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Jun 4, 2014|

Dave talks about print or cursive, burning feces, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition -- WWL first news on this the fourth of June 2014. Welcome to the day that we like to celebrate here's the middle of the workweek as they wish you mr. Miller a happy hump day per day. You sound excited about it. Now I was expecting the music that -- an -- until later knowledge happens now I just did not want to make sure you're ready for an element that you don't get some surprises -- widest -- -- make sure you're prepared and you know how to -- the -- You about him. Yes. The Clinton playing the way and come in a way. Ladies and gentlemen please celebrate what does the arrival of Palm -- -- talked -- through. Did you talk to chew -- at. What we have a through -- Little more complicated to go out there. -- whatever it is that you're doing and hope you can drive and do at least it -- home to experience please be careful. You know -- incidents -- -- you want to do enjoy the fact that we estimated to -- in and celebrate something with us here -- W well. As you question. When you write something down do you righted in print or in curse. I don't know you don't know -- by -- -- about it and right now I'd write something it's the island fault -- really honestly. Don't know me a lot of times by need to write something down -- pullout the Smartphone and in. Start tapping away at little virtual keyboard you still use reporter's notebook that's when you write something down in your reporter's notebook and I don't have with me on this desk notes of my other desks -- -- either I really don't know I've. I think its front line out that I never used cars except for what -- -- sign mine name. That is about the only time might ever -- person I use a weird kinda cyber print and the politically -- youngest daughter. I mean we even wanted to underscore it's like part friend part Kirsten how do you pick. My own personal. About. Does that -- all -- ago around the country. On whether or not schools should continue requiring. The teaching of Kirsten. Because almost nobody uses cars that anymore according to many analysts and experts who analyze this. Some schools let my kids year had to learn corrosive my youngest is there team and yeah how Wall Street gonna sign a check. -- legal documents and curse of for that year curse of does -- your signature does not need to be curative. What like a lot of forms for name signature or submit an important. And -- my signature. Became the because I mean it would look pretty foolish right print my name. And then -- signature right. Print my name when you print -- people -- -- look at it documents say what is this guy so you think that way way Everett's first great thanks -- -- -- -- an imprint currently whatever they learned gripped workers they should continue to do that distillate on assignment. Yeah here's my compromise suggestion. Usually teach that child letters in their names so they know how to do the signature. They can sign contracts. In and Jackson and other legal -- while in South Carolina the debate gets interesting that it went to the state legislature. And according to report. It cost 27 million dollars for materials. And teacher training. So that they can teach children how to writing Kirsten and I am never use it anymore. Cost that much -- material and training that means someone who doesn't material and training is -- juicy contract that story one lawmakers said. I -- lets make it simple. If the teachers are taught how do you -- corrosive they can just give -- a piece of paper. And show them how to do it they don't need material. That -- they -- my kids came home with a little. Tracing books where you traced all the curse of letters and they do that over and over and over like this -- times for acts. And I don't call tracing book while lower. -- we had -- little guy like new -- unique to your paper little bits of the is that -- fuel to the curses them or call Tracy Tracy and get someone is making a mint selling tracing books that's like costing 27 million dollars to beat the state of South Carolina which can't be that big a state population wise. Teach its kids right -- -- my question our listeners detect estimate that it that is one do you ever use cars anymore script. And two do you think it should still be caught taught in schools when just about everything we do now is. Computer tablet phone whatever. The kids still need to be talked -- Did ever used it again. After they -- that year I don't thanks. Rattling teachers require that you anything anchors is that. After that league now like it's a catch my kids using curse of a wash the amounts that no. As dollar back in fifteen minutes of Harper's news here and every WL I am at them and I can take your forecast it -- sports and shares similar text messages at age 7870. After -- when you write -- and down. Our profit that maybe. He's first of our friends. Or some combination Sheldon master controls that pirate Olympics you right now -- Olympics -- a combination of president for. By fifteen and your home. 5:19 good morning I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much for being a part of the early edition of WWL fours in his one person tax sedate him create them and he schools on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and pardon me no longer teach cursed. Yet the teachers right in -- -- on all birds. Boards white boards or talk sports. Discussion. Yet -- comparison of -- -- -- as a person I thought it was called script I think they're interchangeable aren't that. The president -- on time my news here's that is for writing checks do you think that schools should continue to teach Packers. South