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06-03 11pm Bob Mitchell /Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Jun 4, 2014|

Bob continues to discuss Sgt. Bergdahl, an alleged military deserter, being traded for five notorious terrorists.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it is me Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell will be with you tonight and the rest of the week political -- although I think Stewart will be doing a show Fridays to throw -- enough for cart under the -- of you wondering where he -- And if you or judge joining us let me go lay out what does all and or. WWL talked table tonight for the rest of the show we're talking about the the prisoner swap that you there's not a channel. On TV you can tune into to find out what's going on and that everybody is talking about it. The United States. Swapped five. Bad guys five guys we had. At -- gitmo four charger and to a bowl Borger bill who deserted his post in Afghanistan. And we're talking about whether or not the government should have negotiate with -- does -- send a a new message. It was a 521 prisoner -- -- If you're just tuning in I'll get to the polls in just to thank you let me just kind of fill you in on on what we know one on the backs of they have. Released full knowing that probably as time goes on more and Warwick released but so far here's what has been released sometime after midnight. On June 30. 2009. He left behind they note in his -- saying he had become disillusioned. With the army. Did not support the American mission in Afghanistan. And was leaving to start a new life. He slipped off. There remote military outpost. On the border with Pakistan and took with them a soft but water -- it's a notebook and writing editorials -- left behind. His body armor and weapons. And which was. As described here -- startling. Giving the hostel in apartment around. His outpost. It was not until 9 AM roll call. June 10. That the warning on soldiers of second battalion electric company learned that he was gone. They say that in the weeks before his capture. He began making. More and more statements suggesting that he was gravitating away from the soldiers in his unit and toward desertion. He spent more time with the Afghans and he did with his own platoon. Now general Martin Dempsey who was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said today. It is premature to think there will be no charges. Against him. And to -- assembly in a -- balance all this heavy stuff tonight we have also been talking about some of the all time. Favorite sports movie -- bill bring little -- the things dean Howard you and Gulfport. Our map for every man are you about what what about you about some all off to top units of your favorite sports news. Whoa one of kind of put it up a little bit. My father and I. Always do -- large. Longest yard. Old when. Which is always fun -- drag it great and you're hard pressed figured to a movie. With a female. And walk out where -- enjoyed it as much as ten cup. I don't ever -- moving. -- wait wait wait wait is that the war in. There's one movie where Kevin -- -- -- -- the ball pretty keeps trying to hit the ball over the water and drag -- that that's that. That's a funny movie. I've I've of common interest in that not too many people mentioned Roxy. And yet I'm fine I'm fine rocky most of the -- -- -- 123. Not four but whenever there on our. I'd like to watch them Kevin Costner's made some some great movies of course he made field of dreams of but my favorites for the love of the game I can watch that movie every it. Well but the thing about rock he was the story behind how. It came about -- -- You know I mean. He -- And the work that the loan was that nobody would the -- -- the actor and -- he was an order and then. I'm like -- -- bought -- and let him be the actor and then now he's who -- -- -- -- Orioles heard is that does someone have an offer to give him a million dollars. For the movie but did not want him in the -- The day and right and finally I think he used some come away. Put together a couple 100000 dollars and and and made the movie and in though. There there was an example of someone that refused to give up on their dream and vision. Right which makes it even more yeah. What it actually has been resolutely. During an committed not justified in the minutes -- flight could make that movie happens. So let's let's talk about this this while appear we give up five. Even the president of the United States described them as bad guys and that. They would more than likely. Continue to -- now -- their -- to do things against the the government now I'm I'm not quite sure about one thing to someone. Did send me a text message asking me all the prisoners still in custody it's my understanding that. That there are no longer in gitmo but. I thought that they sent them the some place some small country that I can't even remember the name -- -- never even knew the country existed. But that country was very pro Taliban do you know anything about the. Well in the -- And you can ask John that alias I don't know. You know well I'd I'd -- okay bird. What I have the day probably you know aggravate people would make it radio. Nobody