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Scoot Show 6-3 9pm, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Jun 3, 2014|

Tonight Bob Mitchell’s in for Scoot…he has some great topics: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the last known American POW, was freed after we swapped the Taliban 5 notorious Islamic militants who had been held at Guantanamo Bay. Now he’s being called a deserter at best. Deal or no deal? If the U.S. even suspected that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post in Afghanistan, should they have gone through with the prisoner swap? ALSO: The new hit movie “Million Dollar Arm” is based on the true story about a sports agent who travels to India looking for baseball's next star pitcher. What is your favorite sports movie? And, if you could be a superstar in one sport—what sport & what position?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it has to be -- and truly real Robert and -- though and it was -- back W the rest of the weekend in and into next week as we. Take the show and we share our thoughts and phone all the way to a midnight tonight trying to try to give to something more then just a negative news talk about so. We. Witnessed there's this great new movie -- out of her of incredible reviews about not -- as closely at. Gonna try to -- at this weekend. Called the million dollar arm based on the true story of which -- agent travels to India looking for baseball's next dark pitchers are probably gamble. -- tonight as -- Long Will lead the topic of the 541 prisoner swap what's your all time favorite of sports movie. And the one of the main things we are talking about -- -- and I'm sure most of you are aware that the US. Exchanged. Five really. Bad element on the -- five really bad god is for one guy that. Appears that he did not want to fight for America anymore. Ninety left a note sports com but he was leaving the start a new life in Afghanistan. General Martin Dempsey chairman of the joint -- that said today it's premature to think that there will be no chargers. Against him. Now. What is really interesting about this whole thing. And I don't necessarily want to get in to. The political aspect of volatile and I'm -- not really a big politics per early. -- is for a little weakened due to hope that Washington goes to the one party gets in the of the party is sort of working. 00 whip them or pour off work to get them out back report back to board back and forth but it's going to be interest -- gonna put -- the president. Under a lot more pressure. After Susan Rice said he served talking about a sergeant. -- doll that he served with honor and distinction. And that's why we went after and and that's what we've read five Taliban. Commander. Slow what's gonna happen from here is going to be anybody's guess. And again it's basically. Let's try to look at it on the surface that we care. What do you think of the idea of exchanging five. Really bad dollars. Four I liked the flight five bad guys for shoplift or five bad guys for one guy. Who decided. I don't wanna do this army stuff anymore and I'm -- 260. What I 7866889. Point seven -- get back to the Pope and for the ball wanna thank all of you held on during the news let's go to Charles. Charles what do you think about this -- -- -- -- A minute can't you listen you what we did. What's long coming -- thank you so much power things and dividend. Well I have to do -- -- I have a -- And the thing about it. They're upset you know not seen. And I had five years the most and been seen in Somali. The other -- if bodies. Are brought back among them would be average home. You know so there's not much as -- upon them that if something is and it is that doesn't want to use them yeah. And as -- They didn't want to talk about was his ball. Trouble -- ball was -- if. It was a good movie I -- I recently saw that. I can't remember a Clint Eastwood -- predictable in that movie that was really good movie. And that's the end I hit two -- -- -- -- -- -- Are my all time favorite all time favorite. And miracle you haven't seen animals. About the US hockey team right. Grow great movement and you pick three good ones Charles. And. Keep up the public you know good or don't listen to me. I enjoyed doing it thank you for college girls. All right I'm -- read a quick text message does that the person might make a very good point Bob Mitchell this young man has been a POW for five years. Who among us. That have children would not want to make their trial three no matter what. Agreement that absolutely -- of them at the beginning of the show. It's easy to sit back and make accusations. People need to wake up and support our troops. Or go over there and a fight. You're right but you know this country. -- had a policy. Of not negotiating. With terrorists in one issue open that the war. Once you do that you put the country in dire position. And the men and women who serve and then it in the military I have nothing but admiration for them. I'd crawl every time I actually someone in uniform Google up to them. And thanked them and certainly shake your hand thank you for serving our country. But the -- shall know the consequences. And the majority of the military people who have phoned him tonight -- that was not big a deal that that that's that's not good. Four our country let's go to Mike Mike thank you for calling WW ultimately. And Obama ignored. Get to -- comment. That. You know regardless of whether an avid gardener there -- -- in the American. Okay and basically -- -- the facts first before we do is run off on this -- page. Oh well what would keep me it means that these. Well at this point in your right there there I'm sure there are more facts to come out but even if we deal with just the basic fact. That we traded. Five prisoners. 