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Scoot Show 6-3 10pm, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Jun 3, 2014|

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the last known American POW, was freed after we swapped the Taliban 5 notorious Islamic militants who had been held at Guantanamo Bay. Now he’s being called a deserter at best. Deal or no deal? If the U.S. even suspected that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deserted his post in Afghanistan, should they have gone through with the prisoner swap?

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And it should be Bob dental filling in for us do tonight on our WWL -- table this is the -- every -- seems to be talking about the bench the prisoner swap where we. Up five really bad guys for a guy that I guess would be compared to the bad guys as a as just maybe a shoplifter shall in like that. And and do you think there's going to endanger us in the future mean have we gone over the line here and negotiated with terrorist. He left a note. Forced comrades in which he said he did not want to play or America anymore and was leaving a spark a new light on these are that these are the facts that we know. And on the Bill O'Reilly show colonel Dave Hunt. Said that he was producer. He's had a bird doll was a disorder. Virgo on June 20 2009 crawled only the wire at his fire base. With water food goes a little bit of a misconception that some. Some reports say that that they don't have any proof that he actually crawled under the think maybe he got out. And in another vehicle but the bottom line is they said that -- left both water food the change -- clothes. A night and his cell pole and he called his unit the day after he deserted to tell the unit that he deserted this is reporting. Two -- general David -- So when you all the facts together. Do you think that we should have swapped five really bad guys. For the one prisoner re gonna get back to Marty because Marty -- and while is a Vietnam vet. And Marty you're talking about on TV. His father of looked like. Like Eaton he could have been a member of telemann. In the end. Of the week and you can't -- -- -- -- really to me. It is one of the things that we now. Who blocked the Amazon -- appealed to me. That would put you on that. Well I would. Want that or. So in. -- Maybe a critic of that -- pointed -- could beat him. One out enough. And this has actually. That there. -- Good and it shouldn't -- we have been justice. Well but America. In fact army general Martin Dempsey whose chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has already said today. That if he did commit a crime that he will he will be held accountable. Yeah well I believe they're gonna act -- and to go to a little bit on this -- she also. You know outside of that you mention Africa. Who think your record at that. General general Dempsey. Him and a couple of our people net debt stood -- and I have to respond put some of the political heavy hitters yeah. Well John -- John McCain authorities that -- -- he thinks that it's putting our country and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But on the Pacific and -- that at this. The next question yet. It should be looked at the equipment. What did you think of this transaction and look what you do. Well here's what I'd like to have explain to me. We did have a caller who brought in some very good points that we need to sit back conceive this is part of -- builder plan but if the president and addressed congress. The way he was supposed to do then we wouldn't be having to ask all the questions. Well and that that is you know -- have coming. Active life and that is. What the danger. Like that -- on that there's now. This is terribly locked up in the wrong that it knew that it says that they really did it is so ignorant. I don't it would come to an apology he would problem that who could win. Thank you Marty appreciate you calling it goes to up to preacher John preachers always move up on the well -- the call border preacher John how warrior. You -- that night mom doing. You know I'm like well free speech that night bound you pictures problem. -- Okay our football. Veteran. And a former special important -- operative. I'm very upset about that whole situation. Upset in -- way that they did it are people talking about it. We -- me in -- current administration. Preaching to people every day then. Negotiate with terrorists. But what issues they GA it would pair. Of free domain and OK I am happy that pain and coming home park ball the battery and I'm proud that. But you have to look at Aaron and Eric have a lot of money. They lived and died. It -- Obama but millionaire. It is why it looked like the super model like the movie saw. Wait a minute and and that's not that the people I saw on TV did look like that. Well I don't know -- the eighth straight year I don't know what. Leaving his -- -- watches this is his father looked very very scruffy to me and I and we know. And don't -- the the woman that he had next to him on the show that I saw it may be that was his mother but that's certainly didn't look like a supermodel wife today. -- -- -- eerie harmless as part of. Irregardless Judith said that that he was a millionaire and have a super wildlife. Look they are but are you saw