Carolina authorities take a 127 million dollars in supplies just to keep teach kids something they'll never use hopefully to use the forecast playing. Today will be cruising into the upper eighties today with less cloud cover and less rain only -- 20% chance today. With lows dropping tonight down into the seventies. Then Thursday and Friday we're gonna keep the heat around highs around 9291. And each afternoon -- -- 10% chance for a straight shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm meteorologist Laura -- Now I'd finally drying out -- off to cut the grass growing like crazy -- -- currently weeds but it's not throwing like grass partly cloudy 74 degrees at the reporting -- calm -- 91% relative humidity mostly cloudy and 69 in line now. Sports time now with Steve -- -- view rights in print or in person of course script. You know I actually have an issue because. I tend to write -- script but I can't keep my own and -- -- Like I take notes during saints can't watch a practice and go back comic what does this say that you just have on your phone. You know a lot to bring a phone practice sari note if they saw that they're. Would think them you know weeding out stuff for putting on FaceBook connecting node. The you hand right should be used curses and then -- -- Yeah I should start printing navy -- me you should start sports and -- morning. They won the second week of organized team activities have kicked off for the saints the NFL network as quarterback Drew Brees. What it's like not having some familiar targets like Lance Moore and Darren Sproles not around this year. I can do is I'm excited I'm excited about the guys we've gotten them excited about some of these young players who have yet to have that opportunity. -- now in the absence of those other guys will have that opportunity. LSU ace Aaron -- organs they outfielder Michael hunt for -- and Kentucky pitcher slash infielder AG read -- -- finalists for the golden spikes award presented annually to the top amateur baseball player in the US. -- look became the only pitcher to win the SEC pitcher of the year award in two consecutive seasons and ranks second in the nation in strikeouts with a 134. While collecting a one point 47 ERA and eleven wins this season. Or six months after Alabama agree to long term -- to keep Nick Saban as head coach. The -- of his contract were voted on and agreed to let the schools compensation committee the four time championship winning coach will make it NCAA best. Six point five million dollars -- base salary per year through 2022. Save animals will be awarded a 400000 dollar completion bonus per year bringing the total contract for 55. Point two million. San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker says he will play in game one of the NBA finals tomorrow against Miami despite a sore left ankle the -- and commit to much of Saturday's Western Conference finals victory. -- averaging eighteen leading seventeen points and privacy as this post season has been bothered by injuries the past two rounds. Dan Marino says he inadvertently became a -- every concussion lawsuit against the NFL. And is with withdrawing immediately. Halting quarterback said he doesn't suffer any effects from head injuries. And back on the diamond with a -- is called the Colorado Springs five the -- disease finished their road trip with a record of six and two. Today ads for on sports talk show Washington changed the name of their team is redskins' offensive or not I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning -- -- -- point three -- on Steve -- with you on your radio so how much is Nick Saban got to make now or a year to coach. -- Alabama crimson time with all the incentives and bonuses to -- seven million a year. Six point 96 point nine million per year Jordan master Kent knows it is telling me that Bear Bryant. In what year was it Jordan it was at a championship via in 1979. Made 45000. Wow that's that's a big jump. Is there a ceiling this and -- -- and every time. -- coach. Win the championship or get to new contractors had a history of winning championships that they have the largest contract right and it keeps going up these are college football coaches is their ceiling -- their top I mean. As I can almost seven million a year. I don't know I thought I still feel like savings -- -- -- price I would take him any day in my team and the actors. I don't -- -- I -- honored I know very not very popular opinion down here you can't argue with the man six exactly he's won four championships. Yeah for championships is saying Clinton on allows him. Note -- target for time with the Alabama. It went one out there yeah that's fine. Pre -- These all right. -- side. I can't say that I can't say that like you know it. I know majority probably just that the controller for total -- but Alberto relatives my bad. Three analyses three it meant -- one -- -- -- -- for me to get that straight to -- -- text. Them. I do want text messages about what -- and reading news with dikes even when -- -- -- sports talk to about Drew -- is Thomas. About losing some veteran players in the way he's just trying to look at the bright side effects. -- your forecast is coming up along with many text messages the -- the used -- ever some hybrid combination there around talk about that. After one person -- and I can barely -- hate to try and read what I right and hurt him -- present that they use chicken scratch. Doesn't it makes it a lot easier for criminals to forge your name keep teaching okay do you think they should keep teaching current events schools. Who uses that anymore script what everyone ala -- does technically. Chris emotion washes it's hands with -- -- -- -- not the amount now the president