41 and that's something we have never done before we've never. You know if you go to I have no problem you have a prisoner swap -- to -- K one for one I'm I'm sure that has been done many times. But when you. Let's go five really bad -- reporting to our own president were really bad people and one was connected with Osama bin Laden. And our own president said that these guys will probably. Work against our country. Even in -- That to me is negotiating with terrorists and that's something not did not think this country would do. Yeah that is one more quick to sell a captain in an -- -- -- these are actually -- be that there aren't we paying debt. We quote measures attempted -- played. To follow these or track -- god. In order to keep up with these -- everything that -- I'm gonna be different that after the. Well a I don't know I'm I'm sure I'm sure we have the technology to do that and I'm sure they have the technology. To indicate that we are arguing that I mean the telemann they're not dummies they're not in other notes to put the main. They -- they are and viable full. And I look at it that way out I look at that we probably. Would probably do not know everything and I mentioned in the first hour. I talked to someone of the military who told me don't overlook the fact. That this guy may have had. Information that he'd lived the Taliban for five years so there's a chance at the officer among Intel. That we want I'd do agree that you know we we are definitely pre judging but we're simply at this point looking at the facts that have been released. But even with all pre judging isn't good. Let's let's forget about everything let's let's say that you know there is a reason for everything actually there's -- reason for -- though let's say. There was a reason that he left of the base that he wanted but let's say let's say it -- all -- for whatever you want. But the bottom line is. We traded. 541. We -- five really bad guys go for one. And our country -- always taken the position that we do not negotiate with terrorist world this is not negotiate with terrorist and somebody's got to correct. All right. Let's. Let's take -- real quick like that would go to a tour next Richard -- how are you. Congress about. -- -- but not every sports may be remembered that I I -- a hundred per and that. I got there. Remember the titans is one of those movies. Though I watch every time it's on and every time I watcher I keep hoping I cannot remember the young guy's name of the god they got in there. There are here I keep hoping. That he's not going to be injured and I've always had this this great idea about movies and why Hollywood doesn't do an -- though. They should release some of these movies with maybe three different endings and so you'd never know what's gonna happen one time you watched the movie. And he's okay and he continues to play the next time we watched the movie he doesn't but the -- of that committee is one of those movies my why apple asked means some countries that. You have some of these movies. That I don't care how many times -- come on. You watch him and let me ask you this are you this way I can have a movie on dvd. Never put it in the machine but that comes on TV I'm gonna watch. Yeah actually Q on the show still yet to be opened -- say come on HBO and it it's going to be on the TV elect. Like the godfather I've got the trilogy never watched the dvds but what when they show the trilogy on on TV a sit there and watch all three movies. All right so what it what are your thoughts on this this prisoner swap -- one. Obama can't agree to a bit early -- kind of prejudged. This course forming an opinion I think we don't -- a week or more each new release. Are. But ever seen it was -- Patient and here all -- Yes loved homeland yes. There are -- care. -- Situation. Are saying the short time here. I strongly recommended and it. And it is. -- But remember this. When they freed Brody there was no negotiation they went in. And extracted him and like I did have a military person on whom called the first part of the show. And what he said is that. He said if if you think that this was some -- -- and he said they would have gone in and extracted and they wouldn't that wouldn't be a public negotiation. But you know I thought the same thing suddenness of this is like a -- -- all over again. Well what negotiators do we and our. -- are on the low naturally for. Me. I'm not a major. College but -- is much greater than. You know and that that's the -- that's the thing that pulled -- I'm I'm would you like I I think there's more information that's gonna come out and we are innocent until proven guilty. But Y five for one. What you know what what makes this person. So valuable and listen if you were my son I'd say give him ten for one I'd have you know I I would think that the same way but to kick you you have to think as. An American in your camp that just apparent and you have to think it is if once we start negotiating. With terrorists are we. Are we putting our country. In peril. Absolutely I think I think I. Standard at least should not be -- and. So listen before you run -- -- have to ask you one question when it comes to homeland and those people