the people background. Than an hour ago back ground there -- blues millionaire apparently it and -- bill on rain. All on Fred is -- the people that I saw on TV that said that it was the mom and dad I didn't see the same couple you saw. Okay we'll while. You don't have to apologize and Regis all the wrong couple then. I don't know -- you saw. No longer and I saw on TV on dawn. APC yeah he look like up to. We'll tell you what I'm we have a lot of other callers. On on the flow I'll I'll ask their opinion this go to. If did you see his his mom and -- -- -- need. -- did she look like the supermodel. I tell you -- -- and if if if pastor John but it in his eyes checked them it if that's a supermodel. -- there's absolutely absolutely. Dynamite. Well -- -- -- and and portrait I -- but I. -- I know he was looking net. Like it is had to be somebody else can't. But -- now as such in PBS tonight you know and -- might wanna get a copy of it put Judy wood would. Beacon to general that was in the all of my years. -- forgot -- we can't protect the -- much like -- -- it caught. More -- You -- The second okay. He was he's in the on the what you want -- on the -- and this guy. Eric Schmidt who work for New York cop yeah. And and they were they like it would be able to officers. I gaps don't like a -- -- it's for the US on the as Egypt does surgeons -- critically -- So you know it I think you might want to look at it put. He would -- in. Basically. It's all the pulled because the objective OK. So now that they got big guy. You know like this one policy -- earlier about Indians -- briefed on what would go pro is mine that's what big app pool. The pulpit on -- in the pool -- third. But that he wrote no catch is that much. Right but but also it was mentioned. That they noticed two years ago. Oh OK -- -- new Libya now -- get that in the committee's. -- business intelligence and sorting out. That's been brought on the chilly here. The problem is they just wrong at all. That's way to get that it is thirty day. Complaint saying that we won't get in thirty gates but they know about this guy -- two years ago. In other quote the right business this of that necessarily anything new. And and and that's why I mean I realize that. The president can lead. Made abreast of every each of the inflation that they can get but it would seem to me. I can't match. I hope and pride. Our president did and did know about this because the thing. That this could go on and he would not -- and you know somebody's somebody's head that went after role. My -- -- I keep coming back to over and over again. Is. Knowing that you're going to make a deal for. Someone that here -- to a deserted from from from what from what I've read. Is that there is very Avery little go -- read to you from. What I read them a currently on some of the bill while ago. He said that he actually called his view of the day after he deserved it to tell them that he left. So if if you know me and dessert. And actually I'm still hoping maybe want -- but -- movies I'm still hoping. There's some super super plan on all this that we're gonna find out but this I would plan and what the Taliban idol I'm hoping to find out but. When you. When you. When you show the world. That you are willing to let it really bad guys go to get this one soldier that. Appears to voluntarily. Left view. I just don't think that's some good. Now it is dark and and in one more thing about the you know about these non disclosure old yes well all picket that was brought up balls so. And they said that they're the people in his unit. Forget that -- that you -- -- -- non disclosure forms saying that you know like it was just. All the between them that they knew that this was moment no that's what I understood. Thank -- all know that is that is exactly right up IR are robust the same exact thing that they they had to had to sign. These non disclosure forms that they would not say anything to anyone about what happened. Right and okay at it like that that's -- a mystery to. Right right. Appreciate you calling it all right let's go to John and Baton Rouge or -- -- Hey I'm doing pretty. I want that now that I'll root root my favorite sport will. And now it is cute story it is easy and act so that got it to you what -- day. Rock of how it looked I was looking for I was looking for Rudy. Last night in baton route well at -- at all. But that help -- -- a help would be Houston home again. Oh yeah yeah well I'm out there Perry and -- For a cop and a spot in the end it. And I'll thank you John. Our -- but Bob -- say -- certainly respect the order they they -- there dot back. Well I'll tell you that they order the certificate. -- in Italy our -- all of wrote -- and Obama bring it back. Let me let me -- -- -- I believe and in -- -- -- I opened the show. I made that exact statement I said that. It's very easy to say. That we gave up too much for the sky if it was my child would want to give them 2030 whatever but. But when you look at it from the upon the bigger picture from the standpoint of the of the country. -- I think we would all feel loved. A little bit better if it was just a straight prisoner swap okay we're gonna -- view. Joseph bad guy for him but not -- to give five for one. Doesn't that seem like a bit much and doesn't that seem like we are negotiating