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WWL>Topics>>6-4 7:15am Tommy, Wisconsin stabbing over Internet character

6-4 7:15am Tommy, Wisconsin stabbing over Internet character

Jun 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Raquel Ruttledge, a reporter with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, about two 12 year old girls who stabbed their friend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't know if you heard about this thing that went on in Wisconsin. With 212 year old girl standing a third over some. Internet concept or me more picture or adjust a fictional thing that was created. And this just astounded us when when news of this broke because. I guess for those of us that are in twelve years older ages. Completely puzzles the mind as to how two friends can take a third one from a sleep over instead ever nineteen times. Raquel Rutledge joints is right now reporter with the Milwaukee journal sentinel. Morning -- you. Good morning that's got hey -- completely AJ shaker community up when something like that happens. Well absolutely as has everybody wondering how does that happen. And I mean blatantly you know psychologist and in that we don't we don't know so many questions remain about how on the public could happen. -- -- that light and -- -- much more beyond. Passionate -- -- girl catlett. It's undermanned character basically a modern day looking man. You have been around for centuries and you know was created in 2009 as an online. Content that -- morphed into the online. -- kid you know that -- out gains and and and other spaces on -- back. I'm likely gonna point -- maps as well you know what -- I'll tell me. And for people -- dead. Don't even know what happened maybe we should take a step back you got three kids at a slumber party is -- -- hulls began. Serve well. One of the girls birthday and her parents plenty that you ran to apartment party and the three girls are armed -- bad for quite some time. Aaron. You I'm content -- you know per -- Good step in the healing and there aren't. And in the line in the -- according to criminal complaint was that in order to. -- that works to this. Characters undermanned and pretty real and what they returned to. Israel. And any -- mentioned in the woods forest in northern Wisconsin. And kill somebody. To be gracious and illegal it was in the coming attacked a backpack or granola bars in water and pictures of their. Am Leonid planned and commit this crime -- -- out of the -- -- quite distant from where they are. And he didn't he didn't kill her by the past as an ancient and taking kind of a millimeter. At a certain passes. It prodigy Portland or heart that was. -- just barely missed major artery on the -- in the and because. Something -- lecture circuit right now and she crawled. -- out of bullets and an -- I click on soccer and I'm in ancient thing helped so literature -- apology is in stable condition. Any I injuries that. You would do it physically a sector of the rest of life lord knows mentally shall be effected for the rest of alive but. Anything like that will -- permit walking or normal life. You know it's unclear at this point where all the Dublin where a lot of torque are complex I don't know the end you know at least under the internal injuries. You know to target and US and beyond emotional injuries like time. Was -- the -- birthday girl. Did one of the people that stand that did the stabbing her got to stand. I'm -- the argument that does that -- Barbara bank and that was on the finger and dew Herbert. You know the content you want to protect kills. Now so where does that stand in terms of criminal charges against the 212 -- instead. And their carry on Monday in adult court should with first degree attempted. Homicide. -- her their turn one other attorneys are going you know -- Requested that it way back down to children's court you know what I'm just and he just turned all the electrical current. They're really young. But you know is that prosecutors he's not going to -- Insight that motion that we don't know where that and that didn't go our children Korea. But they're both -- and patent 500000 dollar bond -- the attorneys for -- either. Said yesterday and he is going to be in -- Health evaluation mental health evaluation there are signs that fortunes look into what Martin Kaiser. What did -- Morgan is one of the girls that stand the other. So when it comes to the actions of the two girls and I'm just wondering what Wisconsin losses prisons and uses the same. It what do they do after they stand that girl their actions. Codec that that answer -- I'm saying you. They went back into. Forest. Yeah entranced trying to get away. But what the girl found. They. What you that it came up. It was very quickly -- apprehended very quickly and that they come and I found other evidence you know blood pressure -- -- it was -- There are apprehended without. I just wonder if the Sander was same for insanity plea where they had to know it was wrong when they did it. Or. Are yet and so you know they pay to testimony today and it will be interesting. Or court. Written about and I think it will be in their statement to police aren't they were given. Both of them will. You know the count explanation. About what what they've been asking for the month incompetent and obsessed -- undermanned. -- -- that an attorney present title now and again at age. An actor went bankrupt now. In -- depend ID you know I just wondered if they'd tried easily date. I know authorities looking here at Louisiana at least if they tried to hide what they did and that would indicate that they knew was wrong Tommy what about the parents -- have the parents of any other girls -- anything. And -- certainly think -- there. And as you know there are more you know that they agree that there you know we are not going up to the victim there are so glad that now that the a lot of information on not a lot but and I'm and he came in -- and that took a lot of stuff about -- Morgan. We -- to get heavily. On the ground just. -- that. They know Hewlett waiter at -- You know went into undermanned character actually had a chance yet to picture -- on. And captain -- out of the picture on the injure him. And -- man is about -- but. Is much -- and I think and realized. I have -- an old girl and an out and them. But it happened and they're on. An amendment -- pop. -- and -- joke like eat at chuck. So. That -- itself on the fact that somebody. That would be it would be in department -- could be right. Our parent could just because they can but now if you are real trigger. Warning -- And you know naked obviously you know they did in opinion here that. Could you on one hand -- notes fictional one and -- and some -- because it's real cal appreciate your time early do hope we get a chance talk to you again.

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