says I use my personal hybrid. Mostly frantic. As I've gotten older my Kirsten has progressively become less -- Can't decipher so it's not used often -- -- 178 and do you think kids should still be taught. Coercive or script in school in the meantime your forecast. Cloudy skies this Wednesday add hot 88 this afternoon with only 20% chance for just an isolated thunderstorm. And the next couple of days we'll keep that heat around ninety for Thursday and 91 on Friday. Both afternoons only 10% chance for rain. On the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark backed. Now got a little fog here there are no rain on the radar right now it's partly cloudy at the airport encounter with calm winds in 91% relative humidity and it's muggy 74 degrees Slidell mostly cloudy. And 69 degrees and gave -- the early edition of WWL. Offers news. Millions of dollars schools are spending on tracing books those white boards a little tiny white boards were kids can write the chorus of wipe it off over and over. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the fourth of June 2014. Good morning mr. Miller and -- there man be the first to wish you a happy home. I could -- doing it now and move them computer -- in Atlanta your arms in the air. They can bounce it up and down yet another reason installs. -- -- Around the and bloggers were struck that we're surrounded by computer. And TV monitors everywhere. They they move up and down. Anyway that's another story. Yes to please everybody get on the job enjoy yourself. Get that adrenaline -- weather here in the shower brushing UT at the breakfast table driving please do would carefully. Always do the Humpty hump carefully and do while drive. But do enjoy ourselves either way. Wrong what people all. Story comes just out of Seattle. Does the number one thing Seattle police officers noted at the east precinct station was a fire in the Alley the next thing they noticed was number two. Literally. Command told officers he had just. Relieved himself in the Alley right behind the police station and decided to be best if he burned. -- That he didn't really got. At least and it looked bright light -- fire at old. That's he said he did not know that starting a fire was illegal. Real any bitty note that we leaving so if anybody was doing nothing wrong public area a police spokeswoman inspects. There's nothing in the police report indicate why the man thought the burning human -- behind the police station was an idea or thought that. Reliving himself -- -- police station was an idea but it didn't think it was necessary to order a mental evaluation. So they charged him -- -- Reckless burning. The only thing they -- Firefighters had to be called. Dukes the annual lottery he knew that he can we. That was dumpster right next to it which is part of the concern. They thought that it might. Lead did then contents of the dumpsters catching on fires them. I don't recommend going in the dumpster not oh he would never lives. There's the dumpster are -- gull -- in. That is going in the dumpster we know in the you never -- prank apparently years ago it would take. We did elect and democratic activists have become a top fire sale -- and it's everywhere we give us back burning. I think continents burned do it. I've never I had ever -- now having an adult planes do movement. The thing now you put that little bit of scientific curiosity in my mind that now and I really don't wanna pursue a part of our -- wherever I've heard of other countries where they use manure to power. You know like generators and in a little harder this higher methane content I guess what it while we have to go Google would balance about a British Open by Google has yet that's giving you go Google that in the meantime I continue to ask why. It's people actually and and you might end up in that -- not careful if you better be careful what you Google about burning. Human. Extra thank you -- we'll talk about twenty minutes we have our first it is here at WWL. I -- at seven dot com. Now it's time to -- -- meteorologist Laura but tell do the Humpty dance. -- -- -- -- -- -- I would forth it is every Wednesday I'm glad that I am able to fulfill every smile to my -- you are looking forward to detect it everywhere. Is it gray blazer and black blouse -- I don't know what Eyewitness News forecast now. You know we always do this week ends up -- theories similar outfits and for you can't tell me it's not planned it's not. It really mean not -- I can tell you a lot more pressure because. -- kind of bleary eyed. In my closet you know -- -- to figure out to where I noticed with UN -- wearing black plagiarism and I mean gray blazer and black blouse. I can't figure and sometimes I'll be wearing something. Really random like a bright orange you know address that you think OK most people and then. -- show up in bright awards so I if I can't explain I don't know it's to make a wearing black -- and she's actually wearing bright -- she gets a little butter cup this morning -- keep -- at the little brighter this. That she are bringing everybody that because for everybody. Now the butter cups may be blooming now that the rain is gone in the sunshine will be back -- well that and growing lineup. Butter you grow like -- the act has time to get out in the yard and do the art it's -- I've got a plan. Right now I think that's kind of advocates that most people that they were waiting for the rain to finally end. -- take -- to today he got a stretch of several aides were -- go ahead. But the law and get the art that sort of think you're right now beginning today but you might wanna do on the morning into the afternoon -- -- security -- warm pretty steamy out upper eighties says right around ninety for the next