with terrorists and you're right if over my kids. I'm with you -- -- it was my kid I'd say negotiate. But. Mean in. That there whether it be sport there certainly. You know I know added in -- -- remember in opt out there I would want Eric -- back you know. Let me let me put it. In that have been key in object or you're not negotiate in -- I'm on the art director who's leading so in in. What merely -- edit it at that spot guy ago. There at the -- the reason port hope so you know I don't know why -- let Clemens. Had been ordered. Let me ask you -- -- -- -- just just suppose that you were in the same situation looks like that you got captured by the Taliban. And and and you were a prisoner all this time and your country says I'm sorry. That is the risk of being a soldier I'm sorry we don't negotiate with terrorists. Would you want your country. To negotiate to get you back or would you say that you know. We're going to do the ultimate good for the country and the draw a line in seventh position that we don't negotiate. I mean it is only want to do it. Eight saw it would be that situation is -- -- you know Arlen ordered it. People -- what order they need you make you know are in their day. Make that -- he did it dot partly in there. You know at eight you know 011 while important ally or a 1001 while you work it out to you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But. You know -- one thing. You know at that you know Jack and you know they're out on -- diet -- -- pockets it is yeah you know. -- Well Martin. Out in. The top in Afghanistan. And in order to -- out of it. He -- in it being. Gotcha thank you John I appreciate -- calling that the in a couple of people made that point that that the pressure of being there and we can't we can't judge him for wandering off because -- oh we weren't issues and and and the pressure that some of our men and women go through was just unbelievable. I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit coming right Patrick WWL Bristol should show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in forests do tonight. Of course we're talking about the the US prisoner swap where we gave up but viva Taliban's five. Dollars described -- really go bad guys. For. Sergeant -- -- doll he's the last known American POW. He was freed after we -- for five. Andrew the big question is though why you know it is that negotiating with terrorists and -- I think what we have to -- To clarify and I think it's it's it's both important that we that we do this. To my knowledge. I know I have not called him a traitor. Because we do not know -- the facts. Pretty much. Lay out that he did dessert usually. We don't lol what type of mental condition it was and we don't know if the the the battles terrestrial. Got to him and he couldn't handle it and he walked away. Shall from from from the standpoint of what we know on what we don't know. At this point. Because he. Said he was leaving because. They. Claimed to have a note that he wrote. That we do know he -- But just because he deserted you know does not necessarily make him a traitor let's go to Michelle Michelle how are you. I'm right you're doing what -- to baldness. In order or an arm related charge per -- a veteran. Of the war. And it. When we -- You write your paper you're -- at the very beginning and when you graduate or via -- When you arrived there in your cheat your -- inmate pure commission -- Green will not. You're not greater than the -- If something happened you. You never let me down. To -- is that he would not work it you mean he last year he could make it general order. You know -- going to quit her only -- properly really. I'm being unit which grateful that the V that there are part of the problem but he would -- way. You know they -- without -- anybody. Every other and their lack of commitment. It does not matter -- and you -- old actor mainly appealing to be backed -- Allred are not our. He needed a lot. There's no way we negotiate back per art teacher back and people. It is a portable. -- for me for me that's. That's the bottom line I've I've never served in the military and I appreciate the fact that you serve them at some trends observed and I've said this a couple of times and I want people maybe do. Take an example if I see someone in uniform -- I'll always go to the -- thank you for serving our country. And what I don't like about this is that we we've now set an example that hey. The United States the United States will negotiate. And from from the reports are broad. You know and so many times when stories like this happen things can't come out in bits and pieces. But you know I read that in fact when the when the structural -- Rescued -- they said we have been looking for you for quite some time. From what I read that. In searching for him that the United States lost fourteen soldiers. And I you know all that's on his shoulders and I mean. I'm here playing on the other partner award. That we won't back to get. They died in concentration camp and what they want in life where it more than any other application for. Don't know and that's something we have to find -- You -- It at that. -- yeah I let. It in the you know you come hall and you're glad peaking at the that in giving we come back. It can turn black. You'd die for gradually. Wore her