really -- Much about it saying yeah and. It's in play. The the government but that know what they want enough. A look. And if they don't -- knows something and we're not -- -- -- office. But we do know here here's what we do -- we do know that they negotiated with terrorists to three. One of our prisoners and that's the thing. Listen we can look at this a hundred different ways and we can say that might -- thing going on that we don't know. But what I don't like about it is that with this country has always had a policy for all along at least and Ronald Reagan. That we would not negotiate with terrorist and we didn't and I don't. Right well and I agree with you but I did hear me out -- sure as I think there may be an underlying agenda I mean it is to say I mean. These that we. Allegedly had that we heard that somewhere that no one knows where's that. I mean they could have been for one trade for. While still in six members who we don't know I mean. I mean. That and moved with that statement made never met in the river here. After you know. Sounds like to Mike did betrayed the -- -- our -- is that well I don't think you're going to be in Leningrad no I involve non Sports Illustrated. But. Good matchup the things that were so it that the -- I don't think it's anything gonna -- absolutely right where our country because we are lose and our craft on. The stirring. What we have been founded on. And built up and move. Little years of 200 and thought he is. And I think -- -- old read yet another president that. A high ranking military at the fuel that doesn't care what anybody bank. And -- as a motivate them to about military. They have tunnel vision. And what they deem as the right here is subjective. And they're gonna knock it out and that's what's gonna happen and dental care what anybody else saying. And we haven't had -- in a long time -- brought up higher ranking military position. And then in my my biggest problem is you know you have more faith that I do because. I'm at the point to where. I think no matter who we elected as as the next president no matter what the party is the other party -- go to work as hard as they can. To work against them and and and that's. That is the number one problem we face in Washington the number one problem we face and our government today. Is that the the politicians -- not working is to the sounds so corny but they are not working for the people there are strictly working for themselves. What the note -- -- well. Media. All. Is that reporting news like in fifty yeah in the history. Military creating and and so now all. You made -- that he's rat race. And you nobody can went salute them and I think of the amount mom my grandmother was filmmaker but remember back in the forties. Or whatever you know like -- you have -- -- -- or whatever and he would like -- -- they'd say there's been very inner peace or whatever. And then they would Yahoo! and hang out together and play cards little -- And then they would just talk about the country and what's best for the country and never come about but here of each other you know now. Is this completely a dog eat dog. You might. You know you're right are heard a comedian who who who took that a little bit further and although he's trying to be funny it was. It was a lot of truth -- that he said that -- these guys would take -- fight and couldn't get anything Isa bin then they'll go out. And share a couple bottles wander over couple bottles lined all right OK you're right -- yet though you're right and and and solve some of the problems. Terror of that having that now on the -- there with the way the media is on everybody. If it. And I hate to say that -- -- important media but in the uses media we. The American. Community knows entirely too much. Well you know. One of the things that. That the that the media doses. And we we we do our best to keep them honest and keep them from me though. Getting away -- things that. Maybe in and in the really commend -- you to look look look what John F. Kennedy was president people would beat it would never ever report of all. The women that he had and now you're now you know you do that now have Barack Obama. Sneaked and smoked a cigarette on the Rose Garden -- -- -- -- story of the new. All absolutely my mother had a book there it is and I. Or I can't remember the name of the but it eighty. It's a book. President to a fair -- think that might be called. And -- play. A bit in learning presidential -- and it's extremely. And it's been -- no evidence. Apparently true but that is the fact. If you know we just keep it simple and let the government work and do what they do it. He ever heard the term. You know enough to be I don't know enough to be dangerous. Yes yes well if the American people know about the direction thank you -- appreciate you can't about a text messages says. What -- -- where your child held hostage. There's a lot -- story you're right if Vermont child held hostage I would want them to the swamp everybody and a mole for the but we've had military person after middle of Terry person -- in. Which hand a young lady the -- emotional folder and and she said if -- were her trees that you know she served. If that or her and she were held