couple of days that. Typical heat for gene and just isolated threat for an immediate straight thunder storm meets each day -- and that's. Every day through the weekend. He had even through the weekend at 91 for high Saturday and Sunday so it's just kind that -- heat built Ninan. Mean soon. -- summertime ladies and know how to officially but it. It is -- meteorological summer meteorological yeah so we always starting EG June July markets to your lot. It's summer. In school do when you hand right do you print or -- -- of restrict its so -- depends a minute and really you. You've not been determined now I always the only way to doing of his misstatement. And it's become -- justice went on its wholly depends on just kind of talent healing them -- That is the debating whether another to keep teaching kids curses when almost nobody uses it and. Think some repeat -- third grade practice scene might GE's in my script in my you know. Lower case that opportunity I've -- looking at the little girl next meet Jody was -- -- always wishing packet right and well -- you get hotter letters look so perfect like. It looked like you know Michael -- Griffey -- him. And I was I was and I wish I could do that never I was never that I gave up -- with it with time couples couples cracked up close with my dad has always written in. -- like upper level let the idea that I do all capital letters. I don't use lower case letters and all I think my dad has always you know the only thing -- when I write my address on the return at an envelope the very few times -- -- anything anymore. Right Metairie in lower case but everything else is. -- -- I don't know why or better yet let's take. So much longer to sit there and right -- capital -- I don't know now that the pain as a means script you -- and it's all one fluid you know yeah Mac. And it -- degrade. Well right but the fit into that that's what was on my dad when -- -- -- now he's like painstakingly. Riding out the capital I. How would that not Ukraine the not just I I just scribble some down. Well the debate will continue please keep texting and activity that only about what you read you -- of -- teachers and schools in the meantime I have to open up the people file again because in Cincinnati they were having. Yesterday the elementary school kindergarten graduation. So all the little kindergartners were moving on up to the first frame -- had a little caps and gowns and they're having juice and cookies afterwards to celebrate. Man to dad started getting into an argument brawl one dad then punched. Another -- Aren't as never having their punch and cookies too whiny people that ended up. NM may -- they put the school into lockdown. Because they were afraid that there -- Italy would grow -- they blocked all of the other kids in the classrooms tried discourage the kindergartners away as the parents were fighting. All at the kindergarten graduation at a 150 children with their families. -- and then right now. That's different. We don't want -- or what would start and -- certainly an argument -- with somebody in front as somebody else try to take a picture of their players you know graduate or something and yet there was an apparent dispute other people began pushing and shoving. And near the cafeteria doors several police officers arrived they began trying to restore order. This is just the man now at a kindergarten graduation right -- -- kids are destined for greatness that parents like that kind of related note when you are growing up did you have kindergarten graduation with a capital town I don't recall having no I didn't -- -- on the -- adult and they called the move and out of there. And become the new -- if you -- -- -- it. Preschool and kindergarten at it's like cure for graduation by the time at school right -- garden every year they have awards ceremony -- you graduate from elementary school you graduate from junior high graduate from all. Now when I graduated from eighth grade to go in high school that was the only time I change schools -- -- a little thing that we -- where -- gallons during evening it was. So it's so funny did needed to see you know if you end up where you where cap and -- like five or six times you're like -- -- world. High school -- College -- politics at the -- and just seems it seems like it's kind of a new or -- -- everybody's talking about it. That's part of the -- celebrating everything culture. It's so funny every kid needs to be celebrated -- How well or not well they do and you know if they if within an award ceremony the end of every year I digress but. -- kids who don't get any awards for academic achievement for -- athletic achievement for anything else but they make sure to give him an award for participation it's something everybody at some. There's probably pros and cons that will take the -- specialness of being a high school graduation go pick up your captain get out. And he's already done it six times that Atlanta -- -- -- announcement are added to the stack another pack. Caps and gadget guy you know. Maybe maybe have just been so I don't just seems quick feet I would put it out they should. Should they have kindergarten graduation -- you know I'll watch -- now we're gonna get the real threat to intimidate them and have you two are about now -- and right from Eyewitness News forecast. Well she graduates from the forecast then we move on to sports next here on -- -- ten minutes before 6 AM on your whole -- time for sports here on WWL Steve -- -- him back practicing getting ready. And and training -- right around this morning there. The morning and happy hump day everyone many wondered the saints would select a quarterback this past draft to -- for the future since the face of the franchise Drew Brees