lean way it would actually there are. Where you where you know combat the show. Pounded. -- -- -- and them. Aren't you get the record well. I mean that need to teach but unit that we. And Nolan or are -- any parent -- when you're trying earnings. Torturing war. -- -- -- So you're saying that. If you were in issues. You would have not one of them to negotiate you. -- knows that this is what -- sign -- for. And it it -- -- nearly there -- intimately knows that he'll do whatever rallying. Black but my but do not expect that. Do not make a spectacle to lie an old Greek flagged not -- anybody did -- -- my porch at all. Michelle. Thank -- so much for phoning in your honor me by Colin and and and again thank you so much for serving our country. All right let's go to Ulysses that Houston how're you. That was that was clinical. That that really move. -- you know. I don't know what role would -- -- and people. Can't hold -- -- on the I'll read and he will be in. In this world this is a -- And that doesn't -- -- speak up if you wouldn't do it. You all read. Think ankle deep in Indies and anybody. That is examiner. Gets legal support the legal duo in the -- And what do you on. Explored between. And making. It -- don't try to had -- been impeached could be something I'll. Well you don't have I would I would prefer to talk about this particular issue. And all but I don't wanna give into. Bashing the president you know. Call it should come out that'd be. -- We in a position where. The commander in chief national. I don't independent and no and yet you want freedom. -- -- -- is. What a trio. We don't know is a -- we know we know according to blow. We have to say about the letter of the law that we -- -- for but he did -- vision and I'm I'm not ready to call him a a -- yet. And I stand with fuel -- on one thing. I think as commander in chief I think it was a terrible decision. To give up five of these really bad guys five of these guys who were committed to to destroy America and hurt us and anyway they can. 41 prisoner in and -- the last young lady Michelle. -- -- -- a bushel so touched by it would trees that she said. If she had been there but she would realize. That that's what she signed up for. And art and that by negotiating for a by a negotiated to a terrorist in the long. Paul it hurt our country. Why didn't meet our goal try well I would do that. True I had been in big -- you are in. Order to home a horrible. Will stand. What. People. And keep. Well what's going on in this country our nation and so -- -- the -- that -- insurgents step can go. And right now. It's just. Now. I don't try because. We're the animal. -- can. -- no longer strong country. -- -- -- -- English and Britain -- And -- -- Now saying that he could be. Do you think I have a text message and honestly if you agree that the this particular issue. Is an impeachable offense. -- And make -- about it. Bush. Did grow our Reid wouldn't implement. Our. What keeps getting through me. Many weeks should be screened and. -- Can be known that. People. -- -- I appreciate your opponent and you Jim you've you've made some. Some very very good points and I like Q -- I'm I'm X Brighton where this country is going in the future and and and I'd just -- Knowles. I don't think we could solve it with one election arm our budget even my changing presidents of the United States on a I'm not sure where -- out of the country. Well I'm headed into a break right now and if you wanna give us a call at 260 late 786689. Point seven lots of calls about John's been working really hard. And I really appreciated I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit tonight on WWR's. Bob Mitchell again for us due to divert about this scientist of the university of Netherlands. Said it could be possible to -- people up. All Star -- sometimes in the future the team of researchers. At the -- university of technology in the Netherlands recently demonstrated the ability to teleport information. In sub atomic particles. I'm diligent -- is but anyway they did between two points. About the ten feet apart. Also tonight if if you -- -- lighten things coupled that we have been asking you what are some the all time favorite. Sports movie Brian's song is is is there. Well but at the -- of the capitalist. Also well remember the titans is in there. Lots of people voting for Rudy of course. And of course we're talking about are our main subject which is our big -- ebony party drag our opinion poll. Even of the US suspected of the charger and boy -- called deserted is posted Afghanistan should they have gone through. With this 541. Prisoner swap. Let's go to a go to Bryant Miller -- Brian. People and I -- talk to you again thank you. I -- 2.0 automate the first point is. But several people like me against who never -- book found himself in combat. I think that lives very premature to pass judgment on the guy whether or not betrayed prologue a coward. Home. We don't know what is -- upon what would be witness what he saw. Unfortunately put immediate sign a contract worker once you sign that -- on the paper value pretty much do you belong to the military. And he's gonna -- trouble for that you'll. Right and as I said earlier I'm not a -- to call him a power on the -- to call him a traitor. But he did deserted shoot it and and that you