captive she would not want the government. To take and swapped prisoners for her because that's negotiating with terrorist and in the long Roland it's going to hurt things even more. Lol let's go to David penalty minutes break -- David and used. Or. They're getting doing -- programs thank you so much. I don't. Greg I disagree with a lot of folks because I don't -- created the sign of weakness but the way I understand it happened Israel them. And similar situations where they swapped for prisoners. Well I I I cannot answer that -- -- -- -- of the knowledge and I believe this I believe that would -- one for one straight prisoner swap I don't think any I don't think any of this would be. Would be in the news -- even it would it would it would be no big deal in the demise -- and the giving the government a pat on the back. But when when people see that here is a young man that that. Again I'm not call him a traitor but he did he didn't dessert -- unit. And we go win and and -- five -- -- no. Our. With Osama bin Laden and you give up 521. You know that's negotiating that's that's what -- of the that's. But check me on this and it's better not to understand it Israel done that Israel and so more and we don't consider them week. You know they have done similar. Black and reject me -- treatment but it is part of the -- one -- the students worried about that because. You heard the PPQ plank or. Yeah we had. Entering can't turn around. Well -- let me let me ask him -- the as far as Israel -- the debt that Israel has Israel made a policy statement that we don't negotiate with terrorist. Yeah I don't. -- -- and you yet target point but I mean as far as these five guys you know. We not a problem here or an outlook and what what we got a -- would be gonna get. We eat we eat the pitcher you could be you can bring -- here and you gotta run illegals systems your -- on the -- for. It's almost like soccer -- it's almost better to put them back on the battlefield beacons and if you got a shipment. Check back at someone brought that up earlier and that's. -- It goes down south now okay -- you better game now days you know we question here or whatever but you -- your -- up again. Well David let's hope this let's hope that may be. A month from now we can have a show and we Jimmie talked about at all and that's why they did this all man it's perfectly understandable though. A little late lamented that debt -- they are quick to our track record against these guys before -- -- sports immediately. Our track record against you got to get it. The way you know I mean. Yeah but remember this this -- are intelligent people who is the same group of people who couldn't figure out why. People were and enrolled in a flight school. And all they want to do -- Florida take off a plane and we're not interested in landing so you know that that won't -- when it. Progressed from here so let's hope line. Let's -- You. You know we've gotten better since then probably. Some sports nudity no now treatment. Loves the best. -- and obviously this bright well characters look history trying to playing in. Good movie but to Dave appreciate you voting and it. All right let's go ahead and take put brick welcome back we have Allan John Mica a couple of all other people will it will get to everybody before midlands -- show. And I'm Bob Mitchell and the dude on WWL. AMF and and dot com. Can't wait to -- my booty lives and maybe my kids. Maybe my kids and giving up for Father's Day. -- I need to shut up I'm Bob virtually. -- -- -- -- Couple real quick text messages will -- to the polls and the second one this is an all. Caps. Week the United States should never negotiated with terrorist. Now I'd mention I wasn't sure whether prisoners are and I got this text message from the Charlie I can even pronounce the name of the country correctly QAT and T Argus Qatar the prisoners are there. And supposedly detained airport one year right but if you saw the video of them arrive via I mean they treated them like like like arriving heroes. So let's give back to -- go to Alan Alan how are you. I'm going to -- -- -- -- at this point 76%. Of the people who voted on line are against the United States making this prisoners. -- -- -- Our ability that there don't negotiate with -- there is not something that we should do. That's what makes -- -- all on hold up reports about your favorite ball. -- but I thought also kind of fraudulently in light so that it's not so -- all night long the Yemeni favorite sports movies that -- that that you just love it you know movies you watch over and over again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a great move on all bungled it you know old. The other one would -- Oh that was funny little bright. Spot that in part but I got there are people are going -- -- what you want what. But still the watermark -- it. What went on people and but what brought back and the other one ought the pocketbook the night every city. It's kind of like. They're trying to treat opera another level. Old. Like like I did call it what. What oh what -- -- it is currently but I don't know -- years of and chill and probably a -- Thank you -- now which I think this is the same issue we talked to earlier that correct. Look -- show off color did you serve in the military. Along. While. And a thought for those of you who -- -- Who weren't posting earlier. I'm glad the show called back in because -- she's had such a wonderful story and go ahead and and and and re re generate crucial that you you. You were totally against this -- -- And the neck and neck and urban combat and I Gergen and time after being neutral duty station okay. I. I had a brand element carrier. And today he bombs and -- court. We being the people of on our neighbors now in an area that name. And he. Dean. In that predicament. And yet he won't come off mom but he -- you know and you want to come home early to get him. -- meaning he -- -- dedication to god core country that he can pick it. I don't think like a talent like on -- medically Craig -- net. You know -- we're eating and went right by the action BA and that we -- The one being you can say about -- ministry unit hospital. We have a darn good peaking at the utility sexual trauma or -- -- among combat back. Let me ask you this question it it does appear at this point that they will. Maybe hold him or accuse him. Desertion because the people have to shoot it. If he was mentally unstable. At that time. What day you still hold import desertion. Yet because -- -- been mentally unstable and back he'd get caught the next day at the sound background -- now. -- not yet you know -- -- out. Is our it isn't is it common and that they said that started gravitating. More toward the Afghan people. Then -- and then you -- Without knowing him in a wreck that specialty he -- event or 18 at least he's being -- -- Can point. We have people. There. Catch it bombs. At the they're -- well on the wall ol' Strom. Water or. Don't have to -- Ample around -- back action. I'm down on the speaker. Okay I have a friend of mine that explain to me that if that it's very very possible that that would he was doing that he was. Both forehand or learn the language after after captivity but I do understand that a lot of times. You know the they have people that learned the local language and that they Nixon pulled locals would try -- taken it upon Intel here and there. Is. Is there any possibility is there a remote possibility that this thing could've just been a a set up. And that they wanted to him to get captured. You have to know below. Yeah. Are you did not -- United they won it. All the impact you know in light or. We did not. I don't care. And work like -- And and here here's what a mental emotional defect that if if he did have a that if he did have incredible and so if if if he was out gathering Intel and then was picked up by the Taliban. That. If the United States wanted to. Extract him they would not have done that throughout prisoners' swap. It would. Let me again shipping and a five -- you bet now. Being in -- Unique out. Real went from aipac. That. And is it will be making it one. They have secret or secret. -- that. At the pop that -- and called to break. Feel I'm Brooke and arch on the net prepare like -- -- -- back -- The -- -- there and I'm sure the back in the field. Going to -- that package. When. Eerie that on the clock then and now -- -- and who will present flag that trial. That -- and one -- capital incorporated that we like what you got now a lot more action on there. -- I appreciate your polling in the -- thank you solutions go to my. Mike are you tonight. First. Do you say while rock or so are bad. And certainly rises. Good -- should work out I'll tell. You. Our. Because of all the records are and I'll. Get. But then I'll -- My night there's a difference between coming and giving -- -- and that's what she said we were. Oh in other words what she said was that if this if this officer. And the Intel. That they would find -- way to getting they would not negotiate with terrorists and so we're not talking about -- right if life -- a -- in the military and I were captured. I would I would hope they would come after me hope hope it would completely but princes in the open negotiating with terrorists they will give you. Five of your bad guys for one of ours and that's that's what most people. Our. Are again because our country is as that over and over again. That we will never negotiate with terrorists and once to once you open that door I don't know if you can close. Sure our countries there are better. -- And a story out there. Well I guess I you know whatever happens down the road. We don't know I mean you know I mean I've -- I've had some people call in and say that they think that maybe. They put on top attracting devices of these five guys and they're gonna take a mall of that that that that may or may not be true but right now. The perception that we don't want as a country. Is the fact that in the work what happened to play but they grab someone -- -- well you don't give as such and such we're gonna you know when it wouldn't. Cut its -- all forward you know tropic bump in the little pieces you know. When. We've had military person after middle upper military person folded tonight and say when when you put on the uniform. You -- you know. That if something happens to you and and and you get captured that you don't want them to pay and negotiate with a terrorist