who have never watched homeland I'm not gonna spoil it for you. But because it's the series is coming back but this last season the big ending surprise should. It goes to your point about the -- where I think centers in two or dirty. -- -- But yet. In theory that nothing surprised -- -- bachelor degree cherry yes you want to predict and make all get that you'd think there. -- -- -- Wouldn't wouldn't be great if they had different endings were like and homeland Brody survived Swanson doesn't survive the other are halfway survive. You know I I don't know why Hollywood doesn't do them. But I think I think you need take a trip from New -- and so it's an idea that that's the best. I know they put alternate endings of movies but bill that they always only show the woman on the choose listen Elliott I appreciate you voting and tonight. All right okayed. Welcome mat after this break and you'll take part the show which to -- -- seventy. 866890. It's heavily on Bob Mitchell was the coach show. On the big 870 WW LAM at them and dot com I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for you to Johns on -- control shall -- in the postal. When you fold and if he can't get to run away and what the McCain got a -- got a lot of calls tonight. We are talking about the prisoner swap the 51 prisoners while problem. Sergeant. -- doll. He deserves his post Afghanistan that Afghanistan. Or let's say that it appears. There are notes that he left that he abandoned because -- -- we always have to make sure at least in this country to say alleged. Which drives me crazy sometime when you have actually group that someone does something. Anyway what what we're what we're looking at tonight as a I would give view throughout the night some facts that they are releasing. Do I think they're releasing everything no. -- I think there's more to come probably shall -- let's hope this. Let's hope that the president of the United States new. Let's hope that he knew that the sergeant left a note for his comrades in which he said he did not want a flight for America anymore. And was leaving to start a new -- let's hope. But the president of the United States knew that this guy basically. Had that little naps Acton and and -- often and -- doubles -- let's hope he knows that. I can't imagine the president of the United States not knowing that. And if he didn't know them -- Mike good bunch of people should be fired. So our big 870 pretty -- were pretty simple question is if the US even suspected. That is sergeant deserted his post in Afghanistan should they have gone through with the prisoners' swap which was. 5415. Bad guys for one. -- 26 year 187866. And finally it's evidently grab a couple of text -- -- -- -- like. Let's that he. These men and women put their lives while on the line for the country when they come home sometimes don't know did come home and end up in the streets. That's terrible that religion will do what we're talking about right now though. -- -- -- We're talking about your favorite sports movies. And you -- of our veterans we've we need to do a much better job of I didn't mean to blow them up the week really need to do much better job. Of treating our veterans when they come home. Let's say -- part of your favorite sports movies here's one -- on the best of natural like that. The worst sports movie was number one in which Charlton Heston plays. A past his prime New Orleans saint quarterback in 1967. I have to agree maybe we should expand it and say. One estimate your all time favorite sports movies and give me a -- that you think of the worst sports movies of all time. To me the best sports movies of all time is Brian's song and the worst Bork's movie of all time was when they try to re do -- song let's go to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't always thought one of the best sports. And -- that's one. This is learning abilities still beginning his career Robert Dinara and raging bull. Good movie excellent movie at. Ya I wanna see that new movie with. Sylvester Stallone and -- the no role low where it's too little fighters fight one more time I've I've not seen it I've not heard much about it but sounds like about be a fun movie. I also thought all it -- but that the first. First brought people. Great -- movie right. Yeah well what do you think about this prisoner exchange terribly jump up and down to click. Well first or is this. Possible that some implants have been important to. Total bond leader yeah cheerleaders what are. And you don't think the Taliban we'll have the technology to know that analysts. That. Can believe that -- but -- Don't have. All I would I would think that they would you know. And now Soledad -- I'm reluctantly gonna happen scientists and all of the get to the term proposals. It's not -- -- the White House has not to embarrass the country. In Edmonton it if people have -- that belly full of being -- it and I think that's why. Of that power that would smoke. Has not really -- In the mind. Well that's not right but the point here is that do we negotiate with terrorists and that's what we did here we negotiated with terrorist and we settled today. We want you to read this and you free -- and we're gonna give you live your thoughts about. -- no we definitely had been done but the book. I'm I'm gonna happen site. I think we're gonna we're gonna happen at about a little more like another that would -- -- Delete the truth regarding what is that it's all about the one on and government. The government of