is now 35 years old. The NFL network as -- if he's thought about when he will retire. -- at my fourteenth season it's like. -- having too much fun so I'd love -- don't do this as long as I can play at a high level as far as I can be healthy why not play this game is all you can do is we love it. The Arizona Cardinals have signed free agent linebacker Ernie Sims to a one year contract. That move follows the what you're suspension of linebacker Daryl Washington for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy Sims was Detroit's first round pick in 2006. And played the last two seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. LSU pitcher Aaron -- the season might be over but the ace is still in the running from one of college baseball's biggest awards. He's one of three finalists for USA baseball's golden spikes award given to the nation's top amateur baseball player. No look finished his junior season with an eleven and one record and they one point 47 ERA while striking out 134. Batters. Well winning certainly pays off the Alabama system trustees compensation committee has approved a new deal for football coach nick Sabin. Don't make nearly seven million dollars a year through 20/20 two. The 62 year old will make six point five million base plate plus 400000. Dollars completion fee for each year. Tony Parker says he plans to play in game one the NBA finals with San Antonio Spurs opened their rematch with the Miami Heat tomorrow. And restore the star point guard is nursing an ankle injury and he aggravated in Saturday night's Western Conference finals. Parker Parker is averaging eighteen leading seventeen points and five assists this post season. And his efforts wrapped up an eight game road trip with a five to four loss to Colorado Springs disease beginning eight or game homestand tomorrow against round rock. Today -- -- sports talk should Washington changed the name of their team is redskins' offensive or not I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning exports. I was just -- you reduce in the Nick Saban getting six point nine million dollars a year story now how he doesn't look 62 years old to me. He looks younger and that I came up with a theory because if you never show emotion and they won't have wrinkles. -- smile never laugh. Never -- mean to have the same blank stare at your face all time that the way to look Yahoo! it is always painful on the SEC teleconference during year he sounds like command that is eighty years old -- that. -- so miserable to be speaking to anybody of you know about his football team all the armed rallies successful and he's getting the most money any coach ever in the history of college. Football there are your pictures of the mom and smiling it can be found Allen ties have a six point nine million dollar a year contract I think I would not. -- had any problems smiling I think even that would exit. Drew Brees. He's playing statesman. I think with NFL network asked him when he wants to retire Rogers while planning gaming and even answer the question and I found very interesting is answer the question about losing. Players like Lance Moore and Darren Sproles and how he felt about that. I can do is I'm excited I'm excited about the guys we've gotten them excited about some of these young players who've yet to have that opportunity. That now in the absence of those other guys will have that opportunity. In answer the question but he did make it as pretty politically -- is good politician absolutely but he he did actually say that. You know he was has laid the best in it's -- it's Pittsburgh it's been. You know a good run with him and Darren Sproles he admitted that the parent. Right it's it's tough that he's going to be Darren Sproles will not be with him because he's a guy that drew was responsible for bringing to New Orleans. When you look at the bright -- budget young hot guys who get shot it down for them who run right exactly. Thank you Steve you're on the back with more sports in fifteen minutes here on -- WL am -- -- dot com your forecast is after this. To be able to expand -- 7872 both graduated kindergarten in the seventies say they had a kindergarten graduation back -- and wore a cap and -- Some of his is not a new thing may be dismissed meteorologist Laura but I was lucky enough to participate when she was in kindergarten but she does get to participate telling us the forecast. More sunshine today -- past couple of days and less rain only 20% chance for an isolated storm later on. And that'll be higher heat in the upper eighties tonight should be pretty clear with lows around 73. Rain chances tomorrow and Friday both standing at about 10% expect mostly sunny skies. And the heat to move and ninety for Thursday 91 on Friday. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and -- Clark tells. Many foreign -- 69 in Slidell one person texts me at 87870. Says yes continued -- curses. Once warrant it's much faster way to rights and the and seldom leaves the paper. I print all caps in my -- never leaves the -- my own unique style and I it's on responses story about the -- in Seattle burning it is. Personal ways behind the police station one person that they don't call the dumpster. Nothing related he would do next to the dumpster. Not a president Dave we feel like the rest of my breakfast thanks a lot Agassi should warn you before -- -- burning -- story. In response to Chris knows that he was gonna find out if it really does -- and not. I kind of want to thank the person at Texas -- link to a science. Web site. Apparently answers that question. Afraid to click the way. But I am not afraid to which UN happy -- -- ladies and gentlemen enjoy your Wednesday good -- to the rain I won't miss you at all.