just to save your life. Now of my kid if it was my sort of course at war on the do. Of course. They know -- there be a big -- You know they're looking at what's best for the long term of -- country. That's what they're looking for. -- Or write it up to good there bit by it -- -- you know there are captured. Regardless we're doing so I would hope. You know like you wouldn't go to you what you would want on the outcome after UW 110 you would want them to put the entire country. At risk in the future just for you I don't think so let's go to John John -- you. Ninety Bob -- But I don't know -- worker earning the shale yes. I was so glad to hear from. -- that she's she's just such a brave woman. You know well I think I think what distances and forgive me if Americans don't understand what's going on I think our allies understand. I think our enemy to understand. -- I don't think there's anywhere near them around the end and Bologna -- come from. What we hear or don't year home. Made it earlier sit me and and it looked this there's been the promotion will lead this Jack tried to. Sort of Mirko tried to join the four -- foreign legion eight years ago he went before. They didn't warning. I think he's pretty much for an Peru plate. For anybody to believe to keep a plant or mole. Pfc. And inexperienced to be running a one man -- work outraged. Well what Betty military people have told me is affected if he wore okay if if he wore a -- he wore this this this big time. Intelligence -- that we could not weak about little but they would have fouled a way not through. In the public open negotiation. They would've that -- said the unit and extracted. And -- and its own floor or Maurice. And so I just think it's that all horrible. And horrible message to both legacy and or allies in our enemy. And mr. Netanyahu made some sort statement Davis. Apparently. There are about to negotiate with Hamas and I'm not sure where they are central. Our country is whether Lebanon -- what are. I mean I. Of course throughout our foreign policy all over the place you know on the -- Middle -- and and that -- just -- to like what are we do when I'm home. Tied to John on that I think a lot of people are thinking along the same lines that you are appreciate your calling. On the break of the wanna try to get everybody on. Before a midnight so walk. We'll come right back on WWL and I'm Bob Mitchell and which do let's see if we can get everybody all know Jamie -- -- how warriors about what's your favorite sports moving. Yeah. He. Fine. Are you -- -- -- you want nobody mentioned at all the right mood lit Tom Cruise back in the late eighties. And what was that about I don't remember that when. That's a great book Lou we want about made -- A lot of reality. Yeah. You haven't seen it. No -- I don't call that little bit. They. Are right I thought top gun made him famous. Well that was a bit. Well right mood made -- -- the not -- football league with the -- yet been. That was doing and that is how good that was very very good thank you -- Anything goes yet he's emotional and. And I hope. Remember that you know we -- little girl grow up policy -- and McNair. Nancy's big star on has -- Yep your right remember the titans -- great lift the mark and -- remarks are you tonight. It I okay. I diplomacy that ma ma a date certain military history but they'll promote their pro war -- on the older brother. I'm darn -- ought to. And my experience in Vietnam. And development through it in Korea out there at the data typical of that agent are. I bend it now while apple about Britain while apple represent the United States. When really you know none -- -- critical care about me and the debate will not contribute to -- side in the market throughout the campaign is that. What we. The president he needed. And about that that would cause they're in OK -- -- -- that. That is that it will. Be. That is yet. And it should be able to come at the end you -- Well -- but coming and getting -- coming and rescuing you is different than openly negotiating with terrorists and setting. -- -- in this setting a standard that the other countries hold and say oh well we do this. We can get them to negotiate with the -- understanding that that these were five really bad gods -- We would amount -- then -- independent but not a problem and about that it but it was well what would go on now. Is that we might put them ideal well man I will fight for. What truly -- you know -- -- freedom yeah. What is not that and we could benefit from -- not there is -- well. Well meant an apartment in it do it and the bit I think you know -- I'm not and it went in and out. All right mark let's go to Michael in gulf -- how are you Michael. -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't account -- reports say. I served in Iraq twice. And it -- and I went to Afghanistan wants. And I don't thank god for you. I don't I've seen a lot of stuff. And -- and suburb is much and I hated it there I never once decided you know what I'm just gonna leave my post did you ever -- people. Did you ever hear people talk about -- -- I mean like you use you here this does and that he. He was in no longer believed in what America was doing the did -- guys talk about the -- the wire we even here. I did I even sent. I'm you know why why are we coming out here at the same time. I signed a contract dating game I would go wherever it militaries which it wants to send. I would do whatever they told anyone immediately. -- -- -- -- Because the simple fact that I signed that contract. And all stopped -- -- song is much and it and I never warrants. Deciding just openly. Unit and not only that but also. Eight error the US like Cambodia sent. US it's -- the time and time again we will not negotiate with terrorists. And why one person this one guy. Why didn't negotiate dispassionate or are you. So my -- today. Though sorry. So you believe the same way of that much travel folded early even if they have even if that where you. In that the Afghan prison you would not want the United States to negotiate and and and and let other people go to get -- other. Not. Exactly I completely agree with shell. I knew it keeps you from here on. Date if you were captured. We will not negotiate for a year for your release I didn't you know going. Yes it keeps. They -- -- triple coupon user. And -- Sorry I don't think that you know. You know full well going and gave you a chance to capture yeah -- spirit you know you know full well. Dictate they turn it go into an -- and dangers as. And you're averaging. Yeah which you decide. To sign contracts accused Google know what's forcing -- to go in there is no draft. -- now so. Do you believe the same thing that it's one thing where if they try to rescue -- there that's one thing. But it's a totally different thing when they start negotiating with your captains and and due to some type of prisoner swap that you would be against. Yes exactly I -- you know. It architecture. -- -- Credit -- every day they're trying to rescue me yeah I do not want them to negotiate. Because that's why guys. You know how bad. They are and -- -- You know. If you let him back out they're going to be they're -- And do you really morally and your conscience okay being negotiated for being with these guys but now. You know some shall make -- really looked like it was Trevor and it's obvious call that someone might have to do that some of them might have to do. I'm I'm totally against prisoners walk it in Africa republic captain. Please try to -- and you -- not negotiate. Thank -- -- thank you Michael thank you for serving our country thank you for phoning in and adjust and I'll get back to you right after this break with a big -- seventy WWL. I'm Bob Mitchell was the huge show tonight that's go to Justin in adult port to. Justin wrap it up forced that I what do you think this whole situation. Apart while I was like are. They appreciated thank all the servicemen and women and those are the -- -- helmet cameras but alkaline. You know on that they're. I think it is don't agree at all with trading. Especially Bettman -- for a US citizen yeah but I thought they wanted to be like which -- -- deserting his. -- company. Is it. It is that the -- apartment bought a 10 we here at United States and like over here they do collapse that person. Well I mean Andy I'll I would like to bring that are impacted and maybe give a brief as -- -- went on the widow. But I don't. Well. On the bail out people have like these. This being that big magnifying grant -- Commander in chief we have now begun all of the president has made any space yeah. And one question I -- Well it's the war out -- -- the policy is policy. Well we don't negotiate. I think gosh I think I think that's -- Ronald Reagan believed that. We went one -- and I wonder so we've seen. Dipping under built schools to RA and and not a correct world war back at my mandatory for weeks US hostages. You've got mail that -- -- -- -- important remembers the something like that. You know I -- I think what it is is that the situation is so out in the open you know and yeah. I think I think that's probably the biggest problem but yet every military person that we've had flown in tonight said that if they were in that situation. They would want there there there of their fellow soldiers to come rush do them they would want -- fell -- of the connotation and get the mother. But they would not want the government to negotiate with terrorist. 230. And what which I think it's so admirable and and like you -- All all all you can do is. Commend. The the the men in military that serve this country because of the day to day. That put themselves at risk and and sacrifice family to serve this country that -- grocery. -- All right just an anything goes how about your favorite sport actually about a positive that a much -- favorite sports movies. Call it will be without the body is oh yeah. Waterborne and remember the -- Remember the titans that that is still one of those movies that's what Denzel that. I didn't I don't either way that's on like -- I want to older review. That and an hello Brian's -- the original one. You know that was what -- named James and and I don't know who grew. That went out and and watch I don't believe -- -- that -- -- right Justin thanks so much okay thank you. Thank you all for listening and for calling and working John to. Those that took -- took to the bone tonight good -- god bless -- from WWL.