up five really bad guys for this one prisoner. Who obviously is it from what we conceal on the surface but did not serve his country and an honorable letter. Came -- in the opening. Bell. At country. Structured that we -- to -- Yours being treated it -- -- -- rule. The world. Patrick stay out there. But. -- that. -- we will. -- and being. What country and it. And it department. Yet. It's going to change. I don't -- it would change. All right -- thank you for serving our country appreciated thanks thanks for the phone call 20601878. 866890. It's -- we're talking about the presidential up 51. If you were. Make you decision -- would that -- deal. Or no deal the moral -- I would say it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At 878 assembly -- Bob Mitchell interest dude we have some Poland's open I'll get back to your calls. Well the big gates seventy WWL AM implement dot com Bob Bob Mitchell filling interest do tonight -- -- 870 pretty drag -- opinion poll question. Even as the US justice active. That this sergeant had deserted his post in Afghanistan and should they have gone through with the prisoner -- five. 15. Bad guys for one. You know 78%. Say no only 2% say yes. And it. If you don't wanna talk about that you'll talk about some little bit lateral protection your. Your phone calls on your favorite all time sports movie -- read a couple of text messages that get right back to the phones. This forced commonly -- the original longer shore very very good Major League my favorite movie you'll times. Let's say what else did the blue chips and I'm I'm not I'm not familiar with the with the -- K let's get back to the polls will go to rich calling from India on the most bills and online coverage. No car radio boldly what do you. I won't Vietnam error there regular army to see he does. Yes we try to make that deal we got beat anybody behind. Now I sort indirect being interviewed afternoon. Where I would like I trap it's true. They described were. They were stationed at a small fire base in eastern Afghanistan. -- your hard drive. From -- At the plate slides. Currently under a rock attack by the Taliban. In this guy's opinion anybody. That would believed. On the perimeter. On armed at a -- which I think that's what we're looking at -- that suicide by cop. I think -- gonna turn out to be protected suicide. Mike Taliban I think it -- -- some sort of at this he had bought Compaq when he enlisted. And when in reality it leakage fantasy. A few screws came loose. He couldn't -- it shelves so he's got that the Taliban do which for. That's an interest Leno offensive of course his his people that that he worked with his stroller comrades. So that he got talking more and more and more that he did not want the fight for America. Any morning didn't believe what they were fighting for and he wanted to start and leave a new life and all that came out also. You know I know you don't leave anyone behind but. Do you leave is that OK Italy the trader behind. What a great actor and know each month -- -- it okay the -- it at least ease of user right. Are yet been convicted buddy the buddy walked office -- wouldn't that make him a -- op. -- It depends what your full track compete -- -- -- track with its what they -- black geared up. I got a Serb it is but truly sad to me I sound like you -- not its right mind and went -- I would order the Taliban now. You know commit suicide by -- And it's our -- shall I had the ability -- are you wonder. The emails are our -- later it's compared shot but letters written. Archer from richer and richer I got -- news I appreciate your calling so much thank you for shape serving our country. Gary John Charles Mike LA at the rest are you pleased to be a huge favor hang on I'll get to your right after the news.