feel that -- have their -- and that he'll have to answer for. Right yeah thank you Brothers -- arms will judge him accordingly I think they have earned the right to pass judgment on you know. And secondly. A little. Bit but if you ever notice when a government official talks about people in the military. Now refers to them that people refer to them that economic and a commodity. And you'll hear it as well though personnel. Crew today video. Access. And I have to assume that Obama think about that logically rationally they had to sign an immense value to the guy that pulled the trigger on that B. I would think -- -- -- let me ask your question before you good to go further have a text message that says. Are up five prisoners in the Schwab stolen custody not just in Cuba but -- I think there and some. Some countries somewhere that this is as pro Taliban a bit of a pocket recall. It does that sound right to you. I think -- well it's early still and want to comment on -- -- I don't know I think they released them from there but they they sent them -- some I don't know some country that I've never heard of before. But. I read that they're very pro Taliban in the country so it's you know it's almost like sending them home looked out and go ahead -- the story. Well I had -- state database to a that this guy it was an immensely valuable person the whole. For whatever reason I -- which we still don't know. I'd have a very hard time believing it you did it because it was the right thing that did you -- -- -- some POW horrible break. They had something really valuable gain from the. Well -- I've -- two sides of that first of all. I spoke to a friend who was in the military. And they told the that do not be surprised -- one on the recently did this was. Because a 1000000005 years in the Taliban that he could have some Intel for them but then I had someone else tell me that. If he was that valuable. That then they wouldn't try to extract him of similar to the way that they've got other people that. That that. But that the fact that. He's so valuable they're willing to do five from one Maine that's certainly be true but I guess it's going to be interest in a follow this -- the weeks go on. I have two and to what we really don't know what their reason why. But -- it which we have there was no reason they did this and they get that world you know -- dispute it to do -- -- that would be shocking. But I really do you think there's something more till it. Who knows what it actually is will it come out who knows cup and I think I -- agree with the other column on. It does set a really bad president. Like I do have a great text message though I would rather see the sergeant walked away. But see him do what salute to soldiers did at Fort -- I'd have to agree with the. Why not bad thing about this does. -- Who knows what kind of stuff that guy went through it pretty much gonna go to -- Tell people do not gone out for them a look at it because you keep eights game on all the public -- on. Poor soldiers come home you know I have no hell in a lot of these guys have PT SBA. And I actually know guys who at the battle Fallujah which is really a brutal bat in the threatened. The program itself I mean it bureaucrat to -- It isn't it citizenship. Brian I've got a double -- -- the flavor sports movie you wanna throw in tonight. Ali that the say recently it's 42. 42 was just that Robert just incredible thank you Brian appreciate you voting and all right the rescue guys on -- well I'll be right back with you this is good show and I'm Bob Mitchell and WWL AM at them and dot com tomorrow morning on WWL first news the atomic -- -- Thames had two of the ninety's. The argument about AC for death row inmates heats up ago or condemn prisoners are entitled to her condition is anybody entitled -- commissioning. And his love him about a C in south Louisiana ruled. An unusual punishment the matter who it is that's tomorrow morning Tom Cochran WWL I'm Bob Mitchell and force you to buy it. Let's go to bill colleague from Beltre is built they -- calling what's on your mind tonight. Yeah. -- jail. You're Vietnam. Thank you -- in the country. -- -- -- You know it it did it what it is or. Why did he deserved. Yeah. We don't know they said that he. That budget recall he said he didn't want applied for America anymore and we're leaving to start a new life. You know okay. About the war like places like. -- should be able to get the art art. You out there. The -- and and he. So you don't think we should have made this prisoner swap -- Now there. One. But several Marcia LA. It is about is. All. We did you know Internet did vote. -- actually desert. Well it obviously. Days that have it appears to be a very good taste on. Deserve Sharon not I'm not ready to calling a -- yet because we do not know what his state of mind was and and and why he did dessert but. If -- the question does. -- dessert and that's a criminal act and the military say they will hold him accountable when they. I guess bring all this to a conclusion. Bill thank you so most of serving the country thank you for following then a got Allen and dean. And David if you guys will hang on. I promise I'll get to you right after the top of the hour news on the big day it's seventy WWL AM a -- dot com Bob Mitchell -- for student tonight.