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6-4 7:45am Tommy, stabbing over an Internet character

Jun 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. G, Deborah Gilboa, a parenting expert & founder of AskDoctorG.com, about what parents should do about their kids and the Internet

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I tell -- tiger -- WL 74614. Before a you know I I can you wrap my mind around things when it comes to politics incomes of foreign policy. Comes economics football when Hannity but this -- and how to talk about this -- slender man thing in the standings that happened in Wisconsin. Because -- -- -- concept I don't know if it's cult I don't know what it is doctor Deborah. -- joins right now doctor G parenting expert family doctor and founder of ask. Doctor G dot com morning doctor morning. Well thanks -- time it was so. There is a slender man. Fictional character. Or picture or sound and that these kids. Just -- wobbly tiller felt was somehow communicating with them. -- think that there are -- I haven't read or heard anything that they topic this -- a -- -- character -- a character is communicating with them. Just that they were inspired that they wanted a little piece of that same. So this was all vote. Getting their name and a news for seven a kid or forget and get is get their name involved with slender man because. I think it's sort of I mean and that is really just speculation -- most likely that this was sort of and the crops. Action but the other -- real possibility is that this is just an excuse for unbelievably bad behavior. How in the world does we're trying to go back to when we were twelve years old to remember and where we work. How how do 212 year old plot. A stepping -- was actually a murdered that it did in killer girl although they wanted to. And then -- it is if you wanna call it a conspiracy forward. Invite her over to a birthday party and what the hell is going on and a mind of a twelve year old how does it get to this point generally speaking. The most. Likely thing. They just did not because developmentally. It's very difficult that -- truly -- the consequences of your action. -- powerful. Teens strong teams -- it seemed very attractive in the moment and much easier to do with different equipment I mean -- Europe are dictated to hear approval -- -- and I won't find it this time I think it's unbelievable have to be -- -- Would you -- because when you're twelve would you ever think about outstanding somebody not to mention. -- -- a couple of months ahead I mean. I have to promote development and yet he's etc. now fourteen and it is unimaginable. To me. So. When it comes the Internet and and what's the latest thing which changes sometimes stated day hour now Lauren. And what kids are involved with and what they're exposed to and parents want to -- means there and wait for a parent to be on top of this and -- I guess the big question is. -- the Internet. Overrule a parent or at least undo everything her parents trying to do. Anything can anything really sexy and attractive that way to hand -- stronger louder voice and apparently in a child's -- especially when they. Appear before it is right there in front of them taking them on or coming up with the idea. You know I know that a lot of parents struggle with knowing how much to -- -- -- on the line and I think this is if nothing else. Incredibly strong argument -- say we have to now we have to look at their history we have to put on parental control. We have to control it because developmentally. They're twelve they don't have the future judgment. Now we've been linked up a story on our website -- ending go to my page Tommy Tucker and click on an instant goaded Tommy's home -- funded but it's pictures. There were published from the dance instead Graham account of some. Rather dark things might be appropriate for one time a year for Halloween but it seems as though that the family both the mom and dad lived. This kind of thing. If you're a parent I'm guessing you should be. Pretty aware of what kind of image of predict. Projecting no children and doesn't come down of the same old thing of if you don't want him to do it heard don't let him see it don't want to see you do. If your child has unfettered Internet. Internet access. You have to understand that whether they agree with you whether they seemed like you -- not like -- they are watching what you do and kids came much more attention to what we do that what we. -- -- -- What you're putting out there even if you say hey you know like appear on top of the beer because this is appropriate for adopt not for kids. Then you'd better be really clearly talking to them about that and also double checking that they are leaving the values that you're trying to get. What's the upgrades limit on checking you know keystroke programs whatever to -- to suit your kids Dylan. Every time out without for the differently so it's not about they're chronological age it's about letting them slowly slowly slowly burned. You are trust not just with gaming because -- hit a certain age they've got a certain amount of judgment. I'd see you check the history -- and you see that there. I don't say dot interacting with -- -- reading about slender man will they be -- nom de. I don't think -- standings -- ninety -- section and chatting with people about it. They might be just surfing porn sites that have that information. -- it's -- you've signed him doing that do you and again Agassi goes -- Medea. He would do you talk to him about it too you. Know you. Look at this stuff along as you're aware of what's on that. How do you know what's on and a little heads. You know everybody. Has their house passed but at least you have to be talking to them about it and I think you've got to say if you're going to allow them to even look at the -- You can only do when you're with -- you got to talk to. To me in real time about what you're seeing and what you're thinking what's appealing to you about this and where you'd drop a line and where you say -- Don't see that this is pretty disturbing and very concerned. So when he comes to. -- -- has not completely tell me about as -- G dot com. I'm sorry it is. The topic that -- thing I would do you wanna say that a lot of times what happens is that it will push back and that you don't trust me. And parents get a little bit by any any advice I would give -- to say I do I attract you to be twelve. Can you have to cultural interest and the proper judgment and pucker -- understanding of the world and so. You don't need -- learners permit on the Internet you do not the driver's license to just go out there on your. Any a book coming up which may mean you remember the question that I wanted to ask you and that is it into Kansas and don't fool with this stuff at all lot of difference a boyfriend or girlfriend the more you tend. Try to push kids away from them -- or it sometimes that's the way to get them. Most attracted to a C got a book coming out in the behavior you want without being the parent you hate. It is that -- the book addresses and how -- do you do that because you know Aviv if boyfriend for example. I don't like gay kids stay away from you wanna make sure they get married the best way to do. When he originally made a bad thing is an excellent forbidden tree so instead of one -- I recommend parents to do in the bucket while there's a TV show or something that they really want to watch. Getting that -- you may never because they'll watch it amount to about how absolutely I would -- -- did not -- -- that we you and then discuss it with you afterwards we. In the book Obama. September unusable friends and thing -- incidentally why he does it. -- I would apparently to replace. Her and beat -- -- but it -- -- you know -- unit. He gave him -- on the picture. -- -- We can't guide what markets do work you know when -- without. So once their company I'd love interest like government attention like that it's a question of you know things are sent a -- Invite them -- -- -- with and the ones that I. Allotments the the kids -- -- -- like keep your friends close -- your enemies closer on that they make you directed me. -- --