government wants to continue to cover up. Domestic needs. National leaders are this competitive. There's. Then we're going to happen more that would spelled and -- they're gonna have to. It -- probably won't work like crazy. And honored to stop. Idiotic. Decision making at the very highest levels of government. Really injured. Patriotism and and and national law. Got to Joe's got a lot of calls got to go to John. John how are you tonight. And little confused about what this country is doing right now and in in many areas. Very confused about the fact that why we would negotiate and make a swap like this especially the fact that. The president did not get permission to do it. You know I heard him say well that the the person's health was at stake but instilled. My main my main concern is that -- bomb. Whether he is a deserter. Whether he's a trader. We do not know but here's what we do know we do know. That he was a prisoner for five years in the all of sudden we decided that we were going to negotiate with Taliban are sworn in and the people. That want to take and -- destroy this country. And we're gonna give them five of their thugs back for this person that's to me. I don't know -- other Arab looking. OK I gadget that they actually look at the way. OK we were holding these try it right we got what we can't do anything to. The people in this country would. I mean they're they're -- quote I don't know we can't do anything to legislate in jail. Well that is in jail. But we literally. At war much longer people are tired eventually -- -- okay. -- Get them back. And put him away. -- drone strike. And know that they don't and that. -- No no -- I can see that you know I consider it -- You have let's get a -- of -- and if we murderer right there yeah we are Jewish Hedo. The total barber is world but we put him back on the street. And they follow the way it. I would drone strike again terrorist action. -- we don't have to worry about -- anymore. All right so you think that maybe this is part of a master plan. Knowing you're against debt -- the -- that mark the master you're right. I I don't think you'd mention it I think is effectively -- somebody. In advance bureau actually realize that you know -- -- college student is hurting our whole image. Everywhere you a -- back in action until some well. That. Yeah Abbott went to admit I understand what you say in OK and in in in the in the big picture you see. Probably -- of the in the big picture. I would do that that I that sounds like something Jack Bauer would I would do that I'd say OK yeah you wanna quote given to you and then figure out a way to sort of Roland bull mall. Yeah I mean if they don't -- in the -- and we don't. You know money and they're going to be in the Leo are you must. -- while we feed in particular take care of -- live forever. My main but my main thing is that we well what we're going to send the message to other groups. Around the world is today under the right circumstances the US will negotiate with us of that -- -- and that's what's. -- you know I had played truth I gotta believe and. I love Ronald Reagan. Look we're not gonna Orton and I got to negotiate did you -- We have all through -- history. Every empire and -- civilization. Has always at some point negotiate with players. John I appreciate you calling it okay. And by the way Shura the best being. All and -- large field. What moving feel the brain. All the I'm not highlight. Alec for the love of the game but Kevin Costner did better. What list do I do feel and -- -- and I think for me it just resonated with me and it's what -- release oh it's my show. I miserable -- what you'd think a little commercial playing so much. All right appreciate it I'm with you I appreciated right. Under the same thing thank you John. What are remind your report like the -- concedes it is here and out of time to get ready. For all the info you need to go to WWL dot com parish by parish obstructions. Contra flow evacuation -- the Kremlin plan at a pet play and don't forget about triplets though a checklist and a list of emergency contacts. Plus this of the great you can sign up for text alerts and more. American central. Your companion before during and after American -- major weather report from WWL museum of the crucial emergency management station. To figure of 17866. NA nine point seven -- have a couple blinds open on Bob excellent for its -- on WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell. -- and Boris do tonight faculty here via rest of the week. We're talking about the five for one prisoner swap 2601. Late 7866889087. You can text me. And 87870. Are -- 870 pretty drag your opinion poll question. If the US even suspected. The the sergeant deserted his post in Afghanistan. Should they have gone through with the prisoners swap. And you know this is little real. Too rigid sort cautions that. If he didn't go oh my goodness gracious anyway. We have to assume that they knew but anyway 78%. Say no point 2%. Say yes text message says. With the release of the prisoners no longer will taxpayers have to pay millions a year ago policies dogs a Republican dream. -- supplies of the cost millions. A year. Let's did back to our phones were gonna go to -- calling from saint rose -- what are your thoughts on the situation. But it. And I'm. Sure there are many. And then we that we are. And that's the security we'll be -- and and who -- I'm being. Think about it so. What you that topic. -- -- -- the -- -- bit. I'm may well turn -- well he's got me to start. That you -- that they should. And -- talked to limit those bitten. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We can -- you. A -- If it. If that is the case are right. Then the Smart thing to do would've been just release them because. What we're doing right now is that we are studying a well. A situation. Where two world. Now you know you may be right listen -- me let me put it this way. I hope that sometimes. In the next few weeks -- next month or so this plays out and we find out this was -- -- brilliant scheme OK I really really hope so but. On the surface. It it it looks like we were negotiating with terrorists are all on the surface it looks it just doesn't look good you know it. Absent recession. I'm. Out and -- -- -- -- -- Q so it goes in and -- -- -- You don't. Eat. More. The community. Let's hear it here -- we can't leave alone -- the bat that is that this young man was a -- he bluntly he did crawled. He he he he did leave the base water. Food -- change your clothes and a cell phone he called his unit the day after he deserted the -- unit that he was leaving so. And and the the country lost fourteen soldiers killed searching for this deserve that but we know we know. -- -- absolutely. Bet that soldiers feel at -- people. And we indeed. I mean there can't go to Google in the search -- out. There are you know I ought to be obligated itself. -- -- -- -- -- Well the corporate world being -- And -- -- to him but you don't get degrees so. They -- yet. You know call me if it would -- it. Was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go. Implant so it if you will. -- it will. Go to them. We don't know. About it and believe -- well -- now letting it go to. It's not there and that no. With that don't keep the structure. Are rightly demand emit a very very good point you wanna give me that your favorite -- sports moving. -- beverage that I'll let it occur. -- -- -- -- Social W I like Porter Nadal yeah definitely don't want me. Now I don't know you tell me that I was thought that was a real movie always thought that was based on facts. And and you break in the hockey talent and it was no Rudy. And what kind of on. Them. Hillary. And bill. I -- what everyone that they took their jerseys and walked in and said you know give mine to Rudy give mine -- Rudy. That -- Absolutely absolutely and inaudible -- there with that got off at the are you couldn't do -- played well would you off the name on the line. Good move good to a movie right. Looking at the Mubarak go out to the great talking to you man. And so yeah it always get talked into it. I'm sorry -- -- would it not to let it play out. Topics -- the question and I'll give you got at all. -- -- Thank you for all your input Marty and keep them Michelle and job to override bank whether we take a break. Bob Mitchell both of those don't show the big 870 WW LAM -- dot -- I'm Bob Mitchell and goes to a WWL have a report. On the bonnet Carre spillway east -- left lane blocked a report accidentally -- carries boldly eastbound a -- like I know nothing. More than that if if if you're in that and you can call us and an updated to deter and protect the and it 7870. Gonna get back to the -- of the second but guys. Here is a woman that you would not want to take to dinner. She's 5745. Pounds. She set a new record. At and -- state coached the ball in a 72. Ounce steak and just under five minutes. A subsidy to ounce steak in under five minutes for chaser another four and a half pound slab of stake this time she took her time. It took her right under ten minutes 571. Poorly club she wants the album. 300. And 68. Feet. 163. Chicken wins the chicken wings in thirty minutes was that -- record in Philadelphia. Wow. There's no way you can take your own thing or anything you want from the menu -- -- let's go to Marty in -- and Marty how are you. Okay I'm great show up to you to ride home Bob Andrea thank. -- We shall we do great job. On the ball well you know that there's a -- An expert on things just kind of put too little. In touch one more bit of something good to me. -- religion. Apple that they knew. You know the president -- in Afghanistan. You know. You'd think that the shop and there was people on certain what do. Back to the right people like the fact that the right people didn't have had to handle this change are seeing it. -- why the home town she -- in the Soviet war here war veterans coming back he's a prisoner. It to a factory understand -- -- -- -- want the soldiers. Do not want talk about it until the -- yet connect it to me the odd thing here. More than anything else in -- out all the -- have guys coming back so hopefully will be fine now. Because I've been here to meet it's his fault. But occasional. My my dad and uncles -- world war should that I never. You've ever heard of a parent put on it that much cash as dramatic the country that at a war. Party listened to you to be a -- -- I really want to hear your story. But I've I've got to go to news under which -- on hold because I thought the same thing about it my my -- This man look weird you know but not -- tell you -- hold on and will go to a news and I'll come back and talk you right after the top -- okay. Because I think you're gonna have a really good story force. All right we'll come right back with martyred apparently to her story of John and Michelle and chief and a the rest to view. Do me a big favor hold on doors of the news and -- did you -- going right after the top of the hour on WWL.